The Glass Menagerie

The Glass Menagerie

Tennessee Williams / Feb 29, 2020

The Glass Menagerie The story of a mother her son and daughter and her daughter s suitor that brings to life human beings who cling to a dream world that can so easily be shattered into jagged pieces

  • Title: The Glass Menagerie
  • Author: Tennessee Williams
  • ISBN: 9780811214049
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback
  • The story of a mother, her son and daughter, and her daughter s suitor that brings to life human beings who cling to a dream world that can so easily be shattered into jagged pieces.

    The Glass Menagerie The Glass Menagerie is a memory play by Tennessee Williams that premiered in and catapulted Williams from obscurity to fame The play has strong autobiographical elements, featuring characters based on its author, his histrionic mother, and his mentally fragile sister Laura In writing the play, Williams drew on an earlier short story, as well as a screenplay he had written under the Glass Menagerie Antiques Collectibles For Sale Welcome to The Glass Menagerie Antiques and Collectibles Your On Line Shopping Catalogue By clicking on any of the link buttons on the Pink Bars on the Left, you will be able to browse through our extensive inventory of Antiques and Collectibles. SparkNotes The Glass Menagerie Characters See a complete list of the characters in The Glass Menagerie and in depth analyses of Tom Wingfield, Amanda Wingfield, and Laura Wingfield. Iris Herringbone Depression Glass Glass Menagerie Thank you for visiting the Glass Menagerie Antiques and Collectibles site We invite you to visit the rest of our site by clicking on the Home Page button or any of the Category buttons on the pink bars left. Facts About Tennessee Williams s The Glass Menagerie The Glass Menagerie is an American classic that tells a tragic family tale of love, bitterness, and abandonment But beyond its delicate glass unicorn and heartbreaking drama, this Tennessee The Glass Menagerie film Plot While on duty, Merchant Mariner Tom Wingfield recalls his life in a dilapidated St Louis apartment with his delusional mother Amanda and crippled younger sister Laura, and their story unfolds via flashback Abandoned by her husband, Amanda is forced to sell magazine subscriptions, but still considers herself superior to her working class neighbors. The Glass Menagerie Questions and Answers eNotes One of the main themes of the play is the power of illusion In The Glass Menagerie, nothing is ever quite what it seems, with illusion taking on a reality all of its own. THE GLASS MENAGERIE, Pine Valley Elementary School THE GLASS MENAGERIE, by Tennessee Williams, SCENE The Wingfield apartment is in the rear of the building, one of those vast hive like Analysis and Plot Summary of The Glass Menagerie by Before beginning this summary and analysis of Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, it is important to point out that this play is not happening in the narrator s Tom s present, but it is based on his memories.The setting of The Glass Menagerie is a cramped apartment in a lower class part of St Louis in the year . The Glass Menagerie Shmoop Homework Help, Teacher The Glass Menagerie is a play first produced in The author, Tennessee Williams, was launched into fame and made victim to the forties equivalent of literary paparazzi because of it.The play revolves around a young man begrudgingly supporting the family his father has abandoned It also features a painfully shy and slightly crippled sister character, whose preoccupation with a

