Queen of Song and Souls

Queen of Song and Souls

C.L. Wilson / Aug 24, 2019

Queen of Song and Souls A brilliant sensual must read Christine Feehan The incomparable C L Wilson brings her phenomenal Tairen Soul novels to Avon Books Queen of Song and Souls is the fourth book in the epic romantic adven

  • Title: Queen of Song and Souls
  • Author: C.L. Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780062023735
  • Page: 443
  • Format: ebook
  • A brilliant, sensual must read Christine Feehan The incomparable C.L Wilson brings her phenomenal Tairen Soul novels to Avon Books Queen of Song and Souls is the fourth book in the epic romantic adventure that combines sweeping fantasy with breathtaking paranormal romance USA Today and New York Times bestseller C L Wilson returns to the Fading Lands, as the outcast A brilliant, sensual must read Christine Feehan The incomparable C.L Wilson brings her phenomenal Tairen Soul novels to Avon Books Queen of Song and Souls is the fourth book in the epic romantic adventure that combines sweeping fantasy with breathtaking paranormal romance USA Today and New York Times bestseller C L Wilson returns to the Fading Lands, as the outcast lovers, Rain the Fey King and Ellysetta, his truemate, must defeat the gathering forces of darkness through a power forbidden in their doomed world and the awesome strength of their love.

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      443 C.L. Wilson
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        C.L Wilsons unique blend of pulse pounding action, sweeping epic fantasy, and passionate romance has made her books a favorite read for romance and fantasy readers alike Praised for exceptional worldbuilding and lyric prose, her critically acclaimed novels have regularly appeared on bestseller lists including the USA Today, the New York Times, and Publishers Weekly.C.Ls novels have won numerous industry and reader selected awards including, LifetimeTVs Best Paranormal debut of 2007, the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, two National Readers Choice awards, the Colorado Award of Excellence, and the Holt Medallion Ms Wilson is the honored recipient of the PEARL award from Paranormal Romance as the best new author of 2007, and winner of the 2009 PEARL award for best Romantic Fantasy novel When not torturing her characters mercilessly, C.L enjoys relaxing with her family in sunny Florida and daydreaming of a world where people exercise in their sleep and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is a fat burning food.


    1. Final rating: 5/5 starsNot all battles can be won. Not all lives can be saved. And no matter how we wish it, not all songs end in joy.”She frowned and tilted her head back to look up at him. “Will ours?”“I pray so.” Somber acceptance darkened his eyes, and he stroked her cheek in a light caress. “But even if we do not find joy in this lifetime, we will be born again to love once more. That much, I believe without question. In this lifetime, or the next, or even the lifetime after tha [...]

    2. So the best way to describe this 4th book in the Fading lands series? Maddening. But in a good way. There's just so much going on, and you want to know it all, and you want to know it all, right now now NOW! But then again, no you don't, because then the story's over, and then where would we be? (other then waiting for CLW's next 3 promised books)But there's a lot happening in this book, and it doesn't seem to stop and you want our Heroes to get a break, and to be able to just relax, and then th [...]

    3. 5 StarsI loved it!"His sigh spoke of fear and regret mingled with grim acceptance. 'Teach her,' he said. 'Teach her to fight. Teach her to defend herself, and teach her to kill. The five of you must be her chatoks in the Dance of Knives. Teach her as you have taught no other. Give her everything. Hold nothing back.''Rain' Bel murmured, his eyes troubled.Rain waved off his unspoken objection. ' She is a Tairen Soul, and we Tairen Souls were born for war. I may not like this path the gods have set [...]

    4. 2nd read 27-30 January 2016Buddy read with Anzu and maybe Maru 1st Read from April 04 to 05, 2015What a depressing ending!

    5. The Tairen Soul series by C.L. Wilson is one of my favorites. It is a great blend of romance and action, with vibrant characters and a really, really evil villain. The second book of the series, Lady of Light and Shadows is one of my all time favorite books. I remember reading it and having to put it down because I became too emtionally involved in it - only to pick it right back up.Queen of Song and Souls starts two weeks after King of Sword and Sky and this is one series I highly recommend you [...]

