The Ceremonies

The Ceremonies

T.E.D. Klein / Jun 19, 2019

The Ceremonies Jeremy Freirs is a graduate student and teacher who decides to spend his summer working on his dissertation and preparing for the class he will be teaching in the fall on Gothic Literature he thinks h

  • Title: The Ceremonies
  • Author: T.E.D. Klein
  • ISBN: 9780553261752
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Jeremy Freirs is a graduate student and teacher who decides to spend his summer working on his dissertation and preparing for the class he will be teaching in the fall on Gothic Literature he thinks he has found the perfect place in Gilead, New Jersey, is a world all to its own, the home of a strict religious sect with extremely puritan ideas Moving into a former storageJeremy Freirs is a graduate student and teacher who decides to spend his summer working on his dissertation and preparing for the class he will be teaching in the fall on Gothic Literature he thinks he has found the perfect place in Gilead, New Jersey, is a world all to its own, the home of a strict religious sect with extremely puritan ideas Moving into a former storage building on the farm of Sarr and Deborah Poroth, he expects to spend a productive summer free from essentially all distractions he is quite wrong in this assumption Meanwhile, in New York, the rather reserved Carol Conklin goes about trying to survive in the big city on a small income from her job at a library She meets Jeremy in New York just before he leaves for the summer, and a connection is made which will find the couple developing a romantic relationship on somewhat strange terms What Jeremy and Carol do not know is that this relationship is the work of a strange, little old man known as Mr Rosebottom Rosie is actually the Old One working to bring his master back after a very long absence, and Jeremy and Carol are the unsuspecting keys to his success

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        T.E.D. Klein Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Ceremonies book, this is one of the most wanted T.E.D. Klein author readers around the world.


    1. ”The tree was dead. But crouched amid its branches, hidden by a web of smoke still rising from the earth, something lived: something older far than humankind, and darker than some vast and sunless cavern on a world beyond the farthest depths of space. Something that breathed, schemed, felt itself dying and dying, lived on.It was outside nature, and alone. It had no name. High above the smoking ground it waited, black against the blackness of the tree.It’s time would come.”It is always so h [...]

    2. So, yeah, T.E.D. Klein.Edited TWILIGHT ZONE MAGAZINE back in the day (I subscribed from the first issue) and wrote a passel of short stories which, in my limited reading experience, I found "accomplished" but did not completely grab me - with the exception of "The Events At Poroth Farm", which he later expanded into this novel right here. Klein's short fiction stands out in my mind for a singular reason - of an endless slew of horror writers referencing Lovecraft for inspiration through the deca [...]

    3. Next time I'm at a wedding reception, I want to give the groom a copy of The Ceremonies. I'd like to say something clever like, "I hope you end up happier than the couples in this book." I try to do things like that at weddings. It's worth it, because I am always out of the running for being a godparent later, which is like money in my pocket at Easter and Christmas. Did you know that if you "speak now" at a wedding ceremony the couple isn't required to take 24 hours or anything to reconsider? I [...]

    4. This book was a slow burn, but when it finally got to the action, it went out with a Bang! Klein took his time with the build up. He fleshed out the characters with detail. I was truly attached to Jeremy and the Poroths. Their ways were really similar to Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon. I loved how Jeremy studied his collection of books. My tbr list definitely grew with his vintage and classic taste, though i believe he was doing it for his class. The ending was great! I was saddened by the demise [...]

    5. Well, I've finally met the great T.E.D Klein, an author who's gained a transcendent cult status in the horror community by being awesome for a couple years and then vanishing from the face of the Earth. Was it worth it? Kind of. THE CEREMONIES is a fun novel, but it's a BIIIIIG and SLOOOOOW 19th century-like tanker of a book. It threw me off a little bit. It requires a lot of patience and involvement for characters and themes that may or may not seem overplayed with a thirty years perspective an [...]

    6. This is the best "Lovecraftian" novel I've read. The first third of the book is rather slow, some parts feel like they could have been discarded, but Klein establishes a good sense of place and slow-building atmosphere. He doesn't try to scare us much to start with, but later when he wants to he does an excellent good job of it while maintaining more subtlety than most modern horror. Some scenes are quite scary; the "old woman in the elevator" scene, the "rose with teeth" dream sequence and many [...]

