Fire Me Up

Fire Me Up

Katie MacAlister / Jul 18, 2019

Fire Me Up Aisling Grey is back and in trouble than ever She thought being a courier would be easy It s not She thought being a Guardian would come naturally It doesn t She thought she could get out of being a w

  • Title: Fire Me Up
  • Author: Katie MacAlister
  • ISBN: 9781101094969
  • Page: 267
  • Format: ebook
  • Aisling Grey is back and in trouble than ever She thought being a courier would be easy It s not She thought being a Guardian would come naturally It doesn t She thought she could get out of being a wyvern s mate She can t And she never thought she d be irresistible to men But she is.

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    1. It was going to be 3.5-4 stars but the last 10% was just ridiculous and there are so many plot holes I could drive a tanker through them so it is 2.25 stars. Thanks to my Buddies Book and Baubles peeps for keeping it fun.Aisling Grey how do I loath thee, let me count the ways.I hate the way you constantly think you know what you are doing and just make every situation worse.I abhor that you have oodles of power being a Gaurdian/Demon Lord/Wyvern’s mate and yet you didn’t put an ounce of effo [...]

    2. Continuing our weekly Wednesday UF Buddy read over at BB&B.Well I was hoping I would enjoy this one more than the first one but sadly it was even worse.Aisling is definitely not my kind of heroine. I really want to like her because she can be really funny at times, she seems to have a backbone, but sadly when she’s around Drake, her love interest, all that turns to dust and she turns into a doormat that succumbs to his whims as soon as she just looks at him, or he kisses her. Have some pri [...]

    3. *** 4 ***Continuing our weekly Wednesday UF Buddy read over at BB&B.:)"“I have much power. In the days to come I will grow stronger, and I would hate for you to find yourself on the wrong side of that which cannot be avoided.” “Hyperbole and mystic aggrandizement, you mean?”"I really get a kick out of this series! But let me be clear - this is a Chick-Lit-Paranormal-Fantasy type of book, in which the heroin is silly, clumsy, klutzy, clueless and all together, not the sharpest tool in [...]

    4. Buddy read with the Awesomest Wednesday UF Group who saved my sanity while reading this!Actual rating: 1.5 stars. The half star is because of Jim. Who wasn't around enough to raise the rating more. Where do I start with the complaining? Let's start with the MCs, shall we?Aisling Grey has the brain capacity of a jellyfish. With the occasional brilliant leaps of intuition. And by brilliant I mean it took her ages to arrive at the answer that was obvious for at least a quarter of the book. Everyone [...]

    5. Buddy read with the Awesomest Wednesday UF Group who saved my sanity while reading this!Actual rating: 1.5 stars. The half star is because of Jim. Who wasn't around enough to raise the rating more. Where do I start with the complaining? Let's start with the MCs, shall we?Aisling Grey has the brain capacity of a jellyfish. With the occasional brilliant leaps of intuition. And by brilliant I mean it took her ages to arrive at the answer that was obvious for at least a quarter of the book. Everyone [...]

    6. After finishing the first in Katie MacAlister's Aisling Grey, Guardian series, You Slay Me, my biggest complaint was the heroine/bumbling nitwit Aisling herself. I thought You Slay Me was technically sound, with a fast-pacedough chaotic at timesot that delved into a world that had some really nice glimmers of originality and a whole heck of a lot of laughs. I was counting on those aspects to pull me through my lip-curling distaste of Aisling during the second installment of the series in the hop [...]

    7. 4.5 starsFire Me Up was infinitely more funny than You Slay Me. Don't get me wrong, YSM had some pretty hilarious happenings, but there was so much entertaining dialogue in FMU that it takes the cake. (So far.) And I love the way that the characters were built up even more in this book. Ash is becoming more observant to things around her, although some things still escape her until the very end, but I suppose that's to be expected since she isn't the reader and doesn't have every detail together [...]

    8. This would get 2* if not for the fact that the Light& Fluffy Wednesday Buddies, Books and Baubles buddy read made this infinitely more fun. Thanks gals & guys :)So we‘re to book two with the subtle title „Fire me up“. Aisling arrives in Budapest for a magical conference (GOTDAM) to look for a Guardian mentor because that‘s what she wants to be now. Of course, her demon Jim, the Newfoundland, is with her and it takes about a chapter to find out that Drake Vireo is also in the city [...]

