Games to Play After Dark

Games to Play After Dark

Sarah Gardner Borden / Feb 26, 2020

Games to Play After Dark When Kate and Colin meet at a party in Manhattan their connection is electric They marry quickly moving to the suburbs and in the light of day they seem like any young couple but the games they pla

  • Title: Games to Play After Dark
  • Author: Sarah Gardner Borden
  • ISBN: 9780307740908
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Kate and Colin meet at a party in Manhattan their connection is electric They marry quickly, moving to the suburbs, and in the light of day they seem like any young couple, but the games they play after dark are far from routine.

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    1. I hate this book, HATE IT. Girl with daddy issues meets boy falls in love, has two daughters. Spends the rest of the book thinking her husband will have the same reaction to their daughters maturing that her dad did with her. After 10 years she no longer desires her husband and cannot stand the thought of having sex with him. She does so, but only every ten days. She ends up having an affair with one of her dead father's friends. She falls despritely in love the best she has ever felt. He leaves [...]

    2. I received this book from first read give-a-way. I enjoyed the book at the start. The narration really interested me; the sentences were brief and to the the point which made the book feel more like the story was being related to you by some distant third-party who had no connection to it. It also helped with the pace of the book, covering the meeting, dating, and marriage of Colin and Kate in the first three chapters. I also really liked Colin and Kate in the beginning.However, the pace slows [...]

    3. I hate this book! I hated reading this book! Did I mention that I hate this book? ’s reviewers are gaga over this novel, and say this should become a Classic. Why? I have no clue, unless they enjoy the degradation of women, salacious sex scenes, and domestic violence. Only then could I begin to understand the need to make GAMES TO PLAY AFTER DARK a contemporary classic. Again I took the book blurb and began reading.When Kate and Colin meet at a party in Manhattan their connection is electric. [...]

    4. Terrifying. After reading this novel, I felt I'd actually spent six years living in the burbs and falling out of love with my husband.

    5. Very difficult to read. The story jumps around alot and is not very connected. The title is a bit misleading and is not supported by the contents of this book What games were being played after dark? It was hard to understand if Kate is the way she is as a result of her history with her Father. The dynamic in the marriage between Colin and Kate was boring. It was 28 chapters of Kate being bored which in turn bores the reader. The affair might of sparked a little bit more interest in this story. [...]

    6. Like reading the diary of a self-absorbed, narcissistic and lonely housewife who perpetually thinks the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side.Depressing, lonely and dark. Smart ending.

    7. Ughwhat did I just read?! Rarely do I leave a negative review; I always try to find something positive about the book. But I just didn't enjoy this at all. In fact, I didn't even finish. Its so boring and the characters seem watered-down and so shallow. The storyline is weak and uninteresting. I'm glad I borrowed it instead of wasting my money.

    8. All admissions forward: I won this ARC in a giveaway.This is a polarizing novel. The content of the story is dark, depressing even, and the characters are more of the same. It's told in a very dry, almost apathetic voice; the prose is tight and direct. The author does a great job of reinforcing the intransigence of Kate and Colin with the style of her writing. Like the plot and the characters, there is nothing frivolous or lush about the writing. I very much liked how the story was told as oppo [...]

    9. I made an account to attest to how beautiful this book is. The audience it will reach will be people who are interested in the functioning and reasoning behind choices we make - if you have an interest in the human psyche, you will like this book. It doesn't paint a pretty picture about life - it paints an honest picture. This isn't Gossip Girls, so don't expect your happy ending or endless surprising relationships between characters, because this book requires actual thought to understand and e [...]

    10. I really couldn't empathize or sympathize with the protagonist, Kate. I saw little reason for the whorish liar she turned out to be. The reason her whole life changed , & she became a self-described expert at blow jobs, is because her father slapped her across the mouth for saying she wishes her brother would fall out of a tree and die? I am obviously missing something about where all the man-hate comes from. Sounds like a spoiled brat who just wants to do what she wants to do, without any c [...]

