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Thresholds Maya s family has just moved from Idaho to Spores Ferry Oregon She s nervous about starting middle school and making new friends but soon that s the last thing on her mind First a fairy flies into

  • Title: Thresholds
  • Author: Nina Kiriki Hoffman
  • ISBN: 9780670063192
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Maya s family has just moved from Idaho to Spores Ferry, Oregon She s nervous about starting middle school and making new friends, but soon that s the last thing on her mind First, a fairy flies into her room Then it turns out that the kids in the apartment building next door do magic, and their basement is full of portals to other worlds She s bursting with new experiMaya s family has just moved from Idaho to Spores Ferry, Oregon She s nervous about starting middle school and making new friends, but soon that s the last thing on her mind First, a fairy flies into her room Then it turns out that the kids in the apartment building next door do magic, and their basement is full of portals to other worlds She s bursting with new experiences and delight and secrets, because she can t breathe a word to her family, not even when she winds up taking care of an alien Imagine the family in Ingrid Law s Savvy seen through the eyes of a young Ray Bradbury Cross the Threshold

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        Nina Kiriki Hoffman s first solo novel, The Thread That Binds the Bones 1993 , won the Bram Stoker Award for first novel her second novel, The Silent Strength of Stones 1995 was a finalist for the Nebula and World Fantasy Awards A Red Heart of Memories 1999, part of her Matt Black series , nominated for a World Fantasy Award, was followed by sequel Past the Size of Dreaming in 2001 Much of her work to date is short fiction, including Matt Black novella Unmasking 1992 , nominated for a World Fantasy Award and Matt Black novelette Home for Christmas 1995 , nominated for the Nebula, World Fantasy, and Sturgeon awards In addition to writing, Hoffman has taught, worked part time at a B Dalton bookstore, and done production work on The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction An accomplished fiddle player, she has played regularly at various granges near her home in Eugene, Oregon.


    1. Captivating, with an authentic feel to the world-building & characters, but too superficial & quick. Oh wait, that's because it's just the first book! I definitely need to read the sequel(s) in order to 1/ get to know all these ppl better, 2/ figure out more of what's going on, and 3/ evaluate in order to decide whether to recommend the series to any of you.

    2. Maya's family has moved from Idaho to Spores Ferry, Oregon, after the death of her best friend. Not only does Maya have to deal with her grief and the move to a new town and a new school, but there are also a lot of odd things going on. First, a fairy flies in her window and spends the night, then she meets a strange boy who gives her a gift, and all of it seems to be connected to the unusual people who live next door.Does anyone know, is this the first of a series? There were a lot of things I [...]

    3. No surprise: I LOVED this book. :>The opening chapter grabbed me and held on till I finished the book. In one sitting. My dog was annoyed with me but I had to finish this book. Then I looked at the bio info and saw my website did ya'll hear a scream of delight? Yeah, that was my reaction.-------------------------------1/11/11: another squeal that had the neighbors checking to make sure I wasn't dead or anything the ARC for book 2 was in my mail today. Darn end-of-year tax crap at work have to [...]

    4. I like to characterize trends with great all-encompassing, massive statements that fail to take into account exceptions to the rule. For example, after reading Thresholds by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, my instinct is to throw my hands wide and pronounce to the world, “2010 is the year of young adult authors writing for children and finding that in doing so they acquire a whole new audience and fanbase.” I root this statement in only one other 2010 book (One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia) but [...]

    5. Very enjoyable, though it drops you off very suddenly at the end. I thought the handling of grief over loss of a dear friend was good. There is a landmine quality to grief, and also a hope - by people on the outside - that it will all be done soon. I liked that Maya was allowed (by author and other characters) to be sad, angry, guilty - however she felt. My sense is that another book will pick up where the ending dropped off - far too many ideas left unexplored.

    6. It was excellent - really, truly excellent, and I am so happy that this is the first book I read my 30th year!!!!!

    7. maya wanted to get over stephanie's death but she couldn't so the family moved to spores ferryya wanted to get the egg off of her so she went to the janus house for helpe alien guy wanted to get rimi the "local" but he was sick so he gave it to maya.

    8. Originally posted here.Thresholds is definitely a page turner. Part fantasy and part science fiction, it is a fascinating melding of worlds. There are fairies sure but they come from other worlds, worlds to which there are portals, and one of them is located in the basement of Janus House. The members of the Janus family are trained all of their lives to work with the portal and the strange beings that come from it. The aliens. The family is a large one and the book introduces several members bu [...]

    9. This book was a fun, fast paced read, and I'd recommend it for kids in the upper-elementary school age group.This book has a very well done combination of magic and sci-fi, and the premise on its own was very well executed, but what really made me give this book five stars was how much depth the main character had outside of just being the girl who JUST SO HAPPENED to find the magic thing. Also, I'm not going to lie, this book had some VERY cool aliens.

    10. ARCWhen I entered this book, I instaneously felt warm and safe. Like a fuzzy blanket had been thrown over me. Thresholds is engaging and intriguing. I only got to be with Maya (the main character) for a couple of hours, but I already love her. A shy twelve year old who draws whatever she sees, and is grieving over the recent death of her best friend, she is just the type of girl that inspires these kind of books. Just a few pages into the book, she befriends family who lives right beside her new [...]

    11. Another very good book from Ms Hoffman. The main character has to deal with grief, also peer pressure/school cliques. I liked that Maya had learned how to deal with grief from a counselor, and was able to use the tools that she picked up. The sissimmi character reminded me a lot of the gold substance from Red House of Memories--it was multipurpose, sentient, and able to help with emotional overload. Like in Fistful of Sky, there's a family with secret powers living in everyday land. I can't tell [...]