    9. Another zany and humorous misadventure with newbie Guardian Aisling Grey, who has landed in Bucharest in order to attend her first Otherworld conference. Her main goal is to find a senior Guardian who will accept her as an apprentice but along the way she runs into a perky professional virgin, a cross-dressing demon in a tutu, naked incubi, expensive veterinarian bills, and a dragon summit headed by none other than Drake Vireo, the green dragon of her dreams. Thank goodness she has Jim, her demo [...]

    10. Couldn't even finish it. To me Aisling isn't cute and ditzy, just irritating in her stupidity. One of the things that gets to me about PNR is how the heroines will be all angry at their men but after a single kiss, or even a single look from them, they melt and immediately ignore their anger, falling into bed with them DRAKE IS AN ASS!! He shows absolutely no feeling towards Aisling aside from considering her his possession and she forgets all her anger with just a look It's unrealistic and anno [...]

    11. First Read: June 2, 2011Fire Me Up is book two in the Aisling Grey: Guardian Series by Katie MacAlister. I love this series, this story, Drake, Jim, Aisiling ofcourse, and well, everyone. Great story, great writing, and freaking hilarious! So, Aisling is in Hungary delivering an amulet and hoping to learn more about being a Guardian and finding a mentor. The moment she lands, someone tries to steal the amulet and her luggage is spilled all over the gorgeous Wayvern Drake. Yummy. He's attending a [...]

    12. 3.5 stars for silly, funny, reading. Sometimes you just need a book that will lighten up your day. Katie MacAlister’s Aisling Grey series always makes me laugh. The characters are hilarious. The situations they find themselves in are also quite funny. Be prepared for silliness. Aisling Grey has taken on yet another courier job for her uncle. It looks like a relatively easy job – deliver an amulet to a hermit in Budapest. She decides to combine the job with a conference and is actively seekin [...]

    13. I was all set to give this one four stars just like its predecessor until I got to the part when Drake throws Aisling into the limo near the end. At this point Aisling becomes incredibly selfish and immature. I couldn't believe her behaviour. She made an oath, a commitment to not just Drake but to his green dragons. She acts like a selfish brat worrying about a career she hasn't even started yet, when her mate is about to lose everything with the possibility of even going to war. And then she ru [...]

    14. 2.5. I struggled through a good part of it, but it improved at the end. I'm annoyed that she has this back and forth with Drake but I guess that's because of the series

    15. How many times can this girl be accussed of murder? Seriously!In Fire Me Up, Aisling and Jim go to Budapest for 2 reasons. Of course the first is she has another object to deliver as part of her job, and second there's a magical conference she wants to attend in the hopes of finding a Guardian mentor.Yes, she has come to the terms with the fact that she's part of and involved in the supernatural world and just better be prepared than totally clueless.And in true Ms. Grey fashion she finds hersel [...]

    16. Once again, I'm seeing a lot of people tear this book apart and I just don't get it. This thing with Aisling being slow is getting old. One of the best things about Katie's novels is that she makes her characters real! I don't understand why these people seem to hate that so much. I would much rather read about characters that seem like someone I could meet on the street than the same perfect, super intelligent, boring heroines all the time. Another thing bugging me is that some people say they [...]

    17. Holy cow. This book was even better than the first and more fiery than you can ever imagine. Katie MacAlister has created a whole new world for paranormal fantasy featuring the romance between a human and a dragon. Thank god I was able to snatch this book from a friend at school because I was blown away by this fantastic tale.The cover is probably the only thing I didn't like about the book. Considering how amazing MacAlister's style is, I've never been a huge fan of the cover designs. But I def [...]

    18. Listening to audiobook 2.5 starsI really am not liking this series and don't think I will continue. This story is very similar to the first story. How is one person falsely accused of multiple murders in two completely different countries? It is just a little too fake for me. I also didn't like the secondary characters in this story. I couldn't stand Tiffany, the professional virgin, or Marma Belle (or however you spell her name. Since I was listening, I never saw how it was spelled).The relatio [...]

