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Sidekicks INTRODUCING METAL MUTT STATIC CAT AND FLUFFY Captain Amazing hero of Metro City is so busy catching criminals that he rarely has time for his pets at home He doesn t even notice when they develop su

  • Title: Sidekicks
  • Author: Dan Santat
  • ISBN: 9780439298193
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback
  • INTRODUCING METAL MUTT STATIC CAT AND FLUFFY Captain Amazing, hero of Metro City, is so busy catching criminals that he rarely has time for his pets at home He doesn t even notice when they develop superpowers of their own.So when he announces that he needs a sidekick, his dog, hamster, and chameleon each decide to audition But with each pet determined to win theINTRODUCING METAL MUTT STATIC CAT AND FLUFFY Captain Amazing, hero of Metro City, is so busy catching criminals that he rarely has time for his pets at home He doesn t even notice when they develop superpowers of their own.So when he announces that he needs a sidekick, his dog, hamster, and chameleon each decide to audition But with each pet determined to win the sidekick position, the biggest battle in Metro City might just be at the Captain s house Then archvillain Dr Havoc returns to town, and suddenly the Captain s in serious trouble Can the warring pets put their squabbles aside Or is it curtains for the Captain It s stay, sit, and save the world in this romp of a graphic novel

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    1. When I was a kid I got to read comics that I had no business putting my grubby little hands on. You see my grandmother had carefully left all my dad’s old Superman, Superboy, Metal Men, X-Men, etc. comics intact so that when we went to visit I’d root through them and read ‘em until there was little left but a pile of yellowed pulp. The result of this research during my early childhood is that I’m one of the rare grown women you might meet with a working knowledge of late 50s/early 60s co [...]

    2. A very fun and sweet book about a team of animal sidekicks to Captain Amazing, and how they work together to save the day. It makes me want to read more By this author!

    3. Superheroes, pets, friends loyal to the end, and illustrations with enough POW to knock your socks off - it's a winning combination for the new graphic novel Sidekicks, by Dan Santat. I predict that young kids are going to beg their parents to read this aloud to them, and older ones are going to read it again and again, relishing in the action, the exciting story, and the multi-layered details. If you have a child who loves superheroes or comic books, definitely check this out.Roscoe the Dog and [...]

    4. Aah, se tunne kun näkee ensimmäistä kertaa sarjakuvaromaanin hienon kannen ja kirjan luettuaan saa vastinetta suurille odotuksilleen. Hauska, jännittävä ja koskettava lasten/nuorten supersankarisarjakuva ilman lajityypillistä esiinpuskevaa vakavaa pönötystä (tosin kirjan ihmissupersankarit kovasti koittavat pönöttää), vaan sen sijaan koko rahan edestä hauskoja oivalluksia, täydellistä piirrosjälkeä ja koskettavia supersankarilemmikkejä. Tässä sarjakuvaromaanissa on varmaan [...]

    5. I really like this book. I would share this book with many people and a specially the people who read sister and smile. I got scared because of the part when they thought that fluffy was died and the left the building, but then that fluffy was invincible and would not die. My favorite part is when they scared the elephant and the hippo. Hope whoever read this likes it.

    6. I really liked this. A fun graphic novel with a good story, action-y, comic book-y, with a nice twist. The aging superhero who lives in a regular house was great fun (reminded me of Megamind?) and of course I enjoyed the animal aspect. Pets with an active home life and aspirations of being sidekicks.

    7. This slowly sets the table for a series that apparently will never be written. Fun at times, but I'm never a big fan of the slow moving Super Hero backdrop stories. Hope Santat ends up doing a sequel--the characters have some potential and he's a fine artist.

    8. Really glad to see this book added to the 2016 IL Bluestem Choice nominations. It will be an easy book to book talk!

    9. This book was so cute I can't even :,(It was sweet and fun and a bit sad. A great book about overcoming differences and working togethera superhero story for animal lovers of all ages.I loved it.

