Shadows on the Sand

Shadows on the Sand

Gayle Roper / Jan 20, 2020

Shadows on the Sand She serves him breakfast at her caf every morning but he never seems to notice her Carrie Carter s small caf in Seaside New Jersey is populated with a motley crew of locals although Carrie only has

  • Title: Shadows on the Sand
  • Author: Gayle Roper
  • ISBN: 9781601420848
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • She serves him breakfast at her caf every morning but he never seems to notice her Carrie Carter s small caf in Seaside, New Jersey, is populated with a motley crew of locals although Carrie only has eyes for Greg Barnes He s recovering from a vicious crime that three years ago took the lives of his wife and children and from the year he tried to drink hisShe serves him breakfast at her caf every morning but he never seems to notice her Carrie Carter s small caf in Seaside, New Jersey, is populated with a motley crew of locals although Carrie only has eyes for Greg Barnes He s recovering from a vicious crime that three years ago took the lives of his wife and children and from the year he tried to drink his reality away While her heart does a happy Snoopy dance at the sight of him, he never seems to notice her, to Carrie s chagrin When Carrie s dishwasher is killed and her young waitress disappears, Greg finds himself drawn into helping Carrie solve the mysteries and into her life But when Carrie s own painful past becomes all to present, her carefully constructed world begins to sink Will the fragile relationship she s built with Greg implode from the weight of the baggage they both carry

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    1. I am not a religious person so I was a bit nervous when requesting a copy of Shadows on the Sand by Gayle Roper, a Christian writer. I don't like books that are loaded with bible verses. Some is ok but don't let it take up ALL of the story. I can honestly say this book had the correct balance of bible verses and story.My Thoughts of the Book:Like I said before, I am not religious but this book was able to have the right balance of story and bible verses and references. The only thing that was ki [...]

    2. This is a Reading Good Books review.* In compliance with FTC guidelines, it should be noted that I received the book for free through First Reads.I must admit, I had my doubts when I found out that this was in the Christian fiction genre. I am not the most religious person and I tend to keep my distance from conversations about religion. I was raised Catholic, did very well in my Religion classes, and even participated in a couple of bible studies and rosary crusades. But do not totally subscri [...]

    3. Sometimes a story can catch you by surprise in it's quality. A book from a genre not known for it's serious tone can really catch your attention. This is the best way to describe my surprise upon reading *Shadows on the Sand* by Gayle Roper.The story starts with a young restaurant owner, Carrie Carter (whose sister co-owns the restaurant), teasing one of her waitresses, Andi, about her boyfriend fighting with one of Andi's co-workers named Jase. As more customers hear about the boyfriend, more d [...]

    4. When I first began reading this book, I thought that perhaps it was written for teens because there was a good bit of boy/girl silliness, not just on the part of the teenage character but also the female lead character. I almost put it aside after the first chapter, but I'm glad I didn't. When I finished the book and went back and re-read the first chapter, I saw it in a whole new light.Having escaped from a cult (one that is eerily similar to a group that a friend in my past once belonged to), [...]

    5. I remember growing up and hearing the bell choir perform at my church. I have to say that I really enjoyed it, especially when they were all synchronized and hit their notes in perfect unison. It made for a beautiful sound and it’s what I think of whenever I hear the phrase “ringing true”, you know that moment when something hits you as pure and sincere. Shadows on the Sand by Gayle Roper is one of those books that “rings true” in my mind and really did touch me with regards to the sto [...]

    6. Roper delivers a romantic suspense that does more than just entertain you for a brief moment. Through her delightful, but baggage heavy characters, she opens a world that will leave you delving into your own faith.Carrie Carter and her sister own a café in Seaside, New Jersey. Though you are first met with her witty and sometimes sarcastic personality, she is carrying around the weight of a tragic past. Her and her sister ran away from their alcoholic mother and her all too friendly boyfriends. [...]

    7. Summary: Carrie Carter and her sister Lindsay run a small cafe in Seaside, a resort town on an island off the New Jersey coast. Things are just starting to wind down after the busy summer — the vacationing crowds are dissipating and the cafe is settling back into the company of their year-round regulars.One of those regulars, Greg Barnes, makes Carrie’s heart do a happy dance every time he comes in. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to know she exists other than to serve his usual bacon and e [...]

    8. At the age of 16, Carrie Carter ran from an abusive home, taking her little sister Lindsay with her. Though underage, Carrie managed to provide for them both by working at a seaside cafe, which 17 years later she is now leasing from the owner. Though neither sister has heard from or spoken to their mother since they ran, Carrie still struggles to forgive and forget her tormented past.Despite her distrust of men, Carrie can't stop her heart from doing the "Snoopy dance" every time she sees Greg B [...]

