Just Right(Not Quite Wicked #1)

Just Right(Not Quite Wicked #1)

Bronwyn Green / Jun 19, 2019

Just Right Not Quite Wicked When Department of Natural Resources officer Gwendolyn Locke hits a black bear on the way home from work one night her entire view of reality changes She discovers that shape shifters exist and sh

  • Title: Just Right(Not Quite Wicked #1)
  • Author: Bronwyn Green
  • ISBN: 9781607351061
  • Page: 118
  • Format: ebook
  • When Department of Natural Resources officer, Gwendolyn Locke, hits a black bear on the way home from work one night, her entire view of reality changes She discovers that shape shifters exist, and she s just become Goldilocks to three gorgeous, very aroused men who also happen to be werebears Being snowbound has never been so hot.

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    1. You’re damn right being snowbound has never been so hot! Phew, and then another phew on top. Oh, and add another phew there while you’re at it.I thought I’d feel icky reading a ménage involving family members, but surprisingly I didn’t. While reading, I forgot they were twins and their cousin and concentrated only on the fact they were men. I will confess to feeling a little “Oh no!” that Gwen had sex with all three males, because it was clear from the start she was attracted to Noa [...]

    2. Fairly straightforward short fantasy of a woman that gets to bang three guys (all cousins it would seem) who happen to be were-bears. It hints at being an erotic version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, although she does get to have the bears in human form, thankfully. There’s not much to the story other than the sex, and no particular exploration of the shape-shifting aspect, which appears slightly irrelevant to the girl-trapped-in-cabin-with-three-horny-guys plot. The protagonist seemed ve [...]

    3. For what it was - hot smut with a thinly veiled "plot" - it still fell flat. It really just wasn't hot enough! And the "plot" is what killed it in the end, by being just slightly too complex to ignore, which took even more away from the lacklustre sex.But I must admit, the scene with the piercings that was pretty hot. Now I want to know what that feels like. :3

    4. I believe it was too short, i would love to see how Noah & Gwen's relationship unfolded after all that smoking hot & down right dirty sex they had. Plus, who wouldn't love the twin they were amazing,funny and boy that foursome was WOWWWWW!!!!!!

    5. Another great, us usual from this author.Oh and we can't forget HOT! Be sure to have a nice cool drink ready *wink*

    6. Oh La portada pues esta interesante aunque el nombre sea un tanto extrañoLos personajes todos con su caracter unico aunque mi favorito es Lucas :p con su forma picara de hablar Noah que se supondria es el principal solo es territorial y demasiado serio :p ella es bastante atrevida.La historia principal comienza con una tormenta de nieve y ella termina golpenado a uno de los hombres que esta en su forma de oso y termina hiriendo bastante ella piensa que tiene que acabar con la vida del animal pa [...]

    7. Very short but the plot made sense. The couple worked together so the relationship didn't come out of left field. She was a bear scientist so when she found out they were bear shifters she was okay with it. Sometimes I think that authors do not set up realistic reactions to a person finding out shifters exist, but this one seemed okay. She really loved one of the guys but was willing to do his cousins because she thought he didn't really want her for permanent and why not go for the foursome sin [...]

    8. I bought this one from Fictionwise. The blurb caught my interest. "When Department of Natural Resources officer, Gwendolyn Locke, hits a black bear on the way home from work one night, her entire view of reality changes. She discovers that shape-shifters exist, and she’s just become Goldilocks to three gorgeous, very aroused men who also happen to be werebears. Being snowbound has never been so hot."First thing: the cover is terrible. Cheesy, blurry, a mess.The story: Not a bad little book. Se [...]

    9. This one was short and sweet, but also pretty good. I enjoyed the tension created between Noah and Gwen. They were co-workers that develop into something more after she is involved in a car accident. I especially got a giggle when she found out he had nicknamed her Goldilocks with his two cousins. I think this had an appropriate amount of steam for how short the book is. I definitely would have loved more with these two because I liked them so much, but it also felt complete as well. I will defi [...]

    10. Short story. 61 pages. I kept thinking I had read this story before and I was right! Ugh! It was still good but I wish I read something new. Original review 06/08/13 Enjoyable story, I liked the beginning more than the middle and in fact feel the story would be fine without the menage because of the ending. 3-1/2 stars.

    11. Didn't go in with much expectation, but surprisingly surprised. Not un-enjoyable. Short, but enjoyable.I think there were legitimate reactions between Noah and Gewn. I would have liked to see the feels of the other two a bit more after the fact, but then it wasn't their story, so meh.The cover is horrible. But the story isn't.

    12. Okay I tried. But you can't begin a book, even a short story, without a little background. Something to situate the reader. This started with me reading about the woman's wet folds in the first paragraphs of chapter one. How she's having erotic dreams with the guy sitting next to her. How he's an *ss but she still wants to f*ck him and can think of nothing else. Seriously?

    13. Menagé, Goldilocks Style - Classic mixed signals play a role in "the misunderstanding" at the end, but it is quickly and happily resolved.Visit my blog Sweet Vernal Zephyr Reviews for the full review of this book and many others.

    14. This was a nice short, twist on a favorite fairy tale. Who wouldn't just love to be stuck inside during a snowstorm with three hot werebears who want to get in your pantsYUM!I wish it could have been longer, but what I got, I really enjoyed. I look forward to reading more from this author.

    15. Gwen spends equal time hating and lusting after the guy she works with at a wildlife organization, where they are studying the local bears. One day on the way home she runs into one of the bears with her Jeep. She soon finds out that the bear is a shifter and so is Mr. Studly. It was okay.

    16. Yummy yum, three hot shifters, one women snowed in a cabin, what to do , what to do? Well they do everything!!!! Haha awesome.

    17. ! If you're tired of overly complex story-lines that probably won't get resolved for another three books - take a break - have some romance candy.

    18. I enjoyed this, very well written. I can't stand stilted, immature or stupid dialogue, so when I find an author that can actually write I give good reviews.

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