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Understand Leon is a former coma victim who has gone experimental medical treatment to repair the massive trauma his brain received after he was trapped under ice for than an hour He s regained consciousness f

  • Title: Understand
  • Author: Ted Chiang Rashan Stone
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Leon is a former coma victim, who has gone experimental medical treatment to repair the massive trauma his brain received after he was trapped under ice for than an hour He s regained consciousness, found he has all of his faculties back and a whole lot Originally published in Isaac Asimov s Science Fiction Magazine in 1991.Approx 2 Hours

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        Ted Chiang is an American speculative fiction writer His Chinese name is Chiang Feng nan He graduated from Brown University with a Computer Science degree He currently works as a technical writer in the software industry and resides in Bellevue, near Seattle, Washington He is a graduate of the noted Clarion Writers Workshop 1989.Although not a prolific author, having published only eleven short stories as of 2009, Chiang has to date won a string of prestigious speculative fiction awards for his works a Nebula Award for Tower of Babylon 1990 , the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 1992, a Nebula Award and the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award for Story of Your Life 1998 , a Sidewise Award for Seventy Two Letters 2000 , a Nebula Award, Locus Award and Hugo Award for his novelette Hell Is the Absence of God 2002 , a Nebula and Hugo Award for his novelette The Merchant and the Alchemist s Gate 2007 , and a British Science Fiction Association Award, a Locus Award, and the Hugo Award for Best Short Story for Exhalation 2009.Chiang turned down a Hugo nomination for his short story Liking What You See A Documentary in 2003, on the grounds that the story was rushed due to editorial pressure and did not turn out as he had really wanted.Chiang s first eight stories are collected in Stories of Your Life, and Others 1st US hardcover ed ISBN 0 7653 0418 X 1st US paperback ed ISBN 0 7653 0419 8 His novelette The Merchant and the Alchemist s Gate was also published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.As of 2013, his short fiction has won four Nebula Awards, three Hugo Awards, the John W Campbell Award, three Locus Awards, the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award, and the Sidewise Award He has never written a novel but is one of the most decorated science fiction writers currently working.


    1. If your intelligence was exponentially enhanced, almost overnight, how would you feel, and what use would you make of your new abilities and awareness? Would you seek knowledge and understanding for its own sake, or would you save the world? Is intelligence a means, or an end in itself?Leon recovers from near drowning and subsequent coma by being given the experimental Hormone K, which creates neural pathways to replace lost ones. More than he lost. If OnlyHow many times have you wondered “If [...]

    2. If found the voice of this short to be very engaging. It carried the story well. The first section was a brilliant hook as well, engaging me instantly. Unfortunately, from there the story kind of rolled downhill. While it was interesting to watch this man's powers advance, I was waiting for the plot to take a direction. He seemed to have no goal, however, no desire, other than escape authority. And because we never directly saw the result of his decisions, this sounded like someone who was turni [...]

    3. 5.0 stars. Another brilliant, original story by arguably the best writer of science fiction short stories working today. This story involves a man who suffers brain damage from an accident and receives an experimental drug that has the side effect of increasing his intelligence exponentially. Superb writing and a great story. HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION!! Nominee: Hugo Award for Best Novelette (1992).

    4. Nakon pomalo razočaravajuće Tower of Babylon, u ovoj Ted Chiang ponovno rastura!Understand je priča o Leonu koji je doživio nesreću sa teškim oštećenjima mozga, kojemu nakon uspješnog tretmana eksperimentalnim lijekom počne rasti inteligencija. Uz odličnu karakterizaciju takvog lika Chiang ovdje istražuje osobnost; to kako razina inteligencije utječe na poimanje svijeta te da li um "iznutra" može shvatiti sam sebe. Govori i o novom jeziku te kako su postojeći jezici možda jedno o [...]

    5. Reminded me of an updated version of Flowers for Algernon in many ways, the original short story or novella. It's free here:webchive/web/201405271Highly recommended.

    6. Priča me prvo podsjetila na Keyesov roman Flowers for Algernon, tema je na početku slična, povećanje inteligencije medicinskom intervencijom -kod Keyesa retardiranoj osobi a ovdje osobi s teškim oštećenjima mozga nakon nesreće. Keyesova priča je divna, topla i ljudska drama, pa sam na početku samo odmahnuo rukom na ledeno-racionalnog Chianga i rekao si - 40 strana će brz proći. Međutim kad se priča razvije, način na koji Chiang tumači samu prirodu inteligencije i povezuje je s li [...]

    7. Very, very cool short story. For someone who doesn't read sci-fi (or whatever genre this would be under) like me, this is a great place to start noodling around. Some insane ideas are suggested here, ideas that I hadn't ever thought about; a statement which is, in itself, ironic;dr It freaking blew my mind, man.

    8. Original. Brilliant. Loved it.Was very curious about the linguistic side of the mc's research, also loved how the manner of speech progressed as his mind kept developing. I know some think that the ending is anti-climactic and they are free to have that opinion, I, however really liked how the puzzles fit and all the food for thought the story gave me.

    9. This BBC adaptation of Ted Chiang's intense, brilliant story is beautifully read and scored. This story is an original and intriguing take on the "what if we create a form of life more intelligent than us?" debate. Often these stories are about AI that becomes conscious, as in William Gibson's "Neuromancer" and Elon Musk others issued a warning that this was a genuine threat to humanity in the near future. Here, though, in Chiang's tale, it's a medically enhanced human, former coma victim, Leon, [...]

