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Calder Medic Katarina d Arnal moves to the slums to work in a free clinic and ends up drawing the job of inoculating Shareem The first Shareem who shows up is the Calder a level three muffled from head to

  • Title: Calder
  • Author: Allyson James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Medic Katarina d Arnal moves to the slums to work in a free clinic and ends up drawing the job of inoculating Shareem The first Shareem who shows up is the Calder, a level three, muffled from head to foot, refusing to bare even an inch of skin He s used to an elderly medic who jabs him and lets him go, not the pretty, young highborn woman who wants to do everything by thMedic Katarina d Arnal moves to the slums to work in a free clinic and ends up drawing the job of inoculating Shareem The first Shareem who shows up is the Calder, a level three, muffled from head to foot, refusing to bare even an inch of skin He s used to an elderly medic who jabs him and lets him go, not the pretty, young highborn woman who wants to do everything by the book.Calder hides himself because, unlike the rest of the Shareem the handsome, arrogant, a holes Calder is scarred all over, the result of a plasma fire years ago He s learned that women crave to be with him, as hideous as he is, and he s created a world where they can indulge in their darkest fantasies with the Beast He give them an exotic experience with a capital E.But this woman, Katarina, looks at Calder the man, and wants to know all about him Calder decides to show her what he is when she s tricked into visiting his lair but Katarina keeps insisting on touching his burned face with her gentle fingers, trying to find the man behind the tormented Beast Calder knows if he lets her in to what he truly is, it will be the end of him .Tales of the Shareem Calder Book 4 is a novel of 50,000 words, fourteen chapters.

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    1. Nothing satisfies quite like a mysterious tortured hero“This is Calder, sweetheart,” Braden said. “One of the best level threes ever made. Means he’s gentle as a kitten one minute, dangerous as a desert tiger the next. You never know what he’s going to do.” But that made him more exciting. Calder was a wonderfully crafted character. The author had set up his mysterious and foreboding persona in the the previous books. He was more intriguing than any other Shareem by the time we got t [...]

    2. I can't help it, I have a thing for tortured and damaged heroes. Calder is the ultimate tortured Shareem, and he has the scars to prove it. Luckily for him, fate puts Dr. Katarina d'Arnal in his life - and the rest is history. ;)After being slightly disappointed with the last installments in the Tales of the Shareem series, I'm glad to say that I enjoyed Calder as much as Rees. I still think that Ms. James spends too many lines recapping former heroes' stories and that's annoying. I've read thei [...]

    3. Beauty and the Beast storyI don't think you need to read the previous books in the series in order to understand this one, but I don't think it would hurt. I did have to read a few of the sentences over again to understand this book so maybe reading them in order would've helped me a little bit, but I was able to follow along with the story for the most part.It reminds me of a cross between Beauty and the Beast and Laurann Donner's New Species series. I like the interaction between Katarina and [...]

    4. 3 1/2 round up to 4. Scif erotica with Bioengineered Doms. That's what a level 3 like Calder was designed to be. Along with being incredibly endowed enough to ruin a woman for a normal man ;). This has probably been my favorite Shareem book. Some world building scifi but the main emphasis is the relationship. I found the sex scenes hot and panty melting. There's a little something for everyone :). The menage scene was my favorite. (view spoiler)[. The menage is not permanent just a fling using a [...]

    5. Calder. Oh my how I was looking forward to his story and he did not disappoint. Tortured hero. The Beast. A man who thinks that nobody could possibly love him and that women only want him because he can show them their greatest desires and their greatest fears all rolled into one. Calder is hiding from the world because he believes he does not belong in it. Enter Katarina. A heart of gold and a massive capacity to love. She does not judge people until she knows them, this uniqueness makes her po [...]

    6. Oh Calder, I'm so glad that we didn't have to wait for your story! You have my heart and soul and you are my favorite so far. Every inch of your story was heartbreaking and I wanted to be Katarina so bad so I could be the one to love you! This read very much like a beauty and the beast retelling and it was wonderful in scale! Honestly I cried so much reading this book! I didn't expect Calder to be more of a Dom, but it also worked that deep down inside he just wanted to love him woman!

