The Extra Man

The Extra Man

Jonathan Ames / Sep 18, 2019

The Extra Man Meet Louis Ives well groomed romantic and as captivating as an F Scott Fitzgerald hero Only this hero has a penchant for ladies clothes and he s lost his teaching post at Princeton s Pretty Brook D

  • Title: The Extra Man
  • Author: Jonathan Ames
  • ISBN: 9780671015589
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meet Louis Ives well groomed, romantic, and as captivating as an F Scott Fitzgerald hero Only this hero has a penchant for ladies clothes, and he s lost his teaching post at Princeton s Pretty Brook Day School after an unfortunate incident involving a colleague s brassiere.Meet Henry Harrison former actor, failed but brilliant playwright, and a well seasoned escort forMeet Louis Ives well groomed, romantic, and as captivating as an F Scott Fitzgerald hero Only this hero has a penchant for ladies clothes, and he s lost his teaching post at Princeton s Pretty Brook Day School after an unfortunate incident involving a colleague s brassiere.Meet Henry Harrison former actor, failed but brilliant playwright, and a well seasoned escort for New York City s women of means He dances alone to Ethel Merman records, second acts operas, and performs his scrappy life with the dignity befitting a self styled man of the world What can this ageless Don Quixote of the Upper East Side have to offer a young gentleman such as Louis What, indeed.Well, the answer lies somewhere between the needs of an irascible mentor and the education of his eager apprentice.een cocktails on the Upper East Side and an even intoxicating treat along the secret fringes of Times Squared between friendship and longing.

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        Jonathan Ames is the author of the books The Double Life is Twice As Good, I Pass Like Night, The Extra Man, What s Not to Love , My Less Than Secret Life, Wake Up, Sir , I Love You More Than You Know, and The Alcoholic a graphic novel illustrated by Dean Haspiel He is the editor of Sexual Metamorphosis An Anthology of Transsexual Memoirs He is the winner of a Guggenheim Fellowship and is a former columnist for New York Press.Wake Up, Sir and The Extra Man are in development as films, with Mr Ames having written the screenplays He adapted What s Not to Love as a TV special for the Showtime network and he played himself At the time, he said, It s the role I ve been waiting for The special aired in December 2007 and January 2008.Mr Ames has also written a TV pilot for the HBO network, Bored to Death, and this will be filmed in the fall of 2008 The pilot will star Jason Schwartzman as Jonathan Ames Bored to Death was originally a short story by Mr Ames which was published in McSweeney s 24 fall 2007 In addition to writing, Jonathan Ames performs frequently as a storyteller often with The Moth and has been a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman He has had two amateur boxing matches, fighting as The Herring Wonder, and he had a one man show off off Broadway, entitled Oedipussy Mr Ames had the lead role in the IFC film The Girl Under the Waves and was a porn extra in the porn film C Men.


    1. When I moved to New York, fresh from college, double liberal arts degrees in hand and looking for work in book publishing, I ordered a subscription (The Weekender! Natch!) to the New York Times. Reading the Times every weekend was part of my idea of the New York version of myself, something I had mashed together from my just-post-college ambitions and my nervousness, and from reading novels about people in similar situations in the city. I imagined I would read the paper over coffee and a bagel [...]

    2. Well, I thought I loved Wake Up, Sir! last week, but this Ames novel has taken the cake. It's ending was far more satisfying and the entire thing much more complex and novely. Novel-ish?If you'll recall, I was intrigued while reading the last book because the novelist/narrator was working on another book, which sounded a lot like this one. And I thought to myself, "Whoa meta" No, seriously, I thought to myself - damn I like this book a lot, but the book he's writing in this book sounds even bett [...]

    3. I can safely say that I've never read anything like this book before. The closest I could get would probably be D.H. Lawrence's 'Sons And Lovers' but, considering this book's protagonist's mother doesn't even make an appearance, it's not THAT close at allI bought this book because I enjoyed Jonathan Ames' t.v. sit-com 'Bored To Death' a great deal, so I figured I'd probably enjoy his novels too. If anybody else is riding a similar train of thought, I'll say that 'The Extra Man' isn't much like ' [...]

    4. It's about Louis Ives and he's a closet deviant, but the complexity of his needs slowly dawns on the reader as the story continues. The comedy of the situation is that Louis wants to be a gentleman, in the style of F. Scott Fitzgerald, and he makes an effort every chance he gets to behave that way. While Louis fights within himself over his deviance, his roommate, Henry Harrison, provides the outright ridiculous dialogue that makes the book pure gold. The prose in both the descriptions and dialo [...]

    5. Good thing Half-Price books was having a 20% off sale on Saturday, cuz my book buying addiction is getting serious Just started this one today, and am half way done Why do I find his wacky characters so appealing? Cluttered tiny Upper Eastside apt shared by 2 eccentrics. Transvestite bars. Guilt-ridden sexual escapades. Flying stuffed animal lions falling from the sky. My new favorite phrase: "curious maladjustment". Is Jonathan Ames straight and single? haha.

