Kapteeni Sinikarhun 13 ½ elämää

Kapteeni Sinikarhun 13 ½ elämää

Walter Moers Marja Kyrö / Jul 17, 2019

Kapteeni Sinikarhun el m Ilmassa on kaukaisten nuotiotulten tuoksu johon on sekoittunut h iv hdys kanelia Siin tuoksuu seikkailu Uskomattoman hullu sinisenhauska kertomus Kapteeni Sinikarhun kolmentoista ja puolen el m n ih

  • Title: Kapteeni Sinikarhun 13 ½ elämää
  • Author: Walter Moers Marja Kyrö
  • ISBN: 9789511191544
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Ilmassa on kaukaisten nuotiotulten tuoksu, johon on sekoittunut h iv hdys kanelia Siin tuoksuu seikkailu Uskomattoman hullu, sinisenhauska kertomus Kapteeni Sinikarhun kolmentoista ja puolen el m n ihmeellisist vaiheista Zamonian mielikuvitusmaailmassa, jossa kaikki on mahdollista paitsi pitk styminen Sinikarhulla on kaksikymment seitsem n el m Paljastan teille,Ilmassa on kaukaisten nuotiotulten tuoksu, johon on sekoittunut h iv hdys kanelia Siin tuoksuu seikkailu Uskomattoman hullu, sinisenhauska kertomus Kapteeni Sinikarhun kolmentoista ja puolen el m n ihmeellisist vaiheista Zamonian mielikuvitusmaailmassa, jossa kaikki on mahdollista paitsi pitk styminen Sinikarhulla on kaksikymment seitsem n el m Paljastan teille, hyv t lukijat, niist kolmetoista ja puoli, loput pid n omana tietonani Zamonian mantereella el v t kaikki omituiset oliot, jotka on karkotettu ihmisten normaalista arkip iv isest maailmasta Siell asuu my s Kapteeni Sinikarhu 13 1 2 ensimm isess el m ss n Sinikarhu joutuu toinen toistaan karmaisevampiin seikkailuihin ja v ltt kuoleman usein vain hiuksenhienosti Nokkela seikkailueepos yhdist fantasian, sadun ja kauhutarinan se ilahduttaa niin mielikuvitusta kuin syd nt.

    Kullas Myllyoja Nainen ja rikastumisen taito Lukujonossa Edell esitetty saattaa kuulostaa Paulo Coelhon kirjasta lainatulta emme tunnusta niit lukeneemme , mutta mit sitten Maailma on tynn downshiftaamista, mutta me naiset tarvitsemme upliftausta.

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      • Walter Moers Marja Kyrö

        Walter Moers was born in 1957 and is a writer, cartoonist, painter and sculptor He has refused to be photographed ever since his comic strips The Little Asshole and Adolf were published, the latter leading him to be declared persona non grata by the political right in Germany Walter Moers lives in Hamburg.


    1. I spent the first 300 or so pages of this book trying to figure out whether it was a children's book for very advanced children or an adult book for readers who hadn't lost their sense of play and wonder. It's whimsically illustrated, audaciously imaginative, and has a distinked [sic] fascination with body odor. But to get some of the jokes, you need to have a passing familiarity with quantum physics, string theory, and academic politics. Eventually I gave up trying to categorize it and just enj [...]

    2. Ehhh. If I would have been the editor on this book I would have cut out about, oh, 400 pages. And I would have asked if maybe, just maybe, we could work some STORY into the novel. Really, the book is no more than a catalog of happenstance. I did THIS, and then THIS happened, and after that I went to THIS weird place where I did THIS weird thing. Multiply that by some 700 pages and you have a snorefest. Was it wildly inventive? Yes it was. Were there interesting characters? Certainly. What about [...]

