The Last Templar

The Last Templar

Michael Jecks / Jan 17, 2020

The Last Templar The most wickedly plotted medieval mystery novels The Times They had all joined taking three vows poverty chastity and obediencer they were monks warrior monks dedicated to the protection of pilgri

  • Title: The Last Templar
  • Author: Michael Jecks
  • ISBN: 9780747250616
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • The most wickedly plotted medieval mystery novels The Times They had all joined taking three vows poverty, chastity, and obediencer they were monks warrior monks, dedicated to the protection of pilgrims in the Holy Land until stories spread by an avaricious king who wanted their wealth for his own destroyed the order.There was one knight, however, who escaped t The most wickedly plotted medieval mystery novels The Times They had all joined taking three vows poverty, chastity, and obediencer they were monks warrior monks, dedicated to the protection of pilgrims in the Holy Land until stories spread by an avaricious king who wanted their wealth for his own destroyed the order.There was one knight, however, who escaped the stake, vowing justice as he watched his innocent brothers die In the Service of the Lord, Simon Puttock has not been bailiff of Lydford Castle long in this year of 1316, when he is called to a nearby village to examine a burned out cottage and the dead body within But it is the newly arrived knight, Sir Baldwin Furnshill, who discerns the deceased was no victim of a tragic mishap he was, in fact, murdered prior to the blaze Simon would be well served by accepting further assistance from this astute, though haunted and secretive stranger For a second fatal burning indicates that some harsh evil has invaded this once peaceful place, and its hunger has yet to be sated

    Templarhistory TemplarHistory is an online resource of information on the history, mystery, myth and legacy of the Knights Templar that was started by Templar author Stephen Dafoe in the fall of . Purpose Knights Templar Purpose and Activities of the Knights Templar Organization Integrity, Obedience, Courage The Knights Templar is a Christian oriented fraternal organization that was founded in the th century. Scottish Knights Templar Early modern history In the seventeenth century, interest in Templarism became political after the execution of Charles I, with the idea that Stuart partisans invented a Templar degree, as the king s death was to be avenged, as was the violent death in of Jacques de Molay, last Grand Master of the Templars.The story told by Dom Calmet was that Viscount Dundee was supposed to have been an JOIN US INFO Knights Templar MEMBERSHIP BOOKLET The Grand Encampment Committee on Membership is very pleased to present the first new membership Booklet in nearly forty years. Templars the Complete Story of the Knights Templar This is the complete history of the Knights Templar, including the most recent discoveries, with the rise, fall and survival of the Templars documented through the lives of individual Templars Square du Temple The Square du Temple is a garden in Paris, France in the rd arrondissement, established in .It is one of city squares planned and created by Georges Eugne Haussmann and Jean Charles Alphand.The Square occupies the site of a medieval fortress in Paris, built by the Knights Templar.Parts of the fortress were later used as a prison during the French Revolution, and then demolished by ESO Stamina Templar DPS Build Deltia s Gaming Welcome to our ESO Stamina Templar DPS Build called The Harvester On this page you will find an updated guide on the class, gear, champion points and everything you need to know for Stamina Templar Knightfall Teaser Shows Off Mark Hamill s Battle Hardened New Knightfall teaser shows off Mark Hamill s battle hardened Knight Templar History has revealed a new trailer for the upcoming second season of the hit drama series Knightfall featuring Mark Who were the Knights Templar Telegraph Jun , Who were the Knights Templar The order of the Knights Templar was founded by Hugh de Payens, a French nobleman from the Champagne region, along with eight of his companions, in Jerusalem around . Friday the th, Definition, Mythology, History History The Knights Templar Some believe that the arrest of Jacques de Molay, Grand Master of the Knights Templar, and of his senior knights on Friday, October , by King Philip IV of France is the origin of this superstition That day thousands of Templars were arrested and subsequently tortured They then confessed and were executed.