    7. Calder has been republished as an ebook as of Feb 23, 2013. I love this guy! (Allyson posting as Jennifer)

    8. Loved it. Pretty much all smut, but I'm such a sucker for a good Beauty and the Beast Story. The HEA for these two was just so sweet.

    9. Ahhh Calder. You are my favourite by far!! Calder is a great character and we really get to know him. From his kind soul to the lonely shareem he has made himself. We figure out why he is always covered and how much he hates that! Really deep down hates it! We all know he is whore and has freaky women running after him. Katarina. She is great! A doctor who throws sterotypes to the wind and does what her heart tells her. She is strong and resilient and really puts the hard yards in where Calder i [...]

    10. Not sure how to rate it, so I went with a 3 star. In general I liked this one, with the hero being a science experiment, the power-difference between the heroine and the hero, and the beauty & the beast style story but I thought the "fixing" was completely unnecessary, and also the way it was done without his permission uhmmm. that certainly bothered me and his reaction to it was confusing and weird. The bdsm wasn't too bad, so I actually somewhat enjoyed the sex scenes, but I mostly read th [...]

    11. I loved Calder and Katarina. Calder has suffered so much pain in his life, and then comes Katarina, his healer and his love. The other Shareem play parts in bringing these two together, which is fun.The Shareem books are erotica, with good stories, good back stories, strong men and strong women - who find each other and fall in love. But you have to remember the word EROTICA - if you don't want intense sex often filled with domination, don't choose these books. If you do, try this series - I thi [...]

    12. The mysterious beast Shareem. Once aging this author keeps the series new and fresh. This follows Calder the secretive Shareem. He had it tough in the labs so now he does all he can to control situations. He meets a new medic who plays by the rules and he doesn't like it. Will this bossy medic tame the beast? A must read!!

    13. Calder was my favorite out of this series, I think because he was so tortured and yet had such a gentle side to him. I fell in love with himr.

    14. 3.5 stars for me. It was 100% erotica. While the sex was naughty and there was lots of steam, the storyline was just ok for me. I dont think I will personally continue this series.

    15. I PERSONALLY CANNOT RESIST A BEAUTY AND THE BEAST TROUPE AND WHILE THIS ONE WASN'T EXACTLY NOVEL LONG, IT WAS STILL GOOD. THERE WAS A NICE BALANCE OF INTRIGUE, SMUT AND A TOUCH OF ROMANCE. OUR HERO is a man who is both emotionally and physically scarred from his time as an experiment whereby his entire body and face was destroyed by a fire. So now he's practically a Beast lurking in human form and those high born women who find him for the sex just use him as a novel fantasy of being with 'The B [...]

    16. Calder is Shareem. Genetically created to be the ultimate in sexual pleasure. A level three, he’s mysterious, rough, dangerous. That was before an experiment gone wrong at the DNAmo lab…Now Calder is something else. He is The Beast. A being women fear even as they beg to be “hunted” in his pleasure palace. And he gives his clients everything they want and more, his sexual skills legendary, his waiting list long…until Katarina.As a highborn woman, Katarina should shun all Shareem. Yet t [...]

    17. "Calder" by Allyson James. Book 4 in the Tales of the Shareem series.I'm really liking all these Shareem books! This one was no different. I enjoyed it just as well. A Beauty and the Beast type story with the main characters of Calder, a level three Shareem who was horribly burned, and Katarina, a highborn woman who is a doctor who wants to help the underprivileged people on their planet of Bor Narga. A sci-fi erotica romance.I actually liked this book the best so far because I found the charact [...]

    18. Favorite of the SeriesCALDER is the fourth book in the Tales of the Shareem series. The series is erotic romance. The sex is more graphic and exotic than the normal romance including m/m/f scenes. The Shareem are a genetically engineered group of men who were created and experimented upon with the purpose of creating sex slaves. The Shareem have been freed from the company that created them but are second class citizens on their home planet. Calder is a unique Shareem. He was almost killed durin [...]