    9. I loved the first four books in Gayle Roper’s Seaside series. Although all five books are based in Seaside, New Jersey, they can be read in any order or as stand-alones, as the main characters in each book are different, with only a few references to recurring minor characters. If you want to know my absolute favourite, it’s always the one I read last – whichever one that was. Each has its own appeal. So when I found out that Roper had written another book in the series, I was keen to read [...]

    10. I received this book for review last August and I don't know why I let it sit on my shelf so long, it ended up being a perfectly delightful little mystery read. Shadows on the Sand takes place in the town of Seaside, New Jersey where Carrie owns a little cafe, working alongside her sister and a motley crew of Seaside residents. Trouble strikes, however, when one of her dishwashers is murdered and her young server's boyfriend becomes a suspect. Soon a whole cast of characters is woven together in [...]

    11. Carrie is the owner of Carrie's Cafe in Seaside, New Jersey. Greg is the ex-cop & widower who is trying to live with the demons of his past. Carrie's past isn't all roses either. But when her dishwasher goes missing and then later turns up dead, and her waitress's strange behavior starts raising eyebrows, Carrie and Greg work together to figure out what exactly is going on. In the course of doing so, both must come face to face with past fears and learn to trust God and each other.What a del [...]

    12. Carrie ran away from home as a teenager. Carrie was a child but took on the responsibility of bringing her younger sister and raising her. Their mother was an alcoholic and her "boyfriends" were just a little too interested in Carrie. Fortunately, Carrie arrived at Seaside and was taken under the wing of some caring and loving people. She was given a job as a waitress in a local café and provided an apartment. Now Carrie owns the café and operates it with the help of her sister. Greg used to b [...]

    13. First reviewed here: overweight-bookshelf.This was an intriguing storyline that capitalizes on complex and soulful characters and a fast-paced, suspense filled plot. The cast of characters are all survivors of a past wrought with hurt and feelings of abandonment, but together they have forged a community of support and stability. Carrie is a nurturing heroine who selflessly gives of herself without becoming a pushover. Greg is plagues with feelings of guilt and mourning but has begun to awaken f [...]

    14. Shadows on the Sand is a Christian mystery/romance story about Carrie Carter, a strong-willed independent woman who runs a small cafe in Seaside, New Jersey. Her sister Lindsay is her pastry chef. Carrie has an unrequited crush on Greg Barnes, a regular in the cafe. Greg is a former police office who lost his wife and children in a terrible crime just a few years before the story begins.As the story unfolds, Carrie's dishwasher, Jase, is tragically murdered, and more and more mystery surrounds n [...]

    15. Exciting Romantic Suspense! There are two sad stories of two people who come together! Carrie and her sister are now running a small café after and are looking for happiness when danger comes lurking in to their lives. Greg is a regular at the café that is just struggling daily to live after the loss of his family! These two are struggling to survive the danger imposed on them as well as learning how to love and trust again.I thought this book was really good!! There was quite a bit of suspens [...]

    16. Synopsis: She serves him breakfast at her café every morning…but he never seems to notice her.About: Carrie Carter, the owner of a hopping small cafe in Seaside, New Jersey, is in for more than just taking care of her amusing and yet hair brained cafe patrons, serving tons of coffee and watching out for her little sister Lindsay. Her story becomes entangled with Greg Barnes, a widower and ex cop, the one who makes her heart do a fierce snoopy dance at the sight of him in her cafe. Alongside C [...]

    17. Carrie Carter's crush on ex-cop Greg Barnes is no secret to anyone except the object of her affection. As she serves him coffee every day, she yearns for him to notice her. After the untimely death of his family, Greg quit his job and closed himself off from the world around him. Hence, Carrie is no stranger to his indifference. When Jase, the dishwasher at Carrie's café, goes missing, Greg and Carrie are drawn into the case and into each other's lives. As they grow closer, secrets buried in th [...]

    18. I had a bit of trouble getting into this book, I found there to be way too much dialog in the beginning. Talking and discussions in the café really brought the flow to a halt. Once the characters moved away from the café the conversations were less and the book flowed better and the story started to take shape.I like the characters and the little seaside village they live in. The residence of the village are sweet and each have their own little quirks. The main characters are flawed and need h [...]

    19. Another author I haven’t read any of her books before. She is new to me and I really loved this book. Right off I really liked/sympathized with one of the main characters Carrie. She is full of spunk, but also tender, but acts tough. It is hard for her to trust people after the way her mother brought her and her younger sister up. It was very easy to get involved in this story and it was hard to put down. I couldn’t wait to read it, but didn’t want it to end. This book Shadows on the Sand [...]

