Devil In Pinstripes

Devil In Pinstripes

Ravi Subramanian / Dec 11, 2019

Devil In Pinstripes None

  • Title: Devil In Pinstripes
  • Author: Ravi Subramanian
  • ISBN: 9788129115515
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
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        Ravi Subramanian s latest book IN THE NAME OF GOD a thriller, releases on June 26, 2017Ravi Subramanian, an alumnus of IIM Bengaluru, has spent two decades working his way up the ladder of power in the amazingly exciting and adrenaline pumping world of global banks in India He is the award winning author of eight bestselling books If God was a Banker 2007 , I Bought the Monks Ferrari 2007 , Devil in Pinstripes 2009 , The Incredible Banker 2011 , The Bankster 2012 , Bankerupt 2013 God is a Gamer 2014 The Bestseller She Wrote 2015 His 9th book IN THE NAME OF GOD will release in 2017 If God was a Banker won him the Golden Quill readers choice award in 2008 He also won the Economist Crossword Book Award for The Incredible Banker in 2012 The Bankster , released in 2012 won him the Crossword Book Award in 2013 In 2014 he won the Raymond Crossword book award for Bankerupt His books have been translated into Hindi and Latvian He lives in Mumbai with his wife, Dharini, and daughter, Anusha To connect with him, log on to Facebook at facebook authorravisubramanian or tweet to subramanianravi or email him at info ravisubramanian


    1. I have read few books from this author and they were generally okay but this book disappointed me as it looked very weak. The characters were not likeable, the story was confusing and there was no excitement and the general banking terms and the terms related to organization and management used in the book were very much not clear. I think this book was not prepared well by the author. A disappointing read and certainly lacked the drama and thrill which this author associates with his books.

    2. Continuing with the Indian Author spree, I now completed the Banking Trilogy by Ravi Subramanian. I wonder if trilogy is actually the word here coz' I felt I was reading the same book thrice. Not that I am complaining because I would have never gone for the third book - 'Devil in Pinstripes' after the second one - The Incredible Banker. (First being If God was a banker) The author makes carries forward the story line in a way, gripping enough to make you feel it is a fresh story though with a re [...]

    3. One more Ravi Subramanium novel for this year. It's a story of a corporate world with its ego clashes and dirty politics. The story is interesting. The language is pretty simple and characters well defined. What annoyed me was the author promoting himself and his previous books in the story which seemed unnecessary. Also, Indian authors have taken the liberty of using 'what all.' in dialogues which is the direct translation of 'kya sab' 'What all' is incorrect English and I request authors to st [...]

    4. I really liked "If God was a Banker" by same author. And I was expecting more out of the storyline here. However, this book seemed very unbalanced - very intense and then mellows.

    5. No where near the brilliance of the "Banker" series. This one comes as a disappointment. The story is weak and the narration not as taut as in his other books. The dealings in and the intricacies of the banking set-up are of little interest to the reader as it is difficult to relate to what is going on.

    6. I had been meaning to catch up on Ravi Subramanian’s books ever since I read and liked his debut novel “If God was a Banker” and therefore when the opportunity presented itself, I immediately borrowed his three novels from somebody very close to me and have finished the first one of the lot “Devil in Pinstripes”.And true to his reputation, the author didn’t disappoint me. Through the eyes of Amit Sharma, a smart IIM-B graduate and somebody who is recruited by Aditya Bhatnagar (future [...]

    7. The book is quite boring and the sexism vibes are evident from the beginning. The characters suddenly start portraying behaviour totally opposite to their personalities and it just looks like the author is just trying way too hard to c on next the dots.

    8. A good plot but dragging at many places to bring it to the climax. And few jargons and repeated premise of previous other stories too. But readable.

    9. Not as good as Ravi's other books. Expected more. Started off as a page turner taking us through corporate plots and politics and then towards the end all the way down south !!!

    10. I hated reading this book. It has no element in it whatsoever. I hated the plot, I hated the characters, I hated all of it. The only thing that kept me pushing through is the compulsion I have about finishing the books I start. This book is utter gibberish that goes on and on and on and on with no point to it. There is no devil, and there are no pinstripes. There's really nothing in it at all. Giving it 1 star because it is not possible to give it half star or quarter star or 1/10th of a star. D [...]

    11. First, I would like to congratulate Ravi for his approach towards educating the reader on banking industry, in India. This book is a jumble of plots which is daily seen in corporate politics played by the so-called white collared top notch executives in their quest for protecting their current portfolios as well as climb up the corporate ladders by hook or crook. It is well depicted as to how two power centers (Amit Sharma and Gowri Shankar) in one company cannot go together, no matter even if t [...]

    12. This was my second pick of Ravi Subramanian’s work. The indubitable story inside CORPORATE WORLD is depicted quite attractively. Having worked with one such reputed bank for a couple of years, I could easily connect to the scenario and just could not put this book down till the end. The protagonists Amit, Chanda, Gowri and Aditya have been well sketched till the end.Trust and fidelity have long ago wiped out from the corporate life; instead it is conveniently replaced by diplomacy, manipulatio [...]

