My So-Called Haunting

My So-Called Haunting

Tamsyn Murray / Feb 22, 2020

My So Called Haunting Skye a year old who can see ghosts is very stressed Not only is the ghost of a th century witch giving her fashion tips but she s struggling to settle into life with her aunt and is developin

  • Title: My So-Called Haunting
  • Author: Tamsyn Murray
  • ISBN: 9781848120921
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
  • Skye, a 14 year old who can see ghosts, is very stressed Not only is the ghost of a 16th century witch giving her fashion tips, but she s struggling to settle into life with her aunt, and is developing a crush on the most unattainable boy in the school, Nico.

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    1. I was really impatient to read this sequel-but-not-exactly to the first book and I haven't been disappointed at all. All the things which made me love My So-Called Afterlife were there, and there were so many other things that I didn't have any feeling of déjà-vu. I found both books quite different in terms of plot and general atmosphere, and I really liked immersing myself in another part of the ghost world Tamsyn created. I found My So-Called Haunting to be slightly darker than My So-Called [...]

    2. This book was just okay. It lacked a lot of character development and plotlines. I think this book would be more suited to a child than YA or adult. It has simple words and sentences and lacked structure. It was a cute book though with potential.

    3. I haven't read My So Called Afterlife but after this book, I definatly will!This is a great book filled with adventure, mystery and romance; the perfect combonation! I can't wait for the sequel.

    4. Amazing, exciting; keeps you hooked from begining to end and it's a real page turner. I was up all night saying to myself just one more page.

    5. Following on from her successful debut novel My So-Called Afterlife, Tamsyn Murray is back with another new spooky, ghost-filled tale with My So-Called Haunting. I don't read many ghost stories, but Tamsyn Murray seems to have hit the mark with her first two books. Whereas My So-Called Afterlife told the story of Lucy, a ghost, in My So-Called Haunting we get the story of Skye, a psychic with the ability to see and speak to ghosts. I really loved the plot and all of the different elements - Skye [...]

    6. My So Called Haunting is another witty paranormal read from the queen of comedy Ms Tamsyn Murray.Skye is fourteen and she has just moved from Edinburgh to live with her aunt Celestine in London. Her aunt happens to be a psychic of rather extraordinary abilities. Skye’s mum is working away in Australia so Skye has to start a new life. The thing is that Skye is not your average fourteen year old – at least in one very important way – she speaks to dead people. Skye is a psychic who conveys w [...]

    7. I loved Tamsyn Murray's first book My So-called Afterlife. I thought it was a really enjoyable read - with great characters and fun dialogue - so I was very excited to read My So-called Haunting.It's more of a spin off than a sequel - taking the characters Jeremy and Celestine from the first book and introducing Celestine's niece Skye, who has moved from Scotland to live with her Aunt while her mother spends time abroad. Having had the psychic ability to see ghosts for as long as she can remembe [...]

    8. Tamsyn Murray’s second novel, My So-Called Haunting, is just as funny, spirited and moving as her first. I loved it so much.When I first realised that My So-Called Haunting was a sort-of sequel to My So-Called Afterlife, I wondered how on earth the two books could be connected. But I had my answer within the first few pages: Jeremy, who helped Lucy to cross over in My So-Called Afterlife, is the boyfriend of Skye’s aunt Celestine, who also featured in in Lucy’s story. I loved them then, so [...]

    9. After reading Tamsyn Murray’s debut novel, My So-Called Afterlife earlier this year I just couldn’t wait for My So-Called Haunting to be published and it didn’t let me down, so much so I did something I haven’t done in a while – I slowed down, to try and make the last 30 or so pages last that little bit longer before I had to say goodbye to Skye… for now!As in My So-Called Afterlife the story centres around the story of a ghost (in this case Dontay) who has yet to move on and it’s [...]

    10. A great book that stands alone as a great novel and for those who read the first in the series catches up with some older characters as well as introducing some new ones.Skye Thackery has been sent to live with her aunt Celestine and her boyfriend Jeremy when her mother goes to Australia.Celestine and Skye are psychics and things pick up pace when Celestine asks Skye to try and "help" a deceased teenage boy called Dontay while juggling school and also a burgeoning relationship with the coolest g [...]

    11. Fourteen year old Skye can see dead people. After moving from Scotland to London to spend a year with her aunt, Skye has to deal with a new school, boy drama and those pesky ghosts. She begins helping with her also-psychic aunt's work -- helping ghosts to solve their problems have kept them from 'passing over.'Skye's voice reads like what you'd expect out of a younger teenager. A bit melodramatic and silly while still being sympathetic and relatable. The plot follows two main storylines (one wit [...]

    12. The first time I read this book I loved it, and I still do after reading it for the 2nd time. What I only found out recently though, is that this book is actually the 2nd in a series. I was annoyed when I found out but I personally believe that you don't actually have to read the 1st book to understand the 2nd, it explains everything you need to know. Even though this book uses quite a simple language, I loved the premise of it and I can relate to Skye a lot, which is always nice when reading so [...]

    13. Another very readable book by Tamsyn Murray. I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first one, but it still kept me entertained up until the end. I think the difference was I didn't get as emotionally attached to the characters in this book as I did in the first. Although it was nice to have a continuation of Jeremy's story.For an adult YA fan like myself these are quick reads and probably aimed at the younger YA market.

    14. I thought this was a top notch better than the previous book but I missed Lucy Shaw. :(Skye was described as a petite psychic girl with a scottish accent and I can't help picturing her as Princess Merida in Disney's movie 'Brave'.Again, it's an easy read. Would probably not suffice for hardcore paranormal genre lovers but for those who enjoy Meg Cabot's mediator series, you would probably enjoy this.

    15. Growing up is hard enough especially when you have to join a new school in the middle of a term and you are living away from your parents.But on top of that, Skye has to deal with the mad and ancient ghost living in her house commenting on her clothes and habits, seeing ghosts wherever she goes and falling in love with a boy with a scary secret. Another witty novel from Tamsyn Murray.

    16. tamsyn murray is quite daring with her ideas in this book but i'd say they worked out quite well. i want to know what happened to nico and i think it's a shame he turned out the way he did in the end. the book is really good and skye is really interesting. i like that she was so bold. how celestine and jeremy turned out is the cutest thing too. :-)

    17. I thought that 'My So-called Haunting' was an okay book. It was pretty basic in terms of characters (with the exception of the ghosts). It was a little bit predictable. I was fairly suspicious of Nico throughout most of the book and it was obvious that Dontay's problems were going to be sorted out and everyone would live happily ever after (or not live, as the case may be).

    18. This book deserves six stars! I'll be honest, I wasn't sure if I would enjoy reading a ghost story but a few pages in and I was hooked. I love the story arc, I adore Skye. I'm ashamed to say I even thought Nico sounded gorgeous when Skye met him. I am looking forward to reading more about Jeremy when I read 'My So-Called Afterlife'. I think Tamsyn Murray is most definitely one to watch.

    19. Not really horror, if that's what you are looking for . . re like teen comedy with some bad romance and ghosts thrown in. Enjoyable, with some nice repartee between the characters.

    20. Better than the first one. Nice to see the return of Jeremy and Celestine in the book. Will be interesting to read the third and see what the meaning nico will get up to.

    21. i liked this book but i think that it shouldnt be the last and Tamsyn Murray should continue and write morre about the ghosts :)

    22. i'm obsessed with this series right now. its incredible well written, funny, spooky and everything i love in a book!

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