Paula Deen

Paula Deen

Paula H. Deen C. Dingler / Nov 15, 2019

Paula Deen Do you know the real Paula Deen You may think you know the butter loving finger licking joke cracking queen of melt in your mouth Southern cuisine You may have even visited The Lady Sons to taste fo

  • Title: Paula Deen
  • Author: Paula H. Deen C. Dingler
  • ISBN: 9781616881986
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
  • Do you know the real Paula Deen You may think you know the butter loving, finger licking, joke cracking queen of melt in your mouth Southern cuisine You may have even visited The Lady Sons to taste for yourself the down home delicacies that made her famous and even heard some version of her Cinderella story a single mom with two teenage sons started a brown bag luDo you know the real Paula Deen You may think you know the butter loving, finger licking, joke cracking queen of melt in your mouth Southern cuisine You may have even visited The Lady Sons to taste for yourself the down home delicacies that made her famous and even heard some version of her Cinderella story a single mom with two teenage sons started a brown bag lunch business with 200 and wound up with a thriving restaurant, a fairy tale second marriage, and wildly popular television shows , but you have never heard the intimate details of her often bumpy road to fame and fortune.Courageously honest, downright inspiring, and just a little bit saucy, Paula shares the highs and lows of her life in the inimitable charming and irreverent style that you know from her television shows and personal appearances She talks about long childhood summers spent in a bathing suit and roller skates and hard years living in the back of her father s gas station a buzzing high school social life of sleepovers, parties, cheerleading, and boys and a difficult marriage The death of her beloved parents precipitated a debilitating agoraphobia that crippled her for years But even when the going got tough, Paula never lost the good grace and sense of humor that would eventually help carry her to success and stardom Of course, you can t get by on charm alone as Paula has learned, you need plenty of willpower, hard work, and, above all, the love and support of family and friends to finance, sustain, and run a successful restaurant In each chapter, Paula shares new recipes there s serious comfort food like her momma s Chocolate Dippy Doughnuts, Courage Chili for when you know life s going to get tough, Sexy Oxtails for seducing that special someone, and the recipe for her new mother in law s Banana Nut Delight Cake that Paula finally got just right And you ll love the never before seen photos of her family In this memoir, Paula Deen speaks as frankly and intimately as few women in the public eye have ever dared Whether she s telling tales of good times or bad, her story is proof that the old fashioned American dream is alive and kicking, and there still is such a thing as a real life happy ending.

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        Paula Deen born Paula Ann Hiers is an American cook, restaurateur, author, actress and Emmy Award winning television personality.Deen resides in Savannah, Georgia, where she owns and operates The Lady Sons restaurant with her sons, Jamie and Bobby Deen She has also published five cookbooks Though married in 2004 to Michael Anthony Groover, she continues to use the surname Deen from her first marriage professionally.


    1. I love Paula Deen! She is such a funny, strong and genuine person. She has such an amazing story - literally going from rags to riches. But I don't think fame has changed her one bit. She is the kind of person who stays true to herself no matter what others say. I was so inspired by her story and her incredible strength. And I can't wait to try some of the recipes in the book!

    2. It was a quick read for me, but the second half was little more dull than the first. I guess once I got to the part where she had her own show, the interest level died off. I did get tired of her southern sayings and starting a sentence with "Look, " - it's not literary but conversational and it gets old quick. Not a bad book though.

    3. Paula Deen is quite a character. I started reading the book, then downloaded the audio book and she was the narrator. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing her spoken words. Her southern accent and the way she describes the ups and downs of her life was so endearing. I recommend the book to anyone who has seen her on TV and likes her.

    4. This was a great break from the long, heavy book I'm currently reading and feeling bogged down in. It was a nice, light read. I felt like I had invited Paula Deen in to sit down at the kitchen table and tell me about her life. Her voice came through perfectly, yet toned down enough that every sentence didn't contain a "y'all." Also, Paula Deen's personality came through perfectly - warts and all, as she says. It took a lot of courage to share some of the secrets she shares. She also shares some [...]

