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Promise New Adult Paranormal Romance Mature Content Recommended for ages due to sexual situations and language First installment of award winning author Kristie Cook s bestselling Soul Savers series Alexis

  • Title: Promise
  • Author: Kristie Cook
  • ISBN: 9780984562107
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback
  • New Adult Paranormal Romance Mature Content Recommended for ages 16 due to sexual situations and language First installment of award winning author Kristie Cook s bestselling Soul Savers series.Alexis Ames has a life full of promise but not all promises can be kept.When Alexis Ames is attacked by creatures that can t be real, she decides it s time she learns whoNew Adult Paranormal Romance Mature Content Recommended for ages 16 due to sexual situations and languageFirst installment of award winning author Kristie Cook s bestselling Soul Savers series.Alexis Ames has a life full of promise but not all promises can be kept.When Alexis Ames is attacked by creatures that can t be real, she decides it s time she learns who she really is, with or without the help of her mother, who guards their family s secrets closely After meeting the inhumanly attractive, multi talented Tristan Knight, however, Alexis retreats behind her fa ade of normalcyuntil she discovers he s not exactly normal either Then their secrets begin to unravel.Their union brings hope and promise to her family s secret society, the Angels army, and to the future of mankind But it also incites a dangerous pursuit by the enemy Satan s minions and Tristan s creators After all, Alexis and Tristan are a match made in Heaven and in Hell.1st Place 2010 Royal Palm Literary Award Fantasy Published by Florida Writers Association

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        Kristie Cook is a lifelong writer in various genres, from marketing communications to fantasy fiction Besides writing, she enjoys reading, cooking, traveling and riding on the back of a motorcycle She has lived in ten states, but currently calls Southwest Florida home with her husband, three teenage sons, a beagle and a puggle She can be found at KristieCook.


    1. SPOILER ALERT (BUT IF YOU READ TWILIGHT YOU KNOW THE PLOT ANYWAY)*teenage girl moves to a new town* meets a gorgeous but mysterious guy* she is intrigued while other think he is a little "strange"* find out that the guy is "supernatural" after he saves her from being run over by a car* he is constantly fighting the deep seated urge to kill her* while falling in love with her (obviously)* after much coaxing he agree to have sex with her(obviously difficult because of the whole killing thing)* but [...]

    2. This is a story about difficult obstacles, true love, soul mates, secrets, good vs. evil and everything in between. Kristie Cook has created a world full of fascinating characters, interesting twists and stressful situations. There's also love that I could practically feel emanating off the pages, it was so strong I thought I was falling in love for a second. There were laughs, lots of tears and quite a bit of breaths that I had to hold waiting to see what was going to happen and how things were [...]

    3. I was very lucky to be chosen as an early reader of Promise. Kristie Cook has written a book that will appeal to everyone who enjoys fantasy, romance and mystery. Her vivid descriptions and well-woven story lines keep you glued to the pages to see what will happen next. I'm anxiously awaiting book 2 in the Soul Savers series!

    4. For more info and reviews please visit my Book Review Blog here - A Life Bound By BooksKristie Cook is destined to take the self publishing world by storm with her first novel in the brand new Soul Savers series – Promise. Thrilling, action packed, with rich and endearing characters, mystery and a love story unlike most others, this book has all the key ingredients and then some to quickly become the book everyone wants to read.Alexis and her mother are on the move again. When everyone includi [...]

    5. First, I'm going to join the plethora of voices and say this book far exceeded expectations. I debated long and hard over the rating because I was afraid 3 stars might give off the impression that I don't highly recomend this book (because I do). It took a few chapters for the book to hook me, but after it did I was a goner. The only big issue I had was the dialogue between Tristan and Alexis; it was a little too unrealistic and cheesy.I wasn't instantly swept away in the romance either; it took [...]

    6. OK so this is the forth 5 star book I've read in the last 2 weeks, I don't usually give five stars unless the book actually interrupts my everyday life and let me tell you something, I sobbed! This book kept me up late, made me put a movie on for my kids to do NOTHING all day and let the laundry sit in the drier after it was done. Not too many books have done that. I could not put it down. It killed me to sit in traffic doing noting while I could have been reading this book. I recommend it to al [...]

    7. Rated 3.5 starsIt took over half of the book for our heroine to wise up, once she got with the program, situations escalated from there. At 75% the book entered "I might read the next one" territory and by the end I decided I would.

