Mike and Mike's Rules for Sports and Life

Mike and Mike's Rules for Sports and Life

Mike Greenberg Mike Golic Andrew Chaikivsky / Feb 19, 2020

Mike and Mike s Rules for Sports and Life Every morning than three million listeners tune in to Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio mostly to hear the Mikes Golic and Greenberg riotous back and forth on everything from why baseball man

  • Title: Mike and Mike's Rules for Sports and Life
  • Author: Mike Greenberg Mike Golic Andrew Chaikivsky
  • ISBN: 9780345516220
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Every morning than three million listeners tune in to Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio mostly to hear the Mikes Golic and Greenberg riotous back and forth on everything from why baseball managers should dress like real people to how to lose a fight with the wife with dignity In Mike and Mike s Rules for Sports and Life, the beloved mic jockeys put theirEvery morning than three million listeners tune in to Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio mostly to hear the Mikes Golic and Greenberg riotous back and forth on everything from why baseball managers should dress like real people to how to lose a fight with the wife with dignity In Mike and Mike s Rules for Sports and Life, the beloved mic jockeys put their unique stamp on, well, the rules for sports and life In years on the road, in the studio, and at home, Greeny and Golic have learned that it s all about the big stuff separating order from chaos, ensuring our survival as a species, and keeping peace For instance The Fourth of July should be eliminated and replaced with an Independence Day that falls on the first Thursday of the month, creating a four day weekend like Thanksgiving, which, by the way, could do without the Detroit Lions The Human Element in sports officiating and weather forecasting sucks The top pick in the NBA draft lottery should go to the team that came closest to making the playoffs not to the team that rips off fans by mailing it in after the All Star break When someone says, I m being completely honest, they might as well be claiming that they go to Hooters just for the wings Kids do not get to eat french fries for breakfast Ever And who cares what the kids at the next table are ordering No designated hitter If you re one of Golic and Greeny s legions of followers, you probably can t get enough of this sort of provocative, hilarious, and occasionally obsessive stuff And if you re one of those fans who live by the rule There oughta be a rule, then Mike and Mike s Rules for Sports and Life is the book for you.

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        Mike Greenberg Mike Golic Andrew Chaikivsky Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Mike and Mike's Rules for Sports and Life book, this is one of the most wanted Mike Greenberg Mike Golic Andrew Chaikivsky author readers around the world.


    1. I was surprised at how well Mike & Mike's radio show translated to the written page. As long as the reader thinks of this as a sort of "greatest hits" collection of the many years of the radio broadcast, s/he won't be disappointed. Their voices come through clearly and it reminded me of how their camaraderie and sports knowledge combined puts them head and shoulders above so many other sports radio wannabes. Two small caveats: when starting the book, I was a little confused as to just where [...]

    2. An entertaining fun little quick read. Nothing major or super exciting. A few interesting good quotes. Never really listened to their radio show or watched their TV show, but seen bits and pieces of it at work. Not bad for 50 cents from a book sale.

    3. Some books are meant to inform. Others are meant to entertain. If you understand that "Mike & Mike's Rules" falls squarely into the latter camp, you'll have fun with the experience.Basically, this entire book consists of both Mike's (Greenberg & Golic) making fun of each other while also perusing some random sports topics. There is really no structure to the book whatsoever, and it is filled with graphics/illustrations and plenty of "flash" on each page.The book worked for me, though, be [...]

    4. These guys are a riot, even in print!They pretty much run the gambit in the sports world. However, I disagree with Greeny's BCS plan. I think they need to completely do away with the BCS. It used to mean something when a team was good enough to make it to a bowl game and there were only a few games, the elite -- rose, cotton, orange Now, there are so many bowls and the big leagues such as the Big 10 get to send their Top 8 teams that even teams with losing records get to go to a bowl game. That [...]

    5. First of all this book has more than 230 pages so the progress counter is off. Since this is the only edition available, no explanation there. My Mom passed along this book after she finished it, she's not a big reader (I know how can that be?) however, she enjoyed this. She loves these two guys and watches on TV when she can. I told her that she destroys their demo.That said I liked the book but found after awhile the very original graphic format and layout could be jarring. I had to put the bo [...]

    6. I've always been a fan of listening and watching the talk show Mike and Mike. But when I found out there was a book about their key beliefs and advice, I became ecstatic. This book so far has been a perfect combination of humor and advice. The format of this book is basically Mike Greeny and Mike Golic talking back in forth about sports. I am very interested and have a passion for sports. So to have a book mixed with humor and sports is the perfect combination. So far, Mike and Mike have talked [...]

    7. I got this with my 40% off coupon at Borders, and am glad I did. The book is like reading a bunch of their shows, and dedicated listeners will see A LOT of familiar content. There were definitely little bits interspersed here and there that were new, and fun to see (the insert where their wives talk about then is good), but overall it just wasn't new or original enough for me. Their voices came through loud and clear, and the whole familiar feel was fun. The layout and presentation was sort of f [...]

