The Lucky Kind

The Lucky Kind

Alyssa B. Sheinmel / Dec 06, 2019

The Lucky Kind High school junior Nick Brandt is intent on getting a girlfriend and Eden Reiss is the one that he wants He has exactly four semesters to get the girl but when the phone rings on an otherwise ordina

  • Title: The Lucky Kind
  • Author: Alyssa B. Sheinmel
  • ISBN: 9780375867859
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Hardcover
  • High school junior Nick Brandt is intent on getting a girlfriend, and Eden Reiss is the one that he wants He has exactly four semesters to get the girl, but when the phone rings on an otherwise ordinary Tuesday night, life for Nick and his parents will never be the same What had been a seemingly idyllic home life has become something else entirely But with this shake upHigh school junior Nick Brandt is intent on getting a girlfriend, and Eden Reiss is the one that he wants He has exactly four semesters to get the girl, but when the phone rings on an otherwise ordinary Tuesday night, life for Nick and his parents will never be the same What had been a seemingly idyllic home life has become something else entirely But with this shake up comes a newfound confidence for Nick he s become a bolder version of himself, no longer afraid to question his parents, and no longer afraid to talk to Eden.Alyssa B Sheinmel has written a powerfully gripping story about family secrets, falling in love, and finding luck in unexpected and sometimes unwelcome circumstances.

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        Alyssa Sheinmel is the New York Times bestselling author of several novels for young adults, including Faceless and Second Star She is the co author of The Haunting of Sunshine Girl and its sequel, The Awakening of Sunshine Girl Alyssa grew up in Northern California and New York, and currently lives and writes in New York City Follow her on Instagram and Twitter AlyssaSheinmel or visit her online at alyssasheinmel.


    1. This was my first time reading a book by Alyssa B. Sheinmel and it did not disappoint! I rarely get the chance to read a book from a boys point of view. This one pulled that off beautifully! It's from the point-of-view of Nick, a 16-year-old boy who seems to have a typical high school life. He has a best friend, a crush, and a loving family.Nick slowly pursues Eden (the crush) and it's adorable to watch their relationship progress. They had that nice, romantic connection that helps the reader re [...]

    2. There is no one thing that's true. It's all true - Ernest Hemingway (For Whom The Bell Tolls) This is the first time I decided to read a book after an ad appeared for it on some website. I know there is a kind of universal rule that one should not believe advertisements, especially the type that appear on weird websites alongside tons of virus-carrying ads. But, the book's description sounded good so I decided to give it a chance.The lucky kind is a about a boy in his junior year of high school, [...]

    3. My first thought when I started reading The Lucky Kind was that Nick, the main character, was someone that I would love to hang out with. He's sweet, slightly awkward, has a wit to be contended with, and really seems to think things through. Add in his sarcastic and amazing friend (essentially brother) Stevie, and the focus of his admiration, Eden, and you have a group of characters that will steal your heart. Despite anything else I have may thought while reading this book, these characters nev [...]

    4. I wasn't sure what to think going into this book. I had heard mixed reviews on it, but I still didn't know much about it. It wasn't a greatly hyped up book, which I think is what caught my attention when I saw it. I thought that if there isn't much talk about the book, then maybe I could enjoy it without getting my hopes to high.It focus' on adoption and the turmoil the secrets of adoption can cause in a family. It also touches on the subject of how a boy could finally get the nerve to talk to a [...]

    5. The Lucky Kind is a young adult novel written from the perspective of a high school junior named Nick. It was a nice change to read a young adult book from a boy’s point of view since most of the YA books I read have female main characters. This book was written by a woman, and while I thought she did a decent job getting inside a boy’s head I really am not an expert judge, being a girl myself. I would be curious to hear a guy’s perspective on this book as to how realistic her characteriza [...]

    6. Nick spends most of this book being angry and sullen and not so nice to the people around him. Fortunately for him, all these people understand what he's going through and love him anyway. The End.Okay, there is more to the book than that, but that's pretty much the premise. I wish there had been something more here than there was. I with Nick has talked about first love with his father and gotten some clarity on his father's long ago relationship. I think the story needed that, but it wasn't in [...]