    10. This is a great short story that follows the development of one man as he finds himself subject to some particularly beneficial effects from some hormonal treatment to help him recover from his coma. He enrolls himself into an experiemental program that aims to investigate the hormone treatment further and in doing so he unleashes an intelligence and power he never thought possible. And in doing so he draws the attention of the CIA and others who don't necessarily have his best interests at hear [...]

    11. Well this one certainly kept me engrossed. I love how the story progressed, how the language of the story progressed as the character in the story progressed. I have to admit I am going to have to re-read the last page of the story a few more times as I am still going "what the what what???". But I have to say I certainly enjoyed this ride.

    12. Short story in Stories of your life and othersThis story revolves around a person who receives an experimental drug to regenerate his brain function while in a coma. However, instead of just fixing his brain damage, the drug increases his mental capabilities to extraordinary levels.I enjoyed this little story. The concept isn't especially new, but the extreme, sci-fi levels the author took the idea to were interesting. While believability flys out the window in the second half of the story, the [...]

    13. I loved the evolution of the language as the story and his abilities progressed. Thus it's only natural that his thoughts get a bit too convoluted in the end but still, could've had a better ending. Still really good though.

    14. “Understand” is another short from Ted Chiang’s “Stories of Your Life and Others”. Leon Greco, the protagonist, is injected with an experimental drug of hormone K to heal brain damage incurred by an accident. The drug regenerates his neural network resulting in advanced intelligence on all levels of cognition, sensory and motor skills. As he gets more cerebral he becomes a target for government agencies and has to thwart their plans of capturing him. Later on in the story Leon meets Re [...]

    15. This is included in the so-far-fantastic "Stories of Your Life and Others," which I picked up to quell a recently thirst for good speculative or science fiction. This is the second story of the book (behind the simple but enjoyable Tower of Babel) and is a great hook to get into Chiang's approach. The story does an incredible job of exploring what it would be like for a human to rather suddenly become aware of patterns, or gestalts, everywhere around them. We often think of mentally ill individu [...]

    16. Read as part of Stories of Your Life and Others.Interesting idea. Seems like the movie Limitless took some ideas from this book.(view spoiler)[Liked the ideas about current linguistics not being suitable to properly express oneself. And that he had to develop a whole new language.It is weird that the super brains came up with the same language, and could talk to each other using this dialect though.For the most part these super brains outsmarted everyone, and could do anything they want. There i [...]

    17. Ted Chiang at his best again, here he plays around the human mind. This short story is brilliant and quickpaced to read. Elements from his other stories such as The Arrival(Story of your life), Exhalation, can be seen. Although this is one of his first works it is quite mature and well thought out.

    18. Read immediately after "Godel,Escher,Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid" to see what a genius can do with the concepts expounded in that book. Mindblowing.

    19. El protagonista tuvo un accidente que le causó un daño cerebral tremendo, y es por eso que se somete a un tratamiento experimental para regenerar las neuronas del sistema nervioso central.A medida que avanza con el tratamiento su memoria e inteligencia irán en aumento hasta convertirse en una especie de super-humano con una capacidad mental astronómica (este cuento es previo a 'Limitless' por cierto) que lo vuelve el objetivo de varias agencias gubernamentales.Es realmente un argumento inter [...]

    20. I don't remember the last time a story sucked me in so completely and had such an effect, that my heart was pounding for 10 minutes after it was over. Astounding!

    21. infinityplus/storiesAn early Chiang novelette - and in my opinion not quite up to par with his more recent writing, but still very recommended. There are many interesting ideas (e.g. the metalanguage, the two "flavors" of hyperintelligent agents). One problem of writing about exponentially increasing intelligence is that at some point it is bound to surpass the author's and readers intelligence and at least for me makes the language and the need to communicate what's happening to the poor subint [...]

    22. Lo mismo que comentaron por ahí: Eventualmente, el personaje se vuelve increíble y es complicado para el lector hacerle caso al name dropping y al techno babble (Uno tiene que estar dispuesto a jugar). Sin embargo, eso no quita lo interesante de la historia, sus posibilidades, los momentos y como el escritor cambia el lenguaje paulatinamente para buscar la credibilidad de la situación.Al final de la historia, tuve el recuerdo de otro cuento (según yo, de la edad de oro de la CF) donde usan u [...]

    23. Kind of a rip-off of "Flowers for Algernon", except Mr. Smarty keeps getting smartier and gains magical powers in an attempted-to-be-scientific-but-not-really way. But the main source of my opprobrium is the author's juvenile understanding of How Things Work. There's a distinct lack of plausibility with regards to the non-POV characters' motivations and actions.Somewhere around the middle I thought: wait a minute, I bet that someone that clueless about other people and the world in general must [...]

    24. GR doesn't handle stories well. Please, read my full review at my blog.Chiang's take on Flowers for Algernon, more on the "Science" side than on the "Fiction" side of SF. A modern companion read to its superior predecessor.

    25. I wouldn't really call this an original story, something that I have never ever come across before. There are several instances that immediately pop up in my mind - such as the great "Flowers For Algernon" written by Daniel Keyes or something cast from a different mould, the mould of Hollywood - flicks like Lucy, Limitless or a TV show having the same name as the latter movie given. Nevertheless, I am a fan of such stories, thus I found it gripping and interesting to read.This, almost 50 pages l [...]

    26. One could read this brilliant short story in many ways. A conflict between abstraction and cold rigour; a conflict between contradictory human impulses of idealism and pragmatism; and in terms of pure intellectualism vs this worldliness. Leon and Reynold symbolise these two poles in the story.Knowledge for its own sake, detached from worldly purpose loses its grasp on reality. It creates, as Leon does in the story, its own framework of understanding. It fosters a sense of self-righteousness and [...]

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