    8. This isn't what I expected when I picked it upbut it was an easy one afternoon read.If you regularly listen in the morning, a lot will be repeatsbut still fun.I wasn't sure how to read it because of the references and quotes, but I made my way around it.I was curious about the fonts and colors that were chosen for each MikeGreenberg is chattier does he get a smaller font so that it seems that it seems to be more equal dialogue as you read???Sports fan or not, it's summer and everyone needs a lit [...]

    9. this was pretty much a re-hash of a lot of their theories, treasties on points of contention in the sports world like the point of the MLB all-star game. I must listen to the show too much because it all seemed too familiar, basically the radio show in book/transcript form. Nice on the coffee table. Also - I thought it was an actual book - it's closer to the format of the Daily Show's America: the book, so i was surprised when I opened the package from amazon.

    10. I picked up this book as the result of enjoying the banter between these two sports figures on their morning ESPN television program. The TV program is enjoyable because of the spontaneity and because their personalities and backgrounds are monumentally different. This book, however, did not seem spontaneous and felt like it was written from a teleprompter. The issues were marginal and the discussion was camp. I will still be a fan, but will limit that effort to live performances.

    11. Easy and quick read. Look you know what you are going to get, and say what you want about their show, but I thought the book was good. The two of them are polar opposites and they take apart a bunch of different sports topics, whether it is steroids, instant replay and the NBA lottery. I have read two Greenberg books and both have made me laugh. I enjoy most that they really don't seem to take themselves too seriously (unlike some other people in the sports media business).

    12. I would have liked to have given this book 1 1/2 stars. One is too little, two is too much. Let me say that I LOVE Mike & Mike's radio show and I listen to it daily. But this book was such a letdown. I thought the part where Greeny called Golic and Golic forgot to hang up was hilarious. Otherwise, ummmm, not very impressed.

    13. Fans of the radio show will enjoy this book. It is mainly read by the authors. A professional reader covers the portions contributed by athletes, coaches and other sports figures. This seems a bit odd at first when you are anticipating a certain voice, but he does a good job and doesn't try to imitate the voices.

    14. I love watching Mike and Mike in the Morning and equally loved reading their new book. They have a way of making even the most mundane sports events interesting and love the way they play off of each other. I usually find myself agreeing with Greeney but just can't stop watching. A funny and quick read with legitimate rules that would be good to adopt.

    15. Oh, how I love Greeny and Golic! This book follows the format of their show--lots of anecdotes, arguments, and jokes. And, of course, the Mikes totally make fun of each other and also come up with some interesting sports analysis. My only criticism is that it isn't long enough. I hope they write more books!

    16. IF you listen regularly to Mike and Mike in the morning, this book will seem very familiar. The rants are straight from their mouths, some profound others silly. These two men are fabulous together, although both quite different. You will learn about sports, and what makes it so important in today's society.

    17. I actually listened to this as an audio book. I did pick up the book and found it hard to read. However, the audio book has "Mike & Mike" reading the book and comes across like their show. If you love their show, you'll love this as an audio book.

    18. This book was pretty funny. I liked the format and the layout of the book. No one was trying to change anyone's world view, just provide a little entertainment and a little food for thought. I would recommend this book for any sports fan from casual to rabid.

    19. I got this book at the library for my husband and sons. We all read it, and loved it. If you are a sports fan, even a teeny tiny bit, you will enjoy this. Tons of pictures. This book is a very light read. It would make a great gift for the sports fan in your life:)

    20. I enjoy listening to Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio in the mornings, which is why I chose to read this book. I wasn't disappointed. It's written similarly to the way they banter with each other on the show. If you enjoy sports in general, this is a fun read.

    21. My favorite radio sports guys, have co-authored a book, that sounds much like their show, Mike and Mike in the Morning. So unlike in life, these two men are fabulous together and promote sports to the general public in a very positive way.

    22. My husband is a huge Mike and Mike fan and I will occasionally listen to them while we work out. I wanted a short book to listen to while I was dealing with the apple harvest and this was a lot of fun. It was just like listening to their show.

    23. This book was terrible, I couldn't finish it. I was very disappointed in the lack of effort in this, it seemed the book was done for money only; not to give the their followers something a little more than excerpts from their show.

    24. You're probably not reading this book if you've never listened to / watched Mike and Mike in the Morning. The book is a literal literary translation of that show. It's funny, and presented in a very non-threatening infographics sort of way. A must for sports fans.

    25. This book was genuinely funny, although it also lacked any sort of depth. Not great literature, but entertaining.

    26. I enjoy the show, but I didn't think it translated all that well to the printed page. I think I will stick to watching it on TV and reading about other things.

    27. I love the boys in the am. The book isn't bad either. If you are a regular, there will be a lot of repeats, but still a fun read.

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