Na Krawędzi Cienia

Na Krawędzi Cienia

Brent Weeks Małgorzata Strzelec / Aug 24, 2019

Na Kraw dzi Cienia Kylar Stern odrzuci ycie zab jcy Po krwawym przewrocie zorganizowanym przez Kr la Boga mistrz i najbli szy przyjaciel Kylara zgin li Przyjacielem by Logan Gyre nast pca cenaryjskiego tronu Jednak e

  • Title: Na Krawędzi Cienia
  • Author: Brent Weeks Małgorzata Strzelec
  • ISBN: 9788374801607
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kylar Stern odrzuci ycie zab jcy Po krwawym przewrocie, zorganizowanym przez Kr la Boga, mistrz i najbli szy przyjaciel Kylara zgin li Przyjacielem by Logan Gyre nast pca cenaryjskiego tronu Jednak e niewielu arystokrat w prze y o, eby op akiwa jego mier Kylar zaczyna wi c od nowa w nowym mie cie, z nowymi towarzyszami, w nowym zawodzie.Kiedy jednak dowiadujeKylar Stern odrzuci ycie zab jcy Po krwawym przewrocie, zorganizowanym przez Kr la Boga, mistrz i najbli szy przyjaciel Kylara zgin li Przyjacielem by Logan Gyre nast pca cenaryjskiego tronu Jednak e niewielu arystokrat w prze y o, eby op akiwa jego mier Kylar zaczyna wi c od nowa w nowym mie cie, z nowymi towarzyszami, w nowym zawodzie.Kiedy jednak dowiaduje si , e Logan mo e y uwi ziony, w ukryciu staje przed najci szym wyborem mo e na zawsze porzuci drog cienia i odnale spok j w nowej rodzinie Mo e te wykorzysta sw j niszczycielski talent i lata wicze , eby ratowa przyjaciela i kraj jednak wtedy straci to, co dla niego najcenniejsze.

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        Brent Weeks was born and raised in Montana After getting his paper keys from Hillsdale College, Brent had brief stints walking the earth like Caine from Kung Fu, tending bar, and corrupting the youth Not at the same time He started writing on bar napkins, then on lesson plans, then full time Eventually, someone paid him for it Brent lives in Oregon with his wife, Kristi He doesn t own cats or wear a ponytail.


    1. My ocular muscles are sore from all the eyerolling I did when I read Shadow's Edge. It is even more obsessed with virginity/chastity than an average American Sex Ed class. Because all women are either virgins or whores, right? *sigh*The terrible, atrocious portrayal of female characters annoyed me even more than in the first book. I cringed very time a female character took stage. They all lack any depth whatsoever, becoming little more than caricatures. The virgin/whore dichotomy rules this boo [...]

    2. This book was nowhere near as interesting as the first book, in my opinion. The first half of the book focused mostly on unimportant details, and there wasn't nearly as much action and political intrigue. However, that epilogue really makes me want to finish reading the trilogy. VERY INTRIGUING.

    3. Some time has passed, and I’m trying to think of something positive to say about this book. And it turns out to be a real struggle.Most of it is about Kylar constantly complaining that he’s a virgin, Logan constantly complaining that he’s a virgin, Elene being dreadfully annoying and Kylar and Elene trying to avoid the topic of sex around little Uly. It’s like the book is a pendulum switching constantly between annoying and awkward.The storyline is just a sidetrack. A break between the a [...]

    4. Quite honestly, this falls at two stars on my enjoyment scale. While Weeks is talented at developing the video game fantasy, a genre I am now officially defining for public benefit, it lacks most of what I love in a good read. Shadow's Edge is an improvement over The Way of Shadows, but ultimately the shortcomings of the storytelling cripple the book. A hallmark of the video game fantasy is a telegraphed narrative with cursory character development. Weeks jumps from person to person, almost neve [...]

    5. I think a lot of people who are complaining about the role of women in this book completely missed something important; it adds to the development of the world. It is a medieval fantasy and the women in this time period are relegated to nothingness however they play a huge role in this book itself. Elene and Vi are FOILS; they are meant to be eachother's anti-thesis in every way. Vi was abused sexually, physically, and mentally in every way conceivable while Elene grew up in a relatively happy a [...]

    6. Nope.Just no.What the hell Brent? This is more like some teenage sexual angst sketch than an epic fantasy. I can see some sexual innuendos, some earthy and frank sexuality; hell I read Lolita and dozens of Robert Silverberg books so a prude I’m not, but neither am I a sophomore pornographer and I walked past this line of fiction in middle school.And 700 pages? I might have stayed with you for another 100 or so pages, but I was not going to wade through this muck for the next week at least.I di [...]

