Nightmares: Poems to Trouble Your Sleep

Nightmares: Poems to Trouble Your Sleep

Jack Prelutsky Arnold Lobel / Feb 29, 2020

Nightmares Poems to Trouble Your Sleep A dozen original poems on the horrifying subjects ghouls vampires skeletons etc so dear to many young hearts Your steel nerved patrons will appreciate both poems and pictures School Library Journal

  • Title: Nightmares: Poems to Trouble Your Sleep
  • Author: Jack Prelutsky Arnold Lobel
  • ISBN: 9780688840532
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A dozen original poems on the horrifying subjects ghouls, vampires, skeletons, etc so dear to many young hearts.Your steel nerved patrons will appreciate both poems and pictures School Library Journal A dozen original poems on the horrifying subjects ghouls, vampires, skeletons, etc so dear to many young hearts.Your steel nerved patrons will appreciate both poems and pictures School Library Journal.

    Nightmare Poems Examples of Nightmare Poetry List of Nightmare Poems Incubus I Wander The Desert Alone Me And The Tiger UNWANTED Six Word Couplets Contest CHILDEN THEN Thank you not sarcasm NIGHTMARE Ready To Live Nightmare Karma Comedian The Chase Down these roads. From Dreams To Nightmares Poem by Alanna Flynn Nightmares loneliness, panic, scares Creative illusions joy, euphoria, free of cares Dreams are like whispering what s really on your mind But being too fearful to shout it out loud. Best Nightmare Poems Poems Poets Poetry Community Best Nightmare Poems Poetry Past Life Nightmare A child of four suffers recurring dreams, My Affair With A Frost Flower State Of Affairs Sweet Sugar Cookies and Peanut Butter Bars Yesterday Love Was Such An Easy Game To Play Texian Macabre Arena The First Texian Macabre Arena Ballad The Haunted Closet Nightmares Poems to Trouble Your Sep , Nightmares Poems to Trouble Your Sleep Nightmares Poems to Trouble Your Sleep , Jack Prelutsky, illustrated by Arnold Lobel is a book of poems on witches, werewolves, vampires, haunted houses, and all things scary Each poem is illustrated with one or full page black and white drawings in a style reminiscent of Edward Gorey. Nightmare Poems Poems For Nightmare Poem by Poetry Nightmare poems written by famous poets Browse through to read poems for nightmare This page has the widest range of nightmare love and quotes. Nightmares Poems Poems about Nightmares High On Poems Poems about Nightmares glorify nightmares or events close to nightmares that occur in dreams of people These nightmare poems are experiences about dreams and nightmares, trouble in sleeping, kids nightmares, bad dreams go away and good dreams are here to stay kind of inspiration. Nightmares Poems to Trouble Your Sleep by Jack Prelutsky Jun , Nightmares is a book of poems written by Jack Prelutsky along with illustrations by Arnold Lobel This book contains poems about various monsters, wizards and ghosts doing horrible things to unsuspecting people. Nightmares, Abuse Poem by Teens Family Friend Poems maybe the nightmares come back, and then the darkness starts to come again, and he ll be there with that look that strikes fear into my very heart, And makes my body and blood run cold with fright, and pain, and even sorrow This is the poem of my nightmares, nightmares that sadly aren t just dreams that I Nightmares Poems Poetry Poems about Nightmares at the world s largest poetry site Ranked poetry on Nightmares, by famous modern poets Learn how to write a poem about Nightmares and share it

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        Jack Prelutsky is an American poet He attended New York public schools, and later the High School of Music and Art and Hunter College Prelutsky, who has also worked as a busboy, furniture mover, folk singer, and cab driver, claims that he hated poetry in grade school because of the way it was taught He is the author of than 30 poetry collections including Nightmares Poems to Trouble Your Sleep and A Pizza the Size of the Sun He has also compiled countless children s anthologies comprised of poems of others Jack Prelutsky was married to Von Tre Venefue, a woman he had met in France They divorced in 1995, but Jack remarried He currently lives in Washington state with his wife, Carolyn He befriended a gay poet named Espiritu Salamanca in 1997 and both now work together in writing poems and stories for children and adults alike.


    1. Nightmares” is a book of poems written by Jack Prelutsky along with illustrations by Arnold Lobel. This book contains poems about various monsters, wizards and ghosts doing horrible things to unsuspecting people. “Nightmares” might be too scary for smaller children, but older children will love the macabre content of this book. Jack Prelutsky’s writing is dramatic and intense as he brings true horror to these poems. Each poem describes a monster doing horrible acts towards their victims [...]

    2. Could any artist have brought Jack Prelutsky's eerie poetic visions to life better than the iconic Arnold Lobel? I thought not before I cracked the binding on Nightmares: Poems to Trouble Your Sleep, and my confidence was only bolstered by the book's contents. Jack Prelutsky adroitly treads close to crossing the line into gruesome description that might be too much for some kids and their parents, but it's Arnold Lobel's illustrating magic that places Nightmares on solid footing among the best j [...]

    3. I first read this nearly 3 years ago. I found it while searching my library's website for books to read for the summer reading program. I love reading poetry, I love Halloween and just creepy things in general. I thought this would at least a good read, but I ended up loving it.I had never read or heard of Jack Prelutsky before, but after reading this, I instantly became a fan. I'm sure the book is probably considered to be for children, as his other books of poetry are, but I believe adults wou [...]

    4. I forgot how much I love Jack Prelutsky! I don't think I've read any of his books for years, but I picked this up on a whim and loved it. It would have been perfect Halloween reading. I don't really read a lot of poetry, but I definitely want to read more Jack Prelutsky.

