Midnight Honor

Midnight Honor

Marsha Canham / Feb 24, 2020

Midnight Honor Weeping from the wild splendor of the moors to the battlefields of a land divided Marsha Canham weaves an unforgettable novel of Jacobite Scotland of a man bound by honor and of the woman fated to bo

  • Title: Midnight Honor
  • Author: Marsha Canham
  • ISBN: 9780440235224
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • Weeping from the wild splendor of the moors to the battlefields of a land divided, Marsha Canham weaves an unforgettable novel of Jacobite Scotland of a man bound by honor and of the woman fated to both desire and defy him Powerful, brave, irresistibly seductive, Angus Moy, chief of Clan Chattan, was everything Lady Anne could desire in a husband and a lover But thWeeping from the wild splendor of the moors to the battlefields of a land divided, Marsha Canham weaves an unforgettable novel of Jacobite Scotland of a man bound by honor and of the woman fated to both desire and defy him Powerful, brave, irresistibly seductive, Angus Moy, chief of Clan Chattan, was everything Lady Anne could desire in a husband and a lover But that was before the winds of war tore through her homeland While Angus was pledged to fight for the English, Anne embarked on a course no ordinary woman would dare Fiercely loyal to the Jacobite cause, she led her clan in battle with the dangerously attractive Captain John MacGillivray at her side Angus knew only too well the price of waging war But something else made him play the traitor a secret he was bound to keep from Anne at all costs How could he know Anne would risk her life or that his own actions would drive her into the arms of another man As the tides of battle turned, and Anne was captured by the enemy, Angus had but one last chance to rescue her and redeem himself in the eyes of the woman he had vowed to honor and protect forever.

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    1. ++Spoilers++ Updated review for safety gangI highly recommend reading the first two books in this series before reading this one. This can be read as a stand alone, but I would think one would miss out on so much if attempted.Although I was hoping this book would continue Alex and Catherine's story, I was not disappointed even though it did not!Here we have the stories of Pride of Lions and Blood of Roses retold from the POV of Angus and Anne, but done so that it is it's own different tale.I lov [...]

    2. This is the final book book in the HighlandsTrilogy, and honestly I was somewhat disappointed. While I liked the story and the Hero Angus MacKintosh and the heroine Lady Anne Farquharson Mackintosh "colonel anne". This book is based on the actual historical figures and actual events (I don't know enough of the history of course to know how much). I found the story fascinating and the facts amazing that a woman in that time actually lead her clan in a war. (you go girl). What I found disappointin [...]

    3. Great historical fiction. I can't really call it romance but I suppose it is romance indeed. I liked Anne and Angus as a couple in the first 30%, then Anne turned into Joan of Arc and Angus too much of a beta. There is nothing wrong with a woman leading an army. It isn't what I can relate to so Anne wasn't my favorite heroine. Anne's relationship with John may bother some readers. They were very close but never too close. It didn't bother me so much because honestly Anne and Angus didn't strike [...]

    4. Qué estupendísima lectura!!!! Yo pensé que este libro no me iba a gustar tanto como el anterior y qué equivocada estaba! Qué lectura más adictiva, con un triángulo amoroso llevado tan sumamente bien, historias de traiciones, sospechas, espías Esta parte conecta con el libro anterior porque la protagonista de éste, Anne, es un personaje secundario en él. Y, por cierto, son personajes reales, con lo que el mérito de Marsha Canham es aún mayor. La historia de amor está muy interconecta [...]

    5. Colonel Anne's story reminds me of Filipino heroine Gabriela Silang (1731-1763), who took over her husband’s revolutionary movement of independence from Spain after his death. The two women are similar in a way that both defied conventions and did not let their period’s gender stereotypes hinder them from doing what is patriotic and just.The main characters in this novel are actual historical icons, and with the exception of the many skirmishes that tragically ended at Culloden or how Colone [...]

    6. This book is about "Colonel" Anne Mackintosh, a Scottish noblewoman who raised a regiment to fight for Bonnie Prince Charlie in the 1745 rebellion, undaunted by the minor inconvenience of her husband serving as an officer in the English army. Those must have been some interesting family dinners!I wanted to read this for two reasons:1. Anne was a minor character in Canham's awesome Blood of Roses and I was interested enough to google her and find out she was a real person. My desire to read a boo [...]

