Wemberly Worried

Wemberly Worried

Kevin Henkes / Jan 24, 2020

Wemberly Worried Wemberly worried about everything Big things Little things And things in between Then it was time for school to start And Wemberly worried even If you ever worry or know someone who does this is th

  • Title: Wemberly Worried
  • Author: Kevin Henkes
  • ISBN: 9780688170271
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Wemberly worried about everything.Big things.Little things.And things in between.Then it was time for school to start.And Wemberly worried even .If you ever worry or know someone who does , this is the book for you.

    Wemberly Worried Back to School Activities by Read With This is an activity pack to accompany the story, Wemberly Worried by Kevin Henkes Story Summary Wemberly worries about everything, especially the first day of school. Denver Public Library Version Accessible Site Kevin Henkes Author Study lessons, ideas, printables Kevin Henkes Author Study Below you will find activities to match three of Kevin Henkes most popular books The activities were shared by Teaching Heart visitors who entered the back to Kevin Henkes Official Website Find information about Kevin Henkes videos, teaching resources, books, interviews, games, articles, and much . Kevin Henkes Author Study Activities Crafts to This bundle includes my three favorite back to school units in one easy purchase Lessons from Howard B Wigglebottom Finding the Central Message, Kevin Henkes Author Study Activities and Crafts to Introduce Reading Strategies, Back to SCHOOL Activity Pack Click on the link to preview each unit Making Connections ReadWriteThink A majority of students in the upper elementary and middle grades are beyond decoding instruction and need assistance with comprehension to help them become successful, independent readers. CLCD Children s Literature, Children s Books, Pre K books, Young adult fiction, Children s fiction, Children s non fiction, Kids books, Reading for kids, Children s Librarians, Books for teachers, Books for girls, Books for boys, Books for reading disabled, Reading disability, Early Childhood Education, STEM , hi lo books, Readers Advisory, Children s Readers Advisory, Reading Comprehension Mrs T s First Grade Class The Continents Mar , We glued the continents and oceans onto a painted paper plate The best part was singing We ve got the Whole Globe in Our Hands by Dr Jean. Mrs T s First Grade Class Balance the Scale Missing Addends Apr , This is our display in the hallway next to our room Mini pictures of what the students have done throughout the year. Organisation Worksheets Printable Worksheets Organisation Showing top worksheets in the category Organisation Some of the worksheets displayed are Ctivity types of business organizations, Work, Levels of organization work, Work a companys organisation, Chapter cellular structure and function work, Work , body body organization organization and homeostasis, Paragraph organization work what is an.

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        Kevin Henkes became an author illustrator when he was nineteen years old, working on a card table in his bedroom.Today he s the author of many award winning picture books and novels.


    1. Okay, I love Kevin Henkes! He is a genius! I want to read all of his books!!! I can't wait to share them with my kids! I love how he looks at children's joys and hopes and fears with absolute RESPECT. In this story, Wemberly (who is a GIRL mouse, I might add--from the cover and name, I expected a boy for some reason!) worries about big things (like something happening to her parents) and small things (like spilling juice), she worries about her bunny doll (and when she worries she rubs her dolls [...]

    2. Well, my mother called me a worry wart when I was a child so this probably would have been a perfect book for me. I now know some kids who are likely to appreciate this book.Cute, funny, true.Wemberly is a girl mouse who worries about everything, and the things she worries about really are things that children worry about, small, big, and in-between things. And, Wemberly’s fears do lessen by the end of the book, but there’s not some sort of happily ever after ending, and I really appreciate [...]

    3. I really like this story and I think this would be a great book to read to a child who is apprehensive about going to school for the first time, going to a new class/school, or if you have a worrier like Wemberly.

    4. Text-to-Self Connection: Very cute book! This is a great book to read K-2nd grade. This book is about “worrying”. I can connect with wemberly because I always worry and everyone tells me not to just like wemberly. I find myself telling others not to worry when I am just as bad just like wemberly did. This is a great book to read to your students to break that ice on the first day of school. Children worry just like adults do about silly stuff. This book helps the students realize that they s [...]

    5. Wemberly Worried is one of my favorite children's book. It's about a little girl (mouse) that constantly worries. She worries about her parents, she worries about herself, she worries about the play place at the park. She worries in the morning, she worries at night, and all of the hours in between. I can empathize with Wemberly because I was the same kind of child and have grown up to be a worrier as an adult. I love that this story shows children it's normal to feel an array of feelings- worry [...]

    6. In this story, Wemberly, a young mouse, worries about everything! The author takes the readers through her list of worries – big ones and small ones. Wemberly worries constantly despite her grandmother telling her she worries too much. The source of her biggest worry is her first day of school. When she arrives however, her teacher introduces her to another student who also is carrying a doll and seems a bit shy. The two become instant friends and enjoy their first day of school together. As W [...]

    7. This is the story of a young mouse named Wemberly who worried about everything. Whether it was day or night and no matter how much her parents tried to comfort her, she was constantly worrying. When Wemberly had to start school that added to the things she worried about. It wasn’t until she met a girl named Jewel, who was just as shy as she was, that she learned her worries started to fade. This book is great for young reader from 1st or 2nd grade, because especially the beginning is simple se [...]

    8. Wemberly worries about everything! Her parents tell her not to worry. Her grandmother tells her not to worry, but Wemberly still worries. She worries about big things and small things and especially about her first day at school. What if the teacher is mean? What if she hates the snack? Read to find out how Wemberly's first day of school goes. Will Wemberly continue to worry?This is an adorable book filled with colorful pictures of Wemberly the mouse. Children will be able to identify with some [...]

