Dragon Spear

Dragon Spear

Jessica Day George / Jun 20, 2019

Dragon Spear As far as Creel is concerned all is finally right with the world The dragon king Shardas and his queen Velika have made a home for themselves on the Far Islands and for the first time in centuri

  • Title: Dragon Spear
  • Author: Jessica Day George
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • As far as Creel is concerned, all is finally right with the world The dragon king, Shardas, and his queen, Velika, have made a home for themselves on the Far Islands, and for the first time in centuries it seems dragons and humans might be able to live together in peace So what better time for Creel and Luka to plan their wedding But then Velika gets kidnapped by a bandAs far as Creel is concerned, all is finally right with the world The dragon king, Shardas, and his queen, Velika, have made a home for themselves on the Far Islands, and for the first time in centuries it seems dragons and humans might be able to live together in peace So what better time for Creel and Luka to plan their wedding But then Velika gets kidnapped by a band of rogue dragons in need of their own queen And Creel and Luka leap to aid Shardas and rescue her only to discover that Luka s father has set his sights on taking back the Far Islands from the dragons Torn between her love for Prince Luka and her friendship with Shardas and Velika, Creel must make the most difficult decision of her life if she stands any chance of getting to the church on time.

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    1. This book is my least favourite in the series. It's enjoyable upto some extent. But still the first book, Dragon Slippers, is my favourite in the series. OVERVIEWQueen of Dragons, Velika Azure-Wing, has been kidnapped by a clan of dragons. They are in need of queen because their race is dying. They want the blessing of the Queen. And they also think that they deserve the Queen more. Creel has to forget his marriage with Prince Luka to help the King of Dragons, Shardas the Gold, to get back Velik [...]

    2. Reading aloud to my son, June 2011.This book, for the record, is rather pushing the top edge of what I would think of as middle grade. Just FYI: there is a wedding, several fights to the death, and a gooey dragon birth scene. Not sure how much my son really "got" of the ending. He's six, but he really wanted to know what my books were about.

    3. ReviewDragon Spear is the exciting finale to the Dragon Slippers trilogy. Characters I have come to know are joined by a band of tiny rogue dragons on a mission. These mini dragons are stubborn, proud, and quirky – while the Feraval dragons collect luxuries, these new dragons collect PEOPLE. So weird!Nothing is simple as Creel and Luka plan their wedding. Rather than dealing with some played-out-love –triangle, these two deal with dragons trapping them in a pit and a wedding dress that refus [...]

    4. In the third installment of Jessica Day George’s dragon series, Creel and her prince charming, Luka, visit the dragons’ Far Island home just in time to witness the abduction of Queen Velika. They set off to help Shardas and a handful of dragons rescue the queen from a band of strange dragons with evil intentions. To make matters worse, when they find her, she is about to lay a clutch of eggs, and can’t be moved. Dragon Spear is an exciting adventure with a plot that kept me guessing and de [...]

    5. I am somewhat sad to be finished with this book, because it certainly was an excellent series. In terms of Luka and Creel, I am very glad that she did decide to make this final book because I did want to hear how all of that would work out, with Creel's crazy aunt and all. I am also so happy that Velika is with children in this volume, as I did so hope that there would be another heir to the dragon throne (which, it turns out, is the plot of this book). It doesn't take place in the same lands as [...]

    6. EEEEE!!!! I was so excited to get back into the adventure of Creel, Shardas, and Luka. And I wasn't disappointed. The first book is still my favorite, but I was amazed at how fun and different this adventure was from the previous ones. A very satisfying ending to a wonderful trilogy.

    7. Dragon SpearDragon Slipper's #3By: Jessica Day George 5 starsReviewed by:AngelsFormat:Kindle/Paperback/HardcoverPublished: Bloomsbury Publishing Source: Purchased Copy Gene:Young Adult FantasyBook Blurb/Synopsis-As far as Creel is concerned, all is finally right with the world. The dragon king, Shardas, and his queen, Velika, have made a home for themselves on the Far Islands, and for the first time in centuries it seems dragons and humans might be able to live together in peace. So what better [...]

