Echoes of Avalon: A Tale of Avalon

Echoes of Avalon: A Tale of Avalon

Adam Copeland / Dec 11, 2019

Echoes of Avalon A Tale of Avalon Patrick Gawain knows monsters He s seen plenty of the human sort in the Holy Lands and as he sails home from The First Crusade a hooded apparition begins to stalk him Convinced that he s lost his mi

  • Title: Echoes of Avalon: A Tale of Avalon
  • Author: Adam Copeland
  • ISBN: 9780615326962
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback
  • Patrick Gawain knows monsters He s seen plenty of the human sort in the Holy Lands, and as he sails home from The First Crusade, a hooded apparition begins to stalk him Convinced that he s lost his mind, he holes up in a monastery to convalesce and, if recovery proves impossible, to hide his demons from the world But a stranger comes to find him and presents a barely crPatrick Gawain knows monsters He s seen plenty of the human sort in the Holy Lands, and as he sails home from The First Crusade, a hooded apparition begins to stalk him Convinced that he s lost his mind, he holes up in a monastery to convalesce and, if recovery proves impossible, to hide his demons from the world But a stranger comes to find him and presents a barely credible invitation travel to Avalon and serve with the Avangarde, an order of knights sworn to protect young scholars from around the world Thinking it will be a fresh start, Patrick agrees, and soon discovers that Avalon is than a myth it is the site of a vibrant secret academy and it s also full of ghosts, goblins, and talking wolves He can capably protect the castle from the island s supernatural beasts, but in the relative peace of the academy life, his hooded demon returns and his troubled heart causes him to sabotage the love of a young woman, Katherina When an ancient being with sinister designs for the island infiltrates the academy, Patrick is the first to suspect its true nature when it begins its quest by seducing Katherina Patrick soon learns that before he can defeat monsters, he must first defeat his personal demons.

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      144 Adam Copeland
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        Adam Copeland was born and raised in Silverton, Oregon He attended Southern Oregon State College now Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon There he studied business, chemistry and French He spent a year study abroad in France and has ever since been passionate about traveling internationally, going to such places as diverse as Asia, Africa and Mexico He is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying hiking, backpacking, camping, mountain trekking and scuba diving He is a co founder of Northwest Independent Writers Association NIWA , an organization dedicated to helping indie writers from the Pacific Northwest write, publish, and promote their work Adam currently resides in Vancouver, Washington State where he is an active member of St Joseph s Catholic Church.


    1. This was kind of a strange book. I went in thinking it was a dark fantasy, with werewolves and dark goings-on, strangely situated on Avalon, but that wasn't right. Then I thought it might be an Arthurian type tale, retold within the context of the Crusades, but that didn't fit either. Historical fiction? No. Standard fantasy? Fairy tale? Nope. It really defied my attempts to catergorize it.There are lots of areas that could be improved. I found the villain's initial characterization to be heavy- [...]

    2. "Before you can battle monsters, you must first defeat your demons." Ironically, Sir Patrick Gawain doesn't really want to fight monsters. A burned-out crusader who's endured disappointments in love and spirit, he takes a position guarding young nobles on the island of Avalon to find a purpose in his life. Once he's there, though, the monsters find him.I greatly enjoyed this novel. Patrick was a sympathetic character, one you felt sorry for but didn't quite pity, since many of his problems were [...]

    3. Enjoyed all of the references and history in this book, even if it was compiled in a bit of a strange and chaotic way. It took me a long time to read this book, with the writing style and pace I wavered in and out of interest. Looking back a lot of stuff happened in that book, but it all seemed to happen slowly and then be over quickly. Did love the last battle! When I read it again in the future I will be able to enjoy it more at a stable pace because I'll be used to the writing style, which is [...]

    4. I can't wait for Adam to publish the sequel to Echoes of Avalon (which he is currently writing) because Echoes was a great story! This is classified as fantasy, and while I normally don't go for this genre, the vivid imagery hooked me. The characters display relatable human failings/strengths/needs and the creative action scenes are exciting. I often came to the end of a chapter and asked out loud, "what's going to happen now?" If this ever gets turned into a movie, it will be a pleasure to watc [...]

    5. This is a fascinating book merging mythical characters from several storylines as well as some historical characters. I was surprised several times as new-old characters suddenly came into the story. The characters were fully developed and very human with clear faults and short-comings, especially the main character. I am looking forward to the next book!

    6. Review coming! Yep, I know it took forever to read, but it was no fault of Adam Copeland's or the book. My time has just been so slammed, I only had a few minutes at a time to read this very cool story!

    7. This was a tough book to finish, but after taking a break midway through, I was able to get it done. It could've used a developmental edit to whittle out 150-200 pages. Why is that? Well, as someone complained in the comments, nothing happens for the longest time. This isn't epic fantasy. There's no great quest. It's clearly not Arthurian legend. It took forever to even learn who the villain was. This is a character driven story, and that's generally incapable of supporting a 500+ page novel.At [...]

    8. I absolutely adored this book. It is a fantasy that is based on Authurian legend, but takes place in a future time after the Crusades. It's full of adventure, romance, fantasy, knights in shining armour. The book tells a great story and keeps the reader interested.

    9. The myth of Avalon has enthralled readers for generations. Still lingering is the mystery of what happened after the times of King Arthur and Morgaine le Fey, when Avalon seemed to disappear into the mists. The fate of Avalon is imagined in this novel, where it serves as a safe haven for children of European nobility as wars and the crusades create strife. An order of knights called Avangarde protects the Keep on Avalon, which still can only be accessed by those who know the secret of parting th [...]

    10. Oh. My. God. So much smirking. It's as if the author discovered a new descriptor and found it needed to be used for the facial expression of every character at every opportunity.I found the writing at the beginning of this story to be choppy and stilted. Either it got better or I got used to it. The plot was interesting, however, so I can recommend it as an entertaining read.Spoiler alert - I absolutely hated the ending. I didn't mind that Patrick brought Aimee back to life. I don't buy that all [...]

    11. This is a tale of epic proportions. The reader learns to first fear then love the characters involved. I loved the setting and how Copeland made it all so very real. I found myself in the castle with the hero and carried along with him as he explored the beautifully described countryside and its people. The story itself is a page turner. There was a place towards the end where I had to get up and turn on the lights because I wanted to make sure that Patrick’s demon didn’t find me, too! I lov [...]

    12. It was a tough read. Even though the writing was well, characters had decent flesh and the plot had potential, I found the story went on in a very distracting way, some shallowness to it, scattered feel to it as well I almost gave up quite a few times.Also with very Christian undertone, which is not my strongest interest. I really wanted to like this bookbut I don't think I'll grab the second book.

    13. I love fantasy and I love anything to do with the old legends of Avalon, but this book just had a bunch of characters I couldn't like and a storyline that had promise but ended up falling flat to me. It just never really grabbed me and reeled me in.

    14. Much Ado About NothingNothing happens most of this book. Nothing. It becomes tiresome, nothing does. When something finally happens the author ends it.

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