    10. Sidekicks is a good graphic novel, superhero story. Captain Amazing is aging and frankly he needs a sidekick. In the past he has recruited one of his pets for this job, but now he refuses to do so.However, his dog Roscoe, hamster Fluffy and newly arrived chameleon, Shifty are all vying for the job. Throw in the cat that ran away Manny and you have pet superhero comedic mayhem.This graphic novel is a great addition to any collection. Reluctant readers will clamor to read it.Literary Quality:Plot [...]

    11. This is a cool story in graphic novel format about friendship among pets and their human companion, who happens to be a superhero named Captain Amazing. But life has a way of taking a toll on all of us, and Captain Amazing (Harry, to his friends)is getting older, slowing down, and in need of a helpful sidekick to bear some of the superhero responsibilities. His ambitious pets decide to audition for the spot despite his reluctance to endanger their lives. Thus, a dog, a hamster, a chameleon, and [...]

    12. Captain Amazing is getting on in years, but still fighting crime. When he is felled by exposure to a peanut, he uses his time off to look for a side kick to help him out. His pets think that they can help-- Roscoe has been trained as Metal Mutt, Fluffy the hamster has a cool outfit, and Static Cat, who ran away from home after an altercation with Roscoe, has been out on his own as The Claw. Captain Amazing also brings home a chameleon, Shifty, and the pets all attempt to fight crime and prove th [...]

    13. There is a hero who works to save the day. No, he is not Superman. He is Captain Amazing. However, he works so hard saving the day that he isn't at home with his pets all that often. Also take into account his peanut allergy and the incident with a nut cart and he is home-bound for a little while. The incident with the peanuts causes Captain Amazing to wonder if he should hold tryouts for a new sidekick. All of his pets decide they would like to give the hero business a try. Of course there is a [...]

    14. Captain Amazing (aka Harry) is taking some time off to recover from a peanut allergy induced illness. He's getting older, and realizes it is time to look for a new sidekick - and 3 of his pets want to audition for the job! But first, they need some training. Little do they know that their beloved master is in danger. The action focuses on the pets (dog, hamster, chameleon, and cat), but I loved Harry. Even though he has super powers, he's just a regular guy who gets wrapped up with work and miss [...]

    15. I liked the book and how the cat,hamster,dog,and the camileon rescued Captain Amazing at the end of the book and how the cat wanted to be a super hero so that Captain Under pants could take him to the auditions of the Side kicks and the Cat reached his goal and he then was proud of him self the hamster riscing his life to fight the other Man who was faking to be a Captain and he wasn't he just wanted to get revenge on Captain Amazing.

    16. Reminiscent of classic superhero comics, this graphic novel, by the creator of The Replacements, tells the story of Amazing Man's pets who decide to audition to be his sidekick. This will be a big hit with kids and adults alike.

    17. This was really cute! It's about a superhero who is so busy fighting crime that he doesn't have time for his pets. They all go in disguise and apply to be his sidekick so they can spend more time with him. Love it!!! I hope there's going to be a sequel.

    18. this book was about a little mouse and he wanted to become a super hero like his owner and the mouse asks the cat if he can teach him and the cat used to be the side kick of a super hero but he ran away and a dog he used to train took his place i reccomend this book to alejandro

    19. Super hero pets? Story and illustrations by Dan Santat? You bet kids in the middle grades will love this graphic novel. I think the fact that the cover is nearly falling off my library copy is also a telling sign that it has been adored.

    20. This book IS funny and adventures like it says they are sidekicks. They some times fight but it is funny. I recommend this book to people that like funny books.

    21. This was adorable and amazing in so many ways. Basically, THE INCREDIBLES (my favorite movie) but with pets.

    22. An endearing story about superheroes Villains Family Pets And more.I enjoyed the art and the story.Am going to be reading this one to the girls at bedtime this week,

    23. I really like this book because its about superheros that want to saved persons life, and the city there living on there are animals superheros that was funny. And its a really good comic book.

    24. 3.5 starsThis was a cute story about a superhero's pets learning to become sidekicks, use their brains and not just brawns to fight crime, and be a family. Well-done, and great for kids.

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