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Koyasan Take a step into the unknown in a spine tingling story for World Book Day from the internationally bestselling Darren Shan The boys and girls in the graveyard were shouting but Koyasan no longer hear

  • Title: Koyasan
  • Author: Darren Shan
  • ISBN: 9780007221387
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • Take a step into the unknown in a spine tingling story for World Book Day from the internationally bestselling Darren Shan The boys and girls in the graveyard were shouting, but Koyasan no longer heard them The world had become a wide, grey void She could hear deep rasping sounds, the breath of creatures which had been human once but weren t any Koyasan is too sTake a step into the unknown in a spine tingling story for World Book Day from the internationally bestselling Darren Shan The boys and girls in the graveyard were shouting, but Koyasan no longer heard them The world had become a wide, grey void She could hear deep rasping sounds, the breath of creatures which had been human once but weren t any Koyasan is too scared to cross the bridge and play in the graveyard like the other children But when her sister s soul is stolen, she must find the courage to enter a realm of evil, shape shifting spirits.And the spirits are waiting

    Official website of Koyasan Shukubo Association and This is the official website of Koyasan, presented by the Koyasan Shukubo Association Association Information concerning sightseeing,lodging and many other aspects of Koyasan can be found within. Mount K ya Mount K ya , K ya san is the common name of a huge temple settlement in Wakayama Prefecture to the south of Osaka.In the strict sense, K ya san is the so called mountain name sang of the Kong bu Temple , Kong bu ji , the ecclesiastical headquarters of the Koyasan Shingon School First settled in by the monk K kai, Mt K ya is primarily known as D Ill koyasan.or D Ill Created Date PM About Koyasan Guest house Kokuu In particular, it is a holy ground representing the Shingon sect of esoteric Buddhism, with a history dating back twelve hundred years Rich in history and culture, Koyasan is a very spiritual place for both Buddhists and non Buddhists. koyasan.or Sacred Koyasan A Pilgrimage to the Mountain Temple of Sacred Koyasan A Pilgrimage to the Mountain Temple of Saint Kobo Daishi and the Great Sun Buddha Koyasan and Hongu Yunomine Kawayu Access Koyasan and Hongu Yunomine Kawayu Access Koyasan and the Hongu area are both located in a mountain environment There is no direct train bus or bus routes connecting the two. Guest Rooms Koyasan Guest house Kokuu Rooms of Kokuu A capsule style room that perfectly balances spaciousness and cocoon like coziness, Koyasan Travel Access, Transportation and Orientation Koyasan is most conveniently accessed by Nankai Railways from Osaka s Namba or Shin Imamiya Stations Take the Nankai Koya Line from either station to the Gokurakubashi terminal station A few limited express trains operate directly to Gokurakubashi minutes, yen, five trains per day Otherwise take an express or rapid express train minutes, yen, departs every minutes Mont K ya Wikipdia Annexes Articles connexes Temples bouddhistes au Japon K ya hijiri Bibliographie en Philip L Nicoloff, Sacred Koyasan a pilgrimage to the mountain temple of saint Kobo Daishi and the great Sun Buddha Le mont K ya sacr un plerinage au temple de montagne de K b Daishi et du grand Bouddha solaire , Albany, State University of New York Press, , p.

    • Unlimited [Music Book] ☆ Koyasan - by Darren Shan ë
      154 Darren Shan
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        Librarian s note Also writes books for adults under the name Darren Dash And in the past he has released books for adults under the names D.B Shan and Darren O Shaughnessy.Darren Shan born July 2, 1972 in London, England is the pen name of the Irish author Darren O Shaughnessy, as well as the name of the protagonist of his book series The Saga of Darren Shan, also known as The Cirque Du Freak Series in the United States He is the author of the series The Demonata, The Saga of Larten Crepsley, and Zom B He has also released the stand alone novel, The Thin Executioner, and the stand alone short novels, Koyasan, and Hagurosan Plus, for adults, he released The City Trilogy originally under the name of D.B Shan , and Lady of the Shades


    1. Koyasan, Darren ShanKoyasan is a novel by Darren Shan which was released in the UK and Ireland for World Book Day 2006. The book is about a young girl called Koyasan, who fears the graveyard in her town where the spirits live. Her younger sister enters the graveyard after dark and her soul is captured. In order to find and retrieve her sister's stolen soul she must battle three spirits and return the soul to her sister's empty body before dawn. تاریخ نخستین خوانش: ماه سپتا [...]

    2. Ketika salah seorang teman berkata bahwa dia sudah membaca buku ini sewaktu sekolah, aku meenyadari bahwa aku memang ketinggalan jauh akan bacaan-bacaan yang semestinya dibaca saat usia lebih muda. Tapi, berkesempatan membaca buku anak-anak ketika dewasa itu sebuah anugerah. Sudah lama mendengar kata Darren Shan karena beberapa teman komunitas memfavoritkannya, akhirnya aku bisa membaca buku--yang menurutku--termasuk bacaan anak-anak ini. Dibawakan dengan sudut pandang orang ketiga, Darren Shan [...]

