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Obverse Studios

Based in Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Release Date:

31st August, 2017



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During a heist, Christos discovers the most valuable relic in the universe! He breaks it and this leads to him becoming trapped in time. He is forced by a mysterious being to forever rob banks throughout multiverse.

But why him?

Run through time, break every law and join Christos through mysterious times and alternate histories to discover why he is the chosen one.

How far will you go?


Steal – Be strategic and loot the most valuable banks and dungeons in the multiverse, but be quick! The doors will shut and you will be trapped.

Escape – Use your reaction speed to vault over obstacles and take out enemies with a variety of weapons!

Time Travel – Travel through dimensions, unlock new powerups in the Time Ship and complete challenges to uncover the mysteries of the Quianna relic.

Immerse yourself in the beautiful, yet unforgiving worlds, dating all the way back to Cochem, 1345. Time Breaker is inspired by sci-fi comics, popular theories and methods like Kardashev Scale; a civilization’s technological advancement. It explores the idea of species reaching type 3 civilisation, also known as the galactic civilisation for which can control energy on the scale of its entire host galaxy.

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Coming Soon

A new world, ‘NEW EARTH 2688’ will be released for FREE as part of an expansion! (TBC 2018)


Obverse Studios is a newly-found independent games company, formed by a small group of students studying at Bournemouth University. It was founded in 2016 after the team’s ambition to create an interactive therapeutic application for victims of stroke. The team’s focus shifted towards creating original IPs in late 2016 with the introduction to Time Breaker. Obverse Studios hopes to develop the therapeutic application in the upcoming years whilst creating passionate games on multiple platforms!

Time Breaker is a sci-fi comic inspired runner game with a twist. It pays homage to classic comics with elements of multiverse. Each world in Time Breaker has its own unique art style, much like a comic book universe with multiple artists. It incorporates the team’s favourite fantasy worlds from popular media (i.e. Medieval, Western, Neo-Noir, etc…).

Awards and Recognition

Obverse Studios has received major recognition in its first year of establishment!

Nominated for the following awards:

Sci-Tech Faculty Placement Prize 2017
Rock Star Awards, 2017 – Creative Star of the Future
Rock Star Awards, 2017 – IT Star of the Future
Rock Star Awards, 2017 – Student Star of the Future

Obverse Studios has been recognised as an ambitious team by the university board during placement year. Directly involved with creating the League of Entrepreneurs union in Bournemouth. Obverse Studios has been recognised as a creative, young, uprising company in Dorset, flaring interest towards Silicon South and Rock Star.

Press Release

28/July/2017 – Obverse Studios announces Time Breaker’s Release Date:

Time Breaker teaser reveals its release date.

29/May/2017 – End of Time Breaker Beta Test:

We took onboard all comments and reviews of the game, to further develop good ideas and remove some of the bad ones.

22/May/2017 – Time Breaker Beta Test Available:

We gathered an audience who were eager to join our closed Beta.

16/May/2017 – The art team at Obverse Studios talk about the Western world in Time Breaker


12/May/2017 – Coach Conversation: Student Entrepreneurs Exclusive:

Our Art Director, Farbod gave a speech to upcoming and enthusiastic entrepreneurs at SUBU.

09/May/2017 – Our Art Director Faz talks about the Medieval world in Time Breaker


06/May/2017 – Obverse Studios attended Southampton Game Fest:

Project Manager, Dan Mosaid and Art Director, Farbod Shakouri had a booth at Southampton Game Fest showing off Time Breaker to the public!


7/April/2017 –Meet the BU students using their placement year to create a smartphone game

– Sam Beamish, Nerve

Nerve magazine’s article talking about the origins of Time Breaker and our journey as Obverse Studios. https://nervemedia.org.uk/nerve/meet-the-bu-students-using-their-placement-year-to-develop-a-mobile-game/

11/March/2017 – Obverse Studios attended GameON, Bournemouth:

GameON was a student created event hosted in the heart of Bournemouth for upcoming digital companies to show off their products.

“It was great to meet an aspiring student games company.”

  • Virgin Startup U LTD

Obverse Studios was praised by Virgin Startup at this event.


Time Breaker Credits

Rob Tuvey – Lead Programmer

Farbod Shakouri – Game Director/Art Director

Dan Mosaid – Project Manager

Josh Wetherall – Games Artist/Asset Creator

Alex Wood – Games Artist/Asset Creator


Calvin Daniel – Music/Audio Designer

Bradley Townend – Music/Audio Designer


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