    7. ¡Uy! Casi 5 estrellas.Llevaba tiempo buscando este libro en el mercado de 2º mano a un precio asequible. Lo encontré pero algo deteriorado. Daba igual, mas terror causaría leerlo así.Lo buscaba por la simple razón de estar considerado uno de los libros más terroríficos, y de los que acompañaban a: “La habitación de Naomi”, “the Ring”, “El canto del Cisne”, “Aquí vive el horror”. Esos libros de culto difíciles de encontrar.Me he encontrado terror, así es. Un chico bus [...]

    8. I used to think that horror novel was an oxymoron, then I read The Ceremonies. It has Lovecraftian atmosphere and dread that builds in tiny increments. If you hesitate to commit to a 500 page novel, see if you can track down a copy of Klein's Dark Gods - four novellas that pack a punch.

    9. the cover of this british edition just sucks shit, it quite kills my appetite to reading this awesome book, not the torch-burninglike bald head, not the sutra chanting posture, it's the large piece of ass comment on the front, even if it's from stephen king

    10. I first read The Ceremonies in the 80s over a long humid Michigan summer, and it suited my aspiring student mindset, and inspired the writing mind too. The horror genre is filled with aspiring pupils (I count myself as one of them, and for a long time now). Klein is a bit of a mystery himself, having only produced this one novel and then going deep into secluded woods, disappearing from the horror world like a bursting sun strong enough to only produce light during the 80s decade. This is a sign [...]

    11. I'm probably risking heresy by saying this: but even though I loved it, and gave it five stars, it did drag a little at the end. Because it becomes very clear what's going to happen. But still, filled with wonderful substance.

    12. 2,5 stars. "The Ceremonies" start with great promise, only to end up in a wildly unsatysfying way. Klein weaves a well-enough tale of a rural community, completely severed from the outside world, where everyone knows everyone and all day the Lord's praises are sung. To this community comes a young man named Jeremy Freis, who's preparing his dissertation and is getting ready for teaching a class on Gothic literature. Klein is obviously an expert in the field, and often quotes and references autho [...]

    13. This is the first work I've read by Klein. His writing & storytelling has impressed me so much in this book alone, and overall, that he has now become a fave author in *my* book. Klein's work in this book is remarkably impressive and intensely spellbinding. I intend to eagerly read *everything* Klein has published and have already checked out his other books available through inter-library loans, "Dark Gods" and "Reassuring Tales". I highly doubt I'll be disappointed with either of them. "Th [...]

    14. There are two significant problems with this:The first is that Carol's storyline is repetitive, with sequence after sequence boiling downto (view spoiler)[1) Old One wants Carol to do weird thing 2) Old One tells Carol to do weird thing 3) Carol does weird thing (hide spoiler)]. I kept expecting the pattern to be a set up for a clever subversion, with Carol resisting the role that she is being forced into. That never happens.The second is that making the antagonist of a cosmic horror story a poi [...]

    15. Maybe it was that I literally just re-read "The Events at Poroth Farm" (the novella of which this novel is a much-expanded version), maybe it was just bad timing, or maybe it's my innate preference for short stories and novellas over novels, but I just couldn't get into The Ceremonies. There's really nothing much wrong with it, besides being in some ways very much a product of its time, but I just could not get invested in reading it and then it had to go back to the library and I figured I'd ju [...]

    16. Another underrated gem! This is not only one of my favorite horror novels, but one of my favorite novels ever. BRILLIANT! Taking a much underused theme from Lovecraft and Machen, Klein creates an otherworldly horror of a small size and brings it to a terrifying grand scale. Ambiguous I know, but I don't want to give away any plot. But lets say Stephen King did something similar in "Dreamcatcher" but ended up creating his usual pastiche of crap. Give this one a shot. It's dense, intricately plott [...]

