A Slender Thread (Nal Accent Novels)

A Slender Thread (Nal Accent Novels)

Katharine Davis / Jan 18, 2020

A Slender Thread Nal Accent Novels A gripping novel of two sisters who must reimagine the future before they re ready to let go of the past As a girl Margot Winkler knew her big sister Lacey would keep her safe Decades later Lacey s

  • Title: A Slender Thread (Nal Accent Novels)
  • Author: Katharine Davis
  • ISBN: 9780451230102
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • A gripping novel of two sisters who must reimagine the future before they re ready to let go of the past As a girl, Margot Winkler knew her big sister Lacey would keep her safe Decades later, Lacey s home is often Margot s refuge Lacey s life has seemed close to perfect a loving husband, twin daughters on the brink of womanhood, and a home filled with her beautiful hanA gripping novel of two sisters who must reimagine the future before they re ready to let go of the past As a girl, Margot Winkler knew her big sister Lacey would keep her safe Decades later, Lacey s home is often Margot s refuge Lacey s life has seemed close to perfect a loving husband, twin daughters on the brink of womanhood, and a home filled with her beautiful hand woven textiles But everything changes when Lacey reveals some devastating news A rare disease is slowly stealing her ability to use language Now Margot must imagine the future and find the courage to help her sister discover a new voice, keenly aware of the slender threads that bind them to this life, and to each other.

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        KATHARINE DAVISKatharine Davis began writing fiction in 1999 Capturing Paris St Martin s Press, 2006 was her first novel Recommended in Real Simple Spring Travel 2007, the novel was also included in the New York Times suggestions for fiction set in Paris Her second novel, East Hope, published by New American Library in 2009, won the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance 2010 Award for Fiction A Slender Thread, her third novel, will be published by New American Library in August, 2010 She is an Associate Editor at The Potomac Review Her website is katharinedavis and she can be reached at Katharine katharinedavis


    1. An outstanding story of family-sisterly love--a devistating illness--hopes and dreams--- I enjoyed reading ever page. it made me laugh and cry and was filled with so much raw emotionalism. Now I want to read the other books written by Katharine Davis

    2. A Slender Thread was a very emotional read. It is mostly the story of two sisters. Lacey, the older sister basically had to take on the role of being a mother to her younger sister, Margot. Their mother was absent a lot because she was an alcoholic and withdrew from the family. Lacey was perfect in everything, mothering, sewing, crafts, cooking and knowing what to do in emergencies. When the two sisters had grown up Lacey had everything she ever wanted in life, a loving husband, two daughters, a [...]

    3. Why isn't there a 3 1/2 rating? I seem to be caught, often, between liking and REALLY liking.This is Katharine Davis's third book, and in terms of the writing, I don't think it was as lyrical as her first two. (I wonder if her editor was rushing her a bit?) However, in some ways, I think this novel is trying to tackle a lot more in terms of characters and plot. Maybe that was the problem?There are quite a few complicated relationship dynamics, but the center of the book is the relationship betwe [...]

    4. The cover of this book is definitely pretty and eye catchy. However, I'm up in the air in regards to this story.I got a sense that we can be connected by a thread to others. It is also true how our past (good and bad) can shape what kind of adults we can turn into. There can be baggage one lugs about on her/his person.I understand the dynamics of the sisters' relationship. The whole semi-confused, love triangle past was disappointing. Like why have that? I understand the whole, younger sister cr [...]

    5. I really like this book. Both sisters are so creative, supportive and jealous of each other. They want and need each other in their lives. How they come together and how they work and stumble through their issues of family helps you to endear them.

    6. I stayed up all night to finish Katharine Davis's newest novel A Slender Thread. Literally, it was almost five o'clock in the morning, and I was blown away by her ability to put pen to page and illustrate relationships in such a beautiful way.The novel tells the story of two sisters, closely bonded as a result of their often difficult childhood, whose lives are balanced on the cusp of change. When Margot leaves her glamorous New York City life and visits her sister Lacey in New Hampshire one Tha [...]

    7. I liked this book. Good characters dealing with difficult family and interpersonal relationships. Clean, but good fiction and characters.

    8. A Slender ThreadThis is not what I thought it was going to be. I expected a more crafty type of book, still, this one had some pretty powerful themes and messages going on. And it did pull you in.Margot is an artist that works in a gallery, having given up her own art. Her older sister Lacey has settled down, had twin girls, and is a weaver and teacher. But when Lacey is diagnosed with a progressive illness their lives change. This illness will take away Lacey's speech, and her capacity for unde [...]

    9. First of all, it is good to read a fiction book that gets my craft right. The chapter headings were all definitions of weaving and spinning terms. Not only did they fit the chapters, but they were correct. What little weaving that actually took place in the book was referred to correctly. It is a pet peeve of mine that authors occasionally don't do their research. There are plenty of libraries and librarians who would be happy to help an author get their facts straight.Now that I am stepping off [...]

    10. I really liked the characters in this book and found myself identifying my sister and myself with the two main characters, as well as a couple of the secondary characters, which made the story's unfolding that much more interesting. I liked the combination of stories from both sisters being intertwined, and the comparisons drawn to the weaving process, and how each chapter began with the definition of a weaving term that was relevant to the storyline. I felt that the ending was abrupt, though. T [...]