    8. Of all three books, Dragon Spear would have to be the one I disliked the most. Creel seemed to be wedding gown obsessed (which bored me to tears. I know the wedding gown was important to her, but not to the extent that Creel showed), and the actual plot was messy. You could see the author try to inject some complexities into the situation, but instead of being engaging and well written, it was rather clumsy and needed better execution overall. It's not all bad. For the most part, if you liked th [...]

    9. I flip flopped a lot on what to give this book a 3 or 4 since there are no half stars but I decided on 3 because I enjoyed the books leading up to it and I liked how Creel's story ended but I was disappointed about a few aspects. This one didn't have as much embroidery or sewing going on like it did in the last two but it did present itself in Creel's wedding dress and of course to help save the day-more or less, not exactly. It didn't feel as dire to me even though it probably could've. Sure th [...]

    10. This is the third book in the Dragon Trilogy, and probably my least favorite of the three. Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoyed the story and thought it was a good book. It just didn’t capture me the way that Dragon Slippers did. It was a fun story, I loved being reunited with all my favorite characters again, and watch as they go through yet another unbeatable obstacle. I love Shardas and Velika, as well as many of the other dragons. George goes into a lot more detail about dragon history [...]

    11. This installment in the Dragon Slippers series is more about negotiation and the difficulties with diplomacy than about adventure, though there are certainly some action scenes. I find this shift in main focus innovative--rather than having a ton of fighting and struggles, there is a lot of tension-laden dialogue. The three books in the series have a nice progression: the first introduces dragons, how they are mostly gentle and even friendly to humans when respected as intelligent, reasoning bei [...]

    12. Though I still the first one was definitely more fleshed out, more 3-D, the second two have done credit to JDG and her characters. They're still funny, adventurous, and unique. The characters are well-rounded and not too complicated (like, the dragons are very typical, just with singular hoards). The world is very big, and JDG tells the reader all he/she needs to know about this vast place as the story unfolds.In this one, Dragon Spear, I love Creel's dedication to her wonderful dress. Yet, sinc [...]

    13. Dragon Spear by Jessica Day GeorgeBloomsbury, 2009Reviewed by Heather MooreDragon Spear is a delightful third installment of the Dragon Slippers series. In book three, Creel and Luka go on a mission together to the new colony of dragons—the Far Isles. If you’ve read the other books in the series, you’ll know that Creel has a special relationship with the dragons. And although the creatures aren’t welcome everywhere and reasonably feared by most humans, Creel has managed to become their c [...]

    14. 3.5 Stars.I am a big massive Jessica Day George fan, and while this book tied the series up in a few ways which I will not give away, I felt it lacked a certain spark and freshness that the first two had.Some characters felt tacked on as there was little build for them in previous books. As predictable as it may have been, I admit I would have liked to see Alle find love with Creel's brother. Again, this may have been predictable, but that kind of feel good addition I could have lived well with. [...]

    15. The third and final book in the Dragon series by Jessica Day George. Probably my least favorite of the series. Shardas and the other dragons go to live on their own islands and have to deal with the other crazy dragons that live on the surrounding islands that seem to think that they can just take Velika and her dragon hatchlings. Because of blood and birthrights, etc. Creel, Luka, and friends flew out with the dragons to spend some down time and hang out with their friends and, as per usual, ge [...]

    16. This is a fun conclusion (at least, the author claims that she's done with these characters) to a fun trilogy. We learn more about Creel's world, more about the dragons and their lore and history, and we finally get to see Creel's happy ending, in spite of annoying relatives, sacrificed clothing, and selfish, prideful dragons. We also get to see Velika show that she is truly queenly, and that made me want to stand up and cheer. What a great lady. Thanks, Jessica, for letting us watch Velika come [...]

    17. This is the 3rd and final installment of the Dragon Slippers series.In this adventure, Creel visits her dragon friends in their new home on the Far Islands.When pregnant Velika, Queen of the Dragons, gets kidnapped, Creel and her friends must try to rescue her from a lost tribe of dragons. Personally, the first and second book resonated more with me than this one. There was certainly nothing bad about this one, but it just didn't hold my interest the way books 1 & 2 did. That said, overall i [...]

