Blood Debt

Blood Debt

Tanya Huff / Dec 13, 2019

Blood Debt Henry Fitzroy vampire writer and bastard son of Henry VIII had survived for centuries by obeying the vampire s code He did not slaughter needlessly did not draw attention to himself and never in

  • Title: Blood Debt
  • Author: Tanya Huff
  • ISBN: 9780886777395
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback
  • Henry Fitzroy, vampire, writer, and bastard son of Henry VIII, had survived for centuries by obeying the vampire s code He did not slaughter needlessly, did not draw attention to himself, and never invaded another vampire s territory But now Henry was about to do the unthinkable He was going to break the code It began when Henry woke to the twilight and the discovHenry Fitzroy, vampire, writer, and bastard son of Henry VIII, had survived for centuries by obeying the vampire s code He did not slaughter needlessly, did not draw attention to himself, and never invaded another vampire s territory But now Henry was about to do the unthinkable He was going to break the code It began when Henry woke to the twilight and the discovery that a ghost had invaded his inner sanctum This was the start of a dangerous nightly game Henry was allowed to ask one question of his mysterious visitor If the answer was no, someone innocent and unsuspecting would die It soon became clear that what this wraith and the others who eventually joined it wanted was revenge on those responsible for killing them.Henry could not find the source of these murders on his own, nor could he ignore his unwanted guests He had only one choice to call private investigator Vicki Nelson and ask for help Henry only hoped that he and Vicki would both survive the experience

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    1. This is the fifth and last book in the series by Tanya Huff about Vicki Nelson, Henry Fitzroy and Mike Celluci. We pick up the tale as Henry finds himself haunted by a tormented ghost and realises he needs the specialist help of Vicki.It is hard to review this book completely without spoiling the events at the end of Blood Pact, but I shall attempt it!Although there is a ghost involved, the mystery itself is the most mundane out of the five books - concerning an organisation set up to profit fro [...]

    2. MORE? MORE! @ P.S. I love that book! THE WORLD: So just as in previous books we have a typical our world but with a little spice of paranormal. All these dark creatures we heard of in spooky stories exist in this world. Do you wanna visit? I sure doARACTERS: As the title of the series suggests, Vicki Nelson is our main character. However, opposite to the way we are used to see her, now Vicki is different. She is a vampire and a young one as a matter of fact so her being a private detective is ra [...]

    3. Inspired by the recent starting up of the TV show Blood Ties, I've gone and plowed through all five of the Blood books by Tanya Huff. These are all re-reads, but it's been long enough since I read them all that it was almost like reading them all over again. And it was a pleasure, especially after reading a lot more current urban fantasy--in her rather understated kind of way, Huff did her part to contribute to what you see in the more recent run of books.First and foremost: as vampires go, Henr [...]

    4. This is the last of the "Victory" Nelson books and the one I liked least. Vicky was always a bit argumentative but it just got annoying in this book. Even though there was an excuse for her and Henry to lock horns as much as they did, it was exhausting.I finished it because I read the others but I don't know if I'm going to go on to read the spin-off series. I didn't really hate the book, it was ok (an option not offered by ), but I know I've read far better fanfic.

    5. Not my favorite in the series, and the reason is not because it is the last. There are some wonderful things in here, including Tony and Mike bonding.

    6. This is the last of the Vicki Nelson series, an ex-cop with degenerative eye disease and an assertive personality, Henry Fitzroy, vampire, 450 years old and Mike Celluci, cop Vicki's' ex partner on the force and her lover.While I was really sad to see the end of this series, I respect the decision to stop while the going is good and move on to different things (sob, sob) too many authors keep going when the mojo has left them and the stories suffer, but the Vicki Nelson 'Blood' series are all go [...]

    7. I think I was right with my review of the fourth book. The author wrote herself into a corner. The feel of this book didn't match the feel of the previous books. Vicki's personality changed too fast, and she seemed to make Henry's personality change in comparison. Only Celluci seemed to be the same person, only more lost in the hidden world of the supernatural.This isn't a spoiler for this book, but I'll hide it anyway. At the end of "Blood Pact" (book 4), Vicki is dying and Henry changes her. S [...]

    8. This is the last book in the series that I own and was, I believed the last in the series. I mentioned in my review of the previous book, Blood Pact, that this feels a bit like a filler novel - Blood Pacts ending is definitely the more emotive one but Blood Debt does still have the necessary tones of finality about it. This book ties off a number of the looser ends, we see that the characters have evolved from Blood Price - Tony even makes the point of mentioning it to Celluci - from book to boo [...]

