Science and Music

Science and Music

James Hopwood Jeans / Jan 27, 2020

Science and Music Sir James Jeans noted British scientist has given a physical analysis of musical sounds in what is considered to be the best exposition on the subject a book of great intellectual stature His aim

  • Title: Science and Music
  • Author: James Hopwood Jeans
  • ISBN: 9780486619644
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sir James Jeans, noted British scientist, has given a physical analysis of musical sounds, in what is considered to be the best exposition on the subject, a book of great intellectual stature His aim has been to convey precise information, in a simple non technical way, that will be of interest to the amateur as well as the serious student of music.The discussion begins wSir James Jeans, noted British scientist, has given a physical analysis of musical sounds, in what is considered to be the best exposition on the subject, a book of great intellectual stature His aim has been to convey precise information, in a simple non technical way, that will be of interest to the amateur as well as the serious student of music.The discussion begins with an explanation of the development of the human faculty of hearing It is established that each sound can be represented by a curve An examination of the general properties of sound curves follows For example, why do some sounds produce pleasure when they reach our ears and some pain How do we retain the pleasurable qualities in the sound curve, as it passes on from one stage of electronic equipment to another To what extent is it possible to prevent unpleasant qualities from contaminating the curve These and other pertinent questions on the transmission and reproduction of sound curves are answered in a discussion of tuning forks and pure tones The various methods of producing sound, and the qualities of the sounds produced, are further discussed as they relate to vibrations of strings and harmonics, and vibrations of air Harmony and discord are also considered.In the final chapters on the concert room and hearing, the discussion focuses on the transmission of sound from its source to the eardrum and from the eardrum to the brain A general theory of acoustics is also covered as well as acoustical analyses Science and Music is a rare book, as an author does not often combine very distinguished scientific abilities with musical knowledge and power of simple exposition It will probably become a minor classic Manchester Guardian.

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        Sir James Hopwood Jeans 11 de septiembre de 1877, Ormskirk, Lancashire 16 de septiembre de 1946, Dorking, Surrey fue un f sico, astr nomo y matem tico brit nico.Recibi su educaci n en el Merchant Taylors School, Northwood y el Trinity College de Cambridge Acab en segundo puesto en la universidad en el Tripos un reconocimiento de la Universidad de Cambridge de 1898 Ense en esa misma universidad hasta que se traslad para impartir clases en la Universidad de Princeton en 1904 como profesor de matem tica aplicada Volvi a Cambridge en 1910.Hizo contribuciones importantes en muchas reas de la f sica, incluyendo la teor a cu ntica, la teor a de la radiaci n y la evoluci n estelar Su an lisis de los cuerpos en rotaci n le llev a concluir que la teor a de Pierre Simon Laplace de que el sistema solar se form a partir de una nube de gas era err nea En su lugar propuso que los planetas al principio se condensaron a partir de material retirado del sol por una hipot tica colisi n con otra estrella Esta teor a no se acepta hoy en d a.Jeans, junto con Arthur Eddington, es el pionero de la excelencia brit nica en cosmolog a, que ha perdurado hasta el d a de hoy Fue el primero en proponer una teor a del estado estacionario basada en la hip tesis de la creaci n continua de materia en el universo Esta teor a se demostr falsa con el descubrimiento de la radiaci n de fondo de microondas, que se interpret como la firma del Big Bang.Su reputaci n cient fica se basa en las monograf as The Dynamical Theory of Gases 1904 , Theoretical Mechanics 1906 , y Mathematical Theory of Electricity and Magnetism 1908 Tras retirarse en 1929, escribi varios libros de divulgaci n cient fica The Stars in Their Courses 1931 , The Universe Around Us, Through Space and Time 1934 , The New Background of Science 1933 , y The Mysterious Universe Estos libros le reportaron popularidad como divulgador de los descubrimientos cient ficos de su poca, especialmente en los campos de la relatividad y la cosmolog a.Tambi n escribi el libro Physics and Philosophy 1943 donde explora los diferentes puntos de vista de la realidad desde dos perspectivas diferentes ciencia y filosof a.Se cas dos veces, primero con la poetisa estadounidense Charlotte Mitchell en 1907, que falleci en 1934, y posteriormente con la organista y arpista austr aca Suzanne Hock m s conocida como Susi Jeans en 1935.En la Merchant Taylors School hay una beca James Jeans Academic para el candidato a los ex menes de entrada que consiga resultados excepcionales en todas las asignaturas, principalmente en matem tica y ciencias.


