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Mercenaries Beautiful Trinity Yeager s mission join Nathan August s star hopping team of mercenary soldiers With one condition Trinity must prove her resilience as a lover for him and his first officer Sebastian

  • Title: Mercenaries
  • Author: Angela Knight
  • ISBN: 9780425206164
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beautiful Trinity Yeager s mission join Nathan August s star hopping team of mercenary soldiers With one condition Trinity must prove her resilience as a lover for him and his first officer, Sebastian Cole Trinity not only sees Nathan s bet She raises itNow, from galactic dens of depravity to far reaching planets of dominant females and strapping male slaves, TriniBeautiful Trinity Yeager s mission join Nathan August s star hopping team of mercenary soldiers With one condition Trinity must prove her resilience as a lover for him and his first officer, Sebastian Cole Trinity not only sees Nathan s bet She raises itNow, from galactic dens of depravity to far reaching planets of dominant females and strapping male slaves, Trinity, Sebastian, and Nathan join forces, risk flesh and blood, and push the boundaries of erotic adventure in order to protect, honor, and service.TrinityThrallClaiming Cassidy

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        Angela Knight is an American author of mostly erotic fantasy She was a reporter for ten years and a comic book author She lives in South Carolina First published under Red Sage, she was able to write romantic fiction for the first time in 1996 She published several short stories in their Secrets anthologies Editor Cindy Hwang brought her to Berkley Publishing and has helped her become a best selling author.When developing her Mageverse series she wanted to create a unique spin on the vampire tale Taking the Arthurian legend and twisting it, she has vampires that are not evil, still possess their souls, and can reproduce Merlin was an alien who traveled to Earth from the Mageverse an alternate world where magic is everywhere to establish protectors Merlin s race had seen species that destroyed themselves as they advanced To avoid this, he searched Earth for worthy men and women who would give everything to protect others After drinking from the Grail, men became Magi, vampires and women became Majae, witches They have a symbiotic relationship The Magi have to drink blood from the Majae to help absorb the energies of the Mageverse The Majae have to donate blood or they will suffer heart attack from excess blood and elevated pressure The Majae are the magic in the Mageverse The Magi also sleep during the day as another means of gaining magic The men and women could theoretically live forever, should they not be killed.They are capable of reproducing with mortals to ensure that there are potential candidates to recruit Anyone born of such a union is a Latent Their Gift, becoming Magi or Majae, is triggered by three or sexual encounters with a Gifted man or woman A Latent must be approved by the Magi or Majae councils Many can not psychologically handle the impact of the Mageverse It can trigger insanity There are professional court seducers who Gift latents on the Councils orders.On Mageverse Earth, there are Fairies, Dragons, Unicorns and the city of Avalon where the Magi and Majae live They magically create gates to travel to Realspace Earth The Fairies are featured in Master of the Moon, which has King Llyr of the Faeries.Merlin, who knows that power can corrupt, created another magical species in case the Magi and Majae become out of control These are werewolves They do not have to wait until the full moon to change They are a rigid society that has been hidden from their inception In Master of Wolves, the werewolves declare themselves and fight alongside the Magi and the Fairies.Master of Swords introduces the dragons of Mageverse in depth and the hero for Master of Dragons is introduced.Futuristic BooksJane s Warlord introduces Jane Colby, a 20th century reporter Baran Arvid is sent back from the future to protect her from another time traveler, Druas Druas travels back in time to commit the Jack the Ripper murders and his next target is Jane Baran is a technologically and genetically enhanced human classified as a Warlord.Mercenaires is three short stories originally published electronically set in a future like Baran s They can be technologically and genetically enhanced Space travel has extended to other galaxies and other life forms have been discovered Humans have established many new colonies on planets capable of sustaining life.


    1. Mercenaries by Angela Knight is definitely going to offend some readers. It's crude, it's lewd and it's vulgar. It's got everything that this girl wants! The first story stars Trinity and Captain Nathan August and Sebastian Cole. Trinity is about to be auctioned off as a bride to some of the worst degenerate male chauvinists her chauvinistic planet has produced. Desperate to escape her grisly fate, she approaches Nathan and Sebastian as they are waiting for supplies, hoping for a ride off her pl [...]