    8. I first must say that I already knew how fabulous this book is! I just needed to reread to make sure I am ready for Devotion when it releases soon.Now with that said I am going to attempt to tell you all why this is sooooooo amazing!!!In Promise, Kristie does an amazing job of making her characters seem so real! Alexis is a fabulous female lead and Tristan….well what can I say. He’s mysterious and sexy and completely irresistible!!! The relationship that forms between Alexis is awesome and i [...]

    9. So I have had this book sitting on my TBR pile and wow I wish I had read it sooner! So I thought this was a YA book because the MC Alexis is 18/19 in the book. But it is definitely for a more mature age range. Just to go off topic for a second there should be some sort of group or whatever for college age range or something because it isn't really YA or adult. But anyway moving on. I really liked the MC Alexis she was easy to relate to and someone I would love to have as a friend. I loved her ch [...]

    10. Kristie Cook has created an intoxicating world with a cast of characters that are deliciously addicting. Originally, I expected to walk into a world of spiritual warfare. I was wrong and I was right in this assessment. It is a war. A war of love. Where other paranormals glide past the reasons love exist, Ms. Cook handed it to me on a silver platter. And I devoured it. And I wanted more. Rich in characterization, this story follows the not so normal Alexis Ames. Like nomads, she and her mother ha [...]

    11. Full review here: zodiacbookreviewsKristie Cook's Promise left me breathless. It's about true love, soul mates, good vs. evil, and everything in between. I was completely blown away and I wasn't expecting to be left wanting so badly to continue reading non-stop. When I wasn't reading I was agonizingly wondering about what was going to happen next. I was even dreaming about different scenarios that could possibly happen from where I left off. And when I started reading again I was on the edge of [...]

    12. **If you haven't read Twilight, don't read this review. If you have, the spoilers won't matter anyway.** I wanted so very much to love this book. I read the synopsis on and it seemed interesting. When the Kindle price on went to 99 cents, I snagged it.My delight at the price, though, was where the happy ended.This review may lean slightly toward the side of spoiler-ish, so stop reading now if you want. Then again, if you’ve even half a clue what went on in Twilight, you’ll have no surprise [...]

    13. When I first read the synopsis for Promise, I thought this would be about a battle of good vs. evil but I found it to be more of a love story. Alexis and Tristan's relationship is different from most I read. They did not jump right into bed together or admit their undying love for each other after only 3 days. They give their relationship time to grow and allowed themselves time to get to know each other. I liked that their relationship was more than sex. There were a lot of dark and unusual sec [...]

    14. I started reading Promise, due to all the book reviews I had readAfter a FULL day with family, I started around 9, by 10:30 my head was heavy and I had only completed a short bit.I fell asleep, unable to concentrate any longerBut by 1:30 I was awake, unable to sleep - with Alexis in my head and in my heart - I picked up Promise again.Little did I know, that I would never make it back to bedPromise, is intense - in the best way possible - it shook me to my very core, it caused me to throw upI had [...]

    15. This book definitely caught me off guard. I didn't expect to be totally consumed by it and I was pulled in from the first word. I could not put it down until I had read the last sentence, thus losing precious sleep. This is an epic love story but is written in a whole new way. It has many similar elements to other YA fantasy novels but the author took it one step further and introduced a new world which I had never delved into before. I was introduced to a new "species" of supernatural- soul sav [...]

    16. Promise by Kristie Cook is such an insanely incredible read, it will grab your attention, heart, and soul.Alexis has been on the move her whole life with her mother, never staying in one place long enough for her to meet true friends. She is picked on, teased throughout her life for being weird and abnormal. But what really is Normal?After graduation, Alexis and her mother move to a new town and Alexis starts college and writing her novel. She meets Tristan, and her whole world turns upside down [...]

    17. 4.5 StarsThis was something different for me on the paranormal front, I've not read anything quite like this before. The world that Kristie Cook created was very well thought out and in-depth. The two types of paranormal beings we encounter in this book and the history between the two was very cleverly laid out. The way the story is told had me so intrigued, the story is told in Alexis's POV and although she knows she has a few quirks she has no idea what she is or where she came from. She is to [...]

    18. If you liked the Twilight series, you'll probably like Promise. It's full of characters with other-worldly abilities. If you didn't like Twilight because you felt the characters had super natural powers just for the sake of having them, you might like Promise because there's a reason for the characters having super natural powers Either way, the story will have you on the edge of your seat, wanting to find out how everything turns out between Alexis and Tristan.

    19. I haven't written any other review for the books, only if I liked them or not. Promise is a must read. It opens a door to magical world that will whisk you away.

