The Wind in the Rose Bush: And Other Stories of the Supernatural

The Wind in the Rose Bush: And Other Stories of the Supernatural

Mary E. Wilkins Freeman / Jul 17, 2019

The Wind in the Rose Bush And Other Stories of the Supernatural The stories in this collection add a new dimension to the fictional portrayal of New England life The author s apparently simple declarative prose moves the reader convincingly into a world where g

  • Title: The Wind in the Rose Bush: And Other Stories of the Supernatural
  • Author: Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
  • ISBN: 9780897332323
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The 6 stories in this collection add a new dimension to the fictional portrayal of New England life The author s apparently simple, declarative prose moves the reader convincingly into a world where ghosts dwell and evil is real These stories contain buried comments on the life of women at the turn of the century By the author of Pembroke.

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    • Unlimited [Business Book] Ú The Wind in the Rose Bush: And Other Stories of the Supernatural - by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman ✓
      426 Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
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      • Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

        She was born in Randolph, Massachusetts, and attended Mount Holyoke College then, Mount Holyoke Female Seminary in South Hadley, Massachusetts, for one year, from 1870 71 Freeman s parents were orthodox Congregationalists, causing her to have a very strict childhood 1 Religious constraints play a key role in some of her works She later finished her education at West Brattleboro Seminary She passed the greater part of her life in Massachusetts and Vermont.Freeman began writing stories and verse for children while still a teenager to help support her family and was quickly successful Her best known work was written in the 1880s and 1890s while she lived in Randolph She produced than two dozen volumes of published short stories and novels She is best known for two collections of stories, A Humble Romance and Other Stories 1887 and A New England Nun and Other Stories 1891 Her stories deal mostly with New England life and are among the best of their kind Freeman is also remembered for her novel Pembroke 1894 , and she contributed a notable chapter to the collaborative novel The Whole Family 1908 In 1902 she married Dr Charles M Freeman of Metuchen, New Jersey.In April 1926, Freeman became the first recipient of the William Dean Howells Medal for Distinction in Fiction from the American Academy of Arts and Letters She died in Metuchen and was interred in Hillside Cemetery in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.


    1. These stories have held up well - unlike many stories from this era, the prose isn't unnecessarily filled with flowery metaphor. The author can write a pretty sentence - but she uses this ability sparingly, in a straight forward manner, which allows the stories to flow easily. I wasn't burdened by the language - her style is reminescent of Mark Twain (though she lacks his humorous wit).

    2. What distinguishes Freeman's ghost stories for me is that they're so psychologically acute. The byplay between characters, and what they are unwilling to come out and say, is really sharp and beautifully observed. She also knows how to make a story damn creepy!

    3. I'd got it into my head that this was a real humdinger of a collection of ghost stories -- someone must have recommended it to me at some stage -- and so I was looking forward to it very much. Alas, I was disappointed. I see quite a few GoodReaders disagree with me, so . . .There are six stories here, five of them ghost stories and the other a tale of a psychic vampire; at least a couple of the stories, the title story more than once, have been adapted for TV. I found them all a bit limp and inc [...]

    4. I really liked this collection of stories, they're told with a folksy charm and humor at times, yet almost seem to disarm with a naivete and innocence before delivering a few genuine chills. The stories almost always focus on old spinsters, sewing away by the fireside.The title story is one of the best, funny at times and fast-paced. It's about an aunt travels to a small town to fetch her niece from her stepmother, but when she arrives the girl is no where to be found. The stepmother assures her [...]

    5. 3.5 StarsThe Wind In The Rose-Bush – 4 StarsRebecca travels a great distance to retrieve her young niece and bring her home with her to live, only to find her curiously absent.The Shadows On The Wall – 3 StarsFor three sisters and their remaining brother, strange events are taking place in their family home after the sudden death of their youngest sibling, their brother Edward.Luella Miller – 3.5 StarsLuella Miller has always had people to do everything for her, people who have paid the pr [...]

    6. I don't know why I haven't heard of Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freemen before, as I am a fan of Victorian supernatural short stories. These rival the best of that genre, but approach the characters from a freshly female point of view. The characters are handled sensitively and are well drawn and realistic. Most of the drama is centred around the home. The voices are in keeping with East Coast American in the Victorian period. Those familiar with Little Women will notice the use of "ain't" being used b [...]

    7. Mary Wilkins Freeman's ghost stories are engaging and interesting, but don't vary much in structure or tone. The stories typically involve a staid New Englander and a nervous sibling doing their best to willfully ignore the strange phenomena around them. Freeman's portrait of this dynamic is excellent, and we can see the repressive natures of her characters finally burst at the seams when the weight of evidence overwhelms them. This process drives the horror of the stories, and the ghosts are mo [...]

    8. The main story, "The Wind in the Rose-Bush", and "Luella Miller " downright disturb me to my core. I've re-read them countless times and still can't get enough of them.

    9. This edition has versions of the short stories that have been "translated" into modern English. The originals are in appendixes.

    10. Not a fan. I tried to get through these stories but didn't have much luck. I got about halfway through. I did not like the way the author wrote these stories. I'm not really sure how to say it but the style was hard to understand and I felt really stupid reading these. It's like the author had to throw in some pretty big words (in my opinion), which threw me out of the story. Or she just rearrange the words in a sentence so it didn't really make sense to me. Ex: "Finally Rebecca herself waxed un [...]

    11. 3.5 overallThe Wind in the Rose-Bush: Rebecca is on her way to Ford Village to take her niece home with her. From the reaction of the couple of the ferry, the reader knows something is not quite right. Even thought I guessed correctly, the writing pulled me it and I was invested in this story. The letter from the postmaster confirmed everything. My favorite . 4*The Shadows on the Wall:My least favorite. This didn't grab me and I found my attention wandering. 2*Luella Miller:Interesting story abo [...]

    12. I am a huge Mary E. Wilkins Freeman fan, so if you aren't a fan of her's or of 19th Century New England RegionalismThere really is enough pace and suspense in this collection of short stories to keep you interested. And, like all short stories, it's easy to pick up and put down, which I did while reading two other novels.

    13. It's always a nostalgic delight to read a piece from the past. That can easily be said of Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman's anthology. Whilst she was not the most prolific writer, she definitely stuck with her own style of strong-woman-rents-haunted-room-in-boarding-house. I recommend this to anyone who may be in between books and looking for something to fill a few hours on rainy night.

    14. What a treasure to discover these stories from a prolific woman who lived in Western Mass in 19th century. Language and manners in our history exemplified beautifully, and in these stories the paranormal vs. religious convictions brings to light something atypical in this time period. Enjoying my discovery of Ms. Wilkins Freeman.

    15. I liked another reader's review that said these stories were very entertaining. A delightful collection of old world, atmospheric ghost stories. Rich in character and 1800s colloquialism. The author loves the words 'terror' and 'horror'. :).

    16. I've arranged my thoughts into a haiku:"Sanguine, masking wordsHiding an entire town'sCool indifference."

    17. Read so far:The wind in the rose bush --The shadows on the wall --Luella Miller --The southwest chamber --The vacant lot --The lost ghost --

    18. I read the original edition with some period illustrations. Low-key ghost stories very 19th c. American in setting and tone.

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