Shapeshifter's Quest

Shapeshifter's Quest

Dena Landon / Oct 15, 2019

Shapeshifter s Quest Syanthe s mother is dying The same disease that ravages the land is killing theshapeshifter race so tied are they to the natural world Only Syanthehidden at birth and lacking the King s markcan leave

  • Title: Shapeshifter's Quest
  • Author: Dena Landon
  • ISBN: 9780525473107
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Syanthe s mother is dying.The same disease that ravages the land is killing theshapeshifter race, so tied are they to the natural world Only Syanthehidden at birth and lacking the King s markcan leave the forest and travel to the capital city to obtain the medicine that is the shapeshifters last hope Syanthe s journey is soon linked to a caravan of traders led by the smSyanthe s mother is dying.The same disease that ravages the land is killing theshapeshifter race, so tied are they to the natural world Only Syanthe hidden at birth and lacking the King s mark can leave the forest and travel to the capital city to obtain the medicine that is the shapeshifters last hope Syanthe s journey is soon linked to a caravan of traders led by the smoldering, powerful Jerel.Their quests and hearts will intertwine as they combine their magic to counter the dark priests who serve the powerful King Author Bio Dena Landon grew up in Seattle and wrote her first novel in third grade She now lives in Minnesota This is her first book.

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    1. Oh boy… this book… I have so much to say about it. It sure was a journey to get through this book. Not because of the book lacking in content but because I have just been in a HUGE reading slump. Every book I picked up just… fell flat because I was just not in the mood to read. Nevertheless, I managed to get through this book and I am quite glad that I did. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I first picked up this book. This is a book that I would have never noticed on my ow [...]

    2. Reviewed by Carrie Spellman for TeensReadTooSyanthe is special, and she knows it. She doesn't have the tattoo on her face required for all Shapeshifters at birth. The tattoo that keeps the Shapeshifters locked in the forest because of it's magical poison. The one that differentiates Shapeshifters from humans. She's been kept hidden, all of her life, from the humans that sometimes come to the forest. But "special" doesn't always mean good things. She is harassed, teased, and ostracized by her pee [...]

    3. It's listed in the back as being her first novel, and it shows. Aside from the heavily clichèd elements of fantasy, it made a very stilted and predictable romance. Perhaps the most galling thing was that she'd gotten facts about the animals themselves wrong: a hawk, to point out the most glaring, does NOT have 270 degree vision like some smaller birds, it has binocular vision. Therefore, shapeshifting into a hawk does not mean you'd see a ton from the side of your vision. Their vision is extrem [...]

    4. This book is in the genres of Fantasy and Adventure with a bit of unneeded Romance. It is a teenage girls “quest” to find a cure for her mother, but that quest ends up changing course along the way. It has a bit of suspense and a great story line.Though I do have one problem with part of the story line. There was no need to add a romance in to the story it takes away from the plot and other scenes that could have been put in.I like the sense of comradery between the characters, and the devel [...]

    5. SummaryYears ago, the King had the shapeshifters confined to Carlbine Forest. Every birthing season, the King's priests enter Carlbine Forest and place a tattoo on the cheek of every infant; if any shapeshifter with a tattoo attempts to cross the forest's boundary, the ink in the tattoo will poison them.But when one of the Elders has a vision that the shapeshifter Brytha will have twins, they make preparations to hide the first of the twins from the priests.Now Syanthe is eighteen, and she is th [...]

    6. 2.5I read this book when I was younger, and I remember there being [i]something[/i] that I really liked about it. Reading it again, it doesn't stand out as much- the characters are pretty much what you'd expect, and the plot's not really anything new. Young girl must go on quest to save homeland from disease caused by evil king and finds new friends, a new perspective, and love along the way.Syanthe is the MC, and she is a shapeshifter. Like all shapeshifters, she is confined to the Forest by th [...]

    7. This book is a quick and entertaining read. The main characters, a shape-shifting girl and a young merchant trader, are very likable. The girl, Syanthe, and her people are confined to a rapidly declining forest by an evil king. Any shape-shifter who leaves dies. She escapes to find medicine for her dying mother and to find out what the king is doing that is infecting her forest home. If the forest dies then her people die. It's fun to read as Syanthe's personality develops throughout the book. S [...]

    8. I was put off by the front cover, but Bek told me to trust her and read it anyway. The plot was really interesting and the writing was pretty good. It was apparent that it was aimed at teenage girls because of the story of the main character and one of the people she meets.I liked how the author gave a thorough, understandable, and complete reason for the destruction of the forest and the disease spreading through it, instead of treating her readers like they deserved less and skimming over that [...]

    9. This book was a quick read at only 180 pages or so, but the story was entertaining and the ideas found in the book could easily be expanded to a larger novel or series. I liked the ideas of the shapeshifters, their ties to nature, and why they couldn't leave the forest.A nice adventure story with a hint of romance (not enough to induce gagging). mentions the author is working on a sequel, which I would be happy to read when it comes out.Rating: PG.

    10. It is easy to view the theme of Shapeshifter's Quest as a metaphor for the current state of the United States. Easy, and in fact necessary. The plot is pretty predictable fantasy fare: Syanthe needs to leave the safety of the only life she has ever known, to search for the only medicine that could cure her mother's degenerative disease. On the way she meets a cast of right-thinking characters determined to right the myriad wrongs of the underclass brought upon by an evil king.

    11. This is a quick and fun read. Syanthe is on a journey to save her mother and must travel a great distance to find the medicine she needs. Syanthe has never left her town before and she encounters real humans. The story of the book was a lot of fun. If you want to take a break and read something easy and fun, then this book is definitely one to do it for you.

    12. This is a YA book. I thought it was good for lower level YA readers. It is a pretty decent shapeshifter novel with a young woman who goes out to help her people find why they are imprisoned in a certain part of the forest that is now being attacked by a deadly mold that also affects people. There is a romance as well as the quest. It calls out for a sequel, but I don't know if there is one.

    13. This book was pretty good. I guess the number one problem I had with it was that it was a tad bit, er, cheesy? Lack of better word. Anyway, the plot is clear, which is always a good thing. I am now bored, so overall it was a very good book.

    14. This book was a quick read, and while there was a fair amount of predictability and bits that seemed rushed and not properly formed, over all it was captivating and I wanted to finish it. If the author wrote a second one, I would certainly pick it up and see how the world might grow.

    15. Good book. Could have been excellent, but for a first book it wasn't bad. The book was published in 2005 and I was hoping the next book in the series would be out, but no go. Is there going to be another book? The author certainly made it seem like it would be.

    16. I loved the premise which is what drew me to the book in the first place. It is well written and engaging, however, it feels rushed in some places. I wish the author would write a sequel since it was left wide open for one.

    17. This book is amazing. I wish I could write like this. I was into it the whole time, in fact I read it about ten times in a weekend it was so good. Yes it's a short read but its very good. I really hope there is a second one.

    18. Absolutely stunning novel. It was one of those books that I find where I know that it has to end but still can't bear to read the last page. Again, utterly and completely superb.

    19. This book was really good, where it left off i hope that they make a new one to come after this. I really want to see what happens to the race and if they rebel of not!

    20. A very wonderful story of adventure and romance. I really enjoyed reading this book and I recommend it to everyone.

    21. I thought it was pretty good, I did find it was a bit of a cliff-hanger at the end though. If a sequel does come out I would love to read it.

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