Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

Kate Brian / Sep 22, 2019

Paradise Lost Paradise awaits Now that Cheyenne s murderer has been revealed and Reed knows the truth about who s been stalking her she s ready to leave the heartache and turmoil of last semester behind And what b

  • Title: Paradise Lost
  • Author: Kate Brian
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Paradise awaits Now that Cheyenne s murderer has been revealed and Reed knows the truth about who s been stalking her, she s ready to leave the heartache and turmoil of last semester behind And what better way to recover than a five star Caribbean vacation Reed is reunited with former Billings Girls Kiran and Taylor, and she and her friends take over the exclusive isParadise awaits Now that Cheyenne s murderer has been revealed and Reed knows the truth about who s been stalking her, she s ready to leave the heartache and turmoil of last semester behind And what better way to recover than a five star Caribbean vacation Reed is reunited with former Billings Girls Kiran and Taylor, and she and her friends take over the exclusive island They spend their days tanning on white sand beaches and their nights partying on sixty foot yachts It s heaven on earth.But as they raise their champagne flutes to toast their friendship, Reed worries that it s all too good to be true Because even in paradise, the Billings Girls are never far from trouble and nothing s dangerous than the calm before the storm.

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    1. Ok seriously!? ANOTHER perfect guy loves Reed?My friends and I have decided that she is similar to Bella from Twilight. She seems to have very little personality, is guy obsessed, and yet someone all of the guys love her. She's plain and yet somehow she gets everything she wants and the guys cant' stop drooling around her. She comes from an area where she is unnoticed to a new area and it's like shes a drug. (not intending to quote Twlight) Sorry for a rant, but it's starting to irritate me.Just [...]

    2. After the cliffhanger ending of the 8th book, I was REALLY excited for this one -- but it was a bit of a let-down. I read the back of the book, which I should NOT have done as that alone provided too much resolution (and I HATE having anything spoiled for me!). But of course, I plowed on anyway, 'cause I've enjoyed most of the other entries in this series quite a bit.This one though? Eh. I've never liked Reed, and she's not growing on me here. The whole "she's the only one who doesn't try or kno [...]

    3. This is one of my favorite books of all time! I just love this series. It's a drama but it always has a lot of mystery considering there are crimes committed all the time. The one thing I really like about this author is that I never want to put her books down because there is something exciting happening on each and every page! I would suggest this book to any girl who loves murder mysteries but also likes shows like gossip girl! My favorite character would have to be Reed because she is so dow [...]

    4. totally see the appeal of why i loved this book so much in high school. i remember wanting to go to strts to vacation there and meet an upton giles of my own however i did find reed extremely annoying and accusing everyone of her problems. seriously, take a minute and just think about what your saying right now. loved how they gang got back together and you really see taylor changed and is more her own person after being told to leave Easton all together, it was good for her. poppy on the other [...]

    5. Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooWith the debacle of Sabine finally behind her, Reed finally hopes that life at Easton will quiet down. People are starting to talk about her having a bad vibe around her. Bad luck happens to those that come close to Reed. For now, Josh is sitting beside Ivy's hospital bed. When Josh saved Reed from the bullet, it hit Ivy, instead. With Christmas break looming, Reed can't face going home to Pennsylvania. She knows she will be hounded by the news after the latest [...]

    6. After the reveal of Cheyenne's murderer and an unfortunate victim of the murderer getting hospitalized, Reed Brennan just wants to get a break from all this drama.And what better place to relax than the Caribbeans? Reed and the Billing girls spend their vacation getting into the best clubs, going to expensive yachts, sunbathing on white-sand beaches, and roasting marshmallows on an open fire while Noelle tells a story about that time she killed a dog because it pleased her.Okay, the last one is [...]

    7. There were so many new characters in this book. I couldn't keep track of them all!! I kinda really like Sawyer. I didn't really like a lot of the new girls, especially Poppy. What annoyed me the most was Upton. I hate that all these boys keep trying to go out with Reed, even though she should obviously be with Josh. I'm also mad at him for not calling her the whole book. This book just reinforcing the fact that I hate Amberly even more. I'm glad that Reed for to see Taylor and Kiran. She needs s [...]

    8. ***Spoiler Free Summary By Emerald BookWorm***I didn't know a thing about this series going into it. My boyfriend (now husband) would always go to the library to pick up books for me and he stumbled across this series and brought me the first book, thinking I would enjoy it. /// Well he was right lol. /// I was instantly hooked and reserving the next book within 24 hours. /// This series is definitely not realistic and is pretty dramatic lol , but it's lots of fun and it was the first time I'd e [...]

    9. I'm a little disappointed with the current storyline of this arc so far. To me, it seems as if the author is trying to extend a series that has already been concluded. I adored the first eight Private novels, but this one seems to be lacking the same suspense factors that were the key of the success of the other Private books. I'm going to continue with this arc, to give it a real chance, but at this point it looks like the storyline has reached its end.

    10. I liked this book because of the funny cute moments, although I have learned that all the books in the series are beginning to get repetitive. The main character, Reed, meets and begins to open up to someone, usually a guy and starts to really like them. Then the antagonist comes around, messes up their relationship. At the end, something bad happens to Reed. From the last few books, she is threatened by death.

    11. Aaaand we're back. This series, like Pretty Little Liars should've ended at book 8, but it is forcibly continued. The story felt forced and Upton's interest in Reed was kind of annoying as she is the most boring person in the group. But meh, what can we do!

    12. i liked it just like i luved all the other ones i just preffer josh. upton is too player-like. josh is reeds lover 4 eva!!

    13. Much as I liked it, I kind of wish Reed's story would end already. Really, how much more drama is there to feed from?