    9. La saga parecía que era entretenida, nada profunda, pero de lectura fácil para esos momentos en los que solo quieres pasar el tiempo leyendo. El cuarto decayó bastante, pero este quinto ya ha sido más de lo mismo. Cambia a los personajes, pero es prácticamente el planteamiento del cuarto. Y, lo que podría haber tenido interés con el cambio de la protagonista, se queda diluido sin conseguir que enganche. Comencé la saga después de haber visto la serie y me pareció entretenida, pero este [...]

    10. I read the book in one night and I cried, laugh, become frustrated at the same time. This book has a different feeling than the rest of the series. I really don't know how to feel about the interaction between Henry and Vicki. I understand why they butt heads and I'm glad in a way that Tanya stuck with want she wrote previously about vampire behaviour but I really missed the way they were before. All in all, it was a good book.

    11. This has never been my favorite UF series but in this volume it gets incredibly dull. Huff does not do the mystery section well at all and the interpersonal comes to the forfront. While the characters are slightly more interesting it feels like they just go through the same dance over and over again. I honestly stopped halfway through, skimmed a little, and jumped to the end. I don't feel like I missed anything.

    12. Sono rimasta davvero molto delusa dalla conclusione di questa splendida saga, di cui ho amato anche la trasposizione televisiva.Non accade nulla di concreto tra i vari protagonisti, ma la situazione rimane la stessa dell'inizio.L'unica nota positiva è la speranza che prima o poi i due vampiri riescano a convivere pacificamente, ma si intuisce che ciò avverrà dopo molti anni, almeno dopo la morte di Celluci.Vicky è sempre la stessa, tranne per il nuovo lato vampiresco che le permette di manip [...]

    13. I liked the nexus in the first books between two humans and one vampire. Two vampires and one human, not so much. There's too much snarling between Vicki and Henry; that started to get on my nerves and threatened a not bad story. Vicki, half blind and feisty, was cooler than she is with super vampire powers. Mind you, I have always liked Celucci; the least flaky of the three and he makes even more sense in this installment. He has a rough go of it in Blood Debt; running point against some nasty [...]

    14. I wasn't expecting a lot after getting this from the free bin at a used book store - but I enjoyed it, for what it was. I think there can be slow pacing at times, and the author lets the plot go down rabbit holes just to show the characters are exploring all possible avenues. I suppose it hurt a bit that this is, I think, the 4th or 5th book in the series, and I was just reading this as my first one. But I enjoy the vampire and supernatural elements. It reminds me a bit of Charlaine Harris or th [...]

    15. This is one of my favorite vampire series. This is the last book in the series, it was a TV show for a bit but sadly did not last long. She hasn't written any more of the books, at least not that I can find, in over 17 years. I would love to see more adventures of Vicky Nelson & Henry. Maybe one day if we are lucky Tanya Huff will pick this series back up. :)

    16. I was said to finish the last book in the series, although this last book was my least favourite. I wish I could have seen the t.v. series. I did not want Vicky to become a vampire, I hoped she would stay with Henry. She was a real character! The bonus for her was that her eyesight was restored! I really liked other characters, especially Mike and Tony.

    17. An entertaining, nail-biting addition to the Vicki Nelson series. This book (and the series in general) is all about the characters, and not so much about the mystery that requires solving.

    18. No metaphysical enemy other than their own natures need to be faced and beaten by Vicki & Henry in this episode of their story.

    19. - Per me tu eri Mistero - mormorò Vicky, il ricordo che affiorava dalla sua vita mortale.- Allora sii Mistero per lui. Eccoci con la conclusione di questa fantastica saga fantasy thriller di Tanya Huff. So per certo che ci sarà un nuovo libro, una raccolta di spinn off di Tony e Herny ma per me, l'avventura con la saga Blood Books finisce qua, e finisce anche splendidamente.Molti si aspettavano un libro forzato, noioso insomma un contentino concesso alle fan scocciate dalla separazione definit [...]

    20. A struggle but worth itIt began when Henry woke to the twilight -- and the discovery that a ghost had invaded his inner sanctum. This was the start of a dangerous nightly game. Henry was allowed to ask one question of his mysterious visitor. If the answer was no, someone -- innocent and unsuspecting -- would die. It soon became clear that what this wraith -- and the others who eventually joined it -- wanted was revenge on those responsible for killing them.So if you are reading this I assume you [...]

