Light on Lucrezia: A Novel of the Borgias

Light on Lucrezia: A Novel of the Borgias

Jean Plaidy / Dec 13, 2019

Light on Lucrezia A Novel of the Borgias Some said she was an elegant seductress Others swore she was an incestuous murderess It didn t matter what they called her She was the most dangerous and sought after woman in all of Rome She was Lucr

  • Title: Light on Lucrezia: A Novel of the Borgias
  • Author: Jean Plaidy
  • ISBN: 9780307887542
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • Some said she was an elegant seductress Others swore she was an incestuous murderess It didn t matter what they called her She was the most dangerous and sought after woman in all of Rome She was Lucrezia Borgia Born into Rome s notorious Borgia family, young Lucrezia led a life colored by violence and betrayal Now, married for the second time at just eighteen, she hSome said she was an elegant seductress Others swore she was an incestuous murderess It didn t matter what they called her She was the most dangerous and sought after woman in all of Rome She was Lucrezia Borgia Born into Rome s notorious Borgia family, young Lucrezia led a life colored by violence and betrayal Now, married for the second time at just eighteen, she hopes for happiness with her handsome husband, Alfonso But faced with brutal murder, she s soon torn between her love for her husband and her devotion to her brother Cesare And in the days when the Borgias ruled Italy, no one was safe from the long arm of their power Even Lucrezia In this compelling story of a beautiful woman caught up in a tortuous web of fear and love, Jean Plaidy sheds light on the much maligned Lucrezia and vividly brings her to life.

    Lucrezia Borgia Biography life, family, children Lucrezia Borgia was born during Italy s Renaissance period , a time when artists, architects, and scientists rose to world appreciation She was born into one of the most well known families in world history the Borgias, who sought to control as much of Italy as they could The Borgias Lucrezia Borgia Life, Love, and Death in Renaissance Lucrezia Borgia Life, Love, and Death in Renaissance Italy and millions of other books are available for instant accessew Kindle eBook view Audible audiobook G Donizetti Lucrezia Borgia Music There was a problem filtering reviews right now Please try again later. SparkNotes Robert Browning s Poetry Andrea del Sarto A summary of Andrea del Sarto in Robert Browning s Robert Browning s Poetry Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Robert Browning s Poetry and what it means Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. Lucrezia Borgia DVD Rarelust Lucrezia s husband is poisoned while she has fun with the Marquis Ferretti Death is blamed for a servant Lucrezia meanwhile, with the help of the pope s envoy, organizes his plots. House of Borgia The House of Borgia b r Italian Borgia Spanish and Aragonese Borja Valencian Borja was an Italo Spanish noble family, which rose to prominence during the Italian Renaissance.They were from Aragon, the surname being a toponymic from the town of Borja, then in the Crown of Aragon, in Spain. The Borgias became prominent in ecclesiastical and political affairs in the Portraits of Women in Italian Renaissance Painting Blog Botticelli s stunning painting of a young woman traditionally identified as Simonetta Vespucci Simonetta Cattaneo de Vespucci , she was the wife of Marco Vespucci of Florence. Cargo Collective Put your projects on the Web. Cargo Collective Put your projects on the Web Cargo Google Search the world s information, including webpages, images, videos and Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you re looking for. Cesare Borgia Like many aspects of Cesare Borgia s life, the date of his birth is a subject of dispute He was born in Rome in either or the illegitimate son of Cardinal Roderic Llanol i de Borja, usually known as Rodrigo Borgia, later Pope Alexander VI, and his Italian mistress Vannozza dei Cattanei, about whom information is sparse.The Borgia family originally came from the Kingdom of

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    1. Baca buku lanjutan Lucrezia Borgia ini ternyata sangat bagus!!! High recommended bagi para pecinta historical fiction. Buku kedua ini diawali dgn kisah kedatangan Alfonso of Aragon, Duke of Bisceglie, calon suami kedua Lucrezia, dan juga adik kandung Sanchia (ipar Lucrezia sekaligus kekasih Cesare Borgia). Tidak ada yg menduga ternyata pasangan ini saling jatuh cinta sejak pandangan pertama, walau Alfonso selalu mencemaskan keselamatan dirinya terutama dari Cesare Borgia yang terang2an membenci [...]

    2. Going into this book, I had no idea that this was the second book in the series. I started Light on Lucrezia with a bit of trepidation since I wasn’t sure if I would understand the story as it was a sequel, following Madonna of the Seven Hills, the first book in Jean Plaidy’s Lucrezia Borgia series. However, it was soon evident that this book could be read as a stand-alone because there was no confusion, not even a hint that another book preceeded it.Plaidy introduces a new image of Lucrezia [...]