    9. "Wemberly Worried" is a great book about a little mouse who worries all the time. She worries about every possible thing there is to worry about, even when her parents tell her not to! So naturally, she is worried about her first day of school. Surprisingly, she finds friends who are worried as well! I like that the book gives the message that we may be different, but we are all also the same in one way or another. My students can learn that it's okay to be worried and scared, because chances ar [...]

    10. This was an interesting book about a little girl who is usually worriedsome. The author gently, yet in a fun way, explained the worriedsome characters of this little girl. The book outlines fears and anxieties that are usually experienced by children in new situations. I can relate to this book because even as an adult I still experience some of these fears and anxieties when I'm about to encounter any form of newness. Due to the fact that I am aware of this and also the impact this can have on [...]

    11. Wemberly Worried is one of my favorite children's books I've read in the past year. The story details the worries of an anxious young mouse. It culminates in her biggest worry yet -- her upcoming first day of school. This would be perfect for soothing the concerns of a student approaching their first day of school. I enjoyed the alliteration and literary motifs throughout the story. I especially liked the humor in the story, including Wemberly's carefree grandmother. Highly recommended!

    12. Who doesn't love Kevin Henkes' young characters and their relatable vulnerabilities? In this tale, little Wemberly worries over just about everything--especially starting kindergarten. Yet, school turns out to be the place where her worries are shared, and also dismissed. A good story for young children with anxiety.

    13. Poor Wemberly worries about everything. Now she has a bigger worry than ever, her first day of school. Her parents try to get her to not worry, but nothing helps. Great pictures and a lot of kids could relate to worrying about the first day of school.

    14. I had to add this book to my list. I read it today to my daughter who is a huge worrier and it was wonderful, she was able to see how silly it is too worry about silly things and she was able to laugh at herself. I love this book!

    15. This is a fun book of how children really look at going to school for the first time. Then they meet a good friend and have the best time.

    16. One of my new favorites for kids. I was definitely a worrier child, and this book helps my preschool students who are worriers feel better when they hear it.

    17. I feel that this is an excellent book for the classroom especially today. I think that it would help with kids today as anxiety rates are increasing in the United States.

    18. Booklist (Vol. 96, No. 22 (August 2000))Ages 4-6. Wemberly, a little mouse girl, worries about big things, little things, and everything in between. If the radiator makes a noise, Wemberly wonders if there's a snake inside it. On Halloween, Wemberly, dressed as a butterfly, worries that there will be too many butterflies in the parade. When she's the only one, she worries about that, too. Henkes' catalogue of Wemberly's worries goes on a little too long, but on the plus side, each woe is an oppo [...]

    19. This story is about a little girl, named Wemberly, who is worried about everything. She worries about big things, little things, and everything in between. When it comes time for school to start, Wemberly is especially worried. However, her parents and teacher help her get through the first day, and to Wemberly's surprise, she finds that there was nothing she should have worried about! The major theme of this book is getting over fears and not being afraid to try something new.When I was younger [...]

    20. Summary: This book is about a little girl who is worried about a lot of things. She never wants to stand out or do anything to offend people in her life. Wemberly is going to her first day of school and is very worried about what is going to happen at school. When she gets there her teacher is very nice and pairs her with another girl who is shy. The two get along great and Wemberly worries less and is even excited to come back to school the next day.Theme: This book is about a girl dealing with [...]

    21. The main character in this book is a mouse, Wemberly and Kevin Henkes does an amazing job of displaying the worries that a little mouse might have. Throughout the story, Wemberly's mom and dad keep reminding her that there is no need to worry but Wemberly always worried about something. The climax of the book is when Wemberly acquires a huge, new worry, school. The author portrays the worries of school that Wemberly has as a new student and does a great job at being able to relate to children go [...]

    22. Genre- FictionAwards Won- NoneIllustration- The illustrations were fun, this book was about how Wemberly always worried and in the book you can spot her grandmother wearing sweaters that say "Relax" and "Go with the flow." The small bits of humor really made the book fun and you were always looking at the next page to see what the grandma was wearing. Summary- Wemberly always worried, she worried about everything. Especially when she was starting preschoole worried about everything! Once she got [...]

    23. Wemberly is always worried. She worries about many different things, but nothing as much as she worries about going to school. She has many unanswered questions about what will happen, and despite reassurance from her parents and grandmother, Wemberly remains worried. That is, until she meets Jewel, and their fast friendship changes everything. This is a fun read that’s dialogue makes the story unique and memorable.Wemberly Worried is the perfect book for students who have the same tendency, a [...]

    24. Wemberly is a mouse who is constantly in a state of worry. She worries about everything, even things that would not worry others. She worries most about the first day of school. However, she quickly realized that there was nothing to be worried about at all. This story was one of my favorites as a child. I was a serious worrier, so I related to this book deeply. This book would be a great one for a lesson on emotions.

    25. wemberly worried was also another childhood favorite of mine. wemberly worried is a cute book about a little mouse who is constantly worrying. It allows readers to connect with her and it shows them to not let the little things get in the way or drag you down. The plot of this book, although it is a fantasy, is logical and would relate well to younger children getting ready to start school. wemberly is a great example to younger readers that there is nothing to be afraid of.

    26. I enjoyed this book because it was written in order of sequence. Once an event happened in the book, the author would reference over and over throughout the book. I liked the illustrations and the theme of the book. I would recommend this book for 2nd graders and would be fun for students to use for sequencing in the classroom.

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