    11. The plot (two sisters, one overly involved with the other to the detriment of her romantic relationship, one with a degenerative brain disease) is rather ordinary, with brief flashes of something different. What was confusing was that Margot (younger sister) and Oliver (her boyfriend) are both artists, even though Margot currently works in a gallery not as an artist. Yet the chapter headings are all about weaving - and the glimpses of Lacey (older sister) working as a weaver are few and far betw [...]

    12. I liked this book. It was a quiet little book that explores how family dynamics shift after the kingpin in the family is diagnosed with having a serious degenerate disease. It's not a lighthearted romp of a summer read, but more of a thoughtful exploration of what could happen in any family struck by a serious illness. I enjoyed how the author cleverly subtitled each chapter with appropriate weaving definitions. Lacey (who has the grim prognosis) is a weaver, so it was interesting to see how the [...]

    13. This is the first time I've read this author's work, and I have to say she held my interest. There were many times I underlined her words to think about later and keep on hand for reflection in a journal.I liked the way this book wove the stories between the sisters, and also between their past and present. It, for me, really hit home with the description of Lacey's illness because I have a friend going through something similar. I see a lot of the same struggles in my friend.The conclusion made [...]

    14. This is an easy read. The characters are interesting. The omnipotent point of view is used by the author. It is mainly a book about the strong bond of family between two sisters. I was somewhat let down by the non- ending though. There are suggestions here and there about possible plot turns, but none pan out. The illness of one of the sisters is addressed superficially, in my opinion. On the other hand, there is a nice peephole into artists' lives and some about New York living. A quick book to [...]

    15. I give this book 2.5 stars. At times I found it good but mostly slow pace and repetitive.Rather sad and depressing book but was very thought provoking. Two sisters that are very close find out one has a rare disease and the other sister steps up and wants to help and puts the sister and her family first above her own relationship. There is also a hidden secret about the sisters relationship with her brother in law. The book is worht reading though.

    16. This was a good book and had a lot of different dynamics. This had the dynamic of a sister bond, also had a dynamic bond of love between husband and wife and a girlfriend and boyfriend. And everything being complicated by an eventually deadly illness. It was a complex book that brought out a lot of emotion from the heart. I really enjoyed this book, and I would recommend it to people who want an emotional book.

    17. Didn't love it, didn't hate it. I didn't really like any of the characters but they did play off each other fairly well. I guess I was just hoping that Bow Lake would have a bigger part of the story. It was referred to over and over and over again and when it finally had it's time, the story felt stunted for me. I really wonder why the author wrapped it up so quickly as it seemed to me to be a pivotal point for the main characters. Oh well. Next book please

    18. Read this book for our June book group and were fortunate to have the author, Katherine Davis join us, she is the sister of one of our members. Don't take this book lightly, there are interesting complex family dynamics focused around the illness of the "strong one" in the family and some fascinating information about the textile arts that are woven into the story, pun intended! For instance Texere: Latin for "to weave," from which the English word "text" is derived. Give it a good read!

    19. My review is here."One of the abilities with came with age, he thought, was getting used to unhappiness. You had to accept a backlog of disappointments, hurts that could never be healed, sadness for which there was no cure." Oliver on p.207

    20. I enjoyed this book and the exploration of family dynamics in dealing with the complicated disease and slow deterioration of communication avenues. I have friends who are dealing with a similar (or same) condition with their father, so perhaps some of what was happening I was feeling for them.I liked the characters who were typical people with inherent flaws that occasionally made me crazy!

    21. An OK read. The ending seemed a little abrupt and I think there was just too much going on all the time - I felt like the characters were constantly in turmoil and change and you never got a good feel of their character. I wasn't too attached to any character but it was not a terrible read.

    22. A nice little novel. I found the characters believable. Dealing with a family members illness, especially one involving memory loss is very difficult, very real, and probably something we are all going to have to deal with in some capacity.

    23. This was an interesting look at the relationship of two sisters. The older sister has always been in charge of everything. So what happens when the older sister becomes sick with a rare disease that is stealing her ability to talk. It leaves lives that are bound by a slender thread.

    24. It took me a lot of pages to become invested in this book. That being said, I did end up enjoying the story and liking the characters. The sister relationship is real, not melodramatic or overly mushy.

    25. This book was very much like a Lifetime movie. It was quick and easy to read; it was also easily forgettable. Everything seemed to be neatly resolved by the end of the book, and I didn't find many of the characters' stories to be very believable. It was a good airplane/vacation read.

    26. I enjoyed this book and the characters and how they communicated. Very interesting medical condition of one the sisters which reminded me of someone in my church family. Still wondering if that is what she has. Enjoyed the art exposure and the weaving.

    27. Loved this book. I was immediately caught up in the story. Sometimes you just want a book that takes you elsewhere for awhile.

    28. It was interesting to learn about another neurological disease, this one affecting the ability to speak and eventually comprehend language. The story was ok, enjoyed Still Alice better.

    29. Neither here nor there. Just kind of eh. One sister is diagnosed with horrible disease and husband is an ass about it. Other sisters boyfriend is an ass about the whole thing too.

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