    20. SHADOWS ON THE SAND by Gayle Roper was an enjoyable read. Carrie Carter owns a little café that Greg Barnes frequents every day. Carrie waits for him every morning, though he doesn’t seem to know she exists. Carrie sympathizes with the tragedy that’s darkened his world because of her own tragic upbringing. She just wishes he would look up from his breakfast one day and notice she is there.Greg Barnes is intrigued by the upbeat Carrie Carter, but is afraid to feel again. He loved once and lo [...]

    21. This is the first of Gayle Roper's Seaside books that I've read, even though there are four others set in Seaside, New Jersey. The good news is that I didn't feel I was missing anything by not having them read them. The main plot is taken from the headlines of the past year; a polygamous cult with a shady leader is at the heart of the matter.The plot itself is straightforward. There's a murder and the locals are involved. There's also a romance, which is formulaic so you know you'll get a positi [...]

    22. "To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven." Eccl. 3:1Seaside, New Jersey seems like a wonderful place to live and work. But, there are people here with hurts that run deep, hurts that may be their undoing. Carrie and Lindsey are sisters who have made their own way for years, escaping the abusive treatment of their drunken mother and her boyfriends. Greg was a police officer, but an explosion took away his heart. Yet, you wouldn't know they were hurting unless you [...]

    23. This book started out a 4 and ended a 5 so I rounded it to a 4 1/2. There is a lot going on in this book!-A love story.-Two different runaways - one years later now grown up, the other just 16, both ran for their lives. Now their lives have intersected, can one help the other?-A murder mystery-Long lost family reconnection-Sadness, love, suspense, mystery, and coffee!You would think that with all this going on it would get confusing, but it doesn't at all! The story flows very nicely, weaving in [...]

    24. Shadows on the Sand, by Gayle Roper.As someone who doesn’t usually read mystery stories, I’ve got to say, I enjoyed this thoroughly! It has just the right mix of mystery, romance, tragedy and recovery. The Christian characteristics are powerful, yet meld into the story very nicely. I’ve no doubt non-Christians could enjoy this book as much as I did.I enjoyed getting to know the primary characters, and the secondary characters were introduced just enough to keep things rolling smoothly. I c [...]

    25. Seaside, New Jersey. Carrie Carter's haven of safety is shaken. When Carrie and her sister Lindsey arrived in Seaside, they were homeless and running scared. Now over ten years later, Carrie runs the local cafe and the women have made a new life for themselves. When one of their employees is found dead and a young waitress goes missing, Carrie's safety is in question.Greg Barnes is nursing a pain from his past that threatens to keep him from any future happiness. However, when he sees Carrie's n [...]

    26. My Review: I would call this a comfortable novel. It is one of those that you can curl up in front of the fireplace with a cup of cocoa and just enjoy the story. I loved the characters, especially Carrie. She is a woman who faced horrible atrocities as a child at the hand of a mother who cared more about the next drink than her daughters. She was determined to protect her little sister and her strength lead her to Seaside. Carrie is a far from perfect which is another reason why I liked her. Gre [...]

    27. I've read and enjoyed other books by Gayle Roper, and I'm happy to say 'Shadows on the Sand' was no exception! Once I actually started to read this book, I found it interesting almost from the beginning.Some of the character's stories in 'Shadows on the Sand' I found sad. Carrie Carter and her sister Lindsay ran away from home seventeen years ago because of horrible circumstances, and Greg Barnes' wife and kids are dead because of something that was meant to kill him!I, personally, really liked [...]

    28. If your a fan of christian suspense/mystery with a nice romance woven in then your going to be in for a real treat with Shadows On The Sand by Gayle Roper. The book is set in Seaside New Jersey and revolves around the owner and staff of Carrie's Cafe. Carrie Carter and Greg Barnes both have issues from their past. Carrie overcame some major childhood issues and Greg is still dealing with the loss of his family that took place three years ago. Carrie secretly longs for a relationship with Greg bu [...]

    29. As a reader of many different types of fiction I'm not sure I've ever read a book that was classified as a cozy mystery until now, I've really been missing out. Shadows on the Sand, a Seaside Mystery by Gayle Roper will definitely please fans of mystery, suspense and Christian fiction. While there was a bit of romance I felt that it wasn't as strong and developed as other suspense novels with romantic elements that I've read so if you are strictly a reader of romance this might not be a favorite [...]

    30. While they've known each other a long time, Greg and Carrie are drawn to each other when Greg begins helping Carrie attempt to figure out mysteries occurring with her staff. Murder, a mysterious religious cult and twittering senior citizens make for an interesting and entertaining story. Add Greg's and Carrie's respective pasts and baggage and you have Shadows on the Sand. But, put it all together and it works. The plot moves along well and I enjoyed watching Greg and Carrie come to terms with t [...]

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