    7. I didn't believe the male voice at all (and given it takes you more than one chapter to figure out what the gender is is a problem, too) and I thought the fact the entire plot hinged on a landline phone call/the inconsistencies therein were thin.That said, I really like Sheinmel's voice in writing. It's clear and smooth, as well as quiet. It's a slower paced book but it's purposeful in being that way. Full review here: stackedbooks/2011

    8. Have you ever dreamt about that dream boy or girl you wanted to be with? You just can’t think of anything else? An ever better question is, have you ever wondered if you have another sibling out in the world somewhere? Well for Nick Brandt in The Lucky Kind, both of these unrelated topics became a very key role in his life. Author Alyssa B. Sheinmel does a great job of detailing how this teenager’s seemingly perfect life gets even greater when he gets the girl of his dreams then it is drast [...]

    9. This is one of those coming of age books that I don’t usually enjoy but I actually really liked this one. It was sweet, a tad silly, imperfect in the best ways, and overall, realistic.Nick is just a boy who wants to reach out to the girl he likes and he has liked her for quite some time now. He doesn’t know how to talk to her and spends a lot of time concocting scenarios in his head that never goes anywhere. When he later finds out about something but he wasn’t entirely sure what it was so [...]

    10. After reading Alyssa's unique and beautifully written debut last year, I've been eager to find out more about her upcoming projects. I was beyond excited when a copy of her sophomore novel, The Lucky Kind, landed on my doorstep. It was just as intriguing and original as her debut and I definitely recommend it.The Lucky Kind tells the story of sixteen year old Nick, an ordinary high school guy navigating life the best he can. Nick is in love with the beautiful and elusive Eden Reiss and I liked b [...]

    11. This novel is about Nick Brandt, a high school junior, who is faced with a family secret that has been kept from him his whole life. He feels betrayed and angry that his parents kept this secret from him. Enter Eden Reiss. Eden is the girl he's always lusted after, and eventually works up the nerve to talk to. Basically, they fall in love and he tries to balance his relationship, his friendship with Stevie (his BFF who he's known forever), and his family problems. These different things all inte [...]

    12. originally posted at actinupwithbooks/When I first read this synopsis of The Lucky Kind, I was drawn to the romantic aspect of the storyline. It sounded like one of those underdog stories, where the awkward geeky-cute boy tries to get the girl of his dreams. There is a little bit of that going on, but this story is so much more than this relationship.The focus on the family dynamic is what makes The Lucky Kind stand out from other stories. Nick's parents are central to the storyline and his fath [...]

    13. Nick, a Junior in high school, is focused on getting the girl of his dreams: Eden Reiss. He's just an average guy with a nice family, whose biggest problem in life is how to get Eden's attention. However, all of that changes when the phone rings one night. It isn't soon until Nick finds out that the man on the other end of the line is the older brother he never knew he had. Nick's father gave up his first son for adoption almost thirty years ago. Now juggling between a new relationship with Eden [...]

    14. I recently finished this booka and unsurprisingly, I enjoyed. I really like reading from a guy's point of view because they tend to be funnier, in my opinion, concerning their inappropriate thoughts. But, I also love seeing how guys can be pretty emotional and sensitive and not what girls typically see in guys. So, I really liked all of the main characters Nick, Stevie, and Eden. They actually didnt annoy. Although, (view spoiler)[I was really mad at Nick for practically breaking Eden's heart. N [...]

    15. High school junior Nick Brandt has every reason in the world to be happy. He has two parents who love him and each other. He goes to an exclusive Manhattan private school, and he’s finally gotten up the nerve to talk to Eden, the girl he’s had a crush on for the past two years. Then one day his father gets an unexpected phone call, and Nick, who always believed that he was an only child, finds out that he has an older brother. Nick’s father and his high school girlfriend had had a child wh [...]

    16. The Lucky Kind is a little bit different than your typical young adult novel. It has both the challenge of dealing with a secret, and the trust and passion that comes with being in love. I really liked this book, and plan on reading The Beautiful Between by Alyssa Sheinmel as well. The main character in the story, Nick, is going through a rough time with his so called "perfect" family but in the end everything works out for the best. Another difference I find between this novel, and other yound [...]

    17. 3.5 stars. I thought this book handled the serious issues well with light humor and great characterizations. Nick is a junior in High School when he finds out that his dad had a son almost 30 years prior. That son, Sam, was given up for adoption and has now taken the option of talking to and possibly meeting his biological father. Nick takes the first phone call from Sam and from there the secret gets out. Nick feels betrayed that his parents, especially his father, would keep something so impor [...]

