Magic & Mischief

Magic & Mischief

Megan Derr / Jan 25, 2020

Magic Mischief Homoerotic stories involving griffons demons dragons wizards and thieves In The Dragon s Treasure a dragon obsessed with cleanliness quietly pines over a regular customer to his shop In The Selk

  • Title: Magic & Mischief
  • Author: Megan Derr
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 296
  • Format: ebook
  • Homoerotic stories involving griffons, demons, dragons, wizards, and thieves In The Dragon s Treasure , a dragon obsessed with cleanliness quietly pines over a regular customer to his shop In The Selkie No One Wanted , a selkie who is nothing like his beautiful siblings winds up helping the fisherman he has long admired A demon finds himself dealing with two troublesoHomoerotic stories involving griffons, demons, dragons, wizards, and thieves In The Dragon s Treasure , a dragon obsessed with cleanliness quietly pines over a regular customer to his shop In The Selkie No One Wanted , a selkie who is nothing like his beautiful siblings winds up helping the fisherman he has long admired A demon finds himself dealing with two troublesome humans in The Spawn , and in Mad Finnegan , a mad wizard reunites with the person who first drove him into the madness that has made him infamous A young chef winds up with an unusual assistant in Dragon Stew and a man finds that life has not quite yet passed him by in The Innkeeper s Story The Quest sends a loud mouthed demon to earn the affections of a mate who does not want him, and in Spellbound a talented thief longs to find a way to steal the heart of his latest client.Warning The story Mad Finnegan contains incest.

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      296 Megan Derr
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    1. A very enjoyable collection from Megan Derr.I’m far to lazy to review each story individually but I particularly enjoyed The Spawn, a delightfully humorous tale and Quest which played to my hurt comfort addiction.My least favourite would be Mad Finnegan, purely on the incest grounds, but still an interesting story, I just pretended they were not really brothers lol. Overall recommended to all who enjoy Megan Derr’s Mystical universe.

    2. I'm pretty much up to reading whatever the hell Megan Derr wishes to write. And I love her short stories, and adore her dragons (in whatever form they may take), so this was pretty much going to be a hit no matter what. And on rereading it, I found I loved it just as much as when I first bought it. Wouldn't mind if some of these shorts were expanded into longer versions either. There were some pretty obvious formatting errors, though, so that did drop the rating down a bit. Sometimes a space in [...]

    3. This was a wonderful fairy tale anthology written by one of my favorite authors, Megan Derr. While all of these stories are short and I would love further development in almost every one, I still enjoyed them. I am just sorry that the readings were over so quickly! Overall, these are fun stories and give you more of a fairy tale ending that is nice on the romance, and very light on the explicit descriptions (with the excepction of Mad Finnegan).The Dragon's Treasure [5 stars]: Tate is a dragon w [...]

    4. Average (total stars / 8 stories) = 3.28 starsFavorites: The Quest, Making Dragon Stew, The Innkeeper's Story----------------------------------------------The Dragon's Treasure: 3.5 starsTate was a grumpy dragon who quietly pining over a demon, Macklin. I found this set-up to be adorable. I loved Megan Derr's grumpy characters! Plus dragon and demon?? We need more of that kind of couple ^^. My complaint was the part with the sorcerer was a bit rushed and the 'action' part to be lacking punch.The [...]

    5. Nobody does fantasy/fairy-tale M/M like Megan Derr. This was such a fun collection of stories. I loved how many of them interconnected, so we got to see the same characters reappearing in later stories.I loved the way magic works in this world, and the various magicians were delightful. My favorite unique approach to magic was in the last story where the spells were woven into hair or wrapped around arms and then activated with words when they were needed. Very cool idea, and one it would be fun [...]

    6. Not at all what I expected. A nice change of pace, compared to what I've been reading recently.And it's a book with freaking fairy tales! Do you know how long it's been since the last time I read fairy tales? Because I honestly can't remember.My favourites so far:The Innkeeper's StoryDrunk ButterfliesDragon StewMad Finnegan - Intense. I loved it.The QuestThe Selkie No One Wanted

    7. A collection of cute bedtime stories :) Final score 3.5The Dragon's Treasure: 2.5 starsThe Selkie No One Wanted - 3.5Half point for unusual shiftersThe Spawn: 2.5Mad Finnegan: 2.5Making Dragon Stew - 4 starsThe Innkeeper's Story - 3.5 - Loved older characters The Quest: 4.5Spellbound: 4

    8. The Dragon's Treasure ★★★Grumpy Tate, the OCD cleaning dragon, is the best part of this story. The Selkie No One Wanted ★★★Poor misunderstood Kelp who feels like he does not fit with the Selkies or the humans. This story could have been a smidge better if we understood what Llyr was thinking. The Spawn ★★★★This is a pretty funny little story. Madd Finnegan Umm, no. Just no. Dragon Stew ★★★★A perfect revenge storyThe Innkeeper's Story ★★★★The very sweet story o [...]