    7. A Sweeping Scottish Saga!You won't regret buying this book—nor any in Canham’s Scottish trilogy set in 18th century Scotland (PRIDE OF LIONS, BLOOD OF ROSES and MIDNIGHT HONOR)! The first one tells the story of pampered English beauty Catherine Ashbrooke and Alexander Cameron, the Scottish Highlander who wins her in a duel. He carries his reluctant bride off to the Highlands where clan feuds and fomenting rebellion will sweep them into historic events and where their courage, as well as thei [...]

    8. De las mejores novelas románticas sobre Jacobitas que he leído, me ha encantado toda la trama, los personajes, todo. Perfecto.

    9. After the amazing beginning of this trilogy (in The Pride of Lions and The Blood of Roses), this one might be a disappointment for some (me included). It's obvious it was written some years after the first two books, for though it's supposed to be a somewhat of a continuation of the Jacobite-struggle storylines, it falls a little flat and doesn't seem to have much in common with TPOL and TBOR beside the heroine (that appeared in a secondary role in the second book in this trilogy).I just couldn' [...]

    10. This final book in The Pride of Lions trilogy centers on the Story of Lady Anne Mackintosh who is an actual historical figure and is known as "Colonel Anne" in history books. Col. Anne went against her husband and roused 800 clansmen in support of Prince Stuart's efforts to win back the thrown of Scotland for his father. She led the clan to battle at Falkirk and Culloden. I found her story fascinating as women in that era were not permitted to think for themselves let alone lead troops. An excel [...]

    11. Despite this book being about a historical figure in the form of the real life female Scottish rebel, Lady Anne Farquharson-Mackintosh, who fought to restore the Stuart's claim to rule Scotland during the rebellion against the English crown in 1745, I found this book to be MUCH more fiction than fact. In fact, I would venture that if Lady Anne herself read this book, she wouldn't recognize herself or the historical details outlined in the novel. I previously read a book about the same subject -- [...]

    12. I will admit it took me months and months to start this book, the third in Marsha Canham’s Highlander trilogy, simply because I loved the first two so much and I didn’t think I could possibly enjoy a different set of characters more than Catherine and Alexander. WAS I EVER WRONG. I loved this book and it is my favorite of the three. The relationships woven into these pages had my heart wrenching and the life that Canham gave to these characters has me thinking of them days after finishing th [...]

    13. It is not often that a book tenders me speechless- and almost never is it a romance. This book is abou love, betrayal, promises amd sacrifice.It will make you hunger for men who are truly men, and not milksopsIt will make you proud to be a woman, and long to be one of beauty and courage.But most of all, this book will make you weep for the glory of Scotland.

    14. Even though this book was only about 300 pages it felt very long. It was a good story packed with battles set during the Jacobite rising, Highlander's, Redcoats, Spy's and romance.

    15. Midnight Honor was the last book (unfortunately) in the Scotland Trilogy and I felt like crying when it was all over. It's a rare occasion that books in this genre leave me with the feeling of wanting the story to go on and on. I especially felt that way about the second book in this trilogy - "The Blood of Roses (Scotland Trilogy Book 2)." When I ordered Midnight Honor, I thought it would be yet another book about Alexander Cameron and Catherine. However, this book featured the characters of Co [...]

    16. I enjoyed this book so much I read it twice and would not be opposed to reading it several more times. First when I was reading the whole series and then some months later because I kept thinking about the characters and the story. This book takes place during the mid 1700s when Scotland is at war again with England. Scotland is divided with those loyal to the English King and those (mainly Highlanders)who believe Prince Charles Stewart should be King. Not only is the country divided but familie [...]

    17. Oh my gosh, this was a VERY good book, ESPECIALLY for the history! I've read a ton of historical fiction that deals with the '45 Jacobite Uprising, but none has had as much detail surrounding the battles and circumstances around them as this one has. Colonel Anne is an amazing historical character akin to Joan of Arc. This is the 3rd in Canham's Highland series, but sequentially it does not follow the second book. Rather it goes back and overlaps the second book but from Colonel Anne's point of [...]