    14. Very happy that Reed is back to being a Billings girl. In addition to being another mystery, it is also very suspenseful. Some of the girls have a lot of growing up to do. Of course there are also some of the girls I just can't stand. What immature babies. I am happy for Reed and Upton. I don't believe in a player changing. Although, I have heard of some men who have changed. Did Reed really change Upton for the better? Who is stalking Reed this time and who tried to kill her? I also don't think [...]

    15. I actually liked this one. Though most YA authors take their characters out of a familiar setting and into tropical or winter wonderland, it rarely works out. And continuity. Always a bonus. My guess is that it's Sawyer or Upton. Brian likes having villains betray Reed. Btw, it's so obvious that (view spoiler)[that Mr. Lange is Reed's bio father. (hide spoiler)]

    16. Reed's romantic actions in this book irritated me. I actually groaned aloud at some of Upton's cheesy romantic lines and Reed's stupidity. Also there were way too many noticeable typos.

    17. Finally we get a book set outside Easton! Just when I thought I couldn't handle another year at Easton, Kate Brian gives us a book entirely set in St. Barths. :DI really didn't see the change of location coming at all, but it was a welcome change nonetheless. The new setting completely changes the dynamic, making for a much more relaxed and less emotionally exhausting text - you can practically feel how laid back everyone is! The new setting also paved the way for the introduction of a whole hos [...]

    18. Time for a change of scenery! We're off on a tropical vacay with Reed and co. who are recovering from the revelation of Cheyenne's murderer. Some new characters, a sexy boy toy, and a nice reprieve from the Billings drama. I love the new cast of characters! The plot feels fresh and exciting again. Unfortunatley, I'm having trouble buying Reed's sway with the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE (or so he seems I kind of like that he's university aged so I feel less creepy for finding him intriguing). I mean, come [...]

    19. I love love this whole series. This one take place an Island during vacation. So it adds some new characters. It is a very easy read and very calming at the end of a crazzzy day. Elissa

    20. ParadiseSimon & Schuster, Inc. Produced by Alloy Entertainmentpages.243 $9.99Kate BrianISBN-13: 9781416958840ISBN-10: 1416958843Your boyfriend was murdered, you best friend betrayed you, a stalker is following you, people are accusing you of killing a someone. This the life in the series A Private Novel. Paradise Lost is also in that series, it is the ninth novel. It is written in the fist point of the view, Reed. Paradise Lost has many themes, such as love, friendship, family, murder, myste [...]

    21. ‘Paradise Lost’ is the ninth book in the ‘Private’ series. Reed jets off to an island together with Noelle and other Billings girls and she’s reunited with Kiran and Taylor. Despite catching the eye of the popular player, Upton and spending lots of time partying and relaxing, Reed’s fun vacation soon turns deadly as she becomes convinced that someone is stalking her.This entire book was a massive filler from the beginning until the end. Although Kiran and Taylor were back, there wasn [...]

    22. We finally know who killed Cheyenne Martin and it’s time to get a little R&R. So instead of going home for Christmas, where Noelle points out Reed will be mobbed by the media, they all are going Carribean. This is a Christmas tradition for Noelle and the gang, but Reed isn’t sure what to expect.We see a lot of old faces on the island including Kiran and Taylor, Amberly and Tiffany. We also meet new, gorgeous ones including the Ryan twins, Sawyer, Poppy and the most beautiful man alive, U [...]

    23. Reed reunites with Taylor and Kiran and meets old Billings girls on the island. She even meets Upton, a hot guy who, though every girl on the island is after him (as they play the "Upton Game" of their childhood days), seems to have the hots for no one but her. But Reed is unable to escape her past. Even in paradise, she is stalked and threatened, and meets a flock of new enemies that would prove to be as dangerous as Ariana and Sabine.From a writer's point of view, it's hard to keep a reader's [...]

    24. 4TH QUARTERSiti Hajar Mohd. KhairiParadise Lostby Kate Brian256 pagesSimon Pulse $9.99isbn: 1416958843(Ages 12 & up)Reed is BACKwith drama not very far behind! After the deathly blow concerning the two mental sisters: Sabine and Arianna and her whole situation with her old lover Josh, she was more than welcome to accept her invitation to the exclusive island --St. Barth's-- for Christmas vacation to spend time with THE girls. Away from Easton was what she most certainly needed but she had no [...]

    25. Reed Brennan is a magnet for trouble. It seems that everywhere she goes murder and mayhem follow. After the revelation at Kiran's pre-birthday bash, the Billings girls decide that maybe they should leave Easton a little early for their holiday plans.The Billings girls, along with Gage, Dash, and a few others head to St.Barth's for Christmas break. Reed is the only newcomer to the islands so the girls decide to introduce her to their favorite pastime,the Upton Game. Upton Giles is labeled the hot [...]

    26. I WASN'T THRILLED.During the entire book I felt like a moment or a near dead experience was gonna take place but the hit never came, and I just don't like it. The same goes to this little affair taking place between Reed and Upton, it's like she hasn't learn that she shouldn't fall in love with the first guy who shows to be nice to her, she's still the instant crusher when it comes to immaturities, and forgiving everything so easily, he made out with two girls she hates and she forgives him caus [...]

    27. It’s winter break and Reed had been trying to get over the things that happen in the past, her friends recommended Reed to go on a vacation to St Barths with them. The Easton's students are still in shock about the tragedies that happened on Easton’s campus. Reed agrees to the trip as an attempt to move forward. While vacationing, her former best friends Noelle,Kiran,and Taylor were playing the Upton game. Upton was some guy who have a whole amount of crushes. As Noelle, and Taylor describe [...]

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