A Thousand Days in Tuscany: A Bittersweet Adventure

A Thousand Days in Tuscany: A Bittersweet Adventure

Marlena de Blasi / Feb 16, 2020

A Thousand Days in Tuscany A Bittersweet Adventure They had met and married on perilously short acquaintance she an American chef and food writer he a Venetian banker Now they were taking another audacious leap unstitching their ties with exquisite

  • Title: A Thousand Days in Tuscany: A Bittersweet Adventure
  • Author: Marlena de Blasi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • They had met and married on perilously short acquaintance, she an American chef and food writer, he a Venetian banker Now they were taking another audacious leap, unstitching their ties with exquisite Venice to live in a roughly renovated stable in Tuscany.Once again, it was love at first sight Love for the timeless countryside and the ancient village of San Casciano deiThey had met and married on perilously short acquaintance, she an American chef and food writer, he a Venetian banker Now they were taking another audacious leap, unstitching their ties with exquisite Venice to live in a roughly renovated stable in Tuscany.Once again, it was love at first sight Love for the timeless countryside and the ancient village of San Casciano dei Bagni, for the local vintage and the magnificent cooking, for the Tuscan sky and the friendly church bells Love especially for old Barlozzo, the village mago, who escorts the newcomers to Tuscany s seasonal festivals gives them roasted country bread drizzled with just pressed olive oil invites them to gather chestnuts, harvest grapes, hunt truffles and teaches them to caress the simple pleasures of each precious day It s Barlozzo who guides them across the minefields of village history and into the warm and fiercely beating heart of love itself A Thousand Days in Tuscany is set in one of the most beautiful places on earth and tucked into its fragrant corners are luscious recipes including one for the only true bruschetta directly from the author s private collection.

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    1. I usually love reading about travel and food and I started out enjoying the descriptions of Tuscany, but then I got bored since there wasn’t much of a story. It was just a bit slow and boring for me. I also had a difficult time trying to understand some of the characters. In all fairness, the story did pick up a bit near the end. I’m happy that I’ve learned how to properly pronounce bruschetta!I’m not sure as to whether I will read more in this series. I think that I like the idea of her [...]

    2. Smack dab in the midst of normal and predictable routine, a gypsy thought will sometimes flit through my mind. What would it be like to pull up stakes, travel to an idyllic vacation spot, and live a carefree life? That is exactly what Marlena De Blasi did. She is a kind of modern day gypsy, an American who traveled to Italy to do research for her cook book and ended up in Venice, fell madly in love and married, then moved to Tuscany to taste and touch and feel its earthy pleasures. This book is [...]

    3. I really wanted to like this book. There were some passages that I loved. But ultimately, I was let down because the book cannot decide what it wants to be.Her choice of language occasionally left me puzzled, and pulled me away from the story, wondering if she cared more about her flowery language than telling her story. The number of days began to bother me as I read, wondering why there was a limit when they were talking about putting down roots and staying - was there some disaster waiting ar [...]

    4. I loved this book for many reasons. I wasn't inspired by the dishes she sensually described or the recipes she shared. I was inspired by how food united the people in the story. Through food they had culture, effervescence, togetherness and a bond. Through discovering/gathering food, breaking bread Marlena and Fernando were able to turn a grumpy old man into a loving, passionate friend and a dotting lover. Barlozzo took them on these adventures to these picking festivals in the fields, but he di [...]

    5. Un livre qui m'a rappelé l'atmosphère du roman "Sous le soleil de Toscane" de Frances Mayes tout en étant complètement différent. C'est une histoire pleine de charme qui invite à une certaine nonchalance dans ce village où il fait bon vivre et qui donne au lecteur des envies de sieste sous les figuiers, de tomates au basilic, d'huile d'olives et de pain frais. C'est un livre qui incite à la rêverie et à la paresse. On va suivre au fil des pages, Marlena et son mari ancien employé de b [...]

    6. Yeah, she is REALLY getting on my nerves this time around. I just read where she made a dress from drapes. Drapes, people!I also just read where one Italian man--known as the "duke"--asks her why her food is salty and sweet, and she says--dramatic pause--"Because life tastes like that."BARF.

    7. Приятна изненада се оказа тази книга, попаднала случайно при мен. Видът и анотациите отзад предполагат да се чете поредната лигава боза, пълна с лИбоФ. Но ако има любов в тази книга, то това е любовта към храната, виното и тосканското слънце, към простичкия живот, пълен с харм [...]

    8. If anything, this is more beautiful than its predecessor, A Thousand Days in Venice. De Blasi captures life in a small town in Italy and the people who inhabit it with prose that makes you weep and laugh as much as her descriptions of the food make you salivate.

    9. I got to page 34 before giving up, and it wasn't a quick and easy time to get even those few pages done. While the description of the food was fine, I simply did not care for De Blasi's writing style. It felt overly slow and dull to me.

    10. Don't expect this to be a literary sensation but I thought that this tale achieved what it set out to acheive.At first the author's griping at having to relocate from Venice to Tuscany to fulfil her husband's desire to escape his Venice banking life grated somewhat. Doesn't she know how lucky she is? However, her growing sense love for the new part of Italy soon began to shine through as she throws herself into the life of the community. The author has journalism and food criticism background, s [...]

