Dahanu Road

Dahanu Road

Anosh Irani / Dec 12, 2019

Dahanu Road The only statement of revolt the poor could make was to put an end to their own misery It happened all the time men lay themselves on train tracks hanged themselves from trees consumed rat poison a

  • Title: Dahanu Road
  • Author: Anosh Irani
  • ISBN: 9780385666992
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The only statement of revolt the poor could make was to put an end to their own misery It happened all the time men lay themselves on train tracks, hanged themselves from trees, consumed rat poison, and women set their kerosene soaked bodies alight in front of their husbands These were blazing ends to insignificant journeys But in all this, there was always one man who The only statement of revolt the poor could make was to put an end to their own misery It happened all the time men lay themselves on train tracks, hanged themselves from trees, consumed rat poison, and women set their kerosene soaked bodies alight in front of their husbands These were blazing ends to insignificant journeys But in all this, there was always one man who, in that final gush of blood, in that final breaking of neck and bone, set things in motion Zairos Irani, a young man of inherited leisure, is meandering through his family s lush chickoo orchards near Mumbai when he comes across a distressing sight Hanging from one of the fruit trees is the lifeless body of Ganpat, a worker from the indigenous Warli tribe Ganpat s ancestors once owned the land, before his father s alcohol debts caused the deed to be transferred to Zairos s grandfather Shapur The two family destinies have been entwined ever since, ancient grudges once again awoken by Ganpat s final desperate act.Zairos feels obliged to notify Ganpat s family before the authorities come to ask needless questions and extract bribes A tractor bearing Ganpat s sister and anguished daughter Kusum soon trundles into the orchard, and when Kusum alights, Zairos s curiosity is piqued As a landowner, he knows that he is well above her station, and yet her dignity and beauty lead him to cast aside taboos and risk the wagging tongues of neighbourhood gossips Though wary at first, the grieving Kusum comes to return his affection, asking only that he assist her in achieving what her dead father could not by putting an end to the violence she has endured at the hands of a drunken husband.Zairos cannot get advice from his father Aspi, whose clownishness masks thinly veiled nihilism Nor can he confide in his beloved grandfather Shapur, whose massive hands planted the chickoo trees that he adores as much as his own sons Shapur built the family empire from a desperate start as an orphaned refugee, and any act that might threaten the delicate legacy spawned by his sacrifices would only provoke rage in the old man, who increasingly dwells in memories So Zairos whiles away his time at Anna s, the local haunt for the male leisure class, dreaming of a future with Kusum There, with the support of some equally underemployed sidekicks, Zairos hatches a scheme to scare Kusum s husband into releasing her, while keeping his own moral integrity intact But alas, Zairos s scheme will not unfold as planned, and along the way he will unwittingly expose family secrets that may well be better left buried With brilliant gusto, Irani has built his Dahanu Road upon the pathways forged by authors of tragicomic romance spanning centuries and continents, from the Persian classic Layla and Majnun, to Romeo and Juliet to Wuthering Heights Dahanu Road is a suspense filled family saga, a sprawling romantic epic in which the delineations between the oppressor and the oppressed, or between love and hate, are demonstrated to be maddeningly deceptive.

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        Anosh Irani is an Indo Canadian novelist and playwright His novels and plays have garnered much critical and popular acclaim and he is considered to be a rising star in Canadian literature He was born and grew up in Mumbai, India in a Parsi family of relatively recent Persian origin hence the surname Irani , but now makes his home in Vancouver, Canada He is a graduate of the University of British Columbia.


    1. This is a troublesome book that deals with troublesome issues. Such is the skill of the author that I allowed him to lead me along the routes of his characters and come to some kind of insight and compassion. Perhaps this was due to the insight and compassion and tenderness of AI who makes no judgements and tells a forgotten story that contains multitudes.I cannot say that I liked this book but it is so well done i couldnt give it a 2 in GR rating because its 5/7 in mine. so i compromised. And i [...]

    2. I really liked this book, though I'm not sure to what extent I was influenced by my interest in Zoroastrians (I was born into a Parsi family). If I'd had absolutely no connection with, or knowledge of, this group of people, would I have enjoyed it as much? I'm not so sure!The novel goes back and forth in time, over the past century. The present focuses on the story of Zairos, a young Zoroastrain . . . heir to his grandfather's land (somewhere near Bombay)and his infatuation with a young tribal w [...]

    3. 4.3. I've been reading through Irani's work since first reading his Cripple and His Talisman. What I've found is that his works vary, and that is my nice way of NOT saying I've been disappointede while his other works are definitely not that amazing absurdist text that CaHT wasere is yet merit to the others. This one, though, does not deserve to be rated in comparison to that other standard text. While reading there was that very "ok let's get comfortable and cozy" feeling one gets with certain [...]

    4. Unlike the Bollywood 1970s shallow love stories of rich boy/poor girl, Irani's tale is layered in unanswered questions, making it hard to stop reading. While Zairos's father is shocked by the treatment of the Warlis tribe to conform to the landowners, his grandfather holds secrets of his own misconduct. This is more a tale of corruption, power and caste racism amongst the love story of two people from different backgrounds. I couldn't help make a connection to the present day mistreatment of Dal [...]

    5. Story Description:Doubleday Canada|December 19, 2011|Hardcover|ISBN: 978-0-385-66699-2“The only statement of revolt the poor could make was to put an end to their own misery. It happened all the time – men lay themselves on train tracks, hanged themselves from trees, consumed rat poison, and women set their kerosene-soaked bodies alight in front of their husbands. These were blazing ends to insignificant journeys. But in all this, there was always one man who, in that final gush of blood, in [...]