    6. This is volume # 4 in a series, by the talented author C. L. Wilson. However, this specific work. Metaphorically, is like an automobile in idle. It just doesn’t carry the action forward from volume # 3 (“King of Sword and Sky”) into the next book, which would feature the climax to the 5 book series. And one hopes that there might be further future adventures for Rain and Ellysetta after that. But it is time to end this particular series and be on with it.In volume 3, many issues became cle [...]

    7. Queen of Song and Souls is the fourth installment in the Tairen soul series. For years I have heard so many amazing things about this series, and its not easy to find a stirring fantasy romance series that captures your heart from the very beginning. This review will be shorter than others, so that I don't give too much away.Rain and Ellysetta's story has been magical from the moment they first met. They have suffered and have made great strides. In this installment, there is much that we learn [...]

    8. This is a combined review over the 5 books of this Series.OK I read all 5 of this series non stop this weekendI just couldn't put this series down for the life of me.Yes, it does drag on in parts and found myself skimming over paragraphs but overall this was a freakin fantastic series full of Fey, Dragons, Mages, Elves and so many other charactersbutwho won my heart??Ellie - shite was a perfect main character and stole the book for me. From the beginning, the way the author developed her charact [...]

    9. Queen of Song and Souls is the exciting fourth book in the Tairen Souls series by C.L. Wilson. In my opinion, due to complex world created by C.L. Wilson, this series needs to be read in order starting with Lord of the Fading Lands, thus experiencing this series to it's fullest.C.L. Wilson elegantly throws us back in the world of Fey in the prologue where the King of Sword and Sky ended. From there we follow Ellysetta and Rain as they travel across the lands trying to create alliances with the C [...]

    10. "Death offers us hope, at least. Not for this life, but for another."Once again Wilson delivers a riveting edition to the series. She has created a world that is truly captivating and unforgettable. How could anyone not fall in love with Ellysetta and her shining Fey king? It's difficult to relate him to the same man that others refer to as "Worldscorcher", the man who once swept torment and destruction over the lands with Tairen flame. Since finding his Feyreisa, he's been selfless and compassi [...]

    11. [EDIT March 28, 2015 - Re-reading along with Jeanine. I really am not sure how many times I have both read and listened to the audio of this, my favorite fantasy series of all. There are not words for how wonderful this story and the world this author has created. On to the final book and waiting patiently (well no really patiently) for the promised spinoffs that need so badly to be told. On to the last and fifth book and then will put them away for awhileuntil I pick them up to take this journe [...]

    12. We get another awesome book in the series.I’m going with a very short review for multiple reasons. Everything in the last book was left so up in the air that by letting you know what goes on in this one would actually give away some of the surprises. Also if you are reading book 4 you already know where the story is going.This book was a really good mix of action and world building. Multiple story lines get pushed along without the need for building the situations. Ellie starts to come into he [...]

    13. I expected great things from this book, as usual this series never fails to amaze me. Life is fun, when books like this are your companions.

    14. God, that pretty much broke my heart :'( I love this series, and apart from the annoying realisation that I'll have to wait for God knows how many more books to get to the end of it, this was a great addition to the story.I just finished reading it only scant minutes ago, so I'm still feeling the effects, but the only word I can properly come up with to describe it is emotional. Flipping hell, was that emotional! I'd actually harboured thoughts (hopes would probs be better) that this was going t [...]

    15. That ending was cruel, I'm so freaking sad. The last book better be freaking epic and happy or I might scream.

    16. My review can also now be found on Reading Lark After Dark: readinglarkafterdark.Queen of Song and Souls opens with a shorter retelling of the ending of King of Sword and Sky's battle sequence, and told more from Lillis's point of view. And then we jump right over to another facet of the battle and Ellysetta now joining the other shei'dalins in healing the wounded following the last epic battle. Ellysetta has come a long way from the beginning of this series. She is much better at controlling he [...]

    17. This is book 4 in the Tairen Soul series, and it really does need to be read in order, as each book builds upon the last. If you pick this book up and read it without reading the previous one you are going to be missing so much.I LOVE this series, but I didn't feel that this book really moved the story forward much. It mainly covers the coming war between the Eld, and the Fey and their allies, and how everyone is preparing for it. It seemed to drag a little, and by the end I was getting sick of [...]