    3. اولاشو که خوندم گفتم خب فکر نکنم موضوعشو دوست داشته باشم.اما آخرین صفحه که تموم شد نفس حبس شده تو سینم نشون میداد که یه داستان غیرمنتظره رو تموم کردم و با کاراکتر اصلی پیش اومدم و از روند داستان خوشم اومده👻🌱☺

    4. The spirits are waitingSpecially written for World Book Day, Shan's short Koyasan is sweet and often quite sinister. It runs in much the same vein as another of his works, Hagurosan, by which I mean it's aimed at his younger audience and works to convey positive themes and empowerment. Even as an adult reading this story, I can't help but appreciate the warm and fuzzy feelings, which are contrasted nicely by the scarier elements. All in all, a wonderful little work which I'd recommend if you hav [...]

    5. Satu lagi buku dari pengarang jenius favoritku, Darren 'O Shaughnessy. Setelah 'terjebak' dalam kegilaan 12 jilid serial pertamanya yang diterbitkan di Indonesia, Serial Petualangan Darren Shan (Darren Shan Saga), nama pena 'Darren Shan' adalah satu hal yang akan membuatku segera mengambil buku tersebut dari rak. Begitu pula Koyasan ini.“Kebanyakan orang merasa takut suatu waktu dalam hidupnya. Itu tidak berarti mereka pengecut. Pengecut adalah mereka yang tidak melakukan apapun ketika rasa ta [...]

    6. Koyasan adalah buku Darren Shan lain yang aku baca setelah seri Demonata. Buku tipis ini berkisah tentang Koyasan yang takut menyeberangi jembatan penghubung desa dengan perkuburan kuno. Suatu malam, jiwa adiknya, Maiko dicuri arwah-arwah di perkuburan itu. Dia harus memilih antara melarikan diri dari misi penyelamatan atau menghadapi ketakutan terbesar dalam hidupnya. Pilihan yang tidak mudah bagi seorang anak kecil.Alur cerita bergerak cepat dan lancar tanpa ada kesan paksaan. Mungkin karena a [...]

    7. Dari 13 buku om Shan yang udah aku baca, ini yang paling serem >.<Om Shan mengambil setting di Jepang. Sepertinya cerita ini ditulis saat om Shan lagi di sana. Ceritanya pendek dan mungkin karena Om Shan di Jepangnya bentar. Tapi, 12 buku Darren Shan Saga terbit dalam versi manga (yang harganya sesuatu ._.).Kenapa aku bilang kisah ini serem?Karena Jepang itu, meski modern tetep memegang adat. Kayak festival misalnya. Dan cerita ini tentang Koyasan yang harus berkeliaran di Kubulan (ya, kat [...]

    8. This book is AMAZING. It is very short, but it has made a huge affect on me after I read it. It is very creative and interesting. The characters Darren Shan came up with have very interesting personalities. This is a book definitely a 'worth to read' book.

    9. This book tells how koyasan face her fears. An event that befall her family make koyasan must dare to act and save her little sister.I think the messages of this book are about be brave, tough, smart and responsive to face all your weakness and fears.

    10. What a wonderfully charming little story! I'm not usually a fan of short stories - they usually always feel unfinished to me and leave me wanting more, but not in a good way - plus Darren Shan's strengths tend to lie in his ability to create complex stories full of clever plot twists that can only be achieved in 10 books or more, so I wasn't sure how I'd feel about Koyasan or if I'd enjoy it but I really really did. It's so sweet and innocent and beautiful and creepy (but in a really different w [...]

    11. Darren Shan is a gifted story teller. He has managed to put so much story into such a little book! This is a magical journey into a dark scary place with the courageous Koyasan who must face her fears and risk her life to save her little sister. Love the ingenius solutions to the challenges she faces. This is the 2nd time around of my reading this book and the story has lost none of its magic. Better yet, I know I will enjoy it just as much the next time too.

    12. Fun Novel to EntertainI was a bit skeptical at the beginning of this book, but it was an easy and quick read that I thoroughly enjoyed by the end. It was full of lessons for kids and I hope to share it when I have my own. Fantastic author and always a pleasure to read.

    13. A short story about a little girl named Koyasan saving her sister's soul from the ghosts near her village, beating her fears and making friends. Well structured and enjoyable, and entirely focused around Koyasan's personal growth - the other characters serve as background to that.

    14. ❤️The story was pretty good, I love Darren Shans writing style, I would like to read more story’s about the adventures in the graveyard :)

    15. Alle wissen, dass böse Geister auf dem Friedhof leben, doch dass sie nur bei Nacht herauskommen können. Während des Tages sind sie zu schwach, um den Menschen Schaden zuzufügen und so ziehen es die Kinder aus Koyasans Dorf vor, dort zu spielen und rechtzeitig vor Sonnenuntergang wieder zu verschwinden. Selbst Koyasans kleine Schwester Maiko hat keine Angst, nur Koyasan - die, die vor keinem körperlichen Schmerz zurückschreckt - wagt es nicht, den Friedhof zu betreten.Doch eines unglücklic [...]