    7. 3/5 starsWarning: Possibly the laziest review in all of humanity follows.Beginning (AKA the Kylar-Elene-'sex'-soap opera):The ENTIRE 200 pages were about as thrilling and sexy as:(view spoiler)[(hide spoiler)]- Basically, a total snoozefest.Middle (AKA shit starts to get real):- Kylar actually starts acting like the man I knew and loved from book #1. - Vi becomes infinitely more interesting. - Awesome deaths occur.The end (AKA the shit is here):>- The ending is pretty much the holy mother of [...]

    8. Wow, does Brent Weeks pack a punch or what? For most of this book, I thought I would be giving it four stars, simply because I had enjoyed The Way of Shadows more. I loved the early years of Kylar's life and his training to be a wetboy. My favorite character had been Durzo Blint, his mentor, master, and father figure during this training. This was more epic a story, focusing not only on Kylar as he tries to learn the simple life of an herbalist, but on the primary players in a power struggle bet [...]

    9. 4.5 stars. This is certainly on my top ten list of Fantasy books/series to come out of the last ten years. Great characters, excellent world-building and the magical/fantasy elements (e.g powers, creatures, artifacts and magic systems) are as good as it gets.

    10. This book was just as wonderful as I had hoped it would be and even though this took me a lot longer to get through (due to life taking over and getting crazy) I always found it really easy to slip back into the world and see the characters again.This book is book 2 of the Night Angel Trilogy and we pick the story up not too long after the ending of book 1 and we're continuing to follow Kyler. I have various reasons why I really enjoy this series and one of those is because the characters of the [...]

    11. Woah! This book was such an amazing ride, and nothing short of a constant heart attack."The red and black traitor's arrow leapt across that narrowest of chasms: the distance between a wetboy and her deader. It cut a red path through the air as if the night itself were bleeding"Although I missed Durzo for most of the book (the last page of the book had me screaming) I must admit that I now like and Kylar as well. As Vi says, sometimes he has such innocence about him to the point of being endearin [...]

    12. What can I say about this book? How about a list of reason why you might love it.If you think the power of love overcomes all, and that belongs in a story about an Assassin, you know a guy that kills people for money. Then this book is for you. If you think all women fall into one of two categories. Those being virgins or whores. Then you found your book right here. If you like reading books that feel like the story to an 80's video game, you know a plot just thrown in there so you can watch som [...]

    13. “Tell them the Night Angel walks. Tell them Justice is come.”Kylar Stern is the Night Angel. Immortal but not invincible. The black kakari that has bonded to him grants Kyler god-like powers. Powers to be used in the cause of Justice, Vengeance and Mercy.But Kylar's done with that life. He wants to live his life in peace with Elene and Durzo's daughter Uly. But some destinies are too large to be contained by a domestic life. And Kylar's former life is not content to let him be. The God King [...]

    14. Uhh napokon je završih. Po meni , dooosta slabija od prve knjige .Radnja se nastavlja odma nakon prve knjige . Početak je stvarno odličan bio , brutalan i začinjen dozom crnog humora kojeg jako volim .Aaaaali poslije Gotovo se ništa posebno nije dešavalo . Tu je bio samo pokušaj drastičnog mijenjanja osobine likova , što autor uopšte nije uspio .Jesam se mučio ? - JesamJe li bilo dosadno ? - Djelomično i previše dosadno .Je li bilo razvučeno ? - Pa mislio sam da je bespotrebno ra [...]

    15. I'm torn between 4 and 5 stars. If I could split this into parts, I'd rate the first half of the book 2 stars and the last 100 pages 5 stars. the stuff in between would be around 3.5 stars. That ending though. That's an epilogue of epic freaking proportions. Absolutely excellent ending. Horrid beginning. I was soooo bored for the first 250 pages or so. The nonsense with Elene felt like it would never end. All I wanted was to see Kylar fight. That's it. I didn't think I was asking for much. Thank [...]

    16. Not too sure how to rate this book and decided to stick to 3-stars for a more neutral standpoint. There were some awesome scenes, some not-so-awesome, and some meandering which I'm not sure went anywhere. The character that made the first book better was not present and boy, do I feel the absence. Kylar is a decent enough character although the first one-third of the book was annoying - all thanks to Elene who was truly beginning to irritate me. Kylar's arc only got interesting after he discover [...]

    17. Brent Weeks first Way of Shadows book was interesting (See my review of it) although nonsensical and pointless and I had little hopes of the next one in the series being any better. The only reason I read it was because there were some characters that I liked and was interested to see what happened too them. Well I got 80 pages into this one and decided to stop reading it because;A. As the last one it made no sense and was pointlessB. The writing felt cheesy and stupidC. (And most importantly) t [...]

    18. 4.5 Stars. It took a while to get into its stride and i think enjoyed the first one better. But overall it was a very fun read.P.S: You cant talk about grim dark fantasy without mentioning Brent Weeks. This was one dark, gritty sunnuvayou know.