    21. You certainly shouldn't start with this book--it's the fifth and currently the last in a series involving private investigator Vicki Nelson, her friend and lover Toronto cop Mike Celluci and 450-year old vampire Henry Fitzroy--who was born the illegitimate son of Henry VIII of England. Read first Blood Price, Blood Trail, Blood Lines and Blood Pact. The various books deal with classic supernatural monsters. The first deals with a demon, the second werewolves, the third an Egyptian mummy and the [...]

    22. Vicki, vampire Mike Celluci cop and they love, and Mike needs Vicki enough that he accepts herIt's been a year, since her year with Henry and she keeps in contact with Henry via phone & emaild Henry is haunted by a ghost with no hands, who comes to him as he awakens and if Henry asks a question like illicits a yes answer, the ghost quietly leaves, but if he the answer is no, or if his first comments are not a question, the ghost screams, and an inocent diesSo Henry asks Vicki to help so Vick [...]

    23. Supernatural/Mystery. Wow, was Huff hitting the Vampire hard in this book. "Vampire! Nightwalker! Prince of Man!" It's on every other page. Oh, am I reading a book with Vampires? I must be very dumb to have forgotten that. Also, we know Henry's the bastard son of Henry VIII, once Duke of Richmond and Somerset, there's no reason he needs to tell us that every time it's his turn to talk. Despite the endless repetition (and occasionally wonky POV, standard on any Huff novel), this book is probably [...]

    24. The final instalment in the Vicki Nelson books was disappointing for me.It was, as always superbly written but it felt off for some reason. I think part of that was that despite the claims on the dust jacket, this was not Vicki's 'deadliest investigation yet'. Vicki is a vampire and very little threatens her. The conflict was also not directed at her, but at Henry, posing little personal threat to him either. There was the introduction of residents of Henry's building dying of fright, but this w [...]

    25. I went for many years without reading anything by Tanya Huff, a fact that I now regret, because her books are excellent. I actually read the 1997 DAW edition, which has a much better cover than this one and which I picked up in a used bookstore. I've seen the Blood series recently re-printed in omnibus volumes, so if urban fantasy that hits most of the major subgenre tropes (in Huff's inimitable style) is of interest to you, consider picking them up!This concluding volume of the series wraps up [...]

    26. ***Attenzione spoiler libri precedenti!!!*** Sono passati ormai tre anni dalla trasformazione di Vicky Nelson, Ex Detective della Polizia di Toronto e Investigatore Privato. Sono quindi due anni che non vede Henry Fitzroy, figlio illegittimo di Enrico VIII, vampiro e scrittore di romanzi rosa, trasferitosi a Vancouver con il compagno Tony onde evitare problemi di territorialità. Ma quando Henry comincia a svegliarsi ogni mattina in compagnia di un fantasma che esige vendetta e - non ricevendola [...]

    27. BLOOD DEBT - ExHuff, Tanya - 5th in Victory Nelson seriesHenry Fitzroy, vampire, writer, and bastard son of Henry VIII, had survived for centuries by obeying the vampires' code. He did not slaughter needlessly, did not draw attention to himself, and never invaded another vampire's territory. But now Henry was about to do the unthinkable. He was going to break the code.It began when Henry woke to the twilight--and the discovery that a ghost had invaded his inner sanctum. This was the start of a d [...]

    28. There are many thngs that made me want to like this book more than I did. First, there are the characters of Vicki Nelson, Henry Fitzroy, and Mike Celucci--a great love triangle. Second, this book explores the whole idea (in this vamp universe) that vampires are fiercely territorial so they can barely stand to be in close proximity to each other, let alone be neighbors. This makes things pretty complicated when Henry needs Vicki's help to solve a deadly case and so two former lovers (now both va [...]

    29. The plot of this book was pretty thin. Henry wakes up one night and there is a ghost at the foot of his bed with missing hands. Henry was allowed to ask one question of the ghost each night. If the answer was yes, the ghost simply faded away. If the answer was no, an innocent person would die. Henry then calls Vicky to help him figure out who the ghost is and what he wants from Henry. Vicky and Henry are not supposed to be able to work together and be in the same territory now that they are both [...]

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