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Andorra Die Kernzelle von Andorra findet sich in Max Frischs Tagebuch als Eintragung des Jahres Andorra ist der Name f r ein Modell Es zeigt den Proze einer Bewu tseinsver nderung abgehandelt an der Fig

  • Title: Andorra
  • Author: Max Frisch
  • ISBN: 9783518367773
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • Die Kernzelle von Andorra findet sich in Max Frischs Tagebuch als Eintragung des Jahres 1946 Andorra ist der Name f r ein Modell Es zeigt den Proze einer Bewu tseinsver nderung, abgehandelt an der Figur des jungen Andri, den die Umwelt so lange zum Anderssein zwingt, bis er es als sein Schicksal annimmt Dieses Schicksal hei t in Max Frischs St ck Judsein Das SchauspDie Kernzelle von Andorra findet sich in Max Frischs Tagebuch als Eintragung des Jahres 1946 Andorra ist der Name f r ein Modell Es zeigt den Proze einer Bewu tseinsver nderung, abgehandelt an der Figur des jungen Andri, den die Umwelt so lange zum Anderssein zwingt, bis er es als sein Schicksal annimmt Dieses Schicksal hei t in Max Frischs St ck Judsein Das Schauspiel erschien als Buchausgabe zuerst 1961.

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        Max Rudolph Frisch was born in 1911 in Zurich the son of Franz Bruno Frisch an architect and Karolina Bettina Frisch n e Wildermuth After studying at the Realgymnasium in Zurich, he enrolled at the University of Zurich in 1930 and began studying German literature, but had to abandon due to financial problems after the death of his father in 1932 Instead, he started working as a journalist and columnist for the Neue Z rcher Zeitung NZZ , one of the major newspapers in Switzerland With the NZZ he would entertain a lifelong ambivalent love hate relationship, for his own views were in stark contrast to the conservative views promulgated by this newspaper In 1933 he travelled through eastern and south eastern Europe, and in 1935 he visited Germany for the first time.From 1936 to 1941 he studied architecture at the ETH Zurich His first and still best known project was in 1942, when he won the invitation of tenders for the construction of a public swimming bath right in the middle of Zurich the Letzigraben.In 1947, he met Bertolt Brecht in Zurich In 1951, he was awarded a grant by the Rockefeller Trust and spent one year in the U.S After 1955 he worked exclusively as a freelance writer His experience of postwar Europe is vividly described in his Tagebuch Diary for 1946 1949 it contains the first drafts of later fictional works.During the 1950s and 1960s Frisch created some outstanding novels that explored problems of alienation and identity in modern societies These are I m Not Stiller 1954 , Homo Faber 1957 and Wilderness of Mirrors Gantenbein 1964 In addition, he wrote some highly intelligent political dramas, such as Andorra and The Fireraisers He continued to publish extracts from his diaries These included fragments from contemporary media reports, and paradoxical questionnaires, as well as personal reflections and reportage he fell in love with a woman called Antonia Quick in 1969.Max Frisch died of cancer on April 4, 1991 in Zurich Together with Friedrich D rrenmatt, Max Frisch is considered one of the most influential Swiss writers of the 20th century He was awarded an honorary degree by the University of Marburg, Germany, in 1962, Bard College 1980 , the City University of New York 1982 , the University of Birmingham 1984 , and the TU Berlin 1987 He also won many important German literature prizes the Georg B chner Preis in 1958, the Friedenspreis des Deutschen Buchhandels in 1976, and the Heinrich Heine Preis in 1989 In 1965 he won the Jerusalem Prize for the Freedom of the Individual in Society.Some of the major themes in his work are the search or loss of one s identity guilt and innocence the spiritual crisis of the modern world after Nietzsche proclaimed that God is dead technological omnipotence the human belief that everything was possible and technology allowed humans to control everything versus fate especially in Homo faber and also Switzerland s idealized self image as a tolerant democracy based on consensus criticizing that as illusion and portraying people and especially the Swiss as being scared by their own liberty and being preoccupied mainly with controlling every part of their life.Max Frisch was a political man, and many of his works make reference to or, as in Jonas und sein Veteran, are centered around political issues of the timeformation was taken fromenpedia wiki Max_Frisch


    1. Seeing the world develop in a more and more bizarre direction, I remember our high school performance of Max Frisch's Andorra. Why? What made my mind dig out that memory? I hadn't thought of the play in two decades, and my copy of it is still with my parents, on a dusty bookshelf in a house in another country. And now, all of a sudden, I feel the urgent need to reread it. There is no copy of it in our local bookstore, and the small community library didn't have one either - even though I checked [...]