    18. I love a good guy-lit reality fiction book. They are rare! This book was honest and raw, real and relatable, and all of the characters - main and supporting, were likeable, laughable and inspiring. 16 year old Nick is starting his junior year, when he finds out that his "perfect" family has a secret. Now, it's not the kind of secret that rips a family apart or has dire consequences, but Nick struggles to deal with the implications all the same. He has always had a great relationship with his par [...]

    19. Nick is a high school junior who has a pretty normal life, which includes a crush on Eden, a girl he’s known at school for a long time. They finally get together, fall in love, and things become shaky when Nick learns that his dad has another son, who he and his high school girlfriend gave up for adoption many years ago. Nick lets his bitterness and sense of betrayal push away everyone close to him, especially Eden and his father. Realistic fiction has to really have strong characters in order [...]

    20. Nick is a high school junior who has never had a problem with his parents, and never had a girlfriend. Then a phone call sets off a chain of events that changes both of those truths - he realizes his parents have been keeping a major secret from him for years, and the unsteadiness of his life inspires him to shake it up further by finally pursuing the girl he's crushed on for years. As he copes with falling in love and dealing with his new family situation, he has a lot to learn. This book is we [...]

    21. Nick is a pretty lucky kinda guy. He gets along with his mom and dad, gets good grades and has a great friend Stevie. When he finds out that his parents have been keeping a pretty big (but in the Big picture, understandable) secret from him, he goes sideways and feels betrayed. His friends and family (did I mention he is a pretty lucky kinda guy?) make all kinds of allowances for him and his sullen, nasty behavior. As the story progresses he pushes away his girlfriend in a truly egregious way- I [...]

    22. Nick really likes Eden, but thinks that she is out of his league. So, even though she is always friendly towards him, he is reluctant to ask her out. Then, one night, the phone rings bringing news that will change his, and his family's, world completely. It shakes him up enough that he realizes he needs to just take a chance or two, so he asks Eden out. They realize that the kind of love they share is the lucky kind despite the tough times they both are facing. A sweet story with realistic chara [...]

    23. This book is about a boy who learns the truth. Not just about his own father but about his life in general. He learns the truth of love and hate. But most importantly he learns the truth of himself. The Lucky Kind had every single kind of emotion wrapped into it. Anger, sadness, joy, and everything in between made its way into this book and into my heart.For the rest of the review click here!!!

    24. Fun fact: I don't really write reviews for books. But when I do, it's because it was either really good or really horrible. Thankfully this is a good one. I think going in I had really low expectations for this book. It was sweet and had me tearing up a little and laughing and feeling second hand embarrassment. Everything about it was more than I was expecting and I loved it. Definitely worth reading!

    25. The Lucky Kind is an engaging, quick read told from a guy's point of view. Any teen who has had a disillusioning experience with a parent will be able to relate to this story. Nick finds out about a baby given up for adoption in his parents' past, and that adult child has now contacted Nick's family. The story revolves around Nick's anger and jealousy, and his inability to separate the emotions(see full review here: storysnoops/detailp)

    26. This was a decent book but it just didn't quite work for me. The main character was dealing with a lie his parents told, which affected all of his decisions throughout the entire book. Maybe I am just too old or well adjusted, but I just didn't see this lie as being so huge that he needed to act like he did. So, the characters, writing, and setting were all right but the storyline just didn't seem believable to me.

    27. This book has such heart and a great voice. I adored the teenage narrator, Nick, who learns that his seemingly perfect father had another son thirty years prior with his high school sweetheart, throwing a huge monkey-wrench into Nick's already complicated life. Nick was funny, smart, and at times refreshingly over-sensitive. I love reading authentic male voices, particularly teenaged ones, from women authors. Good read.

    28. I liked this quick read (only 200 pages!) but the writing was okay. Even though the main character, a junior male named Nick, is the narrator throughout the book, I feel like I hardly knew him. He liked this girl, he began dating her, then broke-up with her because he was so caught up with finding out his dad had another son. The plot was dull and the ending was tied up too easily.

    29. Not quite what I expected but not bad. Would be a GREAT story for YA to read that's in a similar situation with a parent that has a child they gave up for adoption trying to contact and meet them. Might be helpful in that they would see that their feelings might not be so different from any other YA going through the same thing.

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