The Heidi Chronicles

The Heidi Chronicles

Wendy Wasserstein / Feb 27, 2020

The Heidi Chronicles Comprised of a series of interrelated scenes the play traces the coming of age of Heidi Holland a successful art historian as she tries to find her bearings in a rapidly changing world Gradually di

  • Title: The Heidi Chronicles
  • Author: Wendy Wasserstein
  • ISBN: 9780822205104
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
  • Comprised of a series of interrelated scenes, the play traces the coming of age of Heidi Holland, a successful art historian, as she tries to find her bearings in a rapidly changing world Gradually distancing herself from her friends, she watches them move from the idealism and political radicalism of their college years through militant feminism and, eventually, back toComprised of a series of interrelated scenes, the play traces the coming of age of Heidi Holland, a successful art historian, as she tries to find her bearings in a rapidly changing world Gradually distancing herself from her friends, she watches them move from the idealism and political radicalism of their college years through militant feminism and, eventually, back to the materialism that they had sought to reject in the first place Heidi s own path to maturity involves an affair with the glib, arrogant Scoop Rosenbaum, a womanizing lawyer publisher who eventually marries for money and position a deeper but even troubling relationship with a charming, witty young pediatrician, Peter Patrone, who turns out to be gay and increasingly disturbing contacts with the other women, now much changed, who were a part of her childhood and college years Eventually Heidi comes to accept the fact that liberation can be achieved only if one is true to oneself, with goals that come out of need rather than circumstance As the play ends she is still alone, but having adopted an orphaned baby, it is clear that she has begun to find a sense of fulfillment and continuity that may well continue to elude the others of her anxious, self centered generation.

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        Wendy Wasserstein was an award winning American playwright and an Andrew Dickson White Professor at Large at Cornell University She was the recipient of the Tony Award for Best Play and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.


    1. One of my reading themes in 2016, that I hope to continue in 2017, has been to read more classic plays. It is in this regard that I selected Wendy Wasserstein's The Heidi Chronicles, which won the Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1988. Wasserstein had previously wrote for the Seattle Repertory Company and penned two other plays- An Uncommon Woman and A Life Imagined. Heidi was her first play to win multiple awards and enjoy long success on Broadway. The Heidi Chronicles details twenty five years in t [...]

    2. I liked this play a lot more before I read my Women in Theater professor's article about it. Then all of a sudden all its flaws became pretty clear. Nonetheless, my favorite thing about it, the dialogue, remained unchallenged, so that's okay.Heidi was an interesting main character in that she is often portrayed as responding to things happening around her rather than actively engaging in them herself. As a way to highlight the different stages of the second wave feminist movement (stages Heidi s [...]

    3. I'm on a bit of a Wendy Wasserstein kick. This play won the Pulitzer Prize and the Tony in 1989. Even though the play is over 20 years old, the themes presented are still valid.

    4. The Heidi Chronicles is a coming of age novel that leaves the reader feeling empty, disappointed and more than a little depressed. The main character comes of age during a time of change and movement from the time spanning the 1960's-to the early 90's. With all of this change surrounding her Heidi feels compelled to action and finds herself fiercely advocating for the representation of women in art. However through all of this she finds herself lonely and unfulfilled. Her romantic life center ma [...]

    5. I cannot remember not knowing there was a play called "The Heidi Chronicles," but I had never seen or read it. I read a lot about it and about Wendy Wasserstein. recently, I read a New York Times article about the Broadway revival of the play starring Elisabeth Moss, whose Peggy Olsen was quite Heidi-ish, by the way. The article stated that the play was closing due to lack of ticket sales. That was interesting to me. Was the play dated? Irrelevant? So I finally read it.It's a very good play, abo [...]

    6. Wow. Amazing. "The Heidi Chronicles" captivated me in ways I never expected! This witty, fast-paced and enchanting play culminates with a chilling reality about careers, love, marriage, friendship and the ups and downs of life. "The Heidi Chronicles" resonated with me on so many levels and I look forward to seeing it on stage soon. Better yet, I look forward to someday portraying Heidi on stage. Highly recommend.

    7. I listened to the audio version of the play from Library2Go. The story was pretty good. Enjoyed the interview with the author at the end.

    8. I adore Wendy Wasserstein's work and this is my favorite. I'v always wanted to play Peter in a production. A great look a life!

    9. I'm not big on plays, but I really liked this one. The thing that attracted me initially was the synopsis - finding myself and trying to be true to myself (as cliche as it sounds) are things I have always thought about. But I definitely found much more in this play.People argue if this work is still relevant, they talk about feminism and how it's different today. I do agree that this work is about the specific situation of a middle-class woman in that specific time and I wouldn't say that one ca [...]

    10. Some plays read better than others; this is one I think needs the nuance of voice and facial expressions to help with comprehension. I can't believe I've never seen this performed! Anyway, there are bits I'm just not sure I understood, characters I'm just not sure how I'm supposed to feel about. But the language is so spot on and the banter is so realI trust that, when seen and heard, all would be revealed.As an aside, I also find amusing the fact that this reads, and strongly, as a period piece [...]

