The End of Time

The End of Time

P.W. Catanese / May 20, 2019

The End of Time The adventures of Happenstance and Umber reach their epic surprising and emotional conclusion As Happenstance struggles to master his unusual abilities he realizes that time is running out because

  • Title: The End of Time
  • Author: P.W. Catanese
  • ISBN: 9781416975205
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The adventures of Happenstance and Umber reach their epic, surprising, and emotional conclusion As Happenstance struggles to master his unusual abilities, he realizes that time is running out because Umber s rivals threaten to undo all the good he has achieved, while an unexpected new enemy with terrible destructive power approaches the kingdom.

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        P.W Paul Catanese is the author of fantasy adventure novels published by Aladdin Simon Schuster His next novel, DONNY S INFERNO, a supernatural adventure, will be published in early 2016 A crisp style, fast pacing, interesting characters and vivid descriptions have made Catanese a favorite with everyone from reluctant readers to teachers to adults seeking a thrilling escape His books have been turned into acclaimed audiobooks, and translated into many foreign languages In its starred review, Publisher s Weekly said Catanese dazzles in the first of the planned Books of UmberCatanese packs a lot into the book rich characterizations, well choreographed action sequences and genuinely surprising twists at the end An auspicious start to the series VOYA called The Thief and the Beanstalk a rollicking adventure meshed with complex characters and an intriguing spin on a familiar tale Paul is always happy to hear from readers.


    1. As posted on Outside of a Dog:2009's Happenstance Found took me completely by surprise. I was expecting a decent fantasy, and what I got from author P.W. Catanese was a vigorously imagined world and unforgettable characters. As the beginning of a trilogy called The Books of Umber, it worked its magic on me and had me hyped and anxiously waiting for the next installment. 2010 brought Dragon Games, and with it more intrigue, more danger and some of the creepiest creatures I've ever encountered. Se [...]

    2. The ending is so bitter-sweet. I feel that Happenstance, at the end, seems so unattached to his former friends. However, he was hard at work, so I guess that it was for the better. However, it is sad that he didn't visit for almost 30 years. Bittersweet. His former lover married, but for the better, becuase he got unattached due to hypnotizm. Oates, married! I almost laughed on that on. He was way too honest for anyone but that manager to declare for an honest man. ☺☺☺

    3. I am clearly a fan of fantasy and PW Catanese does it best. I have enjoyed this series as well as his stories based on fairy tales. This third book in this set was something that I was looking forward to with anticipation. It did not fail. The book is fast, moving, and utterly filled with surprises. Even though I read for pure enjoyment, sometimes books make me wonder about our world and what we might look like to other worlds if it came to that. In this book Umber and his friend are transported [...]

    4. This book was so completely amazing. Of all the Books of Umber, this is undeniably the best. It has also made my most favourite book I have ever read yet. Especially nearing the end, my heart was pounding at 4am, and when I read the epilogue, tears sprung my eyes and I couldn't help reading it twice. This book was uniquely clever and original, one I may not find in many years. This book deserves 5 stars from everyone, for every single page had me hooked until the early hours of the morning. An a [...]

    5. A well done final book of a wonderful trilogy. Hap and Lord Umber have a ring ah ding time encountering old foes and surprise manic new opponents. But the ending makes you want start reading Umber all over again. In battling Hap's arch nemesis taking him back to locations of great adventures really added impact.

    6. You know you're reading a great series when you are angry it's all over. This one does not disappoint. How the Umber series is not the new Harry Potter, I'll never know.

    7. Oh my. Such a great way to end the series. So bitter sweet, so incredibly cool. This little series will always have a spot in my heart.

    8. Book 3 of The Books of Umber. I finished it and said, “This might possibly be the best series ending I have ever read.”Never mind that it’s a YA series. I keep telling you, you’re missing a lot if you wave it all off as “just kid stuff.”I’m actually a big fan of Catanese’s work, though I’ve never gotten around to posting a review here before. (If I reviewed everything I read, nothing else would get done.) He’s got a whole series of at least five “what happened after the fai [...]

