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Warpsword In the world of Warhammer no race is as cruel and treacherous as the dark elves and no member of this race is infamous than Malus Darkblade His soul taken forfeit by a daemon Darkblade must now see

  • Title: Warpsword
  • Author: Mike Lee Dan Abnett
  • ISBN: 9781844161942
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the world of Warhammer, no race is as cruel and treacherous as the dark elves, and no member of this race is infamous than Malus Darkblade His soul taken forfeit by a daemon, Darkblade must now seek the legendary Warpsword of Khaine or be forever damned.

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        Mike Lee is an author, scriptwriter and game designer whose most recent credits include Fallen Angels, the latest installment in Black Library Publishing s best selling Horus Heresy series, and the dark fantasy epic Nagash the Sorcerer Along with UK author Dan Abnett, Mike also wrote the five volume Chronicles of Malus Darkblade, whose signature character has become a cult favorite among fans of Black Library s Warhammer Fantasy fiction In addition to his novels, Mike s scriptwriting credits include Tom Clancy s HAWX, a game of near future jet combat, and Splinter Cell Conviction, the hit sequel to the popular Splinter Cell franchise published by Ubisoft Entertainment He has also contributed to than two dozen pen and paper role playing games and supplements, including the award winning Vampire The Masquerade, Adventure , Vampire Dark Ages and Hunter The Reckoning, published by White Wolf Games Studio An avid wargamer, history buff and devoted fan of two fisted pulp adventure, Mike lives with his wife, artist JK Lee, and their family in the United States.


    1. Malus Darkblade is a Druchii(Dark Elf) warrior, even among the vile Druchii, Malus stands out among them in ruthlessness. Malus steals a map and learns of a secret hidden power ripe for the taking. Malevolent and ambitious Malus and his band of cut-throat warriors set off into the madness and horror of the chaos wastes. There Malus find the power only too late to realize the power is truly a curse. Possessed by a demon known as Tz'arkan, Malus is given a year to find five artifacts of great powe [...]

    2. Continúan las aventuras en este cuarto tomo de la saga de Malus Dakblade pero desgraciadamente baja la calidad debido sobretodo a la falta de ritmo que tiene este libro. El autor se enrolla demasiado en luchas que parecen calcos una de las otras y emplea muchas páginas en ellas dejando de lado la mágnifica ambientación y personajes de la saga.Malus se encunetra ahora en una ciudad sitiada por fánaticos que siguen a su hermano Urial como si fuera un nuevo elegido. Lo mejor del libro es el as [...]

    3. Amazingly different book to the previous ones. Begins twisting the narrative into a more interesting one, one which forces you to look back at the first books and realise that things have happened for a reason.

    4. This is the 4th book in the series, and in this book we see a little more of the frustration that plagues the main character, Malus Darkblade, as he continues to be manipulated by the demon that possesses him and his family. Even when he attempts to do things in a somewhat peaceful (for him) manner, he finds himself in situations where no choice is good and eventually everything leads to blood and destruction. This is a bloody, gory, and twisted tale of the "cruel warrior" who has no choice but [...]

    5. Tanto si habéis leído las reseñas de la saga como algún libro de la misma, a éstas alturas ya sabéis qué vais a encontraros: literatura sencilla con un protagonista bastante cabroncete ambientada en un mundo que giras una esquina y te atacan.Porque en ésta novela he vuelta a notar los errores que me tiraron para atrás en el primer libro de la saga (igual no tan bestias, pero ahí están) y que no son otros que centrarse demasiado en las escenas de acción, y lo peor es que hay varias de [...]

    6. Este es el cuarto libro de la saga de Malus y se puede notar una clara diferencia con respecto a los demás. El personaje en sí ha crecido, cosa buena en la historia, ya no se lanza cómo un loco contra el mundo, sino que piensa las cosas más que antes. Pero, a pesar de ello, la trama no es tan buena como los libros anteriores.Tenemos una idea clara de cómo funciona no sólo la ciudad donde se desarrolla la historia, sino también el templo de Khaine y la religión que domina a los druchii, p [...]

    7. Malus returns in the forth installment of his tale. This time he's looking for the Warpsword of Khaine but his half-brother Urial is already searching for it in Har Ganaeth, the City of Executioners. The city is full of fanatics who worship Khaine and are in a holy war against another group of worshipers. They are fighting over which way of worshipping Khaine and that Urial or Malekith is the Scourge who will take the Warpsword and begin an age of blood and death.

    8. Great, awesome book! Not only it was a perfect tale of swords & sorcery, with non-stop violent action, bloody battles and demonic magic, but it also managed to offer some great thoughts about religion and how it dominates a society. It was also great to see how our Malus grows from a nasty little villain to a true dread lord or should I say, Scourge! If you love dark elves and fantasy, you need to read this series!

    9. I'm not much of a fantasy or WH guy, preferring SciFi and 40K, but I loved this book. Something about the near-comical dark tone common to the WH universe came out incredibly well. Maybe that's what I applaud most, making an inheritly evil, sadistic, murdering character likable enough to keep me fixed. Overall, an excellent and fun story.

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