    16. Since I don't live in London, I can't ever find any World Book Day books anywhere, but after my success at finding How to Train Your Viking off the internet I started to look for Koyasan as well. For the first few days I could only get it in Persian, for some reason, and then in Hungarian. I finally found an English Word Document by chance and immediately started reading. The problem was that it wasn't separated into paragraphs and that kinda bugs me. So I was pretty much fixing it up as I read. [...]

    17. This is my 1st read from all of Darren Shan's creations (I already have Darren Shan saga boxset 2 & 3, but still didn't find the 1st boxset, yet. How can I start my reading? hahaha :v)So, Koyasan gives me a great first impression of Darren Shan! :*This book really adorable and inspiring. It has a simple story, it's only about a little girl that has an excessive fear about a graveyard. Koyasan is a brave girl but she can't overcome her fear of ghosts. And because of her fear and a little of h [...]

    18. Cover :bertambah lagi bukuku yang covernya tidak berkeprimanusiaan Maaf ya, tapi aku ga suka covernya. Merusak imajinasiku untuk membayangkan Koyasan dan Maiko. Hmmm cover yang aneh dipikir2, cover terjemahannya Darren Shan ga ada yang bener T.TSetting :kenapa, Pak Darren harus bikin setting di Jepang? tidak terasa feel Jepangnya. Dan, yang bikin saya bingung ini ceritanya dijaman apa? dugaan saya ini jaman2 Jepang masih pake baju tradisionalnya (yukata? atau kimono?) tapi koq pake kancing? Pak [...]

    19. Really short book i got years ago with a World Book Day* token i got from school. I had no idea who Darren Shan was back then (my brother really likes him) I haven't read any other books by Darren Shan although i do plan to, seeing as my brother has all of his Cirque Du freak and The Demonata books. I remember picking Koyasan because it was the only World Book Day special books that looked interesting to me. I would like to re-read it (i think my brother has it) so in the near future i shall but [...]

    20. A lovely short and sweet story.I very much enjoyed reading this book as a short break between novels. There are a few aspects of this book that I feel would have made the book slightly more enjoyable to me. Such as it perhaps having been a little longer, and having a little less predictability when it came to certain aspect of the plot. This book was however aimed at an audience younger than I am, so in that light Shan't choice of style makes sense. This book is book is certainly not as scary as [...]

    21. buku ini mengisahkan petualangan seorang anak perempuan yang bernama Koyasan, untuk menyelamatkan adik perempuannya yang telah diculik oleh para hantu. dan yang menjadi tantangan terbesar bagi Koyasan adalah dia sendiri sangat takut dengan hantu!moral value dari buku ini adalah berani untuk menanggalkan ketakutan diri sendiri untuk orang lain. Koyasan sangat taku hantu. tapi, dia berani meneanggalkannya untuk menyelematkan adiknya. itulah hebatnya!buku ini cocok dibaca untuk segala umur. buku in [...]

    22. This is probably the only Darren Shan book I'll actually rate and review. Not because he's bad, but because I'm lazy. I'm a massive fan of the Shan. Have been since my parents bought me the entire saga for Christmas when I was 11, and then when this book came out for world book day, I knew there was no competition for my token that year. I met Darren Shan at a signing, and this was the book I took with me, because it's my favourite story by him.

    23. This is a powerful short story aimed more at young teenagers than their younger counterparts that adults would enjoy too (not in the same vein as Harry Potter though).[return]About a young girl who faces her fears and the fears of her village and reaps the rewards of doing so, it is good for anyone who is thinking of doing something tough or who feels that the world has just gotten a bit too tough.

    24. I got it because the name of the book sounds Japanese, which I love and I was awaiting the last book in the Demonata series. I just couldn't stop reading it, it was a great story and I'd have loved it if there was more. But if that had been the case it would have probably been less good, so never mind that. If you're looking for a great book without "having" to read another after it, I recommend this book to you.

    25. I really enjoyed reading this when I bought it on world book day but as with all of Darren Shan's books/ series the ending is no where near as good as it could've been but I think Darren Shan just has trouble with ending things overall.It's a great short story though and I remember finishing it within a day or so, he's good at showing Koyasan's childish traits as well as being able to relate her to younger teenagers :)

    26. I finished this book in 40minutes. And although I am already twenty, I enjoyed this book. It is kinda fast paced and the "fights" aren't spectacular, we have to understand that this book is for children albeit people of all ages would enjoy this. I do believe that anyone who reads this will be able to relate with its theme. And will eventually see things in another perspective, especially if you were scared of ghosts or spirits before (like me).

    27. Even though this definitely isn't as scary as some of Darren Shan's other books, presumably because it was aimed at a younger audience, it was still an exciting read with a well paced storyline. It's perfect if you want something light to read between longer books, and I'd say it would appeal to readers of all ages. The only drawback was that I found a lot of the plot to be quite predictable, but other than that it was entertaining.

    28. After reading this book in one sitting I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved Koyasan as a character and for a short WBD short story it was so great! It actually had a real manga feel to the story and would make a great graphic novel or short animated movie. It started off as a children's ghost story and ended up like a Japanese Myth or Legend. There was the trademark Shan creepiness which kept me reading and it was a great short book to read!

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