    9. I was so looking forward to continuing Hap and Umber's story and the finale was everything I expected and more. I galloped through it until about three-fourth's of the way when I came to a halt. Things were moving so quickly that the book was going to end before I was ready to leave it. Hap and Umber are besieged on every side by enemies--those from the past and new, unexpected ones. Once I began reading again, I read straight through to the end and was never disappointed. If there were loose en [...]

    10. The whole time I was reading, I was sad the series was coming to an end. Book 2 is my favorite. I rarely enjoy books where the characters suddenly experience modern technology (i.e people in a bow-and-arrow society experiencing guns, cannons and bombs). There also wasn't as much interaction with the creative creatures introduced in this book, so that was disappointing. I considered taking a star for those two reasons. However, the ending of this book and the series was AMAZING. I'm hard pressed [...]

    11. I listened to this as an audio book and found it captivating. Richard Poe, the reader, creates distinct voices for the characters and I was pulled in from the beginning. Catanese has created a fantastical world that intermediate and middle grade students would find thrilling. Lord Umber. Happenstance, the young meddler who has to come to terms with his powers and save two worlds. Oats, the giant man who is cursed with answering all questions truthfully. Fay and Sable from book 2. Sophie, the art [...]

    12. This enjoyable series got better with each book, and I enjoyed this final installment immensely. The series ended up among our favorites of the year. In addition to the other books and series to which I've already compared this series, I'd also add the 100 Cupboards series, by N.D. Wilson, and the 13th Reality series, by James Dashner. Interesting story line, enjoyable characters, thought provoking ideas, and a fairly fast paced read.

    13. Truly a perfect ending to a fantastic series! There was a constant flow of suspense with unpredictable conclusions, classical fantasy creatures, wrapped in timeless moral lessons of kindness and solving problems without violence. I am hoping for a part two series-- Come on P.W only three books!!

    14. Please note, I have not hidden this review because of spoilers, as I only discuss one major plot point towards the end of the review. It has been clearly labeled a "MAJOR SPOILER SECTION."You have been warned.It isn't often that I find a book series that is not only engaging, but consistent and enjoyable through every entry. I'm rather glad to say that I found The Books of Umber to be one such series. In fact, I'd go so far as to say my biggest complaint for the series is that it does resolve, a [...]

    15. I was actually very close to giving this 5 stars, but I felt the ending was way too abrupt. Overall, this has been a fun series, I highly recommend it if you're in the mood for some JV fantasy. This last installment was great. I feel like the series was well thought out (rather than being made up as he went along - as is often the case), and the author is a talented writer (I think I will now look up some of his other books). I loved some of the twists and turns in this one. Since I said the end [...]

    16. I generally do not get through books quickly as I don't have a lot of time to read, but the combination of an exciting series-conclusion, and the fact that I'm sick with a flu-like cold made for a speedy read! The Books of Umber wrapped up nicely with this third and final installment "The End of Time." All along, you knew everything would work out (as nearly all books do), but finding out how it would all resolve was a wild ride. You don't need me to summarize (enough reviewers do that, there's [...]

    17. Happenstance's world is crumbling around him. With both elder princes dead, the throne will go to treacherous Loden, the youngest. Loden has never liked Lord Umber, Happenstance's guardian. And Happenstance also has to worry about Lord Umber's world and the billions of lives Umber expects him to save. He hardly understands himself or his power, and what he does see he can't control. But he hasn't got much time left . . . enemies are closing in.Continuing the powerful story begun in Happenstance [...]

    18. Well wasn't that wonderful? Often times in books with hints of magic, our young heroes often go through a quest to find that perfect deus ex machina that will save them and their friends from a predicament. The journey to acquiring such object is usually hard fought and so it makes the story still worth reading and in cases of great books, quite entertaining and memorable. In this case though, it is handled a little differently. I suppose it is a little too much like real life. People simply did [...]

    19. Der dritte Teil der Reihe "Die Bücher von Umber" war mein erster Ausflug in diese zauberhafte Welt voller Trolle, Hexen, mittelalterlich anmutenden Städtchen, Prinzen und Königen, Drachen, Laternen mit Glimmerwürmern, winzigen abenteuerlustigen Männchen und vielem mehr, aber vor allem voller Lichtfäden, die die mögliche Zukunft der Menschen anzeigen und nur von Fädenziehern gelesen werden können. Ein solcher Fädenzieher ist Happenstance, eigentlich ein kleiner Junge, der jedoch von ein [...]

