Henry Dunbar

Henry Dunbar

Mary Elizabeth Braddon / Jan 26, 2020

Henry Dunbar In this novel by Victorian sensationalist Mary Elizabeth Braddon Henry Dunbar returns to England after a year exile to India for committing forgery What follows is an adventure involving murder d

  • Title: Henry Dunbar
  • Author: Mary Elizabeth Braddon
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  • Page: 484
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  • In this novel by Victorian sensationalist Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Henry Dunbar returns to England after a 30 year exile to India for committing forgery What follows is an adventure involving murder, deception, the ethical quandaries of guilt and responsibility, and the struggle against the gender and social barriers of the Victorian era Summary by Rosie

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        Mary Elizabeth Braddon was a British Victorian era popular novelist She was an extremely prolific writer, producing some 75 novels with very inventive plots The most famous one is her first novel, Lady Audley s Secret 1862 , which won her recognition and fortune as well The novel has been in print ever since, and has been dramatised and filmed several times.Braddon also founded Belgravia Magazine 1866 , which presented readers with serialized sensation novels, poems, travel narratives, and biographies, as well as essays on fashion, history, science She also edited Temple Bar Magazine Braddon s legacy is tied to the Sensation Fiction of the 1860s.She is also the mother of novelist W.B Maxwell.


    1. Sometimes a sensation novel is just what you need.I read Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s two most famous novels – ‘Lady Audley’s Secret’ and ‘Aurora Floyd’ many years ago, and I have them on my shelves, in green Virago Modern Classics editions, because I’d love to read them again one day. You see, in those days I didn’t look as far for books as I do now – I just looked in the library and bookshops and found more that enough to read – and nothing else caught my eye.More recently th [...]

    2. Purple and BlackI’m a fan of Braddon and the Sensationalists in general but this isn’t among the best of her books. It is entertaining however. The main flaw is that the solution to the mystery is obvious from the beginning but the journey is still enjoyable. And that’s the main point of “Henry Dunbar”…the journey. Dunbar is a scion of an important English banking firm but commits a grave mistake in his youth. His father and uncle banish him to India for his sins. Of course things ar [...]

    3. This is an intriguing story of identity theft, love, murder, privileges of wealth, dysfunctional families, and detective work without phones or computers. Braddon’s characters are realistically well-rounded: the good guys often show some less-than admirable trait, and the bad guys sometimes surprise with their kindness or repentance.First published in 1864. I listened to this novel as a free download from LibriVox

    4. I enjoyed this, but along with other reviewers here, I didn't feel it was Braddon's best and/or my favorite of hers. It's true that the mystery isn't much of a mystery at all (you KNOW even before anything happens what will happen), but seeing the plot build and develop kept me on the edge of my seat for the resolution. (view spoiler)[I think what didn't work for me so well in this book was Margaret's decision to aid her father once she finds out the truth. I knew it would be that way, but I sti [...]

    5. 31 AUG 2015 - find it here Manybooks - manybooks/titles/braddonmeProject Gutenberg - gutenberg/ebooks/9189(This one worked for me with the iBooks for iPad/iPod Touch)Archive - archive/details/henrydunb

    6. This mystery was first published in 1864 and in 2015 I still found it to be an impressive read. This is one of those "sensation" novels so popular during Victorian times and is one of 75 novels written by prolific author Mary Elizabeth Braddon. Braddon is best known for Lady Audley's Secret, but I find HENRY DUNBAR to be the much better book.There's fraud, betrayal, bitterness and revenge, murder, mistaken or assumed identities, blackmail, suspense, interesting detection work by various characte [...]

    7. Ho sempre amato i gialli vittoriani, con le loro storie che si dipanano lentamente e i detective che (contrariamente a quanto succederà ai loro colleghi nei racconti 'polizieschi' di qualche decennio più tardi) il più delle volte risultano beffati dagli eventi.Mary Elizabeth Braddon dimostra ancora una volta la sua grande abilità di scrittrice; e ancora una volta mi trovo ad ammirare le figure femminili (coraggiose, determinate, indipendenti) disegnate da queste splendide signore romanziere [...]

    8. Great mystery by Elizabeth Braddon. Even if it was pretty clear who the villan was and what had he done since the very first pages of the book, yet the plot keeps you chained and it turns till the very end of the novel.Great writer Braddon is, if not known enough

    9. It's a shame that this is my first book of 2017, because it was quite a disappointment. If you liked Lady Audley's Secret and want more suspenseful Victorian melodrama. . ep looking. Laura Dunbar is going for that same "spoiled, yet charming heiress" archetype that Alicia Audley had, but instead she's just a bland perfect blonde. The so-called "Henry Dunbar" is too much of a coward to be a menacing villain, unlike Lady Audley. (Yes, I'm spoiling a Victorian novel that no one cares about anyway. [...]

    10. It's hard to review a Braddon novel without spoilers, but. This story revolves around an impoverished young woman who is searching for her father who has disappeared, and a rich man who becomes a recluse.As other readers have pointed out, you easily and quickly figure out what happened and so throughout the book you're waiting for the characters to figure it out also. But I found that this was an interesting twist which made this more of a psychological novel than a detective novel. More Ruth Re [...]

    11. This was a good book how ever I do wish the author had done more to make it more interesting. I look forward to reading more of this author's work.

    12. This was quite entertaining, but I think that the "mystery" part was way too easy to figure out, so instead of suspense of "WHAT HAPPENED?" there was a "WHEN ARE THEY ALL GOING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT I ALREADY KNOW?" so it was kind of slow going towards the end. Still, quite clever and a fun, easy read. My third Mary Elizabeth Braddon in a row. I need a break!

    13. Another entertaining read from Mrs Braddon. I felt that the "bad characters" were better realised than the "good" ones who were rather insipid and one dimensional. And the ending was a little rushed and disappointing but overall I still enjoyed it.

    14. A Victorian best seller, if I recall correctly. It has some mystery and some adventure in it, no big surprises, but worked to keep my attention. It's not a who-dun-it so much as it is a how-they-gonna-catch-'im. Like the old series Columbo, sort of. Enjoyable book.

    15. classic funa well-written story of love and murder in mid century (19th) Great Britain. A favourite I highly recommend. Enjoy it.

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