    2. :قبل از ریویو، ابتدا به این سوال بپردازیمآیا می توان هم کتاب خوان بود و هم نژادپرست؟:ابتدا تاثیر کتاب خواندنوقتی کتابی مانند «آندورا» را می خوانیم به سختی می توانیم جلوی بروز احساسات و خشم خود را بگیریم و به نژادپرستان فحش ندهیماما هدف والای این چنین کتابهایی فقط این نیست که ه [...]

    3. Well, in one sense this play is not very theatrical and in another, utter theatre. The whole piece is stripped back, suspense and mystery are thrown away in favour of the purity of the author's intentionsThou shalt not make unto thee any graven image and one is left a happy iconoclast at the end. The actors at points speak to the audience as the accused or a witness from the dock might speak to the jury, but in so doing we as the audience are implicated too as participants at least in judgement. [...]

    4. 3.5 stars I found it really strange at first, but the ending quite hit me. It is super impressing to see the strength of prejudices and hate to others like Frisch lays it out in this book.

    5. This play. What am I to say about this play?I read it in the course of one day, but that's hardly surprising if you look at its length.I have seen this play performed when I was maybe 14 or 15, and even though I understood what it was about, I don't think I fully grasped it at the time. But today I read it, calmly, unhurriedly, and I recognized the actual depth of it. How much it says about people, about fear, about cowardice, about people, oh god, people. Although brilliant and touching as is e [...]

    6. Really good play about a small fictional country presumably on the german border where tensions are growing as they expect an invasion. Mostly about racism but its more than that, it has a very Greek-tragedy feel to it, a conspiracy of circumstance and human failings. At times it also reminded me of Shirley Jacksons 'The Lottery' or 'Lord of the Flies'. Only a couple of problems with it, one is a side event which happens to (view spoiler)[one of the female(hide spoiler)] characters, its horrific [...]

    7. So good. When you begin to read it, for about two thirds of the play, you are aware you are watching a tragedy unfold. For the last part it´s about not going crazy. As a reader you know the ending Andri will suffer because cuts to witness stands intermingle with the scenes of the plot. Single sentences, so many of them, are heavy with meaning and truth, heavy like bricks and since you´re forced to eat them you feel like you´re choking a lot of the time.At some point, when Andri is beyond "the [...]

    8. Ich musste dieses Buch für die Schule lesen und habe eine sehr geteilte Meinung über das Buch.Das Stück spielt in Andorra, das an das Land der Schwarzen grenzt. Ein Lehrer hat vor Jahren einen kleinen Jungen (den er als Judenkind ausgibt) vor den Schwarzen gerettet, denn diese verfolgen die Juden. Unter den Vorurteilen und Beleidigungen erdrückt fühlt sich Andri immer mehr als Jude, obwohl er eigentlich keiner ist. Als später seine Mutter, eine Schwarze, auftaucht, weigert er sich die Wahr [...]

    9. every once in a while literature is capable of creating moments of true insightis is archetypal stuff. it goes deep into the social and psychological mechanisms behind ostracism, from stereotype-threats to scapegoating and the all the complicated relations between identity and image. the protagonist Andri is caught at the intersection of these mechanisms, he is identified and finally killed by the sum of his interactions, and everyone feels this, as the constant victim-blaming of the other chara [...]

    10. I read this as a German A Level text. It's a short but incredibly moving play about a young man, Andri, who is in love with a girl, Barblin, and who is mistaken for a Jew and tried then executed.It has this Greek-chorus thing threaded throughout where individual characters stand up to protest their innocence, only to completely drop themselves in it. Their little speeches pull you out of the action and force you to analyse what's going on as it actually happens.If you have a choice as to your Ge [...]

    11. This is an incredible short play about a young man named Andri whose whole life gets destroyed because he is mistaken for a Jew. It is a very tragic story and at times it was really hard to continue reading because he was treated in such a disgusting and realistic way. Andri never got a proper chance and Max Frisch managed to show exactly how every single individual who mistreated him hid behind the shadows of the society. Every single one of them justified himself and acted like they were not t [...]

    12. Moest dit boekje voor Duits lezen. volgende week hebben we er een toets over. Dit boekje was veel beter dan het vorige boekje dat ik van Max Frisch moest lezen (Biedermann und die Brandstifter).

    13. Andorra is a haunting tale of identity, guilt, and responsibility that reached straight into my chest and took my breath away.