    20. Umber and Hap have safely returned home, but trouble soon follows. Hap is supposed to master his unique powers to become one of the most powerful Meddlers ever. It's the only way he'll be able to save millions of lives in the world Umber came from. However, an evil sorceress grows more powerful in her prison cell, and it's no secret the prince detests Umber. Umber's life will be in danger if the king's failing health does not improve, and the prince gains comtrol of the kingdom. And word is spre [...]

    21. Like the previous two books, I was taken for quite a ride. I love these characters and am sad to say good-bye to them at the end of this trilogy. Spoiler-ishLeading up to the end, Hap somewhat relives his second life backwards, more than symbolically having his life flash before his eyes. It is funny how as a reader we can become so attached to a set of characters, and want to impose our own will on a plot twist of a story, especially when it comes to the death of a character or the end of the s [...]

    22. We start off the book with Umber falling into his moods, in fact this one is the worst yet, as a result of what happened in the previous book. Balfour, who hopes to restore Umber to his regular self, takes him (or rather kidnaps because he refuses to go) on an adventure. Luckily, something happens on the adventure to bring Umber back to his old self again ^_^ After this the reader and the gang are thrown into numerous fast paced adventures.I loved this book. No lie. The plot, from the first book [...]

    23. 3.5I rounded up because I believe these books need more exposure. The first book in this series was pretty revolutionary to me, in that it was imaginative, surprising, and original. The second book added to the story, though some departures from the main plot to flesh out character development were -eh-. This last installment, I enjoyed, but (for my taste) the ending was too open ended. It begs for another series to tell the tale left over. In addition, a personal issue I have is no matter the g [...]

    24. What a wonderful story! I almost wanted to cry at the end because it was so beautifully done and bittersweet. *Blows nose in tissue* I'm telling you, this story is filled with even MORE surprises than the first two books. It has gotten very serious and scary, and there's a lot more violence in it too. But man, I loved everything about it - especially that huge battle-chasing scene between Hap and the Executioner! There's definitely a lot of 'boss battles' to read through, but that one was by far [...]

    25. This is a hard book to rate, as my opinion of it varied so greatly as I read it. I got feeling with this book that it HAD to be wrapped up in a trilogy, and so things had to move faster than would be ideal. Consequently, this book is filled with one momentous moment after another, making me think of the character Umber and his manic energy. The culmination of this book is when Hap finally learns to use his powers. The 'battle' scene with the Executioner is absolutely fabulous I don't think I've [...]

    26. Humor was a thing that the first book did not lack. Fantasy was a thing that was not lacked in the second book. But the third? By all means, it was the best. After al, there was the "thrilling conclusion". I found myself dwelling on the fact that humor was not a part of the third book, however, despite that the book was the best. All that "meddling", all those things being revealedwow. P.W.Catanese has a complex mind that is not often found in writers and I am glad I have found such a writer. I [...]

    27. Everett read The End of Time, by P.W. Catanese: I really liked this fanstasy book, because of the storyline, which to me is important, because it's about Happenstance saving Earth, after so much revolt and pollution. Also, I like all the characters, like Oates who has a spell that makes him speak the truth. Umber, is one of the best, because he's a mixed personality guy who is happy and uplifting, and then serious, and the extremely depressed, and the regretful, but mostly happy. My favorite par [...]

    28. This talented author concludes his series about Meddler Hap, and readers will be sad to say goodbye to the many beloved characters that people Umber's world. Umber is cast deep into depression, so much so that his friends search for adventures that will reinvigorate him. The reason for his gloom? The inevitable ascension of horrific Prince Loden to the throne of Kurahaven. And sure enough, when the old king dies, Loden immediately declares war on all of Umber's inventions, accomplishments, and e [...]

    29. The conclusion to the 'Book of Umber' series and a brilliant one at that. Happenstance, also known as the Meddler, is able to see "filaments" emerging from human beings and in touching them is able to 'see' their destiny. It didn't register in my mind, until towards the end of the book, that these "filaments" are possibly akin to the silver cords referenced in several religious beliefs. In the same vein, his ability to enter the "Neither," which I took to be a possible reference to the Akashic R [...]

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