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        Michael Jecks is a best selling writer of historical novels The son of an Actuary, and the youngest of four brothers, he worked in the computer industry before becoming a novelist full time in 1994He is the author of the internationally popular Templar series, perhaps the longest crime series written by a living author Unusually, the series looks again at actual events and murders committed about the early fourteenth century, a fabulous time of treachery, civil war, deceit and corruption Famine, war and disease led to widespread despair, and yet the people showed themselves to be resilient The series is available as ebooks and all paper formats from Harper Collins, Headline and Simon and Schuster More recently he has completed his Vintener Trilogy, three stories in his Bloody Mary series, and a new Crusades story set in 1096, Pilgrim s War, following some of the people in the first Crusade on their long pilgrimage to Jerusalem He has also written a highly acclaimed modern spy thriller, Act of Vengeance.His books have won him international acclaim and in 2007 his Death Ship of Dartmouth was shortlisted for the Harrogate prize for the best crime novel of the year.A member of the Society of Authors and Royal Literary Society, Jecks was the Chairman of the Crime Writers Association in 2004 2005 In 2005 he became a member of the Detection Club From 1998 he organised the CWA Debut Dagger competition for two years, helping unpublished authors to win their first contracts He judged the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award for three years.Michael Jecks is a popular speaker at literary festivals and historical meetings He is a popular after dinner and motivational speaker and has spoken at events from Colombia to Italy, Portugal to Alaska.His own highlights are being the Grand Marshal of the first parade at the New Orleans 2014 Mardi Gras, designing the Michael Jecks fountain pen for Conway Stewart, and being the International Guest of Honour at the Crime Writers of Canada Bloody Words convention Michael lives, walks, writes and paints in North Dartmoor.


    1. It is hard to be objective as a writer. Anything you read will be measured against other books, other covers, other character sets, and of course your mood when you picked it up.However, writing objectively about your own work is harder. Last Templar had a dreadful beginning. A copy editor who clearly felt he knew more about the history of the period than the author (he didn't), and who tried to change clothing to colours that didn't exist, who put louvres in the roofs of peasant cottages, who c [...]

    2. I came into to this book expecting that I would have to fight not to be critical and it actually wasn't all that bad. It was a debut novel for an author who has gone on to right 30 or so books in the series, and as with many debut 'series' novels, they are learning curves for authors. I am always cautious of debut novels. However, you can't always judge the rest of a series based on the first. I can dislike a debut and yet still move on and read the next book and I will do that with this series. [...]

    3. Michael Jecks has explained on all the problems he encountered while writing this, the first book of his Templar series. I am a fan of everything to do with medieval history, and I really liked The Last Templar, especially the descriptions of the untamed English countryside, as honest subjects of the King hunt down roaming men who terrorize their countrymen. He has a light, but sure, touch with the historical detail. I will read the second in the series, the Merchant's Partner.

    4. I have not been reading this long series in order,but I've read most of the books except the early ones. The series is set in the reign of Edward II,and is based in the West Country,although later books are set elsewhere in England as well as France. 'The Last Templar'is unlike the later novels as it deals with local crimes,not the great affairs of state or the royal family. It sets the scene for the series by introducing the characters. I enjoyed this book alot as I found the story easier to fo [...]

    5. This was, despite some faults, an enjoyable mystery. The background and events are grim, but it's a quick, light read; the plot is interesting, and the characters have potential. The writing is often awkward, and the author seems to struggle with presenting his characters' personalities coherently. I understand that this is his first book and he's written many since - I would definitely be willing to read another in the series with hopes that the writing becomes stronger.

    6. For some time now, I've been looking for a new mystery series to begin. I've often seen Michael Jecks' medieval series on the bookstore shelves but I never saw the first one so I kept putting it off. But then a couple of weeks ago I saw The Last Templar at the store and so I used my free coupon and snatched it up.Right up front I will say I enjoyed reading this book, despite some "first book" flaws. I wish it had had a better editor but I will be reading additional books in the series as I under [...]