    11. Damaged Daddy's Girl marries the one-night stand and tries to become the perfect suburban mom; has affair and sees her marriage move into domestic violence.

    12. so i got to the part where kate is freaking out about the button on the dress and then i stopped reading and started skimming and ive come up with a few points about this book:1) the synopsis is a lie! this is not erotica! the sex scenes arent even detailed as you would expect from erotica. there is just some vague dialogue of them talking about how she likes him to pull her hair.2) there seems to be a lot of lady-hate going on with the reviews for this book ill admit that kate is a pretty dread [...]

    13. I won Games to Play After Dark as a giveaway. I really thought the book would be different, based on the title. It's about a girl that meets a guy, they get married and have a great marriage, the first little while. Then enters baby #1, and the relationship changes. Even more so when they have #2. It comes out later in the book that this girl has issues with her dad, and I'm still not quite sure I understand what they were, or why. I kept hoping the book would get better, and it did to a point, [...]

    14. I liked this book simply because it is contemporary adult fiction and deals with the spicy things I like such as infidelity and marriage.The only thing I don't understand is why the book is called Games to Play After Dark, and why, in the synopsis, it talks about how the things Kate and Colin do after dark are 'far from routine.' I felt that there was nothing abnormal or extraordinary about what they did. What did they do other than have sex, argue, and/or go out to diner every once in a while? [...]

    15. Written in a very detached third person narrative, this book tells the tale of a woman who just can not figure out why as her marriage progresses, she loses sexual interest in her husband. Kate was unlikable, unintelligent and a caricature of the type of women who always sees men as the problem. The final confrontation wasn't believable at all as it made Colin completely break his personality type. I felt very sorry for two little girls with a mom like Kate one point while in couples therapy, sh [...]

    16. I'd give this a solid 3.5 if would let me. (It's at least .5 stars better than the previously reviewed The Ninth Wife.) It's certainly not the feel-good hit of the summer, but I thought it was an extremely well-written exploration of the modern marriage what leads us to it, keeps us in it, or shakes us out of it. It also raises fascinating questions about the impact of parental influence on a marriage, nature versus nurture, and even self-fulfilling prophecy. Kate and Colin are both such fleshe [...]

    17. The novel started out promising, I liked how the author described the characters (Kate and Colin) and the events that led up to their marriage. In the first chapters, about how their relationship progresses and how they develope a somewhat disturbing intimacy pattern, I thought the story would be about sex, love and violence (because of the title), and it sort of is, but not in the way you would think. Suddenly, halfway through the story the characters' relationship, personalities and life chang [...]

    18. I liked this book. I thought Kate was a raging whiny ass bitch who needed to get the hell over herself, but as a wife and mother, I also understand where the character was coming from. But, life, kids, and marriage aren't always perfect. You have to just deal with it. That being said, I think the book is reflective of a lot of people's lives. Even if not in the entirety, but at least bits and pieces. The husband (can't even remember his name) was a bit of a clueless schmuck. Unfortunately, men g [...]

    19. Near the end of this book, Kate, the protagonist (of sorts), is talking with her adulterous lover about books they should write. He begins describing a book based on her life (which the reader has just read, how post-modern of Ms. Boren) and she claims that it would be a dull read. Turns out, Kate is right. By taking the minutiae of family life, mixing it with misogynistic thrill-less sex, adding a dash of senseless adultery and topping it all off with some random domestic violence, Borden has m [...]

    20. This novel was very thought provoking. In a way it was also a bit scary to think that similar situations are playing out every day in our own neighborhoods, our own families, and perhaps in our own lives. It was far from resolved by the end but I think that made it work even more. I sort of wanted to smack Kate because she had a husband who still wanted her; two beautiful girls; and a comfortable life. Then again you felt for her. She wanted more! Yes, she had daddy issues, lots of them! This sh [...]