    11. I picked this up for an audition monologue, and I liked it much more than I was expecting to after hating Uncommon Women and Others! Almost 30 years on, it didn't feel particularly groundbreaking to me (especially not after having read several other Baby Boomer Retrospectives), but the characters were interesting, and several of the scenes were comedic gold.

    12. I didn’t care for this story. Maybe it was the play format. Much of it didn’t make sense or was too difficult to follow. I never got to like any of the characters. They were snarky, sarcastic, and full of themselves. When they were younger the women were self-righteous, elitist, and judgmental thinking that their view of society and women was the only correct way. Anyone who thought otherwise was unintelligent or uneducated.Where one went to school defined a person. The job one held defined [...]

    13. Had to put it on pause for a little while because of school reading, but I enjoyed it. I read this play as part of a play selection committee for a community theatre near me, so that's my preamble. Personally, I enjoyed the story. It's a very interesting episodic chronicle through the women's movement. The author made a note about using periaktoi to change scenes quickly. None of the locations are super important to the story, so I think minimalist is key. Overall, the only complication I see is [...]

    14. This was an interesting review of the 60s-80s in America, as seen through the experiences of the titular character as she tries to figure out what it means to be a woman. For being the main character, she doesn't have a very strong presence for most of the play. Mostly she is "acted upon" throughout the play by friends trying to latch onto their own identities as feminists or wives or mothers or professionals. I enjoyed the flashes of chemistry in particular scenes, even if they tended to be wit [...]

    15. I had a supporting, one-scene role in this play in a college production. Reading the script pretty much blew my mind, and pushed me in a few directions I would not have explored without it. Heidi Holland, an art historian, grows from a high school girl who isn't buying the usual scene to a confident professional who shapes a life she wants, even if it doesn't line up with what society thinks she should want. In between we get a look at all the different phases Heidi goes through, a neat tour of [...]

    16. While I didn't enjoy this one the best, I think it may be better structured then my favorite, which is Uncommon Women. We follow Janie from high school feminist to to successful art historian and mother, twenty years later, where she's still a feminist (I feel that's important to add because those things aren't mutually exclusive.) The play covers the changing roles of women throughout certain decades, and the changing role of feminists, and how feminism changed - another social movement/civil r [...]

    17. The Heidi Chronicles has somewhat fallen out of favor since the great fanfare when it came out in 1988. That is too bad, because it is a wonderfully funny and insightful play. Starting in the mid-1960s, it tracks Heidi Holland and her friends over the next several decades. While it has some dated moments, and the final "closure" feels incredibly trite in 2016, most of the play is really delightful. Wasserstein is so witty and quick - able to evoke big ideas and events with only a few lines. I ve [...]

    18. The Heidi Chronicles takes a young woman seeking her "best" self through the different stages of her life. A feminist, Heidi, is before her time in many ways as an art historian. Through her friends and her relationships with Scoop and Peter, the idealism of youth seems to bend to the traditional paths of money and status. In the end, I believe that Heidi had started to know that her happiness did not depend on any outside forces and she began to embrace what she truly wanted in her life. I have [...]

    19. Wendy Wasserstein's play about the life and times of feminist Heidi Holland is one that is very specific to its time. However, its wit and feeling resonates with any member of the audience and is an unmitigated success as a window into the day-to-day world of the eighties. Brimming with subtle yet intelligent banter and exceptionally introspective, The Heidi Chronicles is a winner among plays of which I'd never heard before reading them.

    20. The first half of this was the epitome of white feminism, and the second felt only slightly better. There were moments where Heidi actually feels real, but they are few and far between. Perhaps the best is the speech Heidi delivers in Act II. It is universal- at least in some way, the rest, is not.

    21. I read this in a professional context with designs on directing it for high school students. It has a lot of potential but I am concerned about handling the feminist themes as a man and not being patronizing or condescending. I think it is worthy of production here but want to make sure I am serving the students well.

    22. I read this because Civic will be doing this as a staged reading in Spring. Even though I'm about a decade behind "Heidi", this is SO much the story of my life and the women of my generation -- the choices and consequences we have faced. I AM Heidi. Well, I would like to be Heidi in the staged reading, anyway.

    23. men rely on first impression, you look bored must be bright, women march only, to become irrelevant in MT, I didn’t say anything why the edit, 1 vs love, idealist wonder what do when grow up, all in this together.

    24. This is a quick coming of age story about an art historian who isn't willing to give up her feminism. It really struck me that even though this play is about 25 years old, there are many themes that are still very relevant.

    25. A play with plenty to say about feminism, men, opportunities, choices and the extra pressures on one gender over another, simply because of gender. The play avoids being preachy, more or less, by being smart and often very funny. These are intelligent people but humanly fallible too.

    26. This was an interesting perspective of a woman's life from the 1960's to the 90's. The characters are dynamic, and the subjects definitely push the envelope of conservative society.*For my friends who might have concerns: Does have strong vulgar language.

    27. I read this originally out of a copy of the collection that everyone seems to have, which I don't any more. I read it more than once, but it was definitely more than ten years ago.

    28. Brilliant play exploring realistic feminism throughout the last half of the 20th century. Wasserstein uses Heidi to speak beautifully simple truths, that connected with me on a level few things have. I highly recommend reading it at least two times to pick up on all the nuances.

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