Dinosaur Bones

Dinosaur Bones

Bob Barner / Oct 16, 2019

Dinosaur Bones With a lively rhyming text and vibrant paper collage illustrations author artist Bob Barner shakes the dust off the dinosaur bones found in museums and reminds us that they once belonged to living b

  • Title: Dinosaur Bones
  • Author: Bob Barner
  • ISBN: 9780811831581
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With a lively rhyming text and vibrant paper collage illustrations, author artist Bob Barner shakes the dust off the dinosaur bones found in museums and reminds us that they once belonged to living, breathing creatures Filled with fun dinosaur facts a T Rex skull can weigh up to 750 pounds and an informational Dinometer, Dinosaur Bones is sure to make young dinosaurWith a lively rhyming text and vibrant paper collage illustrations, author artist Bob Barner shakes the dust off the dinosaur bones found in museums and reminds us that they once belonged to living, breathing creatures Filled with fun dinosaur facts a T Rex skull can weigh up to 750 pounds and an informational Dinometer, Dinosaur Bones is sure to make young dinosaur enthusiasts roar with delight.

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    1. Okay, this book is awesome. For younger kids, there's a cute rhyming story along the top, then for older kids, there is more description and detail below. It's a book that matures with your kids! We currently just read the younger kid version, but I'm sure my oldest will want the more detailed information soon. He's such an information sponge.

    2. I like that this book should be read in two separate readings, so that the reader can enjoy the rhyme of the arten the facts of the dinosaurs presented.

    3. This is a good book to have as a companion for a science lesson. It has fun illustrations and good information on dinosaurs and their skeletons. It has a few different types of dinosaurs in it. It is a little short, so it would be better aimed towards younger grades.

    4. This book is ideal for a dinosaur lesson. The illustrations are colorful and eye-catching and it's filled with great dinosaur information. This book could really be used for a variety of age levels because of the smaller explanations at the bottom of each page for more advanced readers. For beginning readers, you could always just read the poem that's written across the top. This book is so clever! The poem doesn't make much sense though unless read straight through. Maybe the book could be read [...]

    5. This book is a great addition to any classroom! The pictures and text flow over two pages. The text is simple and easy to read and even rhymes! A young reader would be able to read this book successfully. The author also put facts about the dinosaur on each page that give a little more information. I think this book would work well for any level of reader, advanced or beginning. The beginning reader could read the large text (which is must simpler and includes may 'sight' words). The advanced re [...]

    6. (Mommy's review from 11/11/08) Julia adores this book. I bought this when I saw it because of a little special we have on t.v. from our provider. It's a cartoon of the book and I didn't know, until I saw this, that it was adapted from a book. Julia was surprised when I brought it home and since then we've read it many times. If you have the same show available to you and a kid who loves dinos I definitely recommend.

    7. This book was a few fact pages away from a 5. I enjoy the creative non-fiction books for children. And what boy doesn't love dinosaurs. The author interspersed occasional facts that were unique and intriguing to children. It just fell short of being a book you could say, "now this is a book where you can do some learning about dinosaurs!"

    8. G 5yrs: "It's so great because it gotten bones and dinosaur bones. If indominous rex was real it would have spikes on it's head. Meat eaters have sharp teeth. There were T rex, triceratops, and brachiosaurous in this book. In the ending there was a dinosaur kind of like an ankleosaur. And a spinosaurus was in it."

    9. Dinosaur Bones by Bob Barner is a rhyming book about the lively extinct creatures dinosaurs. Throughout the book is fact based information on all types of dinosaurs. I would use this book in my classroom in science. I would use this book to help me introduce dinosaurs and other extinct things in nature to my students.

    10. This is a perfect book when you are teaching a lesson about dinosaurs. It goes through different dinosaurs and give facts about them showing differnces between them. This would be a good book to add into a first grade lesson.

    11. A fun dinosaur book approaching the topic from the bones! Nice way for kids to really relate the dinosaur bones they always see in the natural history museums to real dinosaurs to make it relevant and help them put it all together. Fun use of pictures and footprints as bonus illustrations.

    12. non fiction, dinosaurs, rhymingELT: Add non-fiction books like this one to storytime, it has additional facts to talk about on each page, and non-fiction books are important to lifelong literacy. Many kids who think they don't like to read actually enjoy non-fiction.Toddler, Preschool

    13. This was an interesting book that could be read a couple of ways. As a first read, it's fun to read the rhyme. A second read through could be good for honing in on some of the dinosaur facts. Cute presentation.

    14. Grade: KindergartenWho wouldn't like to enjoy a good poetry book about big strong dinosaurs? This book is a beginner source for the little ones who are interested in dinosaurs; as a teacher, you can use this book to help them be educated in the area of their interest.

    15. Great bookColorful pictures and kept interest going through the book. Gave a good amount of information without being dull. Liked the rhyming sentences.

    16. This book is a fun way to introduce many science lessons, from animals, bones and fossils. I really like the way he uses witty words and wonderful illustrations.

    17. Curricular Connection: I would use this book to talk about bones and show the students how a non fiction book can also look fun and be fun to read.

    18. InformativeIt was a good book to read together. My son is 6 and read the bold sections and I read the rest to him.

    19. A nonfiction picture book. This book could be read to a younger crowd omitting the nonfiction blurps. All about different types of dinosaurs and their bodies aka bones.

    20. This is more a favorite of the skeleton-obsessed Danny, but Tommy was excited to see that his pajamas matched the book cover.

    21. Danny is obsessed with skeletons and loves dinosaurs, so this is a perfect book. It has short rhyming lines as well as longer paragraphs of information.

    22. Well I don't really like Dinosaurs. I just looked on the book to see how to spell it. I was a good book though. My little brother liked it so. I t is educational. I liked it.

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