Old World Murder

Old World Murder

Kathleen Ernst / Feb 20, 2020

Old World Murder Trying to leave painful memories behind her Chloe Ellefson is making a fresh start She s the new collections curator at Old World Wisconsin an outdoor ethnic museum showcasing s settlement life

  • Title: Old World Murder
  • Author: Kathleen Ernst
  • ISBN: 9780738720876
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback
  • Trying to leave painful memories behind her, Chloe Ellefson is making a fresh start She s the new collections curator at Old World Wisconsin, an outdoor ethnic museum showcasing 1870s settlement life On her first day, Chloe meets with an elderly woman who begs her to find a priceless eighteenth century Norwegian ale bowl that had been donated to the museum years ago ButTrying to leave painful memories behind her, Chloe Ellefson is making a fresh start She s the new collections curator at Old World Wisconsin, an outdoor ethnic museum showcasing 1870s settlement life On her first day, Chloe meets with an elderly woman who begs her to find a priceless eighteenth century Norwegian ale bowl that had been donated to the museum years ago But before Chloe can find the heirloom and return it to her, the woman dies in a suspicious car crash.Digging up the history and whereabouts of the rare artifact quickly turns dangerous Chloe discovers that someone is desperately trying to cover up all traces of the bowl s existence by any means necessary Assisting Chloe is police officer Roelke McKenna, whose own haunting past compels him to protect her To catch the covetous killer, Chloe must solve a decades old puzzle before she becomes a part of history herself.

    Chloe Ellefson Old World Murder Kathleen Ernst Old World Murder, the first Chloe Ellefson mystery by Kathleen Ernst, has Chloe making a fresh start as the new collections curator at Old World Wisconsin, when an elderly woman begs her to find a priceless heirloom for her, but before Chloe can find it, the women dies in a suspicious car crash. Old World Murder A Chloe Ellefson Mystery by Kathleen Oct , Old World Murder has , ratings and reviews Kathy said THIS is the kind of traditional mystery I love, which is so hard to find nowadays Strong Old World Murder A Chloe Ellefson Mystery Kathleen Old World Murder is a nicely wrought mystery, intertwined with an exploration of Norwegian customs from the old days in the Midwest, along with a budding romance that adds to the suspense The central character is nicely portrayed as a complex individual who has freshly emerged from a Old World Murder Wisconsin Historical Society Online Store By Kathleen Ernst Trying to leave painful memories behind her, Chloe Ellefson is making a fresh start She s the new collections curator at Old World Wisconsin, an Old World Murder Chloe Ellefson Series by Kathleen Kathleen Ernst s Old World Murder Midnight Ink is a splendid read with all the elements of a good, meaty mystery An award winning author of children s books, Ernst has made a successful debut in adult mystery with Old World Murder. Best Old World Murder images Wood bowls, Wood Images links relevant to Old World Murder A Chloe Ellefson Mystery, set at Old World Wisconsin in Eagle, WI. Old World Murder Audiobook by Kathleen Ernst Audible Sarah s a Web designer who s moved back to the village find herself But their lives are anything but quiet as the two team up to solve Cherringham s criminal mysteries This compilation contains episodes MURDER ON THAMES, MYSTERY AT THE MANOR and MURDER BY MOONLIGHT. Old World Murder New Hampshire State Library OverDrive Propulsive and superbly written, this first entry in a dynamite new series from accomplished author Kathleen Ernst seamlessly melds the s and the th century Character driven, with mystery aplenty, Old World Murder is a sensational read. Old World Murder book by Kathleen Ernst Thriftbooks Apr , Buy a cheap copy of Old World Murder book by Kathleen Ernst Trying to leave painful memories behind her, Chloe Ellefson is making a fresh start She s the new collections curator at Old World Wisconsin, an outdoor ethnic Free shipping over . Discussion Guide for Old World Murder Kathleen Ernst Discussion Guide for Old World Murder Chloe Ellefson Historic Sites Mystery Written by Kathleen Ernst Published by Midnight Ink Books Old World Murder is the first book in the award winning Chloe Ellefson Historic Sites mystery series It can be acquired from local independent

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        I grew up in Maryland, in a house full of books Both of my parents were avid readers, thank goodness Before we traveled to a new area, my librarian mom used to bring home historical novels set in that place It was a great way to get excited about history.I began writing stories when I was maybe 10 or 11 At 15 I wrote my first novel I sold my first novel to a publisher 20 years later Writing was my hobby, so during those two decades I just kept practicing, reading, writing some What a thrill to finally hold my first book in my hand Still, I write because I enjoy the process at least most of the time.For years I wrote while working at other day jobs I spent 12 years working at a huge historic site, which was a perfect spot for someone interested in historical fiction I also developed and scripted instructional videos for public television Finally, though, it got to be too much to juggle I now write full time, and consider myself enormously fortunate to do something I love.