    6. This is the first time I saw Cheekus on the cover of a book. The name "Dahanu Road" was also intriguing. I had never heard of it before. Of course I had to find out where it was before I read the book! So I discovered that it is a taluka, 22 kms north of Boisar. Well, Boisar I had heard recently was a township on the outskirts of Mumbai, further from New Mumbai. "Dahanu Road" is Anosh Iranis new book. His previous books are "The song of Kahunsa" and "The Cripple and his Talismans". (I haven't re [...]

    7. Anosh Irani happened to be the writer-in-residence at my university this past winter, which is what spurred me to pick up this book. Hearing him talk about his work gave great insight to the story itself, however I don't think that there is any need for prior knowledge about the Zorastrian faith before reading.Anosh is a very engaging writer, the narrative drawing you in immediately. The story alternates between the narrative of Zairos, the young grandson of Sharur Irani, a wealthy Indian landow [...]

    8. This is a very sensual novel, appealing to the senses. Zairos Irani is a young man, close to his grandfather Shapur. As he spends time with the old man, he is told stories of the past. He is also the one to find a worker's body in the orchard, and he finds himself drawn to the man's daughter. Kusum also finds herself drawn to Zairos and at the basis of this is a memory from her childhood. Zairos has lived a life of idleness and his first moves are hesitant. As the both find themselves defying ta [...]

    9. The story revolves around Zairos and Shapur irani (Zairos's grandfather). Shapur will tell part of his story to Zairos. Meanwhile Zairos will fall in love with a tribal (Warli) girl Kushum who is already married to a drunkard Laxman. Kushum is the daughter of Ganapat and granddaughter of Vithal. Ganapat and Vithal have worked in Shapur irani's chikoo farm.Kushum will be leading a miserable life with Laxman, who will be demanding money he spent for their marriage to let her free. That is where th [...]

    10. Anosh Irani was born and grew up in Bombay, India so that is where the story takes place. Because this is India, the inevitable clash between groups of people, who are deemed different than themselves, is also the basis for this novel. Zairos is a young man whose family fled Iran and came to India, where they managed to become landowners. The land they 'claimed' however was the home of the local tribal people called the Warlis, who now work the land for the Iranis. A suicide of one of these Warl [...]

    11. I would not say that this book was exceptional but I would have to admit that Anosh Irani's portrayal of the characters and the environments were very vivid. The inclusion of Zoroastrianism details and the lifestyle of Warli tribals formed the backbone of the story. It was fascinating to know that there were immigrants from Iran before the independence of India. Hence, it has answered my question of why Boman Irani (Bollywood actor) has the last name Irani. Moreover, this book kept jumping from [...]

    12. Myth and history interweave artfully in this tale of revenge and ill-begotten love. In the town of Dahanu outside Bombay, Zairos, son of Aspi Irani, a landowner, finds Ganpat, a member of the local Warli tribe who work the land, hanging from one of his father's chickoo trees. His search for a reason for the man's suicide leads him to uncover some unpleasant facts about his own family's history. Along the way he falls in love with Ganpat's daughter, Kusum, far beneath his station and married to t [...]

    13. Il libro si è rivelato una lettura davvero piacevole. Lo stile di scrittura dell'autore è il suo punto di forza, è uno stile che affascina e che ti rende partecipe del libro, molto più della storia narrata. Quest'ultima è comunque molto intrigante, piena di mistero e dalla fine drammatica, ed è in grado di tenere il lettore col fiato sospeso.Ho apprezzato anche la ricchezza di informazioni sulla comunità zoroastriana proveniente dall'Iran e abitante in India, nonché quelle sulla discrimi [...]

    14. A friend gave me a pile of books that were long or short listed in the Man Asia Literature prize. It's nice to read stories set in a similar humidity level than what I live in. It makes me feel connected to where i am living instead of feeling like an expat who can't wait to get home. I didn't know anything about the Warli people or the Zoroastrian diaspora so I enjoyed the candid summarised histories of these made by some of the characters.

    15. I learned about Zoroastrians in this novel, and about the Warlis, an indigenous tribe of Northern India. I learned more about humans continue to subjugate and abuse 'other' -- other race, other tribe, other socioeconomic class, other gender.Dahanu Road was worth reading just for those reasons, but I was also mesmerized by the characters. I read the book over two days, losing sleep because it was just too hard to put down.Highly recommended

    16. This was a beautiful story told with such tragedy and so much brutality. The author did a wonderful job of creating characters, even the background ones with no real attachment to the story being told. I really enjoyed this book. I love books that tell multiple stories at a time, jumping from one time to another and connecting them in such a touching and sad way.

    17. It is an absolutely moving story! Anosh Irani takes his reader on Dahanu road and allows for the pebbles to be touched, dust to be swallowed, and the chikoo trees to be, at the same time, admired and hated. This is a must read!

    18. This book was a good read. I grow up in a village around farms and farm workers; I can relate the landlords and farm workers' life. The characters and place reminded me my childhood as I read further into the novel. The story was intriguing.

    19. Interesting, some great warm characterisation in spite of lame woman-fridging at the end. I wish it read less like a first draft.

    20. Anosh Irani is one of a kind. His writing is passionate, full of tenderness and so much soul. Although it was difficult to get into the story at first it was a great read.

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