    14. We hebben allemaal de steen gegooid.Antropoloog René Girard stelt in "De Zondebok" (een boek waar ik ongetwijfeld meer mee zou dwepen als ik de eerste 10 pagina's door was gekomen zonder hoofdpijn te krijgen) dat de mens een enorm talent heeft voor nabootsing. Deze collectieve nabootsing zorgt voor spanning en onderlinge rivaliteit, en kan enkel opgelost worden met collectief geweld tegenover een buitengesloten groep of individu. Door het geweld te richten op een specifiek slachtoffer, is er re [...]

    15. When compared to other works of german literature I've read, Andorra looks like a snow-white masterpiece. I liked how the alienation effect was much more subtle in this play than in Brecht's work, and the context of the play seemed more relevant to the sentiments of the time period in which it was written. The message was also clear, and the characters weren't too insufferably dramatic. I didn't like how cut and dry the rest of the characters were besides Andri, barblin, peider, and can, because [...]

    16. Brought this along on my trip stateside to keep german in my system, ended up reading the whole thing on the flight to washington, oops. Kept my plane-neighbors from starting pointless conversations with me though. Don't want small talk an a transatlantic flight? Foreign language books people.Having never read any Frisch (though he is the favorite author of several of my swiss, and slightly more surprisingly, german friends) I didn't really know what to expect. Turns out he's a mild social criti [...]

    17. Absolutely stunning. I have never felt so closely what it most be like when government forces come and collect those that are different to be taken away and killed. Very much reminded me of our times today. We have come back to identifying human beings that we perceive as being worth treated less than human and killed without any trial because we believe they are engaged in something or have even potentially thought about something we don't like. We are dangerously close to a similar situation a [...]

    18. This is a very interesting book that basicly is just the rolemodel of people in the community who get discriminated and have to experience prejudice. It reminded me alot of the begining of the the holocaust but the place is fictive. Also all characters make it easy to identify with them. Just the main charakters have actual names so alot of the other people are just called "person" or "soldier" or just "pastor" this made it easy to imagine them and you can also just take it as an example for eve [...]

    19. Andorra, Andorra.I remember watching the play in the theater with my grandmother and suddenly there was someone naked (the director at our local theater had a thing about nakedness.)It was a bit weird, but I think my grandma's eyes weren't as good anymore, because she didn't comment.Now, I don't know about the nakedness, but I loved Andorra. Not as much as Homo Faber, one of my favourite books ever, but it is a good play. I wonder why I haven't read more of Max Frisch's works. I need to remedy t [...]

    20. Another representative of postwar literature. It was interesting in many ways and specifically how it depicts the way public opinion and words used to describe a person, can influence (and destroy) one's self-esteem and the picture of oneself. And about prejudices. How strong and blinding they can be. And about the people's nature to try to shift the responsibility and guilt to somebody else. As it usually takes the courage to admit guilt. The courage that only few have.Frisch wrote a drama abou [...]

    21. I saw the play in our local theatre in 1993 and although the production was horribly staged but well played, I was really fascinated by it. It is most shocking how the Andorrans change and destroy Andri with their prejudices.Although like with every play you read instead of watching it on stage, it feels a bit strange, yet still the atmosphere Frisch wanted to create is perceptible.

    22. I had a boyfriend in 1989 who was into dark literature and I read this because of him.I asked my grandmother to buy it for me and she thought it was a terrible choice for an 18 yeaR OLD but bless her heart, she bought it. I finally gave it away. no idea waht it was about, but I thought I was very literate for having it in my library for years,

    23. I had to read this book for school Max Frisch being Swiss and all. Yet it turns out to be one of my favorite books and I really try to take the moral of it to heart. I cried at the end and if a book gets me this emotional it's got to mean something

    24. ok so this is a german book i had to read for school and i totally hated it. The worst part is that you actually read this book in grade 9 in germany and not grade 11. The topics were intelligent but the writing style was so different from I know and like

    25. Its not one of those books wich are easy to understand (thats at least my experience) it got a lot more sence than you might think for me its about prejudiced people with no social sences and the sad thing about it is that its so close to realityEAT BOOK!

    26. I think kids should have to read this in school. This book mocks Switzerland during WWII and their policy of being 'neutral'. Prejudice still existed and tormented many of the people there. Andoraa is all about the negative implications of stereotypes and what they can drive people to do.

    27. The book tries to draw a parallelism to Switzerland's role during WW2 (even though Frisch always declined that). Strange story. I had to read it in school and probably wouldn't have in my spare time ;-)

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