    5. Excellent rhyming poems. Adults will appreciate these and will give kids something to figure out. They have an old feel to them without being terribly complicated.

    6. While Prelutsky shows his flair for words in these rhythmic poems, the subject matter doesn't appeal to me: vampire, bogeyman,troll, witch, etc.

    7. Review – Nightmares: Poems to Trouble Your SleepThis book needs to come with a disclaimer that it actually lives up to it's sub-title. This compilation of poems really does trouble your sleep. At least it did mine. Nevertheless, whatever creatures of nightmares troubled Jack Prelutsky's sleep, I am glad the author wrote it down.Prelutsky is extremely talented in his use of alliteration and rhyme. His poems are full of these literary devices. While I feel like some poets insert so many literary [...]

    8. Interest Level: 3rd-5th Lexile Level: N/AGenre: Poetry Main characters: N/APoint of View: First personSetting: N/ANightmares is a collection of twelve poems about ghosts, ghouls, boogie men, vampires and many other spooky creatures. The illustrations are in black and white, and they make the poems come to life. These creepy poems use detailed sensory words to give children nightmarish images. The rhyme scheme of these poems are written so that there are four lines in each stanza. For some of the [...]

    9. This collection of liightly horrific poems is a clear mimic of the genre pioneered by Edward Gorey, but it isn't quite successful. Prelutsky covers all of the typical horror creatures - from ghosts to ogres - but the poems don't really stand out. His rhymes and themes aren't as carefully wrought as Gorey's (whose immennse effort results in effortless-sounding poems), so they often sound a bit stiff and stilted. Rarely do his characters have much to distinguish them from their counterparts either [...]

    10. This was one of my favorite books as a child (my birthday is 3 days before Halloween so the 2 were usually celebrated together, and gave me a taste for the macabre even as kid). My favorite poem (then and now) is the Ghoul, about a creature that lurks outside of schools waiting for kids to come out so he can eat them up. The illustrations are great, too! On that note, I have to add that I think the illustrated wizard, for the poem the Wizard, looks like Christopher Lee's Saruman in the Lord of t [...]

    11. Prelutsky fans might find this one a surprise. This book really does offer up some fairly disturbing images for the young. However, I loved this book as a kid. I recently remembered the existence of this book and did a huge amount of searching to re-identify it. The pictures and words are every bit as scary as I'd remembered. The poems here don't pull any punches. I'm sort of surprised a book from my childhood was even this graphic. I'm not trying to scare anyone away from this book, but impress [...]

    12. Collection of 12 poems illuminating the creatures that lurk in the dark. Certainly a darker side of Prelutsky. Black and white sketch illustrations help convey nightmare/haunted mood of the collection. 'The Ghoul' encourages readers to stay in school - especially when they learn that this truant officer patiently waits to break them to pieces, feasting them 'with delight and ease, for every parts a treat.'

    13. I really like Jack Prelutsky as a poet for children. That said, this book is not for young children. Some of the poems are merely spooky. Some live up to the title of the book: Nightmares. They tell grim tales of monsters that eat children--often in gory detail, so be forewarned. A better book of Halloween poems for younger children would be Jack Prelutsky's "It's Halloween."

    14. I purchased this book back in the mid-1990s to read to my students during October. Prelutsky is an interesting poet and I enjoy the poems just fine. Unfortunately, I have found that the poems do not go over well with my fourth graders. The language is difficult for them. In recent years I have abandoned even attempting these.

    15. The famous Jack Prelutsky will make your skin crawl and your teeth chatter with his spooky poems about ghouls, ghosts, and goblins. One goblin waits outside a schoolyard to gobble children. A troll lives at the bottom of a pit, waiting for people to fall in. These are wonderful stories to scare your parents with!

    16. These poems are a little sophisticated, with some tough vocabulary, but read aloud in just the right creepy tone, some of them will send shivers up and down the spine. The poem I find creepiest? "The Ghoul." Seriously. He's just waiting outside, sitting on the monkey bars, waiting for school to let out. So he can drag you away by your hair and EAT YOU.

    17. What a creative, dare I say beautiful collection of scary poems. I could see a student selecting one of these poems as their poetry recitation for the month of April and really getting into the performance.

    18. Love this book so much.In second grade this was in my homeroom class in Louisiana,my interest in horror was really kicking off and the 80s had horror everywhere.I basically kept this book to my self along with the sequel.Is great for kids

    19. Great read-aloud for the 5th and 6th graders at St. Es after scary story was over. Read them the Ogre and The Ghoul was a big hit, (he waits on the playground outside the school for kids to eat) nice and gory, and then we send them off to recess!

    20. These poems are actually scary. Reading level is perfect for a 2nd/ 3rd grader. Will o the Wisp is my favorite poem because it is not as scary as the other ones. My toddler likes The Gobblin, which is find the most terrifying of them all. Really starting to LOVE Jack Prelutsky

    21. I love this book, the language, the drawings, the gore! Very scary. Can't wait until my grandkids are old enough to read it to them!

    22. Deliciously macabre poetry that rolls off one's tongue most delightfully. Black and white pen and ink drawings were suitably scary.

    23. A fun easy read. If you want to scare little kids then this is the book to read to them. I think my favorite poem was the one about the Boogieman.

    24. This was a gift from my mother. I have always been a fan of poetry, especially short poems that are really meaningful and strong. Nightmares is a great example of how spooky -but good- poetry can be

    25. it has many chillin stories in it and i loved almost all of them it was fun to read and im gonna try more poetry books

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