    21. By: Crystal Trent DotsonKate and Colin meet at a party , they immediately connect , the passion , lust, and exotic love , they experience together makes them a perfect couple, but after marriage , kids and everyday challenges, Kate begins to lose affection for Colin , but finds it with some one else.This is a very intimate and exciting book , it connects so well with everyday life of a wife and mother and all the everyday struggles that come with it. I enjoyed this book , but at certain points o [...]

    22. I thought this was a very honest book. How things never really turn out like you hope they would and how the things you think you want are rarely the things you need. I liked the blunt nature of the narrative; the author's way of saying things just the way they are, without any undue descriptions of anything we don't need to know. My biggest complaint was that I found the ending incredibly unsatisfying, as if the author really had no idea of how the story ended. No resolution, no conclusions rea [...]

    23. I received this book free as an ARC book (thank you!). First, the title of this book doesn't match the story AT ALL. It makes no sense. This story follows the brief courtship, marriage, then gradual demise of the relationship between a couple. The female lead has daddy issues that she brings into the marriagebut to me it really doesn't make sense. I struggled through the first part of the book and would have completely given up if I hadn't recieved it for free and felt compelled to finish it. It [...]

    24. I could go on ad nauseam about how slow and excrutiatingly boring this story is, but instead I shall end this sentence by pointing out that the part of the book synopsis that states "the games they play after dark are far from routine" is a misleading crockpot of baloney! I thought this was going to be something totally different, kinky perhaps, but exciting and maybe dangerous or suspenseful. But what readers really get is a tale that has been told over a thousand times before about married lif [...]

    25. I was doing fine with this book, enjoying it even, getting freaked out by the book's setting in Hamden and New Haven, CT (where I grew up). I know which school Borden's referring to when she talks about Whitney Hall! I've been to the Educated Burgher and the bookstore café on Main Street! But then this book took a weird turn with the domestic abuse angle, and I'm not sure it even needed to go there. The darkness was richer, subtler without it.

    26. GUPTGed at page 40, for the purely subjective reason that while I can appreciate the excellent writing, it's not my thing, man. Plus I'm moving and I have to give it back to the library. Cool cover and title, but suburban disquietude only goes so far with me, especially when it's this hard to give a rat's ass about the (insipid!) characters, although to be fair, if I'd gone beyond forty pages, my perceptions about them might have changed.Oh well!

    27. I got this in a first reads giveaway. First thing I noticed was the style of writing. It was different from other books I have read before. I have to say I neither loved nor hate this book. It was ok, thus the rating of three stars. First off, I don't like like the characters, I got really annoyed and also the hair pulling I found kind of freaky. Anyway, Collin is a jerk and only cares about his job. Anyway the book must be pretty well written to make me hate the characters!

    28. Ugh! I didn't care for this book at all. First of all the title and quotes on the back did not match the book all that well. A bit misleading! NOT a thriller, NOT exhilaratingbut rather sad and depressing. However, it was an honest look into mundane life. A girl meets boy, falls madly in love, marries, has 2 kids and becomes a SAHM, only to detest the life she lives. Ok, so it's like a diary of sorts, expressing out loud what some of us may truly feel. Depressing!!

    29. I didnt hate it but I don't think anything has given me a more negative perspective on marriage and family. Kind of whiny. I kept waiting for something exciting to happen but it never did. Feminist undertones were also a little obnoxious. Don't read if you're tryjng to escape the mundane of everyday life, this book pretty much makes those aspects its focus. Overall unmemorable, depressing at best.

    30. I won this book from Goodread's First Reads.I feel neutral towards this book. Personally I'm pretty prude for my age, so the detailed sex scenes were pretty uncomfortable. That much detail felt unnecessary. It seems like one of those cheaply written books that women get cheap thrills out of by being "dominated" or having an ass for a lover (in other words, abused). Even the characters were weird.

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