    7. I found the early chapters of The Last Templar to be quite hard going as Jeck takes pains to slowly set everything up and explain many aspects of medieval life. Some of these are quite important to our understanding of the plot or of the characters, yet because so much of the explanation is given as description in the early chapters it almost seems to dominate the early part of the novel.I also thought it strange that Jecks signposts the events that are a key character's motivations early on in [...]

    8. It is fortunate that I read the later books in the `Knights Templar' series earlier and not the first one first. Had that been the case I probably would not have gone back to another Jecks novel again. This book gives a feeling that the author has been asked to fill up a certain number of pages and he's keeping to that. When a murder mystery goes endlessly meandering describing the events `real-time' or when the author takes time off (from the main theme) to wax eloquent about English countrysid [...]

    9. This is the 1st book in Michael Jecks' excellent series of mysteries set in medieval England. Sir Baldwin, a Knights Templar who has returned to England after the destruction of his Order, teams with his new friend, Simon Puttock, a bailiff, to solve mysterious deaths. This book is not quite as well written as the rest of the series, but it is essential to give you the background of how the two men meet, and of Sir Baldwin's previous life.Jecks was a quick study as a writer and from the second b [...]

    10. Michael Jecks' The Last Templar (1995), the first in a series of "Medieval West Country Mysteries", fails so spectacularly on so many levels, from simple word choice to characterization to plotting, that it seems as if Jecks had never written a novel before. In fact, it seems as if Jecks had never read a mystery novel before.Why then did someone publish it? Who would publish thirty one others, the latest as recently as two thousand and thirteen? No daggers out of four, and I'm pretty sure Jecks [...]

    11. This is a fantastic murder mystery series set in 14th century England which follows the adventures of the Knight Templar Sir Baldwin Furnshill and his faithful companion Bailiff Simon Puttock. The pair are commissioned to solve murders while often defending against villains and avaricious monarchs. A well-researched, historical page-turner contains about 30 books charting the lives of our heros. I eagerly anticipate the next volume and highly recommend you start at the beginning and read them in [...]

    12. The fact that there was a warrior order frightened me, and also the fact that spin has been around for as long as man, also scared me.I enjoyed the book, although the thinking that meant that a man went unpunished for a crime left me wondering, would our press let that happen now in the interest of the community? I do not think so.

    13. Fun, Medieval murder mystery series. Michael Jeck's attention to historical detail is impressive. In all this series he spends the Introduction on the historic theme of the book and gives you a short bit of the history of the theme. I just love this series.

    14. The first in Jecks's Knights Templar mysteries. Simon Puttock and Sir Baldwin Furnshill are introduced and track down murderers and trail bastons in 14th century Devon. It mayn't be Brother Cadfael, however it's still worth a look.

    15. I really enjoyed this read. Very well researched. I find that I enjoy reading about the "normal" people in different historical eras than the rich.

    16. The Last Templar starts with the mysterious narration of the death of a Templar Knight in France. It also introduces Bailiff Simon Puttock and his wife and daughter, which serves to give us an intimate picture of life in the Middle Ages. Although I found it difficult to get into the story at first, eventually I found the characters and their relationships interesting enough to continue. The plot begins with the horrifying death of a local villager in his burning house Before long a group of merc [...]

    17. This is the first Michael Jecks book that I've read, and it's the start of the Knights Templar series. I've read quite a deal of Templar history, so I was very curious to see how it would fit into the historical mystery genre.As it turns out, the series is set in 13th century England, and the protagonist is a former Templar. There really isn't that much Templar history built into the novel except in flashbacks and character exposition. The book is written in contemporary dialogue, and a couple o [...]

    18. I enjoyed this book. I have always felt the Templars were sadly used by the French King and the Pope and were mostly innocent of accused crimes. Michael Jecks seems to agree with me and wrote this interesting mystery about an escaped Templar, Sir Baldwin Furnshill who comes to England to inherit the property of his deceased elder brother. He meets Simon Puttock, the new Bailiff of ther area who is drawn into a series of murders. As Simon works with Baldwin and also alone to determine the culprit [...]