    6. There's a whole lot of hubbub about Ames but I don't understand it and after reading this book I'm thinking that maybe it's all been an elaborate hoax, cooked up by Brooklyn boosters and NPR affiliates to ruin my weekend.

    7. What a strange and frequently funny novel.The Extra Man is about an orphan with aspirations toward living as a Fitzgeraldian "young gentleman" and finding a mentor to that effect in New York City. Extra Man is also about how neuroses get in the way of our aspirations, and how normalcy itself is its own kind of neurosis. Ultimately though, Extra Man is about finding an unusual kind of love in a circuitous, sad way.The two central characters of Extra Man are not particularly likeable, but they are [...]

    8. I enjoyed the hell out of this book, but I failed to review it before returning it to the library. Alas, this Jonathan Amesl right, let's call it a classic by far one of the funniest books I've read all year. As my recent reading of My Less than Secret Life informs me, this book is not far from the embarrassing truth of Ames' reality. His character is a young man who fancies himself as a young Gentleman in the tradition of an F. Scott Fitzgerald character. He moves to New York City in the early [...]

    9. I wanted to like The Extra Man more than I did. There are things about the book I loved but I found myself working to keep going sometimes.I think one of my biggest issues is Louis, the main character. I found him to be compelling at some points and downright irritating in others. I have no problems with a sexually insecure character in love with the idea of becoming a gentleman. In fact, I was happy he didn't come off as contrived as he could have. There was nothing about him that felt false or [...]

    10. I've begun to realize that books whose jacket flap copy says they are "hilarious" yet "poignant" or some such variation are not for me. This seemed to go nowhere forever. The relationship between roommates Henry and Chr*st, I can't even remember what the protagonist's name was now, and I just read the thing last night doesn't really hit a crisis point until the very end, really. And the protagonist (I can only remember his last name, Ives, and the moniker he used when he was picking up young t [...]

    11. Perfect for a fun read. Brilliantly drawn characters, fleshed out so that they are real humans, not "types" or "character" although they are eccentric or even weird. The writing is bright and witty, but still allows one to empathize with Louis' loneliness, longings, and occasional sadness. Parental warning: X-rated for revealed body part, sex with fluids, trannies & cross-dressers, but never salacious, and never gratuitous (if there is sex, it reveals something about the character's innher s [...]

    12. I really wanted to give this 3.5 stars but I can't, that said this book was thoroughly enjoyable despite the fact that the main character is an annoying eccentric. It seems like a lot of reviewers read "Wake up, Sir" first, I read this first and am now reading "Wake up, Sir" so the meta references in WUS are meaningful to me. In any event this is a fun read though a bit gritty, the characters are well developed and never dull.

    13. This was the second of two Jonathan Aames novels I've read. I read "Good Morning, Sir" first, loved it and wanted more (I'd already read several of his non-fictions). What I got was greater depth, a wider range of great characters and honest, quirky, thought-provoking events and the commentary that goes with them. I saw the movie after reading "The Extra Man." Read the book. It's great!"

    14. I love this author. I love this book. It's hysterical, seedy, perverted, honest. A page-turner. I wish I could read it all over.

    15. What an off, engaging, sad, funny book. Ames seems to excel at characters that are somehow endearing and unlikeable, if that's even a thing. The struggles of the narrator, Louis Ives, with his sexual explorations is especially interesting to read now, when transsexualism is as accepted as it's ever been (though we still have so, so far to go). And Henry Harrison, with his arch conservative views and his admiration of Russia. Donald Trump even makes a cameo, trying to insert himself into the high [...]

    16. Read "Wake Up, Sir" and was excited to read "The Extra Man". However, I was disappointed. The writing was good -- can't fault Ames -- but nothing else was enjoyable about the story other than the antics of the character Henry Harrison. Even the narrator, whom I'm sure is modeled after Ames himself, seemed to be stuck in repetitive behavior, learning nothing and never growing or changing.And why wouldn't Mary have said something to Louis about her missing bra? It was a tense and revealing part of [...]

    17. Your highlight at location 531I kept thinking that he was perhaps of a state of mind beyond eccentric, but there was also this constant underpinning of irony to everything he said which seemed to clearly indicate intelligence and sanity. He was conscious that he was outrageous, but he was also stating his honest beliefs.2b4c8b84B000FC0O5OYour highlight at location 549“Most frames are more beautiful than their pictures,” he said. “And less expensive.”2b4c8b84B000FC0O5OYour highlight at lo [...]

    18. An obsession with a figure from the lit world does not necessarily mean that I like the object of interest. It just means I'll considering following him on Twitter, but change my mind. Delve into his canon with a cocked eyebrow. Sometimes I develop such a fixation that even I don't know if I hate the object of interest, or if I want to tie the object of interest to my bed for optimal hobbling.Right now I'm interested in Jonathan Ames. I think I kind of hate him, I probably hate him. But I've add [...]

    19. Johnathon Ames is a great writer. His prose and direct style definitely make for easy reading. His ability to create everyday people who get into the wildest situations make way for only slight suspension of disbelief.We have Louis, a femmy but otherwise "straight" teacher in Princeton, NJ who loses his job after being caught dancing around his office in a lady coworker's undergarments. For some reason or another, he gets it into his head to move to New York City. His new roommate is Henry, an e [...]

