God King

God King

Graham McNeill / Jan 17, 2020

God King God King concludes the story of Sigmar s development from clan leader to God King this time fighting an undead army that threatens the fragile unity of his Empire Original

  • Title: God King
  • Author: Graham McNeill
  • ISBN: 9781844168996
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback
  • God King concludes the story of Sigmar s development from clan leader to God King this time fighting an undead army that threatens the fragile unity of his Empire Original.

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        Hailing from Scotland, Graham McNeill narrowly escaped a career in surveying to work for Games Workshop as a games designer He has a strong following with his novels Nightbringer, Warriors of Ultramar, Dead Sky, Black Sun and Storm of Iron.


    1. After chasing the Norsi back to their Northern homeland Sigmar returns to Reikdorf in time to face a new threat, the return of Nagash who has used his dark magic to raise armies of the dead across the Empire in a war that will lead to the climatic Battle of the River Reik where the fate of the world will be decided.Decent if straight forward fantasy here. Some decent battle scenes and a mostly satisfying conclusion to the trilogy. However the book contains more than its share of filler (the open [...]

    2. Ok, I struggled through this book more than the previous 2. I couldn't figure out why it wasn't holding my interest as much, then it dawned on me. McNeill jumps around between several POV, and it just made things confusing. The chapter would end and I would be SO EXCITED about what was going to happen, then some other story arc starts. After awhile, I just didn't care what was happening to ANYONE anymore. Also, I would have liked a bit more of an ending. The ENTIRE book, humans are one step away [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this book, but I'll agree with some of the other reviewers that it took a bit more of an effort to read than the previous two. Others have put this down to the switching of POVs, but I didn't mind that too much. I think the thing that weighed me down was the similarity of the obstacles throughout the book. In the previous ones, there were different kinds of opponents for Sigmar to face, as well as a number of social/political problems to deal with. In this book, there's a common [...]

    4. A decent read, though it didn't really wrap anything up considering it was the last book of a trilogy. At times the writing was cliche and predictable ("he fought like a hero of old") and there were too many near-brushes with death that some of the characters had which dulled the drama that these secondary characters might actually not make it. (We obviously know Sigmar will live, but his supporting cast should be a bit more human).Also, Graham then attributes some supernatural powers to Sigmar, [...]

    5. Graham Mcneill has come a long way as an author, and this is damn good evidence of it. to be hionest there are times when I find myself cmparing him to Dan Abnett( whom I consider the best in this field), and not all that unfavorably. In general I like when authors use game material as a starting point but not as the only way things are. And Mcneill has gotten better about not just putting his latest game into a book, but there still were a few times when I want his imagination to run wild and c [...]

    6. Since founding his Empire, Sigmar has faced pretty much non-stop challenges. None of them compare to what he has to face in the final book of the trilogy. Nagash, necromancer and lord of the undead has returned and he's determined to lay waste to Sigmar's Empire. Just like the other 2 books, this one is filled with action and battles. The undead are rising all over the empire, and nowhere is safe. Every corner of the Empire, from Jutonsryk to Middenheim is under siege and the fighting is intense [...]

    7. I understand the frustration that some other reviewers have expressed over the lack of closure regarding the ongoing conflict between Sigmar and Gerreon/Azazel, as that had been the ongoing focus of the first two books in the trilogy. However, even with a plot that seemed to be mostly unrelated to what I was expecting after reading the first two books, and even the first chapter of God King, this book did manage to keep my interest, and if you are a fan of Graham McNeill's work or fantasy novels [...]

    8. I liked this finale better than the first two books. Looking at the defence of the Empire through more eyes than just Sigmar's gave the book a greater depth and feeling of epic scale. In the last book, with Nagash's Crown all but destroying Sigmar, I'd kind of had enough of him, to be honest. The different perspectives, therefore, breathed new life into the story. Well worth finishing this trilogy if you're still in on it after the second book.

    9. I enjoyed reading thus book it was an really easy read for me but the only down side to it was the way that Graham moved from one plot and character to the next. all granted that the story was great the fights were epic but it kept flip flopping from one story to the next and it left a few of the plot lines unfinished.but I still enjoyed it immensely.

    10. And thus endeth the first trilogy of Sigmar. I'm sure they will write more. This last part detailed the coming of Nagash THE Necromancer in the Warhammer Fantasy setting. The dead rise up to attack the living and the Empire must rally to stay alive. The novel is full of epic mass combats and a few characters die as a new crop of characters comes to the fore. It was an adequate bus ride read.

    11. It is the better possible ending for this trilogy, an epic final battle, not for the freedom or victory, but for the right of living. I liked a lot the story and im quite impressed about the way that the author doesn't make a book FULL of battle and blood and suffer, boring, i mean, litteraly three quarters of the story are battle, it's just awsome.

    12. The only thing I could think this entire novel was: How AMAZING Nagash and his to second in commands if you will(The vampire and Avatar of Kharneth?). I am now dying to read the Nagash omnibus as I LOVE necromancers!

    13. One of the best Black Library publications i've ever read. In my opinion it's a must read for every Warhammer Fantasy fan.

    14. Very good trilogy! The only gripe I have with it is it didn't wrap anything up with Azazel! I guess he is going to save that for a future novel though so I'm not too mad.

    15. A slow slog in places, but a finish that finally has the flavor of a "modern" Warhammer battle. Nice to see the beginnings of the Sigmarite Empire at last.

    16. This book could have been alot better im sure The Great Necromancer would have a little bit more involvement than just hiding in the forest gathering his forcesHe is Nagash ffs

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