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        Thomas Lanier Williams III, better known by the nickname Tennessee Williams, was a major American playwright of the twentieth century who received many of the top theatrical awards for his work He moved to New Orleans in 1939 and changed his name to Tennessee, the state of his father s birth He won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for A Streetcar Named Desire in 1948 and for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in 1955 In addition, The Glass Menagerie 1945 and The Night of the Iguana 1961 received New York Drama Critics Circle Awards His 1952 play The Rose Tattoo dedicated to his lover, Frank Merlo , received the Tony Award for best play.Characters in his plays are often seen as representations of his family members Laura Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie was understood to be modeled on Rose Some biographers believed that the character of Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire is also based on her.Amanda Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie was generally seen to represent Williams mother, Edwina Characters such as Tom Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie and Sebastian in Suddenly, Last Summer were understood to represent Williams himself In addition, he used a lobotomy operation as a motif in Suddenly, Last Summer.The Pulitzer Prize for Drama was awarded to A Streetcar Named Desire in 1948 and to Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in 1955 These two plays were later filmed, with great success, by noted directors Elia Kazan Streetcar with whom Williams developed a very close artistic relationship, and Richard Brooks Cat Both plays included references to elements of Williams life such as homosexuality, mental instability, and alcoholism Although The Flowering Peach by Clifford Odets was the preferred choice of the Pulitzer Prize jury in 1955 and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was at first considered the weakest of the five shortlisted nominees, Joseph Pulitzer Jr chairman of the Board, had seen Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and thought it worthy of the drama prize The Board went along with him after considerable discussion 18 Williams wrote The Parade, or Approaching the End of a Summer when he was 29 and worked on it sporadically throughout his life A semi autobiographical depiction of his 1940 romance with Kip Kiernan in Provincetown, Massachusetts, it was produced for the first time on October 1, 2006 in Provincetown by the Shakespeare on the Cape production company, as part of the First Annual Provincetown Tennessee Williams Festival.Other works by Williams include Camino Real and Sweet Bird of Youth.His last play went through many drafts as he was trying to reconcile what would be the end of his life 14 There are many versions of it, but it is referred to as In Masks Outrageous and Austere.


    1. Over the course of the last month I have read the classic plays of Tennessee Williams. Williams' first successful play, The Glass Menagerie initially opened in Chicago in the spring of 1944 and then moved to New York three months later. What he dubs a memory play, The Glass Menagerie focuses on a family much like Williams' own family, and hones in on the human emotions that allow a family to function. Containing seven scenes all in one location and four characters, The Glass Menagerie is powerfu [...]

    2. *Reread for class 2017Still a great play. I originally read this 5 or 6 years ago for my high school English class and it is so interesting now getting a new perspective in a university class.

    3. The Glass Menagerie is a great domestic tragedy with three very distinctive characters--the strong, proud Amanda, the weak and innocent Laura, and the realistic dreamer, Tom. One finds in this play an elegiac portrait of misery, rather than a scalding enactment of taboo. There is no one tragic event here, but a general condition of pathos. Instead of a classic conflict, The Glass Managerie depicts a lack of cooperation. We find in the Wingfield home no crime, but a chronic, aching social and eco [...]

    4. Book Review4 of 5 stars to The Glass Menagerie, written in 1945 by Tennessee Williams. The play is told from the perspective of Tom, the son of Amanda and brother of Laura, three members of the Wingfield family living in Missouri in the 1930s. Amanda's husband, the and kids father, left years ago and has not been heard from. Both Laura and Tom are in their early twenties. Amanda wants to marry off her daughter, convincing Tom to bring home a friend from work to create a set-up. It fails, as he's [...]

    5. The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams تاریخ نخستین خوانش: ژانویه سال 2000 میلادیعنوان: باغ وحش شیشه ای: نویسنده: تنسی ویلیامز؛ مترجم: حمید سمندریان؛ تهران، امیرخانی، 1378؛ در 145 ص؛ شابک: ایکس - 964921397؛ چاپ دیگر: تهران، نردبام، 1383؛ شابک: ایکس - 964960023؛ موضوع: نمایشنامه های نویسندگان امریکایی قرن 20 معنو [...]

    6. I am completely blown away. The Glass Menagerie is a perfect mirror of the dysfunctional American family: An overbearing, yet well-intentioned mother abandoned by her lover; A son filled with Hollywood-style dreams of adventure but living a life of monotonous toil; A defective daughter who has little interest in anything, besides the glass animals she collects--week and frail as herself.The way Tennessee Williams pits all of these characters against each other, and how all of their desires come [...]

    7. The Glass Menagerie is a weird one for me. There's a better word for it than weird. I'm a crap writer though. I'll leave it at that. There's no thesaurus/mindreader thing for what I'm feeling.There are stories that we know every word of before we've ever read, seen or heard them. The Glass Menagerie is one of those for me. We'd act out scenes and make references like we actually knew what we were talking about. (My mom especially loved the "rise and shine" routine.) Remember that scene in Joe Ve [...]

