I Heard God Laughing: Poems of Hope and Joy

I Heard God Laughing: Poems of Hope and Joy

Hafez Daniel Ladinsky / Sep 22, 2019

I Heard God Laughing Poems of Hope and Joy From the renowned translator of The Gift a rich collection that brings the great Sufi poet to Western readers To Persians the poems of Hafiz are not classical literature from a remote past but cher

  • Title: I Heard God Laughing: Poems of Hope and Joy
  • Author: Hafez Daniel Ladinsky
  • ISBN: 9780143037811
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the renowned translator of The Gift, a rich collection that brings the great Sufi poet to Western readers To Persians , the poems of Hafiz are not classical literature from a remote past but cherished wisdom from a dear and intimate friend that continue to be quoted in daily life With uncanny insight, Hafiz captures the many forms and stages of love His poetry ouFrom the renowned translator of The Gift, a rich collection that brings the great Sufi poet to Western readers To Persians , the poems of Hafiz are not classical literature from a remote past but cherished wisdom from a dear and intimate friend that continue to be quoted in daily life With uncanny insight, Hafiz captures the many forms and stages of love His poetry outlines the stages of the mystic s path of love a journey in which love dissolves personal boundaries and limitations to join larger processes of growth and transformation With this stunning collection, Ladinsky has succeeded brilliantly in translating the essence of one of Islam s greatest poetic and spiritual voices BACKCOVER If you haven t yet had the delight of dining with Daniel Ladinsky s sweet, playful renderings of the musings of the great saints, I Heard God Laughing is a perfect appetizer This newly released edition of his first playful foray into Hafiz s divinely inspired poetry is essential reading Ladinsky is a master who will be remembered for finally bringing Hafiz alive in the West Alexandra Marks, The Christian Science Monitor

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        H fez Khw ja Shams ud D n Mu ammad fe e Sh r z was a Persian poet whose collected works The Divan are regarded as a pinnacle of Persian literature and are to be found in the homes of most people in Iran, who learn his poems by heart and still use them as proverbs and sayings His life and poems have been the subject of much analysis, commentary and interpretation, influencing post 14th century Persian writing than any other authorThemes of his ghazals are the beloved, faith, and exposing hypocrisy His influence in the lives of Persian speakers can be found in Hafez readings f l e h fez, Persian and the frequent use of his poems in Persian traditional music, visual art, and Persian calligraphy His tomb is visited often Adaptations, imitations and translations of his poems exist in all major languages.Though Hafez is well known for his poetry, he is less commonly recognized for his intellectual and political contributions A defining feature of Hafez poetry is its ironic tone and the theme of hypocrisy, widely believed to be a critique of the religious and ruling establishments of the time Persian satire developed during the 14th century, within the courts of the Mongol Period In this period, Hafez and other notable early satirists, such as Ubayd Zakani, produced a body of work that has since become a template for the use of satire as a political device Many of his critiques are believed to be targeted at the rule of Amir Mobarez Al Din Mohammad, specifically, towards the disintegration of important public and private institutions He was a Sufi Muslim.His work, particularly his imaginative references to monasteries, convents, Shahneh, and muhtasib, ignored the religious taboos of his period, and he found humor in some of his society s religious doctrines Employing humor polemically has since become a common practice in Iranian public discourse and persian satire is now perhaps the de facto language of Iranian social commentary.


    1. The Sufist poet Hafiz is one of my favorite and I turn to him time and time again for strength and to tap into the joy I feel in my testimony of God. In the past, I had read the translations done by Emerson. But my good friend Brad encouraged me to read Ladinsky's translation and I am eternally gratefulHere is just a taste"To show this dear world that everything in existence does point to God.""I am happy even before I have a reason.""All I know is Love, and I find my heart Infinite and Everywhe [...]

    2. This book of poetry is a must for both those who love poetry and those who are simply spiritual. This is a book to pull off the shelf when you are in need of inspiration or seeking spiritual guidance. "I wish I could show you, When you are lonely or in darkness, The Astonishing Light Of your own Being!" Hafiz

    3. 4.5/5. So rich and generous, full of prayer and gratitude and wondrous joy. So many lovely poems in here imagery of the sky's soft skirt and swollen balls of a divine rogue elephant somehow find themselves in the same passages and I cannot help but laugh at the playful absurdity. I love the mischief, the intoxication of it all. "Look at the smile on the earth's lips this morning, she laid again with me last night."- "Once God made love to a great saintWho had a hairy belly.O my dear, of course t [...]

    4. An effortless dive into Hafiz. (Although some of the translation choices made me wonder Why capitalize some and not other words?)"Someone Should Start Laughing"I have a thousand brilliant liesFor the question:How are you?I have a thousand brilliant liesFor the question:What is God?If you think that the Truth can be knownFrom words,If you think that the Sun and the OceanCan pass through that tiny opening Called the mouth,O Someone should start laughing!Someone should start wildly Laughing—Now!

    5. I read these poems out loud to myself and to a friend, because they demanded vocalization. It was like having a conversation with a joyous man who talks with God the way he talks with me, like he really knows God and laughs with him frequently. A great book of poems about loving God, yourself and life.