    13. True to his reputation, Ravi Subramanian has scripted a fast paced, well researched book in "Devil in pinstripes". Through the narrator Amit Sharma's life he give us a good glimpse into the shady dealings of the Consumer Loan division in the financial services industry, that hides behind the glass facades of the wonderful buildings in which these institutions have their offices. The daily drudgery of office work, the impact of the power-politics in this industry, the impact that influential indi [...]

    14. The book starts with the arrest of a top notch MNC bank associate. The book goes back and forth between the events that lead to the arrest of the associate and his present state.The background is that a MBA graduate joins a MNC bank and gets married young. His young wife, who despite being a doctor by profession takes up banking profession to be in line with this life. Their careers grow in parallel but hers being curtailed to let him bloom.Circumstances create a situation so that they both end [...]

    15. This is a light-read which I read slightly over 2 days of my flyback to Indiaeven though the plot is designed in India, the story is quite universal in natureThe author is clearly very comfortable with all that happens in the murky world of Banking- the cut-throat competition, the various motivations that are at play sometimes at customers' loss and lastly the toll professional matters can take on one's personal lifeThe story is quite fast-paced and is an easy readBeing in the same industry- the [...]

    16. This was my first pick of the ‘Thriller’ genre and to be honest I was not disappointed. The book has a good plot and the suspense is kept till the last keeping the reader curious upto the last page of the book.The story starts with Rakesh Shrivastava handcuffing Amit Sharma (the protagonist of the story). Then the Author has beautifully described Amit’s past events and the present ongoing incidents simultaneously. This book is all about the things which happens/might happen in a corporate [...]

    17. novel is based around Amit, his wife Chanda, Aditya and Gowri each one of them so manipulative and ambitious, like his earlier best seller (If God was a Banker), this book revolves around the life of Bankers explores exciting secrets of the way the banks are run, specially in a country like India novel takes off at a racing speed hits a real lull in the middle part(some times sucks) but the end!!! my god, an ok-ok book becomes OMG!!! What the hell!!! One of the finest endings you would expect t [...]

    18. Crisp and compact for a corporate thriller. The twist in the tale in the last few pages makes Ravi Subramanian one of the best authors who can spin a tale so wide and yet thrust it into a small funnel and give you the pleasure of reading a complete thriller. However, I felt that the author could have done justice to the length of the plot by giving suitable space for the climax. In all cases the balance sheet of the book review would tilt more in favour of the crisp story telling which never lac [...]

    19. I don't know why I continue reading this author although his previous book was just mediocre at its best but then have to complete the trilogy right?Ok this book is an improvement on the previous one at least when it comes to the story and the flow and the language but it is not something I would go ahead an recommend someone with interest in stories dealing with corporate world politics because it is just too simplistic and kiddish even now.Hope the last book of this trilogy is better at least, [...]

    20. Ravi Subramanian portrayed the hierarchy of bankers and their designations well. The entire story revolved around three people, who fight for sustaining in good positions. Though the story missed some interesting theme in between, It managed to reach the readers mind by making statistical analysis at the end.

    21. Quite an anticlimax after reading the Banksteris book was all that the Bankster was not. Colloquial conversations, bad writing style, a plot that wasn't quite there, quite amateurish in fact. And half baked characters. Amit and Chanda, Aditya and Gowrieded more depth. A big disappointment!

    22. In one Sentence its all about "office politics" Book was perfectly showing how the person fight for the power and success and how those leads him to take a wrong step and how the life turns. I started reading this book after i influenced by the Ravi subramanian's first book "If god was a banker" but it was not Impressive as that.

    23. This book offers nothing new. If you have read 'If God was a Banker', you can predict many things here and there.Certain portions have been dragged too much, specially in the middle, where the author have concentrated too much on office politics.But the ending was awesome, the last few pages were simply good and it's only because of that I rate this book 3.

    24. Another story about the politics, powerplay and favoritism in a banking environment. The best part I liked about the author is he writes in a such a fluid manner that the story holds you like a glue.Just like the previous book, two points in time run parallel to each other. The best part in the book was the climax, totally unexpected.Looking forward to the next book.

    25. Same corporate politics,same mba-afterlife turmoilThis book offers nothing new. If you have read 'If God was a Banker',the first installment of Ravi Subramaniam sir, you can predict many things here and there. Certain portions have been dragged too much, specially in the middle, where the author have concentrated too much on office politics. So its 2/5 for me.

    26. Its a Corporate story with some twist and turns, you cant expect consistent narration or edge of the tip thriller, this book book will give you a good insight on how the corporate or banks work in top hierarchy, politics, process malpractice. Good one if you are a Banker in starting of your carrier.

    27. The murky depths of banking feature as the lead once again in this Ravi Subramanian novel. While the plot layed out an exciting story line about all the behind-the-scenes action at a bank, the constant back and forth in the timeline inorder to build suspense ended up slowing the pace a little.

    28. Book is gud to read, and offers a picture of life of ppl in picture. Writing style is good, which helps reader to really picturize the happenings. A practical show from the bank who is the main lead, and not a fantacy where heroes are shown sacrifing, yet sticking to no lies.

    29. This book is an intelligent piece of art.After reading this book i came to know about the dirty bank politics which was interesting.It is far away from generic writing stuff that includes only love and masala.

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