    3. What do you get when you put a Blue bear in one of the most wonderfully imaginative worlds I have ever encountered in Fiction? In the hands of a master story teller and illustrator like Walter Moers you get a zany and wacky adventure with all manner of creatures, both lovable and scary and a reading experience like no other. Told almost as a biography of 13 1/2 of Blue bears 27 lives, readers like I are powerless to resist.Joining the story with a very young Blue bear adrift floating in frighten [...]

    4. Bluebear is everything he should be and so much more than I thought he would be. Between the cover and the title, hell even the synopsis, I was up the proverbial shit creek without a paddle when trying to explain to people what my current read was. “Is that a children’s book?” “Are you high?” After stumbling and mumbling my way through a couple of barely coherent sentences I would make the second mistake, offer them the book. One quick flip, maybe a pause at a picture or two before gen [...]

    5. Wow! Dieses Märchen von Walter Moers wage ich bereits jetzt im Februar als eines meiner Lieblingsbücher 2015 zu bezeichnen. Das einzige, das mich irgendwie stört ist, dass es in meiner Kindheit noch nicht existierte.Ich bin nun seit 1 Jahr regelmäßig auf jeder längeren Autofahrt in diese wundervolle Welt durch das Hörbuch eingetaucht. Dirk Bachs Stimme mag manche Leute vielleicht nerven, für mich passt das Fabulieren in diesem hellen quirligen Ton perfekt zum Käptn Blaubär. Mangels Ken [...]

    6. Still love this book :) Walter Moers creates a vivid and imaginative universe and stays absolutely true to it to the very end. I've read a number of his books by now, and this is definitely the best.I love his way of using the book media to tell his story, and though I generally don't care much for illustrations one way or another, here they definitely enhance the story. The characters are original and well described, and the 13.5 lives different enough to make for a very interesting story. I si [...]

    7. Indescribable, mad book, but fun. A blue bear tells of his bizarre adventures (half of his 27 lives) in a fantasy world of extraordinary creatures. Rescued and raised by mini pirates, taught to talk by Babbling Willows, navigator for a pterodactyl superhero etc etc. Interspersed with snippets from an encyclopaedia about the relevant creatures (shades of Hitchiker's), and plenty of pen and ink illustrations. The overall effect is like a more adult version of Stewart and Ridell's Edge Chronicles, [...]

    8. Humor is a very personal matter. What some people find funny, others find stupid. I've always tended to enjoy British humor more than American, outside of Mel Brooks. I prefer Blackadder over Mr. Bean. I love Little Britain, but don't really find Webb and Mitchell (or is it Mitchell and Webb?) to be as fulfilling. They seem to try too hard.I enjoyed this book. I do see, however, how it will not be to everyone's tastes.There is much in Bluebear that is amusing and wonderful. The story is very epi [...]

    9. Ein Klassiker, den jeder lesen sollte.Walter Moers Einführung in Zamonien durch die Augen des Blaubärs.Moers schafft es, in diesem Buch ein Universum zu errichten, was die Köpfe seiner Leser nicht mehr verlassen wird. Lebendig wird dies durch all die unterschiedlichen Charaktere, von der Berghutze bis zum Stollentroll. Es war mein zweites Mal, dass ich dieses Buch gelesen habe und ich bin mir sehr sicher, das ein Drittes folgen wird.

    10. This may sound tautological, but I'm disappointed that I didn't like this book. Obviously, one would be disappointed after reading a 700 page book he didn't enjoy, but there's something more here. It's like this poem.I had been to Zamonia first in City of Dreaming Books and then again in Rumo. I enjoyed its quirky characters and the playful adventures they endured. And no one has more adventures than Bluebear--13, in fact, with many, many sub-adventures. Every single one places Bluebear in the m [...]

    11. I picked it up because the cover art caught my attention and the title was so novel as to get me to skim through a few pages. It's a tome of a book, but really a fast read. Broken down into each of Bluebear's "lives" it's more of a collection of 13 1/2 stories than one contiguous story (though they do all tie in together, of course). It is reminiscent of a children's story book but with complex ideas so as to be interesting to the adult. But that kind of feel. A blue bear that rides on the back [...]

