Postcards from No Man's Land

Postcards from No Man's Land

Aidan Chambers Eric Dinyer / Dec 08, 2019

Postcards from No Man s Land Seventeen year old Jacob Todd is about to discover himself Jacob s plan is to go to Amsterdam to honor his grandfather who died during World War II He expects to go set flowers on his grandfather s t

  • Title: Postcards from No Man's Land
  • Author: Aidan Chambers Eric Dinyer
  • ISBN: 9780525468639
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Seventeen year old Jacob Todd is about to discover himself Jacob s plan is to go to Amsterdam to honor his grandfather who died during World War II He expects to go, set flowers on his grandfather s tombstone, and explore the city But nothing goes as planned Jacob isn t prepared for love or to face questions about his sexuality Most of all, he isn t prepared to hearSeventeen year old Jacob Todd is about to discover himself Jacob s plan is to go to Amsterdam to honor his grandfather who died during World War II He expects to go, set flowers on his grandfather s tombstone, and explore the city But nothing goes as planned Jacob isn t prepared for love or to face questions about his sexuality Most of all, he isn t prepared to hear what Geertrui, the woman who nursed his grandfather during the war, has to say about their relationship Geertrui was always known as Jacob s grandfather s kind and generous nurse But it seems that in the midst of terrible danger, Geertrui and Jacob s grandfather s time together blossomed into something than a girl caring for a wounded soldier And like Jacob, Geertrui was not prepared Geertrui and Jacob live worlds apart, but their voices blend together to tell one story a story that transcends time and place and war By turns moving, vulnerable, and thrilling, this extraordinary novel takes the reader on a memorable voyage of discovery.

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      468 Aidan Chambers Eric Dinyer
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      • Aidan Chambers Eric Dinyer

        Born near Chester le Street, County Durham in 1934, Chambers was an only child, and a poor scholar considered slow by his teachers, he did not learn to read fluently until the age of nine After two years in the Royal Navy as part of his National Service, Chambers trained as a teacher and taught for three years at Westcliff High School in Southend on Sea before joining an Anglican monastery in Stroud, Gloucestershire in 1960 He later used his experience as a monk in his novel Now I Know.His first plays, including Johnny Salter 1966 , The Car and The Chicken Run 1968 , were published while he was a teacher in Stroud.Chambers left the monastery in 1967 and a year later became a freelance writer His works include the Dance sequence of six novels Breaktime, Dance on My Grave, Now I Know, The Toll Bridge, Postcards from No Man s Land and This Is All The Pillow Book of Cordelia Kenn He and his wife, Nancy, founded Thimble Press and the magazine Signal to promote literature for children and young adults They were awarded the Eleanor Farjeon Award for outstanding services to children s books in 1982 From 2003 to 2006 he was President of the School Library Association.


    1. "E ho spesso pensato, leggendo romanzi, racconti e poesie, specialmente poesie, che altro non sono se non le confessioni degli autori, trasformate dalla loro arte in qualcosa che vale come confessione per noi tutti. Infatti, se guardo indietro alla passione per la lettura che ha accompagnato tutta la mia vita, la sola attività che mi ha dato la forza di andare avanti e mi ha dato il piacere più intenso e duraturo, credo che sia questa la ragione per cui vuol dire tanto per me. I libri, gli aut [...]

    2. how can a book be really interesting, but so boring at the same time? I can't put the book down when the story is being told during the war, but when it comes to the present I have to push myself to keep going!

    3. Englishman Jacob Todd is seventeen when he travels to Amsterdam to attend a memorial to commemorate the veterans and victims of the Battle of Anhem, in which his grandfather and namesake fought. He plans to stay with the Dutch family who sheltered his grandfather when he was injured. Plans quickly go awry, and Jacob’s week in Amsterdam leaves him changed forever. The development of Jacob seems inconsistent-in some areas precocious and in others, immature. Perhaps this is typical of teens his a [...]

    4. In this beautifully-constructed, multilayered young adult novel, Chambers demonstrates his deft ability to intertwine two stories from different time periods. One story covers the travels of seventeen-year old Jacob Todd who visits Amsterdam from England for a memorial service honoring his late grandfather, with the same name, who died during World War II. The other story tells of Geertrui and her family in 1944; they care for the soldier Jacob Todd during the war. As the dual stories unfold, se [...]