    19. Katarina d'Arnal is a medic and moved to the slums to work in the free clinic. She ends up working with the job of inoculating Shareem. The first one is Calder, and he is not very corporate with Katarina. When it comes time for Calder's appointment with her, he refuses to bare an inch of skin to her for the exam. Instead he gives himself the inoculations and leaves with Katarina stunned in disbelief. Calder terribly burned years ago in DNAmo and scarred all over.Now hides himself from everyone. [...]

    20. Calder [#5:] for those of us who love our heroes tortured and heroic. the author's site:Calder is Shareem. Genetically created to be the ultimate in sexual pleasure. A level three, he’s mysterious, rough, dangerous. That was before an experiment gone wrong at the DNAmo lab…Calder is something else. He is The Beast. A being women fear even as they beg to be “hunted” in his pleasure palace. And he gives his clients everything they want and more, his sexual skills legendary, his waiting lis [...]

    21. Contains slight spoilers, but really there's nothing surprising in these books.(view spoiler)[I was really into this book until around page 150ish when Calder wakes up. I'm sorry, Katarina's decision at this point basically turns her into a codependent crazy woman. Like OFF THE CHARTS cray-cray crazy woman. (hide spoiler)]I really liked the hero here, though. He's absolutely one of the better thought out ones in the series. He actually has feelings and emotions that are conveyed through the page [...]

    22. The beast yea right, only for those who deserve it Calder was scarred badly during an experiment and because of that he full filled many women's sick fantasies of being attacked by a horrible creature in his jungle like lair but Katarina showed him a tenderness that no one ever did before, no matter how much of a BEAST he tried to be with her. I loved how Katarina took all that Calder though at her to the point she falls love with him which of course as with any perfect love story he eventually [...]

    23. This series is full of great erotic tales that aren't too formulaic. They also have a bit of a running plot, which is where it loses some points with me. I like the plot, but we get enough of a hint of one that the stories feel incomplete without exploring it further. It feels like the background is building to a great Shareem revolt, but 5 books in and I'm only seeing hints of a type of 'underground railroad' where the men can escape the planet. This series would probably get a higher rating fr [...]

    24. Should Have Been Longer! This a great series of futuristic sci-fi BDSM erotic romance novels and shorter novels. This one is on the short side, which was disappointing because the hero is so damn hot I'm still drooling. Caulder is the baddest Shareem yet, how could there be enough? Too many scenes were hinted at and but not delivered, too, but then maybe I'm just greedy. I still loved it. It's a recommended read to anyone interested in this genre and a must read for anyone who's read any of the [...]

    25. Calder shows you that the Shareem are not all about looks. He has been disfigured in a plasma fire and he is still desired and rich woman pay serious credits to be with the Beast. What can a young woman do to break through his anger and hurt so that he believes that she actually wants him. This is where friends help her and also him to get together. This is a quick entertaining hot read. Enjoy I did. This is a re-read for me.

    26. 3.5 would be more accuratebut I am going to round down for this one.I really LOVE the wounded and scarred heros and I loved the storyline and I LOVE Calder however I just did not feel the connection, find it believable and in turn the titillating scenes we not so titillating.I was a bit disappointed but it was still an en easy and enjoyable read just not as much as I think I had wanted/expected/could have been.

    27. The funny thing about these books is now I'm really getting into the characters. I really want to know what's the author is going to do with the story line. Now that part isn't the funny part. for me it's the sex in the book. That is the true common denominator in these stories and for me I'd like to see a change in the theme (snore). How many level 3's can a girl want to read about.

    28. I read the other 3 books in the series. They were okay. Not great in plot, I've read other erotica that had stronger writing. But I'm annoyed that in this series every female is the innocent virgin. It gets very boring after a while. And these books are each seeming to follow the same formula. I don't think I'll be finishing the series, and that's a rarity for me.

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