    20. This book shocked me. I really didn't know what to expect, but I truly didn't expect to be up all night reading it and to be completely blown away by the writing, story line, and characters. This book begins 9 years ago (from where book 2, Purpose, will pick up) and is from the point of view of Alexis. Alexis knows she is different but she realizes that even more once she is attacked by creatures that shouldn't even exist. Her mother tries to keep the truth from her and they move often to get aw [...]

    21. 2nd time reading:I wanted to reread this book because which I guess would be the prequel just came out. I realized a couple things after reading it a second time. 1. It made me feel every emotion a person could feel for a book. Ex: Hate, love, annoyance, anger, happiness, etc. 2. It's a bit predictable but I still loved it. 3. This is one of those books that you have to read by itself even for me. Usually I read several books at a time but with this book I couldn't do it because it's just to goo [...]

    22. I’d wanted to read Promise for a while, I’d heard so many great things about it and even though I’ve rated it 3.5 stars, don’t let that put you off by reading it. Alexis Ames has always known she was different. She’s always known because when she would fall over and hurt herself in school, she always healed so quickly that people soon started calling her a freak. Alexis does want to find out why she is different but with her mother reluctant to give her answers, it’s kind of a lost h [...]

    23. My first ever book I’ve read of Kristie Cooks and I will certainly be adding her to my list of authors to follow ;) Promise is not at all what I first anticipated in reading the blurb it was so much more. Intriguing, captivating and catapulting me on a whirlwind of twists and turns till the very end. This book had me intrigued and definitely keen to keep on reading, I read this in one sitting I was swept along with the storyline, enjoying the flow and the way in which the direction took me. Th [...]

    24. Checkout my full review on my blog! omgbooksandmorebooks.I don't normally read New Adult. I may have read 4 New Adult books total but this book has been the best one yet. I tend to avoid reading New Adult for their explicit content but what draws me is the maturity of the characters. I wish YA books had more mature charactersI really enjoyed this book. The beginning was a bit slow for me but it significantly picked up after Alexis and Tristan discovered who they were to each other. Let me just s [...]

    25. My Thoughts:I.Am.Hooked. I'm head over heels, sleep deprived, and obsessed with this series. I can barely get through this review, so I can get the next book. I ignored all but the basic needs of my family for two days (though I received no complaints about pizza for dinner) to devour this book. But don't worry, I won't short you, kittens. Because you guys are the awesome and because I want you to get into this series. Let's do this.We start off with a very creeptastic and edgy attack on young, [...]

    26. This was the first Kristie Cook's book I read. It was recommended to me by one of the Twilightmoms and I was eager to read it. I didn't have to be disappointed, I really loved this book. It was easy to read, had some cute humor in it and very interesting plot. Meet Alexis - college girl who is constantly on run together with her mother Sophia. Alexis is different, she can heal beyond normal understanding and this is exactly the reason of their running away. At least that is how it looks in the b [...]

    27. Oh. My. God. Where on earth did this book come from? I’m at a loss for words. It just sort of came out of nowhere and punched me in the face with its complete brilliantness and has left me utterly speechless.I’ll be honest, I bought it because it was only 49p on kindle and I was looking for a ‘filling in’ book and so didn’t expect much. But I’m soooooooo glad I read it because now I’m desperate for the next one. And I mean, I love cliff hangers but this has to be the cruelest one e [...]

    28. I loved this book. I could not read it fast enough. I read Purpose right after it. Review will be up soon!I could not read these books fast enough. Yes I finished them A LONG time ago. I have no clue why I did not post my review sooner. I think I went on book strike after I read these for a bit because they were so on my mind! Seriously not even start Promise unless you have Purpose sitting right beside you or you will be VERY UPSET with yourself. Now onto the book!I love paranormal. I love ALL [...]

    29. I received this book from my mother with an adamant “YOU MUST READ”. Going in, I was skeptical. For one, it’s not considered YA. I would classify it more in the Cross Over/Romance genre, and the Romance genre is not my forte’. But I was so so so happy to be wrong about my initial opinion. The MC, Alexis, is a strong, original female character no matter what genre it’s classified as. At 19, she has been kept in the dark her whole life about who she is; dealing with strange “quirks” [...]

    30. A lot of people who are rating this with less than 3 stars keep comparing this book to Twilight. And I think that is sooo not true. I am actually a huge Twilight fan. What I loved most about it was the tension between Bella and Edward. And that brings me to this book… There was absolutely no tension at all between Alexis and Tristan. They just spend time together (doing and talking about absolutely nothing) and then they fall in love. It is sooo boring. And I believe Alexis is just plain stupi [...]

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