    5. Come al solito mi ritrovo qui a scrivere su una recensione a caldo. Questo libro è stato spettacolare.Mi sono immersa facilmente nella storia e mi ha sconvolta in certi punti, mi ha suscitato grandi emozioni, mi sono affezionata ai personaggi e per queste ragioni mi ritrovo qui a dargli solo 4 stelline. Io volevo di più. Molto spesso si dice che è meglio accontentarsi, ma non con questo libro. Mi ha delusa profondamente il fatto che alla fine non ci fosse un capitolo che spiegasse il dopo, c [...]

    6. I put off this one for some time, not interested with the inadequate name and the dull looking cover, but found that I really really liked it once I got into it. The title and cover do make sense at the end of the story, but neither are appealing to teens who might actually like the book. While many of my classmates found the historical WWII love story much more compelling than the modern day trip to Amsterdam, I loved both as well as the unspoken dialog between the two. The feel of Amsterdam is [...]

    7. This is a very well-crafted story. Chambers constructs, piece by piece, a compelling narrative of war, love, bravery, and honoring another's memory. There are two narrators: Jacob, a seventeen year-old from England; and Geertrui, an aged woman in Amsterdam. Jacob is sent by his grandmother to meet Geertrui, who cared for his grandfather when he was injured in the struggle to free the Netherlands from Nazi occupation. His grandfather eventually died from his injuries.Chambers writes with a great [...]

    8. This isn't my stereotypical kind of read - I don't often read historical books or anything similar to this one. I read this based on:a) the simplistic cover which was still appealing to look at, andb) this book is recommended online to people who enjoyed The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, which is my absolute favorite book.I gathered from the "No Man's Land" aspect of the title that this would be a novel about war, even before I had read the blurb, due to my knowledge of the World Wars from secondary [...]

    9. Mi è piaciuto di più Danza sulla mia tomba, ma anche questo molto, molto bello.Recensione anche sul mio blog:pleaseanotherbook.tumblr/p“Cartoline dalla terra di nessuno” è il secondo romanzo di Aidan Chambers che mi capita per le mani e devo dire che mi sono innamorata del suo stile. Completamente diverso da tutto quello che ho mai letto fino ad ora, racconta storie incredibili con una facilità impressionante, che ti segnano e cambiano. Tra l’altro in questo volume Chambers mette insie [...]

    10. 4.5 stars. This book wow. It's great. It's also difficult to review, so please bear with me.If this book seems uninteresting at first, I can't blame you. The cover is dull, the title dry-sounding ("No Man's Land" conjures an image of the desert, and "Postcards" are relatively obsolete) and the book is BIIIIIG. It seems long and ponderous. Besides, the author was 65 when POSTCARDS was published, and it always seemed to me that older authors look down on YA/children's lit and write preachy, morali [...]

    11. A unique book, I thought. I bought the book some time ago, without knowing much about it, for my classes' 8th-grade independent reading shelves. Now that I've read it I'll probably have to remove it or risk trouble from parents.First, the good things. I thought it did a tremendous job of illustrating the role of the past in people's lives. I've never read a book that connected the generations so powerfully. The novel also presented a very gritty and I think authentic picture of the civilian pers [...]

    12. I really liked half of this book and really disliked the other half.In 1995, seventeen-year-old Jacob goes to Amsterdam to meet Geertrui, the woman who took care of his injured grandfather during World War II. Geertrui is too ill to spend much time talking to Jacob, so she writes him a letter that explains the secret love affair that she had with his grandfather. The chapters alternate points-of-view. Half of the book is about Jacob’s trip to Amsterdam. The other half is Geertrui’s letter.I [...]

    13. This book truly blurs the lines between YA and just plain ole good literature. While the protagonist, Jacob, is 16, there are two parallel stories going on in Postcards. The second story line weaves the love story of two teens deeply in love during WWI in occupied Netherlands, but it is told in the voice of the woman in her 80s. Additionally, while some of the themes are typical YA, self discovery, 1st loves, and so on, there are many themes that reflect on more mature ruminations- growing old, [...]

    14. Medal Winner 2003Uncertain sexuality, polyamory, adultery, assisted death, AND a World War II story. How could this not win awards? *sigh* This definitely falls into the "not my thing" category, but the "not my thing" was so overwhelming that I find it hard to evaluate it free of that. I appreciate literature that asks me to get out of my comfort zone and stretch my understanding of the world, but this book gave me no comfort zone whatsoever, and no relief from the stretching. The two and a half [...]