    11. This was just about the perfect book for me. I enjoyed this more than her first book, A Thousand Days in Venice which was good. This combined one of my favorite regions in the world with a wonderful exploration of the food and culture of that region. I felt the heat of the sun while she harvested grapes and I could smell the rosemary she loved to add to her cooking fire. I don't know if this book was so perfect for me because I was reading it in from an ideal place (on a deserted beach on a Cari [...]

    12. I am a sucker for the continuation of De Blasi’s story. (See A Thousand Days in Venice in my Foodie Read list).

    13. Beautifully written this travel book of glorious food, life and love in a Tuscan village is inspiring and jealousy inducing. Inspirational and alluring. I want to cook all the food she speaks about, experience the harvests and foraging and all besides.I would very much like to be a part of it!

    14. The descriptions of the people and the countryside are just as delicious as the descriptions of the food, and the recipes will make your mouth water. A thoroughly enjoyable, and as the title says, bittersweet adventure.

    15. This non-fiction account of Marlena De Blasi's life adventure in Italy is a continuation of her love story that began in A Thousand Days In Venice. I am enjoying her adventures and will also read the next installment of her story but found this book not as cohesive as the first. She is a good writer and her food descriptions make you want to go to the kitchen and snack but I feel the breakdown of the story was more of an editor problem than a writer problem. She continues to express her love for [...]

    16. In search of a new life Fernando cuts all his ties with his birthplace Venice and takes his wife Marlena to live in Tuscany. She is not keen to leave the Venice she loves but understands her husbands desire to leave the demons that trouble him behind. Will this new beginning work for them or will his melancholy follow them.They settle in the small village of San Casciano dei Bagni near the borders of Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio meet. Life is still ruled here as it has been for centuries by the sea [...]

    17. A Thousand Days in Tuscany was a very tough book to read. Now I want to go to Tuscany, rent a villa and live among the locals. I'm under employed therefore my ability to travel to wonderful and interesting places is out of the question. The stories of cooking and baking and gathering chestnuts and olives from the field made me hungry. My mouth drooled while reading the author's descriptions of each meal. I'm on a diet. It was torture. And then there's the whole wine thing. All her wondrous cooki [...]

    18. Interesting read. Hard book to rate. I love much of the descriptive verses of food and scenery. I love her images of Venice but, I just could not accept the entire concept of her relationship or his personality as described. She talks about this wonderful connection they have and then goes on to talk about how controlling he is and so very strange. This is supposed to be a story of how she actually fell in love and moved to Italy giving up all she knew. It just doesn't ring true or accurate in s [...]

    19. Another sensuous culinary journey into Italy, this time Tuscany, with the author and her Italian husband. De Blasi weaves a story of herself and the people she meets, along with historical facts and the beauty of the countryside. And as you journey, there are sumptuous reprieves to learn about harvesting grapes, to sip wine, to gather chestnuts, and eat hearty homemade bread drizzled with just-pressed olive oil. Until you can travel to Italy yourself, reading Marlena de Blasi's books are the nex [...]

    20. I LOVE anything Italian, especially 'Under the Tuscan Sun' type books, but this was beyond dry. Everyone loves an 'escape to the Tuscan hills' type story, but there was so little substance here, and it centred entirely around food and cliched repeated descriptions of bubbling pots and juicy tomatoes and glistening olive oil - and nothing else. I read this in Italy, and was really in the mood for some proper escapism, but I can only read about so many freshly harvested Tuscan feasts on repeat. I [...]

    21. Quote from the book: "Hell is when nothing is cooking and no one is waiting." This book is all about food and cooking--oh, and there is a sweet story of relationships and finding joy in the moment. My problem was that the life in which she found joy (cooking constantly) sounded so unappealing to me, although I'd love to visit and let her cook for me for a week while I hiked around the countryside. I did enjoy the story behind the food, but there were too many pages all about the food.

    22. enjoyed reading about the building of their outdoor stone oven, the scene during the annual olive press and the making of the bruschetta, and one of the stories told by one of the village people about when times were scarce and a mom had to give her hungry son one small piece of bread and stretched it out with her imagination by pretending it was a sandwich made with his favorite cheese. the recipes sounded good toomight try out the chestnut cookies.

    23. I guess I like to read books I can relate to with regards to my ancestry, my experience of life on this earth. Italy calls to me since my maternal grandparents were born there. This book had me speaking Italian and eating pasta and drinking wine. I now carry a picnic basket in my trunk in case the opportunity should arrise.Loved this book!

    24. I have read all of De Blasi's books. Loved them all. Not this one. It is one of her earlier books,maybe that is why. THAT SUMMER IN SICILY is my favorite tho. Her books are slow to get into but quite enjoyable.This particular book,Tuscany was slow thru the entire book. If you want a good book, Try the Sicily book, also slow to build but a lovely read and perfect for summer also.

    25. Was highly recommended to me as preparation for an upcoming trip to Tuscany. Beautiful descriptions of a rustic life through four seasons, each with mouth-watering, belly-warming recipes. Also a nice way to pick up a few Italian phrases.

    26. Wow so loved this book - It makes you wan to be there, eating there, living there, I was so engrossed in this book - She lives life - embraces it- Great memoir of her time in Tuscany

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