    19. It's a silly series to begin with, but this second book is just too much. At least in the first book Aisling was somewhat of hero and not just a damsel in distress. To have a story set in an exotic land like Budapest but pretty much only describe what sounds like a typical American style resort (conference rooms and such) seems like a waste.

    20. Geschafft, mehr Bücher von dieser Reihe werde ich definitiv nicht lesen. Der Humor geht fast völlig an mir vorbei und ganz ehrlich? So wirklich Kreativ und Spannend war die Geschichte nun auch nicht mehr, das meiste hat man ja schon in Band 1 gehabt. (view spoiler)[Ash hat keine Ahnung von der Welt in die sie rein geraten ist (Band 1) und hat auch keine Ahnung dazu bekommen (Band 2), sie liefert Dinge für ihren Onkel aus und hat natürlich sofort Probleme deshalb (Band 1+2). Sie wird des Mord [...]

    21. This was so funny that I actually laughed out loud several times. Especially the parts where things would spontaneously burst into flames. Ailing gets into so much trouble while being an antiquities courier. She really doesn't try to, but trouble manages to find her every time she turns around. The demon Jim is hilarious as well. Can't wait to read the next one.

    22. In terms of hot dragon smut, let's quote When Harry Met Sally, "YES! YES! YES!" and "I'll have what she's having."In terms of the end NO! NO! NO! My heart plummetted at the end, deflated. I wanted to stomp my foot. I wanted Jim to go bite or drool on someone on behalf of Aisling, I wanted to curl up and cry a little. Although, props to Katie MacAlister on making me seriously consider spending an audible credit for the next book.The mystery: kept me guessing on this one. My theories would change [...]

    23. Come see this and more reviews @ Under the CoversAfter discovering in the first book that she is the supernatual world's doorman to the portals of hell aka a Guardian, Aisling decides to do the only thing you can in such situations. Goes to a convention. Full of mages, diviners, oracles and more Guardians Aisling hopes to find a mentor to help her with her new powers. However, she didn't expect to see Drake the wyvern of the green dragons and also her mate there, and she certainly didn't think s [...]

    24. Aisling GreyDrake Vireo1.5 stars!SpoilersFire Me Up was a disappointment. It began on a high note but then fell flat. All I've got to say is that Aisling and Drake are perfect for each other, simply because I don't think anyone else could handle them and their selfishness.Aisling Grey is one immature heroine. It's constantly a surprise whenever I'm reminded she's in her early thirties, because it literally seems like her soul is thirteen. Aisling is a version of Charley Davidson, but thankfully [...]

    25. I'm very happy to say that I found this book to be much more enjoyable than the series starter, You Slay Me. This book plops Aisling into Hungary for a conference of magical folk the world over (whose acronym is GODTAM, hardy har). She's (more or less) come to terms with her abilities and wishes to learn more about the role and duties of Guardians, and spends her time in Budapest trying to find a mentor. Unfortunately, nothing is ever simple for Aisling, and even this innocuous activity puts her [...]

    26. This book had me laughing right off the bat. Jim, the demon dog (or dog demon?), is really witty in this. And Drake is hot as ever (in every sense of the word). And Aisling Well, she is in over her head. I don't think she realizes the full consequences of her actions in this book, but I'm guessing we'll see that later.That professional virgin (sorry, forgot the name) was annoying as hell, what with her 'sharing her smile'. Gosh, I'd have strangled her after five minutes. As for the plot itself, [...]

    27. 3.5 StarsThis review contains spoilers.I found myself in need of some more humorous reading, so I continued on with the Aisling Grey series. In Fire Me Up, Aisling tries to juggle her job and her newfound responsibilities as a guardian. This time it lands her in Budapest both to deliver an artifact and to attend an otherworldly conference. The plot does have similarities to the first book, You Slay Me. So not surprisingly, Aisling quickly ends up over her head. Despite the similarities in the pl [...]

    28. Okay, so a lot of the shenanigans that Aisling gets into she could probably avoid if she just asked questions, or listened instead of talking so much. Still not TSTL, but it's getting to be a close thing. Still, this second book is still entertaining. Jim is still snarky, though you can see he cares about Aisling (and he'll never admit it, lol). Rene is definitely some kind of guardian angel. Drake is officially a big jerk. I can see they have physical chemistry, but I'm definitely not seeing an [...]

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