    9. At times I found it took a lot for me to get through some of the stories but this was mainly because I don't typically like the fantasy/magic genre. The first few stories dragged a bit for me but I really loved the last half of the stories. I did like the anthology as a whole, though, and liked that it was made up of a bunch of short stories. Where there was one or two that I didn't connect with, there were others that I loved.The Dragon's Treasure-This wasn't my favorite of the set but I did en [...]

    10. I really loved this anthology. There's quite a bit of humor throughout and the characters are likable and interesting which made the stories entertaining as well as fun to read. This collection is all M/M although the sex is very low-key. One of the stories deals with incest (brothers) and so may not be for everyone but overall this was a really great read.

    11. A bunch of lovely story stories. Three stories are loosely linked but can be read fine separately.Though one of the middle stories does have a incest romance which some may not like. The few love making scenes were really well written. Wish the author wrote more of them! lolI just want more dragon stories! Really loved those ones! Dragon Stew is still my favourite.

    12. A cool collection of short stories. I rounded up to 4 stars, it's more of a 3.5, but the three related stories made it seem longer. Something like that.

    13. Even Demons deserve a happily ever afterA collection of fairytale-like stories, but following the opposite side. In worlds where dragons, demons, and wizards live side-by-side with humans, even they want love and a happily ever after. Delightful!

    14. Nice set of short stories set in the same universe with some reoccurring characters among stories. Well worth a read, though neither shorts nor anthologies are usually my thing. Lots of variation, so there is something for everyone.

    15. I really enjoyed these stories they were great. I wish he Selkie No One Wanted and, The Quest were longer or got some kind of spin-off/extra mini book because those were my favorite.

    16. While I enjoyed most of the stories (NOT Mad Finnegan ew incest) I found them frustrating as I find most short stories in that they all basically ended at first kiss.

    17. Superb StoriesI like every thing of Megan Derr's I've read. These stories are no exception. Each is perfectly crafted; many are poignant; all are ones I will read again. She weaves characters from one story into another, creating a world of connections and friends. The characters are distinct, many unusual. They will become old friends.

    18. I typically enjoy Megan Derr's work and am all about m/m romance fantasy stories, so this anthology of stories sounded like it would be right up my alley. And while it was okay overall, I feel like it fell short of my expectations. Several of the stories take place in the same universe - separated by other stories in between - but there wasn't any clear way this was indicated so it was confusing at times to go "oh that's the same name - wait, this is the guy who was mentioned in the background t [...]

    19. Anthologies are not my favorite thing to read. There are always stories that I wished were longer and this is no exception. Also, but book felt long for only 255 pages.The Dragon's Treasure: I really liked this story, but once again it was too short. Basically we have a dragon, Tate, who is obessed with cleaning. His only treasure is a demon, Macklin, who comes in to sell goods, but the Macklin has no idea he is the Tate's treasure. Macklin asks Tate to protect an amulet he stole. Tate protects [...]

    20. The Dragon’s Treasure – 3/5 StarsA pretty cute little story about a dragon and the handsome demon who he secretly treasures.The Selkie No One Wanted – 4/5 StarsA selkie with self-esteem issues falls for a hunky fisherman. A very charming short.The Spawn – 5/5 StarsThis one was absolutely delightful! A demon, a knight, a baby and lots of tooth-aching fluffiness!Mad Finnegan – 4/5 StarsThis one is actually connected to ‘The Dragon’s Treasure’. This one is about all the dirtybadwron [...]

    21. I love, love, LOVE this author and this was a wonderful read for me! This collection of stories kept revisiting the characters I came to love in my favorite stories within the whole (if that makes sense). There are about 15 or so works all together, all short, mostly maybe 20 pages and I would say 12 of the 15 are solid hits. I also liked how the writer dispersed her modern works in with the fantasy world (this also may have been great editing, so kudos to whomever put this together, it was very [...]

    22. 3.5*Short fantasy stories of a fluctuating quality. Some are amazing and breathtaking, some are mediocre and too short, some are kinda meh.Despite the fact I read it not so long ago, I actually forgot what some of the stories were about, so yeah. The incest story with the Mad Finnegan was probably the most memorable and the best out of them, if you can get past the incest thing.The story with the selkie is amazingly angsty, but still very good. I liked the cooking aspect of Dragon stew, although [...]

    23. The Dragon's Treasure - 5 starsI absolutely loved Tate. He is by far one of my more favorite characters I think.The Selkie No One Wanted - 3 starsThe Spawn - 3 starsKid!fic~Mad Finnegan - 2 starsI couldn't help but think Harry Potter the entire timeDragon Stew - 5 starsI really liked this story tooMaybe I'm just attracted to DragonsThe Innkeeper's Story - 3 starsQuest - 4 starsA Quest for a Quest :) Spellbound - 4 stars

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