    2. The story so far:The mercenary crew of the Starrunner is called to the cleverly named BDSM colony, Bedesem, to aid the ruler in getting back his kidnapped son. They are greeted by Dom Javier, advisor to the Dominor, who takes them in to see His Dominance, Xarles Ferrau, Dominor of Rabican. The Dominess, Ila Orva, of the neighboring dominality of Corvo has kidnapped His Dominance's 26 year old son because His Dominance has reneged on their agreement to wed his son to the Dominess' brutally domina [...]

    3. This is my first Angela Knight book and Wow, was I unprepared! The sex is mostly hot and dirty, but sometimes almost laughable, it's so over-the-top.The first story was the best for me, it was straight forward fun with a bit of romance and a lot of hot sex. I liked the characters, but honestly, this book was never intended to be a deep character study.The second was less thrilling, but still interesting. The sex was not as hot, at least in my opinion.The third story was boring all the way around [...]

    4. Ummm. Wow.I actually really enjoyed this bind up of three novellas. I'm not really into things with BDSM elements, but Knight manages to make it work and work well.I loved the sci-fi world of these stories, and have always had a soft spot for mercenary tales so this, along with plenty of spice and intrigue, ticked pretty much all the boxes for me.Of course, the characters all fell in love way too quickly, but these are novellas, so in my eyes that's totally acceptable!A warning, however, if you' [...]

    5. This was a very good trilogy of novellas. The first two were "revised for this edition" (which probably means toned down) from e-book versions, and are pretty darned hot. The third was written for this collection and is nearly as explicit without being as kinky.As I've come to expect from Knight, the characters had depth, the plots were far from mundane, and the sex scenes actually served to advance the story. If you like your erotic romance with a lot of quality, this book is for you. If you li [...]

    6. Reading another Angela Knight book is I must say a very nice experience. I have yet to be disappointed by anything that I have read of hers. This book is no exception. 3 different stories with the same group of people. Mercenaries all. Nathan, Sebastion and Cassidy never seem to realize that they were looki for love until it bites them on the ass. Without giving the story away suffice it to say they are never the same again.

    7. Trinity is stuck on a planet which is terrible. That "prophet" is a terrible cult. The society could have been fun. But instead, it was bad because instead of domineering assholes instead of hot dominants. Meeting up Nathan was the best thing that ever happened to her. This was very smexy and I've read is several times.

    8. Sexy and exhilarating. Even with all its vulgarity and blatant erotic scenes! The stories were electric charged and dirty. They held a charm few shit stories hold that I'm not sure I can explain. I am rather sad that there are no more stories of the Starrunner as its crew is tight knit and interesting to read about.

    9. This book is well written and imaginative. My first experience with this author and I was intrigued to say the least. The erotica was not overdone but left me wanting toad more. Will definately be exploring other titles by Angela Knight.

    10. This was a quick erotic seduction. The only reason why I did not give it 5 starts because I wish that she but a 3 book series for the three main characters. I would have liked to be more connected to the characters before all the crazy "I LOVE YOU" stuff but all in all it was an erotic pleaser.

    11. This was my first foray into romance short stories. I had just read Angela's Jane's Warlord and liked the world she created. This two story collection was similiar in vein and an absolute joy to read. Hot without being vulgar, top notch!

    12. Explicit content. Futuristic warriors finding love, lust and war. come on- it's escapist fiction!! Collection of 3 short stories by Angela Knight, whom I adore. Hot and quick read!!

    13. It at some points actually made me laugh out loud, and I dont think that was what the author intended, but on the whole it was interesting and it was a fast read.

    14. Ah, yes, my fave sort of Angela Knight - short, lots of sex, a H (or two) to die for and a very satisfied grin in my face. Yeah, I LOVE Angela Knight.

    15. I read this one to get the taste of 50 Shades outta my mind and it did the job. Angela Knight does a pretty decent job blending sci-fi, fantasy and erotica with a little BDSM twist.

    16. It was a book filled with creative lusty scenes and a sci if story embedded. I wished there was more background on the Nathan, Sebastian etc. it. Was a fun read

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