    18. I love this series, seriously.But this book was a little frustrating for me. The biggest frustration was that it seemed like Rain and Ellie's problems are a little drawn out. Rain has began the Sheitan's madness because of Ellie's inablity to complete their bond. There was absolutely ZERO progress on this. That really bugged me.The rest of the story was pretty good and I really like how the Elves were introduced to us. Adrial and Talisa's story was expanded upon and I can say that I don't think [...]

    19. May 2010Yet again, I cannot recommend this book enough A wonderful and amazing continuation to the Tairen Soul series, and now I am aching to read the fifth (and last) installment, which will only be out in November :-(But CL Wilson doesn't disappoint : Ellie and Rain's bond grows stronger as they go off to war with the Elds, and Ellie finally discovers her true heritage, as well as the High Mage of Eld's ultimate goal Although the truemate bond has yet to be completed, you can't help but sigh a [...]

    20. The war with the Eld is unavoidable, rain and Ellysetta must gather all the allies they can. She still carries hurt marks and tries to do as much good as she can while she can. The vision the oracle sent her haunts her every move. Rain is losing his grip on sanity, the bond is not completing and war brings the madness closer. They visit with the Elf King for a eye opening and disturbing premonition. Horrible truths are revealed, many lives will be lost. One pair of lovers has the ultimate ugline [...]

    21. *This review contains spoilers for all four books of the series.*So this is the latest book in the Tairen Soul series. The fifth and final book should be coming out some time later this year. This series is more like one really long book. The main characters are all the same; the subsequent books start off exactly where the previous books left off. If you don’t start at the first one and read them consecutively, you’ll pretty much be clueless about what’s going on and who the secondary cha [...]

    22. I had a hard time with the third book of this series. It felt slow to me, and I wondered if I'd misjudged the series. I enjoyed the first book a lot, and the second almost as much, but I read them years ago, and I always doubt my judgment from years past. But this book redeemed the series for me and showed that my struggles with book three were passing. I think that what helped me to enjoy this book more than the previous ones was the shift in point of view. In the previous book, I struggled wit [...]

    23. 5 star and then someWhat a beautiful read, with inspiration, passion, hopes, tears and nerve-racking combined. Yes, toward the end of the book, no eye-creme is going to help my dark circles, puffy-swollen-red-eyes this morning. As I continue my read on the elliptical, it was all out waterfall, seriously embarrassing. Luckily I was by myself and well hidden behind my sweat-teary-red face as I finished my 5 miles. Loving Rain with all her heart, body and soul, yet their truemate bonds are still no [...]

    24. The Fourth Chapter in C. L. Wilson’s Breathtaking Epic Tale of Magic, Passion, and Destiny "Two lovers, two hearts, one soul. Only joined can they be truly complete. Only joined can they survive the darkness."Wow! Once again a fantastic story but this time it made me cry. We've managed to get through a build up to war with not a lot of death but we do have them in this book and I confess I cannot read it even now without tears pouring out of me. I won't say who or how but suffice it to say, it [...]

    25. WOO HOO! After book three I was worried but I am SO glad I stuck around. Book 4 may have been the best yet. Positives: 1. Ellie learns about her past and her parents2. Rain is going a little cray cray3. We get to spend time with the elves4. The plot thickens and we get into Maur's head5. War is upon us6. Screw the queen7. Ellie and rain are so close. I just know it's gonna happen in book 5.Negatives:1. Romeo & Juliet - that's all I'm gonna sayBook type: Adult Fantasy/RomanceBook rating: 4/5R [...]

    26. I love how this book picks up right where book 3 left off. It is one of the elements of CLW's series that has made it so easy to slip down the slide into many entertaining reading hours.This book is plot heavy and moves, moves, moves.We are finally treated to the story of the elves and their city of Navahele. I found it all very enchanting. The Dance turns out to be a novel divination method. I can see why Galad Hawksheart spends so much of his life studying it.As you might expect, some story li [...]

    27. Queen of Song and Souls (Tairen Soul) A whole bunch of forward momentum as we see both foes and allies align as the Second Mage War takes a big breath, trembling on the brink of another wave of violence! Some secrets are revealed, the danger cranked even higher and the fate of the world lays in Ellie's hands as she fights to understand her role in the the ultimate battle between Light and Dark. She also seeks to save the sanity of her Tairen Soul mate, Rain, who can only be restored by the comp [...]

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