    19. OK, so the story was kind of ok on this one, lost me at the end because it was unnecessarily complicated when it all came down to it. But, my stars, the writing is terrible! I swear, there are so many "as ifs" in this book, I thought I was reading the script for Clueless!! Not everything has to be a simile, Mr. Jecks, sometimes people can actually be turning away because they're deep in thought, not as if they're deep in thought! I really wanted to like this book much more than I did, but the wr [...]

    20. I wasn't expecting to like this book but I was pleasantly surprised.Sir Baldwin Furnshill was out of town when the king arrested the Templars and the beginning of the book details their demise. Several years later Baldwin has traveled home and along with Simon Puttock, bailiff of Lydford Castle, they investigate several murders.The writing may be considered a little simple and it takes awhile to get past the set up but all in all I enjoyed the characters of Baldwin and Simon and I look forward t [...]

    21. really enjoyed it. I usually prefer the Tudor period for historical fiction as I'm not too familiar with C13th history. AM going to read the rest of his books now.

    22. A very enjoyable medieval murder mystery, with an appealing hero and a puzzling mystery. I'll be trying another of these.

    23. Murder and mayhem in 14th century Devon.1314, France. The pope, in Avignon, has decreed that the Knights Templar are heretics and must be destroyed. They are hunted and tortured by the Inquisition, forced to confess their “sins”. Finally, in Paris, the Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, stands at the place of execution and declares all the crimes attributed to the Templars to be false. There is pandemonium in the crowd and the condemned men are rushed away by the priests and guards. One man wat [...]

    24. I decided to read this book as I had previously read one of the later ones of the series, one of the reasons being the friendship and comradeship between Simon, the bailiff, and Sir Baldwin. The Last Templar tells us of how the two meet and how they become embroiled in their first case. A big part of the first half of the story is given to discriptions of the countryside, the clothes that were worn and the general ways of life of medieval times, thankfully not too overly done, but I feel quite n [...]

    25. Het eerste deel van De Sir Baldwin Misteries. We maken kennis met Simon Puttock, net benoemd baljuw van Lydford Castle en een nieuwe bewoner in de streek, Sir Baldwin. Simon en Baldwin voelen meteen sympathie voor elkaar. Als er echter een abt op gruwelijke wijze vermoord wordt, begint Simon zich toch af te vragen wie die Sir Baldwin en zijn knecht Edgar zijn. Wat verbergen ze, waar zijn ze al die jaren geweest voordat ze terugkwamen naar het ouderlijk huis van Sir Baldwin. Simon moet als kersve [...]

    26. I usually love medieval mysteries, but this was a bit of a disappointment. Action scenes were long and drawn out instead of suspenseful, and I wasn't surprised by the ending, nor taken in by the "red herring" inserted midway into the book. Most annoyingly, the main character argued back and forth with himself and others as to who the murderer might be. A lot. Its saving grace that prevents me from totally removing this series from my To Read list is that I enjoyed Mr. Jecks' descriptions of life [...]

    27. It is clearly based on good research and an interesting premise (a Knight Templar who has escaped persecution), but too much time is spent on relatively unimportant aspects of the investigation, the characters are undeveloped, and—most disappointingly for a mystery novel—the ending is given away at the beginning.

    28. Interesting premise and a fast paced story. Unfortunately, there are some technical problems with Jecks' writing, probably because this is his first book, I believe. There is a lot of repetition in the descriptions and quite a few typos. I'm not sure I agree with the conclusion but understand it was necessary to set up the series.

    29. I was hoping for more history but there wasn't a lot. I was hoping for adventure and intrigue but was disappointed. I wanted to love the characters but they weren't very well developed. The point of view kept switching even within the same chapter and sometimes within a paragraph and that didn't help with getting to know the characters. Just ho hum.

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