    1. A delightful read! I've never heard anyone speak about music the way that Sir James Hopwood Jeans does. As a layman in physics and mathematics, the most important thing I think I can take away from this is that sound is substance; sonorous air, as Daniel Barenboim once put it. What we hear are vibrations refracted through and on to objects affected by the physical characteristics of strings, hammers, bows, hands, and rooms. Every single tone has a specific wave pattern, and from there the countl [...]

    2. As a musician I was naturally drawn to the subject matter. Considering it having been written in the 1930s, it wasn't as much of a dinosaur as I expected. (Of course, music hasn't changed much since then in my opinion, barring popular music, that is.) I learned quite a bit about acoustical physics, some of which I was semi-familiar with from my undergraduate. One thing I like about this book is that subsequent readings will yield new discoveries. Because of this, I would consider it a "classic." [...]

    3. بما إني خريج كلية العلوم في الأساس و عازف جيتار و عود و أدرس الموسيقى توقعت أن يكون محتوى التاب هو تكير للمفاهيم الأساسية للموسيقى و علم الصوتيات و لن أجد ما هو جديد او غريب ولكن كان هناك إضافة حقيقية خاصة في الجانب الفسيولوجي لاستقبال الأدن البشرية للأصوات . و بعض المعلومات ع [...]

    4. While reading this book, I kept thinking of a scene from The Dead Poets Society. I remember Robin Williams character instructing his students to rip out from their textbooks the essay by Dr. Pritchard on Understanding Poetry. Mr. Pritchard's analysis of poetry was cold and clinical, and missed out on the beauty of the words and the meaning they conveyed. This book on music, in one sense, is just like that essay. On another level, though, it is an accessible analysis of sound theory. For me, the [...]

    5. Reading through this as part of my personal academic studiesThis is perfect for me, incorporating my love of music with an area that I'm not so strong on: science. I want to expand my horizons, but trying to read about science in relation to topics I'm not interested in becomes a dreadful bore. This book has so far been a really enjoyable experience, I must say!Written for someone like myself, with a basic-understanding-but-not-much-else when it comes to science, this is easy to read and underst [...]

    6. This was a very informative text that covers every aspect of music from the production of sound to the perception of sound down to how the ear hears it and how the brain perceives it. I would definitely say that this book is worth a re-read, in that there is just so much information contained within that it is nearly impossible to grasp it all upon first pass. Jeans presents every mathematical equation that could possibly be related to acoustics in a very practical way. I regret not taking notes [...]

    7. This is a fascinating and detailed look at all aspects of music production, transmission, and hearing. Jeans describes everything from vibrating stringed instruments and organ pipes and piano wires to the inner workings of the human ear. He does it in a straightforward way, from first principles, so that no prior knowledge would be required. There is a little bit of math, some graphs, and a huge number of tables of information. Quite a good reference book, and a bit dry at times, but very intere [...]

    8. This book is something that anyone with an interest in music should read. Though published in the '30s, everything written remains relevant and adds a dimension to the knowledge of music and its production - becoming conscientious about music, especially as an instrumentalist, not only becomes infinitely more complicated but also richer.

    9. There are so many more things I understand about my instrument, the violin, now that I did not understand before. Wonderful book!

    10. I only read selected portions of this book - mainly the parts on the history and math behind the development of the modern diatonic scale. Good stuff!

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