    12. Wow. This book was basically The Hitchhiker's Guide meets Where the Sidewalk Ends. It's exceptionally different and is a great book to escape reality in. There are many different stories full of memorable scenes and characters (Minipirates?).Definitely recommended.

    13. Quirky. Whimsical. Creative. Adorable. Fabulous illustrations.The book is written and illustrated by Walter Moers. He is German, but the book was translated. I’m utterly enchanted. I laughed out loud over and over. I annoyed my husband with repeated WAIT. JUST LISTEN. He didn’t find any of the things I read out loud as funny as I did. Dark humor. I was reminded of Terry Pratchett. Of The Princess Bride. Of Paddington Bear. Of some of my favorite fairy tales that are multi-layered and filled [...]

    14. This is not a normal book. If you want a normal book, this one is not for you. Moers is the King of Craziness. I imagine it (the ideas for his books) happening like this - Papa Moers has a child with insomnia, and the only way he can get this kid to fall asleep is to make up stories - long stories, stories that dredge every inch of his imagination (the most prodigious imagination ever)If you want to know who lives inside the eye of a tornado, or what its like to live in a mirage city, or meet in [...]

    15. Nesen izlasījis krievu valodā Mērsa “Sapņojošo grāmatu pilsētu”, biju patīkami pārsteigts no Sibillas uzzināt, ka šīs sērijas pirmo grāmatu salīdzinoši nesen ir izdevusi Jumava. Tā kā man atmiņa ir visnotaļ pašvaka, tūlīt pat āvu kājas un devos uz grāmatu veikalu, lai šo grāmatu iepirktu. Man paveicās – grāmata bija.Kapteinis Zilais lācis aizviļ lasītāju uz pasauli, kur fantāzija un humors ir ēverģēlīgi izlauzušies brīvībā: uz Camonijas kontinentu [...]

    16. Sehr kreativ aber leider auch seeeehr zäh! Ich hab jetzt seid 2014, 5 Mal neu angesetzt und versucht das Buch zu Ende zu bringen, aber mir ist einfach alles zu sehr ins Detail beschrieben, was meiner Meinung nach in einem "Bilderbuch" nicht nötig wäre. Es werden auch eindeutig zu viele Wesen für mein Befinden beschrieben, die nicht wirklich eine Rolle spielen und bei denen man nachdem man das Buch zuklappt eh nicht mehr weiß, was jetzt nochmal was war und wie ausgesehen hat. Aber wie gesagt [...]

    17. okay this was one of the best reads I ever had!Walter Moers is a true genius of writting I love his style and I really wish that more peoplewould read his books. I read the german (original) version and I think its more as powerfull as the english translation

    18. Mehr auf: xobooksheaven.wordpress/Inhalt:Ein Blaubär, wie ihn keiner kennt, entführt den Leser in eine Welt, in der Phantasie und Humor auf abenteuerliche Weise außer Kontrolle geraten sind. In 13 1/2 Lebensabschnitten kämpft sich der Held durch ein märchenhaftes Reich, in dem alles möglich ist - nur nicht die Langeweile!Quelle: randomhouseMeinung: "Ein Leben beginnt gewöhnlich mit der Geburt - meins nicht."Das Cover gefällt mir eigentlich ganz gut, man erfährt davon nichts und doch wei [...]

    19. is a long an entertainingly illustrated book of silliness. It all starts with the Mini-Pirates and goes on from there. The silliness is charming but also so unrelenting that I had to take breaks. What do you expect from a German cartoonist who is responsible for a character called Little Asshole? (March 31, 2007)

    20. I had difficulties rating this book; I adored it, but not quite as much as Moers' other book which I read first, The City of Dreaming Books. But I'm still giving it five stars as well because it does deserve them, being a perfectly delightful and entertaining collection of weird and imaginative adventures.I'm a little surprised at the number of negative reviews that this book has received on . I think the problem must be that the readers went in expecting something quite different than what this [...]