    8. جیم:چی بود بهش خوردم؟لورا:میز بود.جیم:مثل اینکه چیزی از روش افتاد؟لورا:بله. جیم:خدا کنه اون اسب موچیک یه شاخ نباشه.لورا:چرا خودشه.جیم:ای داد شکست؟لورا:حالا مثل اسبای دیگه‌س، دیگه شاخ نداره.جیم:مگه شاخشلورا:شکست، عیبی نداره، شاید این یه خوشبختی در حین بدبختیه. می‌شه گفت کل نمای [...]

    9. كل مرة أقرأ فيها لتينسي ويليامزأقول لما لم أختر مسرحية ليوجين أونيلفيما عدا عربة اسمها الرغبة لا أجد لتينيسي ما يشبع نهمي للمسرحولا أجد معه المتعة التي عادة ما أنشدها في قراءة المسرحيةلقد اخترت هذه لشهرتهاولكنني مرة بعد مرة لا أفهم سبب شهرة تينيسي المدويةتجربة أقل من العاد [...]

    10. “The scene is memory and is therefore nonrealistic. Memory takes a lot of poetic license. It omits some details; others are exaggerated, according to the emotional value of the articles it touches, for memory is seated predominantly in the heart.”I really enjoyed this play, a lot more than I thought I would. It's a very short play but it managed to elicit all sorts of feelings from me,especially pity, mainly because the characters all carried some sort of burden or regret. There's the pushy, [...]

    11. Early this month, my 15-y/o daughter, Jillian. who is studying in an all-girls school, asked me to write a monologue for the 7-y/o Noli Me Tangere character, Crispin. Each of them in the class was given a character in the novel with the objective of introducing all the characters to the class. I used to write drama scripts in high school (Alamat ni Mariang Makiling) and college (The Silent Mourner) but those were a 2-3 decades ago. So, to help out, I read that chapter in Noli and wrote one. Jill [...]

    12. A modern play, to me, about disillusionment. Main characters include Amanda (delusional, childish, dependent, desparate mother), Laura (inhibited, painfully shy daughter), Tom (restless, dreamer, poet, narrator/son), Jim (optimistic, hopeful, gentleman caller). A play about misdirected dreams and ambitions. Amanda places her dreams in her children. Tom places his dreams in adventure and traveling the world like his absentee father. Laura places her dreams of happiness in her glass menagerie coll [...]

    13. مادر گیر کرده در خیالات گذشتلورا وا مانده در نقص جسمانی حال و تام پسر در دام رویاپردازی آیندهو تنها جیم است که در حال زندگی می کند و برای آینده تصمیم میگیردشخصیت پردازی های نمایش به شدت قوی و واقعی هستند ؛ زمان نوشتن این نمایش (۱۹۴۴) برابر با سال پایانی جنگ جهانی دوم بود و سه شخص [...]

    14. باغ وحش شیشه ای نمایشنامه ای است از خانواده ای آمریکایی با داستانی همیشگی.پدری الکلی که ترک خانواده کرده و مادری که افکار وهم گونه اش را با صدای بلند بیان کرده و در آرزوی خوشبختی فرزندانش دچار سرگشتگی شده است. دو فرزند خانواده, تام ولورا هردو از بی اعتماد به نفسی رنج برده و هیچ [...]

    15. آدم ها با واقعیت هایِ تلخِ زندگیشون یکسان برخورد نمیکنن. در آخر هم نه کسی که واقعیت رو کورکورانه انکار میکنه بَرَنده س و نه کسی که اون رو اونقدر بزرگ میکنه که مجبور میشه به دنیایِ خیالیِ خودش پناه ببرهنمایشنامه قشنگی بود.

    16. A lot of the literature I've read for school this year has disappointed me. It's great that we got to read and watch The Glass Menagerie as part of my AP Lit class, because I reclaimed my title as extremely obsessive fanboy extraordinaire.There's just so much to love in this play. Williams' writing is exquisite and his utilization of symbols leaves myriad room for analysis. His deep and damaged characters call for discussion: Amanda Wingfield, the ambitious and heady mother of Laura and Tom, Lau [...]