    3. Nikako mi se ne svidja stil pisanja ove autorice, no s obzirom da je rijec o jednoj od najdrazih mi prica uopce, procitala sam je. Tesko. Stil pisanja ne uzrokuje u vama emocionalnu vezu s likovima i zato je ova knjiga jako naporna s vremena na vrijeme.

    4. Two DNFs in a row! Apparently I'm on a roll. This book is so dull. It's all tell, there's no meat on the bones, and I find it hard to believe Lucrezia Borgia and Alfonso of Naples were such wet blankets.

    5. It was fairly good until (view spoiler)[ the pope dies (hide spoiler)] then the rest of the book drags on with not much happening.

    6. Pure novellised hagiography. Lucrezia is an unusual choice for a Mary Sue, and therefore this novel doesn't really work very well.

    7. Just read this book having read book one. Well written and researched the fascinating story of lucrezia continues. I love Jean Plaidys style she is easy to read and you get pulled into whatever she writes. Couldn't put it down.

    8. Impressive. But, if you haven’t read the first book would be confused with some characters that are mentioned in the second book. From many journals were written that Lucrezia was an evil princess, but Plaidy has written differently. At least, I won’t judge a person from one side story.

    9. Quite readable. Plaidy eschews the sensationalism used by many other people writing about the Borgias and instead tries to understand how the Lucrezia of the Vatican could become the respected Duchess of her later years.

    10. I thoroughly enjoyed Plaidy's earlier look at the life of the infamous but possibly unfairly maligned Lucrezia Borgia, Madonna of the Seven Hills, in which Plaidy neatly focused, not on the most infamous rumors and legends about this woman and her family, but on how those nasty tales might have gotten started. This is a nice distinction, maybe -- you can't talk effectively about rumors without mentioning their content, at least in passing, after all -- but one that Plaidy is a master of making, [...]

    11. Judul Asli : THE BORGIAS : LIGHT ON LUCREZIA[ book 2 of THE BORGIAS Series ]Copyright © 1958, 1974 by Jean PlaidyCopyright renewed © 1986 by Jean PlaidyPenerbit : Elex Media KomputindoAlih Bahasa : Eka BudiartiCetakan I : April 2013 ; 648 hlm Lucrezia of Borgia – yang terkenal akan kecantikannya, sekaligus sejarah mengerikan berkaitan dengan kehidupan pribadinya karena ia merupakan anggota keluarga Borgia yang menguasai dunia politik Eropa pada abad ke Ayah kandung adalah Roderigo Borgia yan [...]

    12. This is the first book of Plaidy's I've read that reads like a true sequel. It picks up right where Madonna of the Seven Hills ends. Lucrezia is no longer married and no longer with her former lover. The story opens with Alphonso traveling to Rome for his marriage to Lucrezia. Alphonso is the sister of Sanchia, who is the wife of Lucrezia brother, who is also the mistress of Lucrezia's other brother, who was also the mistress of Lucrezia's other brother until he was murdered by yes, his own and [...]

    13. Light on Lucrezia is the sequel to Madonna on the Seven Hills. The novel opens with the moody Lucrezia preparing for her second marriage. The marriage has been arranged for her by her father, the Pope. She happens to be marrying Sanchia's brother, Alfonso. (Sanchia is her sister-in-law.) The two are a great couple; however, Lucrezia isn't to be allowed her happily ever after for politics and family interfere once again. After her husband's murder, Lucrezia's life is a bit of a mess. A third marr [...]

    14. The novel opens in 1498 when eighteen-year-old Lucrezia is about to be married for a second time. As with the previous book, the core of the story is Lucrezia’s relationship with her father – Pope Alexander VI – and her brother Cesare, only this time the mighty Borgias are seen in decline.Cesare is arguably the best-drawn character. He, his charismatic father, and the beautiful Sanchia are my favourite characters, though the former two are far from likable as people. The characterization i [...]

    15. While I quite liked the first book in the Lucrezia Borgia series, Madonna of the Seven Hills, I just can not get through this second book. Lucrezia's story does interest me but this book just drags on and on. Some parts where fun to read but for the most time I had to force myself to pick up this book and start reading again. I got to about half way but I give up.The characters are lifeless and I don't feel involved with them at all. I believe I commented on that in my review of the first book a [...]