    19. Wow! Just wow! I LOVED every minute of this book, it was amazing! Ok, now that we cleared that, lets try to say something more objective.At first kyler tries to quit his murdering ways and be something he's not. In the process he brings him self a lot of frustration and pain.I was peeved because it was taking so long and because i hated elaine. She has some unbelievably unrealistic, narrow-minded views and expectations. like doing only 'good' and no violence even when its clearly the only way of [...]

    20. I absolutely loved the first book in this series, which was bloody, gruesome, grim, in parts funny, entertaining, fast paced and had great characters.It all changes a bit with the second one - I miss one of my favorite characters, and I hate the romance part that is introduced. A) I hate romance in my fantasy at all times, and B) I especially hated the female part of the relationship. To me she felt like she was always whining and complaining, and just not a good female character at all. That re [...]

    21. THAT CLIFFHANGER though. OMG!Since this is already book TWO, i can't really say much about the plot except that WHAT WHO are dead doesn't really stay dead. You will have a ball reading this one.i will, however state 5 cool things i found in this book.1MOR/SARCASM.Kylar, as an accomplished wetboy, scared a local Shinga so he and his thugs will not attack a naive girl and his family one night.With a hiss, the ka'kari slid out into a long, smoking punch dagger. Low blue fire sprang in his eyes. It [...]

    22. Book Info: Genre: Dark epic fantasyReading Level: AdultRecommended for: fans of dark epic fantasyTrigger Warnings: murder, killing, assassination, violence, rape, torture, mutilation, stealing, slavery, cannibalism, danger to child/kidnapping, sexual assaultMy Thoughts: This second book in the Night Angel trilogy is much better edited than the first book, which is very strange; I guess maybe there was a different editor? Why they wouldn't have had an editor go through the omnibus edition to chec [...]

    23. The second volume of the Night Angel Trilogy still lacks the craftsmanship I feel Weeks demonstrated in the Black Prism, which (at the time of this review) is his latest book. I can forgive the book its momentary awkwardness for the bigger picture of utter awesomeness. This book is pretty awesome. Ezra's Wood was particularly captivating. I am enjoying getting to experience a larger part of Midcyru.However, I hate that he introduces a brand new group/character/situation without any back story or [...]

    24. I am not going to rate this book because I did not finish it, but I had a major issue with this book. It was less of what it is sold as, epic fantasy featuring a kickass assassin, but more of a young adult love story (a least it was until the point I stopped reading). "She scrunched up her face and made wet kissing noises. “Our little contraceptive,” Kylar said. Much as he loved Uly, Kylar was convinced that she was the only reason that after three wonderful weeks on the trail with the woman [...]

    25. Shadow's Edge (2008) [US:] [UK:] by Brent Weeks is the second installment in The Night Angel trilogy and Weeks continues to impress with his debut series. Although the beginning slowed down the pace a bit, Weeks was able to keep the tempo going from The Way of Shadows (review) and finish with quite the finale.I've attempted to eliminate as many spoilers as possible, but it's difficult to discuss sequels without giving away some from the first. Beware some spoilers if you've yet to read The Way o [...]

    26. Executive Summary: I have mixed feelings about this book. It's very uneven. I went from 3 stars to 4 stars, back to 3.Audio book: Paul Boehmer again does a good job reading. A few accents, but nothing special. My only real gripe is when the POV suddenly shifts. I'm not sure if it's the way Mr. Weeks wrote the book, the way Mr. Boehmer is reading the book, or the way the audio was cut, but there needs to be some kind of pause between POV shifts in the same chapter, because it is VERY jarring when [...]

    27. I adore this series, and the world that Weeks has created. I have already stated that Kylar is hands down one of my all time favorite heroes in fiction. I loved about 90% of the story. I really only had 3 problems with the book over-allo of the problems being minor, and one being more substantial and therefor the reason this ended up getting 4 instead of 5 stars.The minor problems: Kylar was absent for large chunks of the middle part of this book. And, while I have grown to love the enormous cas [...]

    28. 3.5 StarsIt took me a little bit to get into this one. At the start of the book, Kylar is attempting to settle down with his lady love Elene and Uly, the daughter of Kylar's master Durzo who is 3 months dead. Elene has gotten Kylar to giving up his wetboy ways, but when Jarl comes to ask Kylar for one last job, what will he do?Until Jarl shows up I was thoroughly annoyed with this book. I found myself disliking Elene immensely with her tears and demands. Kylar talks about how she is the one pers [...]

    29. Holy mother, this book was good. I thought The Way of Shadows was good, but it was nothing compared to this one! Weeks really hit his stride in this volume of the story, and I absolutely loved every minute of it.It's been a long time since I got really emotionally drawn into a good old fashioned fantasy trilogy. I don't know when exactly it happened, but this series definitely broke that dry spell. I don't remember feeling quite so emotionally attached to the characters while reading The Way of [...]

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