    5. She might be bawdy, ballsy, have a potty mouth, but she is REAL! I'm glad she told the truth, warts & all, because I feel like I have a new friend in Savannah Georgia & we've just been chatting it up over a piece of pie.I so admire her drive, her ambition, her passion for living, her easy laughter & her Southern charm. I love to read about successful women in business & I wasn't disappointed. She's an amazing woman.

    6. This book raised red flags for me when I read it. There's nothing wrong with the writing style in this book; it's pretty straightforward as an autobiography. But Paula's questionable attitudes shine through this book, making it uncomfortable to read. For one, she seems to dislike white collar workers. She shuns a dental hygienist job because she is in love with the man who would become her first husband. We can blame this on her youth, but she later makes a flippant comment on liberal universiti [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book and I laughed out loud in a bunch of places. Paula is even more blunt and honest in her memoirs than on her show or in her magazine. I don't watch the show anymore because we don't have television channels, but I love her magazine.The upside of this book is that it's a great story about someone achieving the American Dream through hard work and gumption. She had nothing when she started a business at the age of 42. You don't have to be young, educated, or dishonest to [...]

    8. I knew going into this book that it would be interesting and probably make me laugh a bit and cry some too. That said, I did not expect it to make me feel those emotions so deeply. As is Paula's charm, I honestly felt like I was sitting on my couch drinking sweet tea with my beloved late Great Granny Pearl. They are so alike in so many ways it almost hurts. I have a new found respect for Paula for her true and uninhibited honesty in the face of fearing rejection from fans. I am sure there are th [...]

    9. Paula has a great way of writing the way she speaks. With her y'alls and crazy southern descriptions. It reminded me of a story that my grandmother or great grandmother would have told. Paula gives lots of dark secrets that you would have never imagined about her. Life when she grew up with her parents and grandparents in Georgia, her marriage, her life with her boys, starting her businesses and numerous restaurants, and how she got her start as one of Food Networks biggest stars. I was a little [...]

    10. Well this book was a surprise! It was better than I expected! It's an autobiography about the famous restaurateur and TV chef. If you've ever watched her show, you know that she's pretty cute and funny. She also cooks the most decadent food and is known to looooooove butter! You'll get a look at the humble beginnings Paula experienced as a single mom with two young sons to raise. It will amaze you. You truly do not need a degree in anything to succeed! You need heart, dedication, perseverance, c [...]

    11. Remain a fan even though I have mixed feelings about the memoir. Some of it felt like things I rather she kept private but I also know, when you become famous, either you provide the information on your own terms, or some internet nazi or gossiper will out you for profit. That makes me admire her courage. Don't think she needed to dwell on some parts so much but then, that is her style. If Paula is half as talkative as she is in the show, I suspect Sherry pruned the book a lot just to keep it at [...]

    12. A very inspiring woman, an embodiment of "ceasing the moment". I truly admire her courage of taking the plunge and that calculated risk. I hope I can have that bit of courage so that life will not pass me by. Paula at 42 - that means it's never to late for me to take the dive. I'm trying in my own little way to pursue my passion w/c has been long set aside and reading this book (just in time when I'm taking the curve) makes me more committed to pursue the road I did not dare not thread. I like h [...]

    13. I've always loved Ms. Paula. Now I feel like she is my friend. I started reading this book and just didn't realize how hard life had been for her. She didn't let that stop her. She is open and very honest in this book. I don't think she'll ever know what this book meant to me at this time in my life. I just remarried and I'm experiencing some trouble with my step children. Her openess helped me so much. Thank you Ms. Paula

    14. Frank, revealing, humorousad this shortly after visiting Paula's restaurant in Savannah, GAI have so much respect for this woman and how she created a successful career out of virtually nothing. Is she a bit overexposed on tv these days? Well, yeah, butill love her homespun stories and recipes! And if you EVER get a chance to eat at her restaurant, it will be one of the best meals of your life!

    15. I just love Paula Deen after reading thia book!! Paula was very sincere and honest with her words. After reading this book as well as At Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, I want to take a trip Savannah, Georgia. Paula is an amazing woman that found authentic self in her 40's, she is truly one inspiring Southern woman!!!