    18. I've loved every book that I've ready by Jessica Day George and this was no exception. My husband says that secretly I'm a 12 year old nerdy girl because I read books about dragons, but I've loved this series! It's been very interesting, funny, and clever. I really like the main characters and liked this book.

    19. My 10 year old self: I only read part of this book, but I can still review it and say that I put it down because it was SO BORING! It was also very confuzzling. There were way to many characters. You may try this out if you really want to, but there are so many other good books that I have reviewed that are WAY BETTER. Try something else.

    20. Good for a younger age than I. I'm pretty sure my 10-year-old sister would like it. I'm probably just overly critical for saying that everything always seems to turn out right and no one really grows.

    21. Fun and original sequel in the Dragon Slipper series. I love the fact that the heroine is a dress-maker and does exquisite hand stiching and embroidery work and is generally very creative besides being brave and loyal.

    22. After the Second Dragon War, Creel’s world has changed dramatically. Shadras and the rest of the dragons have relocated to the Far Islands, and Creel and Luka have become engaged. Before they can get married, Creel is going to take one visit to the Far Islands to visit her dragon friends. She arrives to find that they've settled in paradise, but not all of the dragons have the same ideas about how things should be run. What will Creel and Shadras do when Velika, the queen of the dragons, is ki [...]

    23. This one was a bit of a disappointment to me. I guess I had gotten spoiled by the preceeding two books! It wasn't bad, it just wasn't great. Creel, Luka, Shadras, and the rest of the gang are back, and things are about to get interesting. Luka is constantly pushing Creel to agree to move their wedding date up, Creel is panicking about her dress, her family shows up at the palace and expect to be treated like royalty, and Luka and Creel are suppossed to be going to visit the dragons new home. Whe [...]

    24. A very satisfying and thoroughly enjoyable conclusion to Jessica Day George's Dragon trilogy. Creel and Luka, as always, are very sweet and believable as a couple. It was good to see Hagen again and I was glad to see he got into the story this time. The dragons' background was interesting, though I kept wishing someone would smack Darrym. The fainting goats were priceless, as was Creel's ill luck with her wedding gown. Even though I do not feel that either sequel has captured the brilliancy and [...]

    25. In Mrs. Tessler's Classroom: Fantasy: Other WorldsA speedy read just like it's two predecessors in the series, more adventures with Creel and dragons and references to gorgeous fashion. I'm convinced this is the fantasy series to hook girls with enough romance to counter-balance the idea of adventure and large scaly monsters. I love George's characterization of the dragons, making them just as understandable, empathetic, and fun as their human counterparts. I sometimes find Creel to be a little [...]

    26. Another quick read in the Dragon Slippers series. The setting in this one takes place on islands far from Feravel due to the dragon's banishment. I really enjoyed the ending to the series. It nicely summed up all the others with happy closure. I was very eager for dragon babies and this book filled it and for the first time the humans weren't the bad guys. I found Daryym very hateable as all good antagonists should be and of course I still loved the previous characters. My daughter loves this se [...]

    27. The first book Dragon Slippers was my favorite of the series but I have enjoyed the other 2 books. My interest lagged a little bit part way through Dragon Spear but my perseverance was rewarded with a great ending. If you enjoyed the first 2 books in the series I recommend you read Dragon Spear as well. Content: This is a clean read with nothing objectionable. iamareadernotawriter.

    28. In Dragon Spear, Creel, in the midst of wedding preparations, must rush to the aide of her beloved Shardas, after his wife, Velika is kidnapped (dragonnapped?). This book provides the same delightful storytelling and character development as the first. I highly recommend this series for anyone who loves fantasy.

    29. (Genre:Young Adult fiction/fantasy) This is George's 3rd installment in her Dragon Slippers trilogy and it is great fun to be with Creel, Luka, and the dragons again. Dragon slippers (her first book) is still the better told story, but this was a quick, light, and entertaining read.

    30. I found this to be perhaps the most brilliant of JDG's three dragon books. Full of danger and intrigue, it both wraps up the story of Creel and her dragons and leaves a clear opening for more adventure.

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