    15. Throughout the book it is told through two different view points. One view point is telling the story of Jacob as he goes to find more infomation about his grandfather who was in World War 2. The second view point is told through his grandmother who is back in the middle of the war and how her and her husband meet. There are many differences throughout the novel from American and Holland culture. Some of the main ones are that most of the cities in holland still have a midevil look to them as in [...]

    16. !!!Non ricordo l'ultima volta in cui, dopo aver finito un libro, ho iniziato a sorridere come un idiota. Eccolo qua.Questo libro ha tutto. Ha una struttura micidiale ed è divertente, commovente, profondo e appassionante, serio e giocoso allo stesso tempo (un po' come il protagonista, un po' come tutti noi da adolescenti, no?)Le tematiche sono tante, e sono serissime, ma il libro non risulta un'amalgama incompleta, poiché a ogni tematica è dedicato il giusto spazio — senza contaminazioni.Ent [...]

    17. Set during WWII and in the present, in Holland/the Netherlands. Another one that both my husband and I liked (although he doesn't remember liking it at this point!). One of my personal favorites of 2002, and I'm glad that it won the Printz, but it's a hard sell to most teens so it mostly sits on the shelf in many places.

    18. I really enjoyed another book that Chambers wrote, so I thought I'd give this one a try. It was excellent! This book makes me want to move to Amsterdam and have a Dutch family adopt me. :)

    19. Loved the first half. Then things started to fizzle out. Maybe the speed of the story changed at some point in there. Interesting incorporation of euthanasia--I agree with a lot of the things that were said along those lines."It is when success seems to be almost in your grasp that you become aware of how fragile is human existence, and of the unending possibility, almost the inevitability, of failure. And this makes you hesitate.""At first I was squeamish, but I discovered then how quickly you [...]

    20. This coming of age novel is marketed as young adult fiction, but it is pretty mature, in my opinion. It is certainly not appropriate for anything below high school. The book won the Printz Award for excellence in young adult literature. It is the story of a 17-year-old English boy, Jacob Todd, sent by his grandmother to meet the dying Dutch woman who nursed his grandfather back to health from a wound incurred during a battle during WW II in the Netherlands. The book alternates between the past ( [...]

    21. Details the parallel stories of a Dutch woman falling in love with an English soldier whom she nurses and hides during WWII and of a young man visiting Amsterdam for the first time while dealing with his occasional bouts of depression, his social anxiety and his sexuality. The two plots are joined by the relationship of the young man (grandson) and the soldier (grandfather).There are good things about this one (the stories are good and I enjoyed the way in which they are entwined), but Chambers [...]

    22. Huh I'm really not sure how I felt about this book I really did not like it as well as I'd hoped/expected I would and I'm not positive about why I do know that the ending left me dissatisfied in some ways, and some of the pieces of the story didn't really seem to fit easily together It felt like not all of the book was truly fleshed out and connected, a lot of the dialogue was awkward and strangely short, interspersed with long soapbox moments that imo edged very close to preachy. allOverall, no [...]

    23. A terrific story about the affects of war on people, told from so many perspectives and across time. The reading is a bit hampered by the writer's style: too many of the characters speak with the same intonation and sentence structure; the characters share too avid an interest in word choice and linguistics; and they all seem to be able to quote their favorite books and poems. OK, maybe that's being too picky. The story is really engaging and full of insights about war, self-knowledge, cross-cul [...]

    24. I absolutely loved this book. The story told by Daans grandmother was so heartwarming and sweet. I really loved how it was like a double sided book one part back in the war in the other in present day Amsterdam. I adored how the author of this book combined real quotes and poems from the past into his novel. This book really touched my heart. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a historical fiction and a romantic one too!!

    25. great book. it takes you to journey to past with clutching present close the way characters are elaborated , Geertrui and Jacob both are awesome . also the grandson Jacob who is confounded in choices and his questions to himself about knowing himself . Daan and Ton two wonderful companions. but the ending of this book disappointed me a bit.

    26. Superb!!!!!!! Must read!!!! Just do it. get this book will make you long for those complex feelings we all love and hate!!!! Such an intense and emotional read. One of the best stories I read about war time close by! Loving it!!!!

    27. I didn't like this book but I was really young when I read it, possibly to young. I might go back and give it another shot.

    28. Beginning and end were interesting, although the end was not surprising. The middle part was very boring. Wouldn't recommend it at all!

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