    21. I always try to write reviews for books that are not too well known, and I’ve been dragging my feet here. Since this is a such wonderful book by a talented and imaginative author, I’ve been afraid I won’t do it justice. It’s been over two years since I read this, but it’s still very much with me and fresh in mind the way only the best books can do. Walter Moers is an excellent writer, though he has somewhat of a low-brow reputation in Germany due to his “The Little @$$hole” comic s [...]

    22. I enjoyed reading The 13½ Lives of Captain Bluebear in the beginning. However, after making progress with the book, I started to lose interest.The characters are extremely unique to say the least. The world concepts are amazing, but the storytelling is far from good. The book needs a serious cleanup, say four hundred pages erased. I felt like more than half of it was pure filling. A bunch of chapters were useless, they had nothing to do with the story and the book could easily live without them [...]

    23. The slipcover of this book compared the writing to Douglas Adams and J.R.R. Tolkein. While I agree that the author could be considered slightly clever and the book an epic saga, both become victims of too much of an almost good thing. This book is 700 pages of repetitive, redundant and reiterative rubbish. I was tempted to stop reading about 300 pages into it but for some unknown reason gave it a chance. Now, I want those last 400 pages of my life back! The endlessness of the story grew increasi [...]

    24. So lange habe ich schon lange nicht mehr an einem Buch gelesen. Aber nicht, weil es so schwierig oder langweilig war, sondern einfach, weil es in der Geschichte so viel zu entdecken gibt und ich kein Wort verpassen wollte :DWalter Moers schafft eine außergewöhnliche und fantasievolle Welt. Die Geschichten, die Käpt`n Blaubär zu erzählen hat sind so außergewöhnlich und beinhalten so gar keine Klischees. Ich habe beim Lesen oft gelacht, über den Einfallsreichtum von Moers gestaunt und mit [...]

    25. This is an enormous book my elder son just sent me because "I share his sense of humour". I love the short chapterlets and so far so good. I picked it up immediately thinking I must have won it on , because "no one in his right mind would post such a heavyweight". Oh, well perhaps my son shares more than humour with me! ;-)This has taken me an absolute age to wade through. I enjoyed the beginning and then the adventures / lives started to get a bit repetitive. Somehow undiluted imaginative fanta [...]

    26. Bluebears have a total of 27 lives, but this particular bluebear tells his story of the first 13 1/2. He begins as a tiny little thing on a nutshell in the middle of the Zamonian Sea who is taken under the wings of mini pirates. As Bluebear grows they send him off into the world where he encounters different characters throughout the first 13 1/2 years of his life. Each chapter indicates a new chapter in his life, and he remains there until he learns what he is meant to learn and/or succeeds wha [...]

    27. Saksalaisen Walter Moersin "Kapteeni Sinikarhun 13 ½ elämää" (Otava, 2001) on huikean mielikuvituksellinen matka aalloilla syntyvän Sinikarhun kolmestatoista ja puolesta elämästä. Ja millaisia elämiä ne ovatkaan! Sinikarhu oppii puhumaan Pulina-aaltojen avustuksella, työskentelee hengenvaaraan joutuneita varjelevan lentoliskon apurina, saavuttaa mainetta Atlantiksessa valehtelijagladiaattorina, joutuu inhan kuilutrollin höynäyttämäksi ja vanhenee lähes sata vuotta jouduttuaan tor [...]

    28. ‘Life is too precious to be left to chance’ ~ Deus X. MachinaAnd so begins the amazing the story of Captain Bluebear and his many adventures during his 13/2 lives.‘The 13/2 lives of Captain Bluebear’ has been compared to various books but I feel that the book can hold its ground in one of most original tales I have read, the twists, the characters, everything in the book was just a delight to read, from the mini pirates at the beginning to the ultimate ending (which I will not give it aw [...]

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