    6. Hafiz touches absolute Light in the poems in this book! I remember getting this book from a girl named Amy Johnson at a random StarbucksWe both were there for a reason - we just didn't exactly know whybut that soon changed, as we ended up having a 2 hour intensely philosophical conversation about raising consciousness levels in ourselves and others.:)Needless to say, after I left the coffee shop, I walked over 12 miles and read the entire book in one reading! I stopped a few times during my jour [...]

    7. As much as I appreciate poetry, few poets have moved me as much as Hafiz, a 14th century Sufi master who is beloved by Iranians (and others) to this day. Ladinsky did a fabulous job of translating this work, which was no small task. The Persian language apparently (I do not speak Farsi, but a friend of mine does)is full of words that have shades of different meanings. There are whole poems by Hafiz in which each word could mean something different. Hafiz' poems are ghazals, poetry that has a par [...]

    8. Such absolute joy in these poems. I've appreciated the Sufi focus on love, but had not yet appreciated the joy which is so central to these poems. Impossible to read without feeling good afterwards.

    9. I very much agree with him that some translation did not transfer the spirit of Hafiz poems and I think he took a very good step in addressing this issue in his translation.

    10. I don't really know how to review this considering it's probably the first book of poetry I've ever read without scholastic coercion. Hafez is a joy to read because Hafez is so joyous. If you're ever feeling down and could use a pick me up, you won't go wrong with Hafez.I'm (morbidly?) curious with translated works whether I'm getting the "real deal." Suppose that's just the skeptic in me. I did enjoy this translation but now I want to go find a more literal translation so I can compare them. In [...]

    11. Hafiz's poems delight, entrance, take you on a journey through places and feelings that are familiar, in the most beautiful light. He brings divinity to your encounter with "everyday" experiences, and all forms of life. A leaf is more than a leaf, a dog's bark is more than a dog's bark, the sunlight is more than sunlight. They are the sights and sounds of God, of the highest form and most beautiful form of love.Hafiz's tone is playful, warm, special Unlike anything I've read.He is my favorite p [...]

    12. Daniel Ladinsky did an outstanding job of bringing the poetry of Hafez to life. Both Rumi and Hafez have been quoted often on social media and this book and the essential Rumi were my first venture into these Persian poets. I am not into poetry so I probably will end my quest with these essential volumes.

    13. Very short book on some of the short poems of Hafiz. I admit that I didn’t fully understand lots of them but every now and then he would say something like this and all would fall in to place:“Oh wondrous creaturesBy what strange miracles Do you so often Not smile”

    14. Love Hafiz! His poems are excellent and this translator really does them justice. I also appreciated the note at the beginning noting the difference between Persian and English poetry and why that would affect my understanding as I read them. :D I would recommend to anybody!


    16. My first ever poetry collection and I really loved it! I looooved the first half of this and found it so beautiful and personally meaningful. I had to stop several times to take it all in and one poem actually made me tear up, which I was not expecting at all. The second half of the collection wasn't as great for me. It was very repetitious and lacked those profound moments I found in the first half. However, all in all I really enjoyed it and it wasn't intimidating at all so I recommend it to f [...]

    17. This was a book I read for my read harder challenge and I didn't like it. I'm not much of a religious person, but I can enjoy uplifting spiritual reading sometimes. This was not that. Nothing about this was of interest to me, it was very God heavy and more about a "him" than anything else. I kept thinking I'd stumble on one poem that would speak to me but none did. Not recommended.

    18. Inspiring Poetry translation Good vibrant rendition of the feel of Hafez. Which is difficult for such esoteric and inspiring poetry. Some criticise Ladsinsky for not being literal enough. This is not about being literal

    19. "So whatIf the price of admission to the Divineis out of reach tonight""Start seeing everything as Godbut keep it a secret""You will bea crawling infantstill skinning your knees on God" The poetry of Hafiz is remarkable 💗

    20. Tickles my funny, romantic, and spiritual bones - the best combination. I laughed out loud with delight at many of these poems and groaned with recognition at their insights.

    21. MOUNTAIN GOT TIRED OF SITTINGThe Sun Won a beauty contest and became a jewelSet upon God's right hand.The Earth agreed to be a toe ring on theBeloved's footAnd has never regretted its decision.The mountains got tired Of sitting amongst a sleeping audienceAnd are now stretching their armsToward the Roof.The clouds gave my soul an ideaSo I pawned my gillsAnd rose like a winged diamondEver trying to be near More love, more love Like you.The Mountain got tired of sitting Amongst a snoring crowd insi [...]

    22. Reading this terrible translation of Hafiz left me feeling like "A BROKEN MAN BEHIND A FARTING CAMEL" - page 6It would be extremely hard to translate Hafiz into something that sounds ridiculous, but that is the only thing this author succeeded in doing! this garbage has NO Sufi feeling at all and NO respect to Hafiz original words. This "Book" doesn't even qualify to the title: "Hafez for Dummies"TO AVOID the BUTCHERING of Hafiz magic, please do your existence a favor and read the translation of [...]

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