    20. I greatly enjoyed the writing on Jonathan Ames HBO show "Bored to Death", so I picked up his novel "Wake Up, Sir!". I loved it, and then chose "The Extra Man" for my book club. Although I think it is a weaker text than some of Ames other novels, it is a very easy and enjoyable read.First off, "The Extra Man" is vulgar, gratuitous, and graphic when it comes to sexual thought and exploration. If this is not something you are comfortable with, then don't pick the book up. It is a pervasive part of [...]

    21. O Acompanhante, de Jonathan Ames, é um livro um bocado improvável nos escaparates das livrarias portuguesas, que normalmente fogem de tudo o que escapa ao canone (seja ele literário ou comercial) como o diabo da cruz. O livro de JA situa-se claramente nas margens do sistema, não exactamente por ser militante da contra-cultura, mas apenas porque nos traz personagens e uma história de pessoas a quem falta o estofo, e as angústias, da classe média.Trata-se da história de um pacato e jovem p [...]

    22. The Extra Man, by Jonathan Ames, is classically Ames. I am a huge fan of the author, so it should come as no surprise that I enjoyed this book (almost) as much as Wake Up Sir! and The Alcoholic. (To be frank, I couldn't adore many more books than Sir! It's truly a gift of literature.) The Extra Man refers to the person needed at a dinner party with old ladies who no longer have a husband; an extra man is always needed to fill the seating gap. Louis Ives is a "young gentleman" wannabe who moves t [...]

    23. From the onset of "the Extra Man" I didn't know what to expect. I'd heard of Jonathan Ames's writing being filled with scatological, perverted, self-defacing, yet charming, humor, but I assumed that was mostly in his non fiction essays. Hahawrong. "The Extra Man" is about a sweet mid-twenties guy named Louis Ives, who gets let go from his teaching position in Jersey due to curious incident with a bra in a gym bag, mixed with terrible bystander timing. This propels Louis into the stern arms of Ne [...]

    24. This novel is more of a character study than anything with a plot- Louis is a young man with a cross-dressing desire who gets fired from his job and moves to NYC, where he finds a cheap room with an elderly professor (Harry) who is very cheap, strange, and entertaining. The young man tries to sculpt his life in the shape of a "young gentleman" mostly in his dress and habits, but he can't seem to control his compulsions- he likes to wear bras and panties, and he hangs out at a transsexual bar whe [...]

    25. It left me a little sad, and confused, because I felt like I only developed a true break through and connection with the characters and then the book was over. They occupy a filthy, muddled, made-up little microcosm of affected mannerisms, inspiring quotations, drunkenness, secrets, contradictory philosophies and repressed affections. But they are still very human, especially because they're so grotesque. The idea of Henry and the state he lives in, the man he's become, is both inspiring and hea [...]

    26. This book is so funny and clever. The voice is really unique and the scenes with Louis (the young gentleman) and Harrison (the extra man) are really like glittering jewels. Harrison is so much fun and I often laughed out loud while reading at some of their scenes. And it didn't hurt that Kevin Kline will be playing him in the film and is on the cover of my version as he is pitch perfect casting for this character. I loved how the tone of the novel, the "young gentleman about Manhattan" in the sp [...]

    27. In THE EXTRA MAN, Louis, a young, twenty-something writer, rents a room from a older gentleman named Henry--and ends up in the quirkiest of friendships. Louis struggles to find himself with regard to women and his sexuality, and wants so much to have open conversations with Henry. Henry, however, tells Louis that if they keep things private, their live-in relationship will run more smoothly.Honestly, if you’re looking for a book that has a lot of action, you might be disappointed. THE EXTRA MA [...]

    28. The 3 stars is how I feel about the book, not necessarily an indication of the quality of it. I found the book to be quite repetitive and longer than it needed to be considering not much was accomplished (in my eyes). The book is about a 26 year old who moves to New York after an embarrassing episode at work with a co-workers bra. He moves in with an older eccentric man who lives off wealthier women taking him out and lives on the cheap. Throughout the book the main character (Louis) struggles w [...]

    29. A sweet, smartly funny and audacious comic novel for those with an open mind. The narrator, Louis Ives, is struggling to find his identity in more ways than one (what should he do? where should he live? whom should he love? why is he so smitten with ladies' underwear?), which makes his affinity with Fitzgerald and the Lost Generation that much more appropriate. The older man who becomes his mentor, Henry Harrison, is facing similar struggles (how to stay relevant in society and keep up appearanc [...]

    30. Louis Ives loses his job as a teacher in a Princeton, NJ boarding school, because of a minor cross dressing incident, and decides to start over in New York City. He also decides to continue on his path towards being a "young gentleman", using Fitzgerald and Waugh as his guides. Louis shares a rundown apartment with an eccentric elderly man who supplements his teacher's income by being an extra man (a well mannered man called upon to "even up" the male to female ratio at society events attended b [...]

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