    16. Light on Lucrezia continues the story of Lucrezia Borgia from the first in the series, Madonna of the Seven Hills by Jean Plaidy. Dubbed 'the original crime family,' the Borgias were quite the interesting family and the myths that follow them are certainly intriguing.Jean Plaidy is a phenomenal writer and her story is captivating. I was surprised that she portrayed Lucrezia as the innocent pawn since that seems to be a rare occurrence. While unexpected, it was not an unwelcome point of view. And [...]

    17. I found this book to be fascinating as well as for some reason repelling. In some ways,I actually felt badly for Cesare for the love that he felt for Lucrezia,and the love that she felt for him. It was doomed for they are both brother and sister, but they could not be satisfied with anybody else especially Cesare. He was very controlling, possessive, angry, and ambitious. Apparently, his only redeeming quality, ironically, was the love for his sister. Their father was no better, and Alexander VI [...]

    18. Carrying on exactly where Madonna of the Seven Hills: A Novel of the Borgias left off this is the second half of Lucrezia's life and various births, marriages and murders that seemed all to common back then. I ended up feeling really sorry for poor Lucrezia come the end of the novel, used all her life as a pawn by her father and brother so when they were both gone so was completely and utterly on her own - Jean Plaidy shows Lucrezia in a far more sympathetic light than previous stories I had hea [...]

    19. This book did not impress me. The greatest disappointment is that Lucrezia became such a weak creature, completely dominated by her love for her brother and father to such an extent that her own happiness and destiny are thwarted. In the previous volume, Lucrezia's own innocence was a strength to her, protecting her from the Borgia "taint." However, in this volume Lucrezia has no more innocence: she's aware of the evilness of her brother and the cunning of her father. Stripped of her innocence a [...]

    20. What I've learned from Madonna of the Seven Hills and Light on Lucrezia is that this girl was stained by the reputation of her infamous family. The same family who she loved so much was the same family who gave her the most grief. It took me a very long time to get into this book. I got bogged down with the repetition of events (I mean really do I need a full report every time she washes her hair?) and the on/off switch of her grief. Several pages devoted to detailing Lucrezia's griefuntil a han [...]

    21. In this sequel to Madonna of the Seven Hills, Jean Plaidy reveals the life of a young girl, reared as a member of her father, Pope Alexander's court in the Vatican. The character grows somewhat as life and tragedy force her to do, but she never really becomes a woman in her own right. She remains foremost at the mercy of the men in her life. What I did find fascinating was the world in which she lived and the ruthlessness of her family, and rulers of city states in Italy at that time. Without gi [...]

    22. I found this to be a fascinating read even though the characters seemed a little one dimensional. This probably is indicative more of myh lack of knowledge of the historical period than of the book itself, so the book did a good job in terms of sparking my interest in reading more about the Borgias and their rule of Rome. Like many of Plaidy's novels, repetition of some passages intended to emphasize particular facets of characters' personalities or elements of the story actually detracts from t [...]

    23. Hmmm Well this book was actually pretty boring at times. I got confused with all the different characters and Plaidy seemed to repeat whole paragraphs here and there. Not one of Plaidy's best I don't think but this is only my 2nd. It seems as if she just wanted to quickly tell the rest of Lucrezia Borgia's life and there wasn't much effort or thought put into it. I did enjoy it at times because I think this time period in Italy is fascinating and the Borgia's are legendary. Plus the book seemed [...]

    24. There is nothing I could say to explain how I felt about this book. There just aren't any words near to fill the role.I could tryI loved this book. That is still not good enough to say.Even though I didn't agree with some of the events in this book I loved it. I don't think I will ever forget about it. I loved all the Borgia characters in the book and somehow their love for one another filled me with great joy. They really were special, believe me.

    25. This book shows Lucrezia Borgia in a different light. Not as the poisoner and one who committed incest with her brother and father but as a pawn in the game of both her family and the family she married into. Lucrezia is portrayed as weak . Two of the men who Lucrezia really loves are murdered by her brother and yet Lucrezia love for her brother remains strong but this is a brother - sister love and not the other kind of love.

    26. This book was so boring that after about 50 pages I decided to just "lightly" skim the rest of the book. I was interested in the story, but not how it was written. First time Victoria Holt has let me down (Jean Plaidy is a pseudo).

    27. Very fast read. Really enjoyed the story of Lucrezia. From all I ever knew about her she was the wicked relation of Catherine de Medici But in reality it sounds like she lead a very sad life. Loved it.

    28. I liked it. It's got a lot of characters to learn of the days of intrigue between the royals of Italy, France and Spain. I didn't know there was a previous volume. Lucrezia Borgia was the daughter of the Pope in the 1500s. Had no idea.

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