    1. THIS is the kind of traditional mystery I love, which is so hard to find nowadays. Strong characters all down the line -- clearly drawn, believable, and people you care about. Even minor characters have a 3-D mix of attitudes and behavior that make them feel real. A steadily snowballing plot which interlaces plenty of puzzles -- some I figured out before the answers were revealed, the main one got by me completely. A wonderful sense of place -- small-town Wisconsin -- and a great behind-the-scen [...]

    2. This is a debut novel in what I hope will be a long-lived series. Our sleuth, Chloe Ellefson, has just taken a new job as a Collections Curator for a living museum, "Old World Wisconsin." Now this museum is real and can be accessed on the computer which added a surprising dimension to the book. The story/characters are fiction but several settings are real.The setting is unique and these were historical/genealogical situations that I had never thought about in my Celtic/American upbringing. I le [...]

    3. I won this book in a giveaway and what a terrific read this book was! Chloe becomes a curator at Old World Wisconsin, a history museum dealing with the area's past. After an old lady looking for a missing heirloom winds up dead the suspense and enjoyment begins! I loved the cozy mystery elements this book had, interesting characters, a great locale, with log cabins and all!If you're looking for a captivating and entertaining mystery with a great assortment of characters look no further than OLD [...]

    4. I enjoyed this, but the author didn't pay much attention to its supposed time period. I suppose she sets it in 1982 because that's when she herself worked at the historic site featured in the book, but hell, couldn't she either have pretended that the site was just the same today or spent more time reinforcing the 1982-ness? A character cooking portobello mushrooms totally seemed anachronistic to me (dictionary says first known occurrence of the word is 1986--aha!), and I had to keep forcibly re [...]

    5. I had read about this book in the newspaper and it sounded good, I especially liked that it was set in Wisconsin. I put the book on hold at the library and surprisingly got it shortly after visiting Old World Wisconsin. I really enjoyed the book and it was even better that I was able to visualize the story in the Old World setting. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series and hope there are many more!

    6. donna recommended itnice read, strong main characters, excitement elevates to an unexpected ending, a touch of budding romance

    7. I should start off by saying that I won this book through . There were times at the beginning where I would have set it aside if I hadn't felt like I needed to finish it in order to give a review, which would have been a shame, because I definitely ended up enjoying it.The book begins by introducing the reader to Old World Wisconsin, as Chloe herself begins her first day on the job. I know next to nothing about Wisconsin, new or old, or about living history sites, but I had no trouble forming a [...]

    8. I just decided to "throw this in my cart" at the library, as I thought it might turn out to be good. As it turns out, I did enjoy this, overall. I did have some problems, with the heroine, Chloe Ellefson, spending so much time away from her official duties at her new job as curator at a historic site in Wisconsin, especially after a troubled past, while she pursues the mystery of a missing Norwegian ale bowl. I guess my problem deals with my past as a goody two shoes - always following the rules [...]

    9. This was a good, steady paced mystery. Its characters were realistic and kept the story going. Chloe the curator is definitely not your typical cozy protagonist. So, despite me disliking her personality, it was refreshing to actually have a character with flaws. A good read for the State Challenge for Wisconsin.

    10. I really enjoyed this first in a series that features a woman who works as a curator in an outdoor historic site. The characters are very likeable, both strong and fragile, and the story kept me engaged. I look forward to the next in this series.

    11. Wonderful book! As a museum worker myself it is fun to see the backstage of others doing a job like mine. I couldn't put it down and can't eating until I can find the next in the series.

    12. I'll be honest. For a challenge reader, that author's initials and title isn't something that can be abandoned. On top of that, this book is set in Wisconsin, and very few books I've read are set in that state. So, it's not as if I expected a whole lot. Even so, this was only okay. I suspect it has more to do with my audiobook reader, Elise Arsenault, whom I've taken a dislike to. There's something in the way she pronounces certain words like 'suggests' bothered me a little too much. I've read t [...]

    13. La protagonista di questa serie fa la curatrice presso un museo all'aperto, uno di quelli che, oltre a vecchi edifici, ha anche i figuranti in costume. Uno dei libri più avanti nella serie parla di quilt e la casa nella prateria (sì, quella del telefilm!) e mi attirava molto, così, approfittando di un'offerta, ho comprato i primi tre e mi sono dimenticata di leggerli! Almeno fino ad ora.La prima sorpresa è stata che questo libro è ambientato nel 1982: niente cellulari, il computer non è me [...]