    16. Wow. Where is the fried chicken? This was a fun read about a woman who has it all and deserves exactly what she has. I listened to this in the car and I'm pretty sure I now have a southern accent.

    17. It was okay. I've liked her show. I think she's an interesting lady, but the book is blah and disorganized. It was nice to have some recipes though.

    18. this ememoir was excellent. paula is so honest and down to earth, she makes you feel like a freind!! loved it, and her!!

    19. I thought this book was wonderful, not at all what I expected. It felt like and intimate chat with Paula herself. I also found her life to be a surprise to me, not at all what I expected.

    20. No matter the controversy, I love Paula. Just reading her recipes make me drool. That kind of cooking is my childhood. It made me love food. It's my grandmother teaching me how to cook with me standing in a chair next to the stove. She is a true southern girl. And listening to her read her story felt like my family sitting around talking and telling stories. Paula is not perfect. She airs all of her dirty laundry in this book. She's hard on herself, but she's appropriately forgiving. I've had a [...]

    21. interesting of her life. and so funny at times. woman has really worked hard to get where she is today. give her alot of credit

    22. I thoroughly enjoyed this memoir. This is definitely one of the better ones that I have ever read and I have read a few in my day. I am not the type of person who is easily impressed or inspired by most people but I felt inspired after reading this book. I always thought that Paula Deen was a well-to-do, stay at home southern lady who excelled at cooking. To me she was the lady with the electric, creepy blue eyes that stare at you from her magazine covers. I have bought some of her magazines and [...]

    23. I honestly liked this book-- it was very open, honest, and felt like sitting down having a conversation with The Lady herself. I did not know some of the things she revealed in this book, but, a lot of it explains the agoraphobia-- though to think she suffered through that for her children's entire childhood that's so SAD I had a few impressions that were proven wrong in this book: 1.) I thought "The Bag Lady" was something she did when the kids were still in middle school-- false, they were jus [...]

    24. WellI read Michael's book first. And read something about Paula being with a married man for quite awhiled having never heard anything about that before, I was really taken aback, I had to read Paula's booknce Michael said it was her story to tell.And I was hoping that it wasn't what it sounded likez I just love Paula Deen.Well was worse than what it sounded like. Because she was involved with this creepy guy for around 10 years or so.And.ough it was wronge rest of her story is there and I'd lik [...]

    25. I can honestly say that I love Paula Deen. My mother and I watched her show every Sunday morning while we ate brunch, enjoying Paula's fabulous food as much as we did seeing and hearing about her family and friends. In this frank, let-it-all hang-out memoir, the salt is not just in the recipes! There is even an advance warning from Paula about the language and content of the book. That being said, I really enjoyed this book. I got to know Paula and her family quite well through the chapters. The [...]

    26. I love biographies. This one was different from most in the great amount of details shared. I had enjoyed Paula Deen's TV show & decided to pick this up. I think Paula could have told her story well & left a lot things that were more personal, embarrassing (not just to her) & painful out. For example, I enjoyed how Paula included some recipes intermittently. It reminded me of Loretta Lynn's book, "You're Cook'in It Country" which I love. But I didn't enjoy reading her beef stroganoff [...]

    27. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!! Let me repeat: I. LOVE. THIS. BOOK. If you like books that have first name, Paula, Last name Deen, and the words It. Ain't. All. About. The. Cooking. THEN. drumroll please. THIS IS THE PERFECT BOOK FOR YOU.I love Paula Deen's hair so much. I wish mine would look like that. I tried to get it that lovely shade of silver but oh my was that a mistake! I had to spend $250 and a whole afternoon at the beauty parlor. I would take a star off for that misadventure, but I guess that [...]

    28. I love Paula Deen! I have always enjoyed watching her on tv. She has a great sense of humor and all of her food looks so good. With all the butter she uses how could it not be good??? I really enjoyed this book because she tells her story in her own words - lots of southerisms. Paula has definatley been through some tough times, afraid to leave the house, bad marriage, working way too hard, etc. Through it she stayed true to herself and worked hard and became a huge sucess. A lot of sucessful pe [...]

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