    17. I read this book when it was first published in paperback; it was a random purchase and turned out to be the best horror novel I have ever read. I love the theme of isolated places with weird goings-on and this certainly filled the bill there. The Lovecraftian monster and his evil minion were quite chilling. I also liked the gothicism of Jeremy's summer reading list; it served as an excellent undertone during the incidents at Poroth farm, and reading the entries from his journal create a sense o [...]

    18. This is one of the greatest horror novels ever. In the midst of frightening us, the author also serves up a clever crash course in the history of the gothic novel of horror. Brilliant, since we are in the midst of one. It's a long, dark book, not perfect. (that woulkd be dull.) Easy to find for a pittance.

    19. I'd have to give this book a 3.5 rating. I enjoyed the story, but had a hard time becoming enthralled in it. I found the characters interesting but couldn't really identify or sympathize with any of them. Overall, a cool concept and a fun read, just not executed to the extent I would have liked.

    20. Charles Schneider suggested I pick this up, and once I did, I couldn't put it down. Very engrossing, and a nice critical overview and commentary on gothic fiction along the way as well. A real treat! I look forward to reading T.E.D.'s few other works.

    21. Relectura más que satisfactoria de un clásico del terror de los años ochenta (oye, qué buena literatura de terror se escribió en aquella época). Narración lenta, detallada, ambiental, con buenos personajes, que ya no suele ser muy habitual en estos tiempos No recordaba que Machen, Lovecraft, etc. y otros colegas góticos estuvieran tan presentes en la historia.

    22. Really enjoyed reading this lengthy, deliberately paced supernatural horror tale again, originally published in 1984. The Ceremonies is essentially a long expansion of Klein’s earlier short story “The Events of Poroth Farm,” and while many have compared it unfavorably to the original, finding the novel unnecessarily drawn out, I like the immersive quality of the narrative. It was fun to spend a week or two with it. Yes, the wrap up after the climax is a bit too quick, but overall it’s th [...]

    23. It’s a treat to have an author take his time to tell his tale and use that time well. There’s no meandering in THE CEREMONIES, every scene counts, but the tone is tightly controlled and the pace is relentlessly slow and steady, so what starts as unease is bit by bit built upon, until the tension screams off the page. There's a clever use of other people's books here; the notion, for example, that if you read Machen's THE WHITE PEOPLE by moonlight, certain "things" will happen. It makes you f [...]

    24. I just finished The Ceremonies by Ted Klein. It is clearly a novel that has earned its reputation as one of the finest works of Cosmic Horror ever written. It has its faults, the ending seemed rushed and a little incongruent with the rest of the book, but this book makes up for its faults in spades. This is a dense read, that doesn't mind taking trips into minutia, and gets very meta with its constant references to Machen's The White People, making that tale a part of the story itself, as well a [...]

    25. I really should re-read this sometime. It starts off very well, with a wonderfully eerie prologue, a nice buildup, maybe a little too much time with the antagonist (and thus removing some of the suspense & surprise of discovery that we'd get with the protagonists otherwise), but thenwell, it just gets kind of WEIRD, and not just in a Lovecrafty way, near the end. It may have just been me and where I was in my life at the time, but I still was very glad I read itd I'd be lying if I said I did [...]

    26. A great, great book. The only flaw with T.E.D Klein's stories? That there are so few of them. That's it.

    27. Klein may be more famous for his horror short stories--but this one demonstrates that he can compose a horror novel as well as the best of the acknowledged novelists.The texts drips with a texture of rare vibrancy and delicate shadings. What an impressive feat. To think that it is actually possible to have a build-up for 500+ pages and succeed in maintaining such intense atmosphere. I wouldn't have believed it possible, if I hadn't read this one.Klein is one of those rare writers whose deep unde [...]

    28. Despite this being a classic of 80's horror, I somehow missed it back in the day. It is very much of its time. Some of the Lovecraftisms are painful, and character development is not Klein's strong point. But the book has a nice rhythm, and despite a few too many pages where nothing happens (seriouslyis book could have been cut by a third), Ceremonies builds a suitably malevolent atmosphere. The supporting characters are more interesting than the main characters (who have no personality), which [...]

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