    14. Discovered this wonderful series and I am very happy that I did. Chloe is the new collections curator at Old World Wisconsin. Within days of starting her new job, she becomes entangled in the mystery surrounding the death of an old woman who visited her, wanting back a family heirloom she donated to the society. She dies in a car crash within minutes of leaving from meeting with Chloe. A coincidence? Chloe doesn't think so, and that is were the mystery begins. Interesting characters, setting, an [...]

    15. Chloe Ellefson has landed a plume curatorial job at Old World Wisconsin. She has a rough start with a missing object, an accident, an upstart intern, a cranky boss and romance in the air. The mystery of the bowl did not resolve as I would have anticipated, so that was a pleasant surprise. As a museum employee myself, I enjoyed the setting of a historic site in the 1980s, the research and the strong push for the interpretation of story above object!Chloe's emotional journey and relationship with [...]

    16. How could I resist this book with a title like "Old World Murder" I am a Wisconsin girl who has spent some interesting hours at the Old World Wisconsin site. I enjoyed reading about the area that I am so familiar with, however, I did not, as a whole, really love this book.The main character drove me insane! She did incredibly stupid things and I kept thinking, "Wow, with all her supposed education, she's still so clueless!"Also, is it too difficult for a writer to give us a good mystery without [...]

    17. Chloe Ellefson hasw just started her job as a curator at Old World Wisconsin, a state historical site comprising about fifty restored buildings. This is her ticket away from the heartbreak and depression that have marked her recent years. But on her first, overwhelmed day, she must turn away an elderly lady who seeks her help, only to find her dead in an automobile crash shortly afterward. The still-fragile Chloe meets a young police officer, who has his own history. He gradually becomes involve [...]

    18. This is one of the better mysteries I read this year. Chloe begins her first day at work and everything goes wrong, including the death of the first visitor she meets in her capacity as curator at the living history site, Old World in Wisconsin. Carefully researched and with much of the author's personal experience, this book centers around a believeable mystery and character development. This is the first of a series with a cliffhanger at the end. I'm excited for the next to come out. Kathleen [...]

    19. Chloe is trying to get over a bad break up and she is hoping that coming to work as the curator of Old World Wisconsin. On her first day an old lady come to talk to her, but Chloe can't help her. She couldn't just give her back a relic she donated and didn't even know where to begin looking for it. Then the old lady dies in a car crash and Chloe feels bad. She feels like it might have been her fault and so she tries to find the bowl.She is suppose to be working on other projects and not everyone [...]

    20. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Kathleen Ernst has given the reader a large assortment of fully developed people with all the myriad of personalities and flaws. You will recognize many of these characteristic from you own workplace. The story is set in Wisconsin at the Old World Wisconsin a living museum of the 1800's utilizing buildings and artifacts from the past of those who populated and settled in the state. We start with our main character starting a job left vacant and totally unorganized [...]

    21. I purchased this book because I like cozy mysteries and it was set in a historic location in Wisconsin. Chloe is a new curator at Old World Wisconsin and the mystery is about an old bowl that was donated to the historical society. This book started out slow but I’m glad I continued reading it. The action picked up in the second half of the book. I like books with historical facts included and this book had the history of painting wooden bowls.

    22. For a mystery is wasn't very good. The plot and motivation for the actions were pretty weak and the choices the characters made had me cringing. I liked the characters and I liked the background on the immigrants and artifacts from Norway, Sweden, etc. The "blooming attraction" between the two main characters was also a little tired, she was from a broken relationship, he had a hero complexoverall I had high expectations based on the summary and was a little let down.

    23. As someone from Wisconsin, it was nice to read a book from my home state. It's a rare opportunity. I love reading about places that I recognize, and the setting is perfect for that. I like how the author is able keep you on your toes, while including Norwegian-Wisco history into the story. I loved the mystery, as much as I loved the tidbits about the history of Wisconsin. I am curious to read her future books, to find out how Chloe does, and what happens with Roelke.

    24. I was really not feeling this book until basically the last 50 pages. Honestly, the characters were kind of crappy and there wasn't anyone that was really redeeming it for me, and the mystery didn't really develop until about 200 pages in. The ending gave me some hope for the next one, but not a ton.

    25. I enjoyed this book. I live in Wisconsin and am familiar with the roads, towns, and actually Old World Wisconsin itself that the author used for the setting, which I am always a sucker for. It was a quick read for me and it had been a while since I had read a mystery. Ended with a cliffhanger, so I will be looking to see if there is another book in the series.

    26. This is my new favorite mystery writer and series. I may upgrade to a 5 star. Everything is excellent: the plot, the characters (they seem like real people - really!) and the nice balance between a fun read and learning something new. Can't wait to start the next one! Yep, a five star!

    27. A great read!While this book started off slow it quickly worked up to a "can't put down" read! Can't wait to see what is next for Chloe and Roelke!

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