    17. هرروز صبح كه مي آي به اتاق منو بيدارم ميكني و ميگي: بلندشو جگرگوشه من مثل خورشيد بدرخش، من پيش خودم ميگم: چه خوشبختن كساني كه مرده ان!واسه خودش شاهكاري بود! رويا بايد انگار هميشه رويا بمونه والا عين تمام واقعيت ها تلخ ميشه

    18. What is it with the Scottish school syllabus, that it's so obsessed with early twentieth century American playwrights? This is the second Tennessee Williams I've had to teach this year - and not so much as a Shakespeare to be seen. The Scots playwrights don't fare any better - there's a ton of Scottish poetry on the syllabus, but even for Liz Lochhead the poetry's all we get.Anyway, my copy of The Glass Menagerie has a favourable quote from Arthur Miller on the back, which I think falls under th [...]

    19. در سینما نشسته ای . نام فیلم: اینجا، بدون منداستان فیلم را نمی دانی. فقط تعریف های کلی از آن شنیده ای.فیلم آغاز می شودحیوانات کوچک شیشه ای، باغ وحش شیشه ایلحظه ی کشفتنسی ویلیامز! باغ وحش شیشه ایبا دخترک همذات پنداری زیادی کردم. دخترکی که دفاعی جز پنهان شدن نداشت

    20. I really enjoyed reading this one. Im a fan of details and this one had a ton of them, it mentioned the american hostorical background without really mentioning it. But one could see how it is years after civil war and southerns have lost their slaved and their aristocracy. Society is getting industrialized , the way of life has been changed and the binary btw city/urban life is shown by the Toms wish to become a sailor. Everyone should become something, do sth, leisure is no more praised, art i [...]

    21. 4 stars - but somethings are unrateable. Tennessee Williams to me is special. I find his work deeply moving. And while reading a play is moving, seeing it is an entirely different experience. I remember seeing both this play and the movie, and it is unforgettable. I also have the experience, after taking a Tennessee Williams class in college, or maybe it wasn't a class, maybe just somehow it was incorporated in American Dramatic Theater - I remember feeling the compelling need to read or see eve [...]

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    23. Είναι τελικά τόσο δύσκολο να αποδεχτεί κάποιος τη σκληρή πραγματικότητα και να σταματήσει να ζει στον γυάλινο κόσμο των φαντασιώσεών του για μια καλύτερη ζωή πέρα από αυτή; Να πάψει να περιμένει το Ἄλλον κατά τη Δημουλά, και να αφοσιωθεί στο τώρα; Να απαγκιστρωθεί από τη Μν [...]

    24. Tennessee Williams proclaims THE GLASS MENAGERIE "the saddest play I have ever written. It is full of pain. It's painful for me to see it."The dysfunctional family portrayed in this drama brought back memories of Williams' own unhappy life while living in St. Louis. It is a story about a mother deserted by her husband long ago, still living in the youth of her past, who is constantly worried about her grown son's nightlife and job stability as well as her terribly shy and slightly "crippled" dau [...]

    25. One of my favorite plays. I remember talking about it with a friend in high school, where we realized that from his perspective the play was about Tom, and from my perspective the play was about Laura. I guess it just depends who you are and where you are at in life.(I'm surprised I've never marked this as read before, and now I'll go off on a play spree.)"Being different is nothing to be ashamed of. Because other people are not such wonderful people. They're one hundred times one thousand. You' [...]

    26. A domineering mother directs the destinies of the son and daughter, thereby stifling their individualities and aspirations. The theme isn’t fresh but Tennessee Williams, with masterful strokes of his pen, draws forth the drama that tucks the hearts of audience. We feel the tension, the frustration, the struggle, and ultimately the resignation. We sympathize with the children for having to sacrifice their dreams but we also pity the mother for trying to fill the role of the father and to revive [...]

    27. قبلا بحثش را کرده بودیم. سر کارگاه علوم 91 توی غرفه مان؛ زنگ تماشا، و حتی خانم سپینود ناجیان هم حضور داشتند! و حتی فیلمش، اینجا بدون من، راهم دیده بودم. با این همه، خواندنش کیفی داشت. و نفس داشتن و خواندنش، برایم مثل یک معجزه بود. چراکه دلم می خواست بخوانمش و به هیچکس هم چیزی نگفته [...]

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