    12. Maya, a 12 year old girl,who moves into a new neighborhood, still grieving over a passed friend, stumbles upon strange occurances happening, and it has to do with her new next door neighbors, the children of The Janus house. Surprised to somehow find out that these kids have special powers, every single one of them. Maya gets something very special of her own, but it may turn out to be a problem, and Maya doesnt know how to handle it. With the help of the Janus kids, Maya can help her little spe [...]

    13. A girl and her family move partially in order to help her move along the process of grieving the death of her best friend from cancer. Then a fairy lands in her room. I don't know. It wasn't bad. It was definitely readable and short. There wasn't anything to sink one's teeth into though. I think she also had the power of magical art skills too - or maybe I'm just bad, but I think her ability to look at something for a quarter of a second and then capture a perfect likeness was a little far-fetch [...]

    14. I am glad that I picked this book to read because it shows a whole new side of people. Someone that fascinated me in this book is Maya because she thought that her life was going to continue being sad after something tragic happened to Maya's best friend. Her family moves to Spores Ferry, Oregon for the whole family to get a fresh start. Though, Maya doesn't start her new life normal. It turns all different for her. From reading this book, I learned that there's always a new beginning for every [...]

    15. Now and then I just read the right book at the right time. This was one of them. I really loved this. I tend to like Hoffman's writing but I've missed her children's books since I'm no longer working at bookstore. These was a great romp and I was very pleased to move onto the second book. I engaged with the main character, loved the other characters in the book and am curious to find out where the series goes. This is just fun.

    16. Reading Level: Grades 4 - 6After Maya's best friend dies her family moves to a new town in a new state so everyone can get a fresh start. Maya's new bedroom faces the Janus House Apartments which is filled with a fascinating mix of odd people whom she loves to secretly watch. Then one night, a fairy flies into her room through the open windowFor more book reviews from the HPPL Youth Department, click here.

    17. I just finished reading an Advanced Reader Copy, and enjoyed this book. I thought it was a cool magical story that just scratches the surface of the future possibilities and directions this story could go in. I'm really looking forward to a sequel.You can read my full review on my blog, AND I'm giving away my ARC to one lucky commenter. Contest ends August 11, 2010allengingthebookworm.wordpre

    18. A delightful plot. The prose is not exactly to my liking as I can't quite picture what the author is writing but the plot is beautiful and it leaves you wanting more. This book is on about a 4th grade level and has no inappropriate content for precocious readers. It's definitely one I will give to my 7 year old to read. The only caveat is that the book does discuss (often but not too often) about the death of the protagonists best friend from cancer.

    19. I was prepared to give this a 2.5 but upon finishing it I realized that not a whole lot happened for a full-fledged story. If this had been a cartoon it would've been like the first 7 minutes. I don't know if I'll bother with the next instalment I only read it for the cover art anyway (Joshua Middleton).

    20. Hoffman does such an amazing job of world-building and character-building that I ignore the way her books don't seem to have very solid plots. If I described what the book is about, it would sound like a hum-drum fantasy, but the book really transcends the plot summary and the genre. A beautiful, engrossing read.

    21. This was an Endeavour read but one I would have read anyway, since it is by a favorite author of mine. This one is a bit simple and definitely aimed younger. And not the first of Hoffman's books I would suggest. And nowhere close to being one of my favorites. But still it is still more complex below the surface and was a good fun quick read - definitely more of a 3.5-ish then a 4.

    22. This is a great story and I understand why the author feels the need to continue it as a series. But it also makes a great stand-alone read. What is wrong with the reader making up the rest of the story? Aren't we supposed to use our imaginations anymore? [No offense meant to Hazel Grace of TFIOS]

    23. Very good, but incredibly frustrating, as it is really just the first half of a book, at best. The story is excellent, but vastly incomplete. Too many of the plot threads are unresolved for it to feel like a complete novel. The issues of isolation and grief were wonderfully handled, and I look forward to the rest of the series, which had better come soon

    24. Few things are as satisfying as a good NKH. This one's a lovely story of a girl who discovers magic next door, while dealing with recent tragedy and a move across the country. My main issue with Thresholds is that it's pretty short - I hope she expands this to a series, or at least a sequel.

    25. fantasy shifts to scifi, and my interest wanes to be continuedin the end a solid scifi though oddly marketed as magical fantasy likely to be a niche read lacking much student appeal like Lost Time

    26. Loved it. I was in need of a feel good read, and despite the worrying nature of some of the events, this story managed to achieve this. Very glad to see there is a sequel, as there are so many things that could be further investigated.

    27. This is a great book for middle school students. It kept my attention throughout. I loved the idea of all the different neighbors. I'm glad the author showed how a child deals with losing a best friend. I cried at times. This was a fast read, I couldn't wait to get to book 2!

    28. I love Nina Kiriki Hoffman's work. This one is really out there---and it's not a complete story, only the beginning of one. But I will definitely be reading part 2, as soon as I can find it. If you are new to her books, I would suggest reading her other books first.

    29. I love the fantasy worlds NKH creates, as well as her characters. I went to her reading at world fantasy con (lovely short story!) and it reminded me that I needed to read her books. This is a Story of a girl whose best friend has recently died and who has just moved to a small town.

    30. Story of a girl moves to a small town while she is grieving for a friend. She is captivated by the strange people in the house next door & finds out they all have supernatural powers. Of course, she also finds a power of her own. Pretty trite and the writing isn't very compelling.

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