    18. All I can say is Lady Anne Farquharson Moy was one damned lucky lady to get her pick between Laird Angus Moy, The MacKintosh of Clan MacKintosh and Chief of Clan Chattan, and Laird John Alexander MacGillivray. Talk about dark and brooding versus blond Adonis.I fell in love and heart-broken all in one swoop over their story. Having usually don't like tear-jerking story (I consider this trilogy as such) I was actually all to skip this book after perusing the summary. But there's no way I didn't fi [...]

    19. I LOVE Marsha Canham's books. And this one did not disappoint. Anne Moy married to handsom Angus Moy seems to have everything until her husband decides to favor the English, while she is a passionate Jacobite. Secretly meeting with her grandfather and a childhood friend, John MacGillivray, she plots to help Bonnie Prince Charlie regain the Scottish throne. Both are passionate in their choices, but Angus who desperately loved his wife, does not report her to the English as a traitor. The story st [...]

    20. I loved this book, and indeed all three books in this series. If you have a love of the Scottish Highlands and its people then I would strongly recommend you read these books. Midnight Honor could be read as a stand alone read, but you will get so much more from it if you read "Pride of Lions" and "The Blood of Roses" prior to this book, as there are cross overs with characters. "Midnight Honor" tells the story of Angus Moy and his wife Anne, who are on opposites sides leading up to the battle a [...]

    21. I rushed right into this novel after finishing the previous one in the series, and though it was just as well-written I wasn't quite as swept away as I was with the first two. Maybe I was too battle-fatigued after having just waded through the Battle of Culloden from Cameron perspectives, to start back at the beginning with another viewpoint. I wish that maybe it had started not quite so far back over events already covered, and continued beyond Anne's rescue so that I could learn how all of the [...]

    22. Why I didn't like the book:-Hard to follow if you haven't read the other books in the series.-The heroine, from my point of view, is in love with two heros. You're bound to favor one hero over the other so you may be very frustrated with the heroine.-One of the heros has a fiance; made me feel as if he were cheating.-Heroine refuses to listen to her husband even though he is doing what is best for them. She makes rash and unrealistic decisions throughout the book.-Too much history in a romance n [...]

    23. A worthy continuation of "Blood of Roses" and "Pride of Lions." The only series I've seen where the second book is better than first and third better than second, as its more historically focused, the drama more realistic and adult, the characters better presented. I enjoyed the MacGillivray angle. Overall, fell short of a good book though, perhaps because I just read Gabaldon, whose description of same events is brought to life so vividly, perhaps because it starts out so ominously, I kept expe [...]

    24. Bittersweet tale, pretty accurate as far as can tell me ;) loved that this historical encounter between man & wife on opposing sides of the battle field made the book "The Prince paroled Captain Mackintosh into the custody of his wife, Lady Anne, commenting “he could not be in better security, or more honourably treated.” She famously greeted him with the words, "Your servant, captain" to which he replied, "your servant, colonel" thereby giving her the nickname "Colonel Anne".

    25. Anne Moy and Angus Moy. Anne's dear friend John MacGillivray. Bit of a triangle, although Ann and John only shared a moment as youths. Anne marries Angus in an arranged marriage, but they fall in love. Angus sides with the English during the 45 in order to save his wife and mother from certain arrest or worse due to their outspoken jacobite convictions.

    26. Passionate and well-written book that was a surprise to my search for more realistic relationships during the Jacobean rebellion. I was captivated as a reader until the end gratitutous sexual relations like in most romantic historical fiction pieces. Very old schoolggestive without being derogitive.

    27. This is a heartbreaking look at a very bad time in history for our beloved highlanders. It is an interesting book. A little light on the romance and quite heavy on the war. So much so I'm afraid I was skipping over some of it. I did have to finish it because I got involved nicely with the characters. Over all opinion is a good book .

    28. The third book in Marsha Canham's Highlands series. I thought I would be disappointed with book because it does take a different path from the first two books. But yet again, Canham pulls through with a vivid description of the Rebellion. A historical romance about pride and devotion. And a women pushed to the edge of her wits to defend herself, her friends, and her family.

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