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Peak The only thing you ll find on the summit of Mount Everest is a divine view The things that really matter lie far below Peak MarcelloAfter fourteen year old Peak Marcello is arrested for scaling a New

  • Title: Peak
  • Author: Roland Smith
  • ISBN: 9780152024178
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The only thing you ll find on the summit of Mount Everest is a divine view The things that really matter lie far below Peak MarcelloAfter fourteen year old Peak Marcello is arrested for scaling a New York City skyscraper, he s left with two choices wither away in Juvenile Detention or go live with his long lost father, who runs a climbing company in Thailand But Pea The only thing you ll find on the summit of Mount Everest is a divine view The things that really matter lie far below Peak MarcelloAfter fourteen year old Peak Marcello is arrested for scaling a New York City skyscraper, he s left with two choices wither away in Juvenile Detention or go live with his long lost father, who runs a climbing company in Thailand But Peak quickly learns that his father s renewed interest in him has strings attached Big strings As owner of Peak Expeditions, he wants his son to be the youngest person to reach the Everest summit and his motives are selfish at best Even so, for a climbing addict like Peak, tackling Everest is the challenge of a lifetime But it s also one that could cost him his life.Roland Smith has created an action packed adventure about friendship, sacrifice, family, and the drive to take on Everest, despite the incredible risk The story of Peak s dangerous ascent told in his own words is suspenseful, immediate, and impossible to put down.

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        Roland Smith is an American author of young adult fiction as well as nonfiction books for children.Smith was born in Portland, Oregon, and graduated from Portland State University and, following a part time job at the Oregon Zoo in Portland, began a 20 year career as a zookeeper, both at the Oregon Zoo and the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Washington After working to save wildlife following the Exxon Valdez oil spill, in 1990, he published his first book, Sea Otter Rescue, a non fiction account of the process of animal rescue Smith continued to draw upon his zoo experiences for other non fiction titles, including Journey of the Red Wolf, which won an Oregon Book Award in 1996.In 1997, Smith published his first novel, Thundercave The book continues Smith s theme, as teenage protagonist Jacob Lansa follows his biologist father to Africa where the father is researching elephants The Lansa character also appears in 1999s Jaguar and 2001 s The Last Lobo Other novels by Smith include The Captain s Dog My Journey with the Lewis and Clark Tribe, Zach s Lie, Jack s Run, Cryptid Hunters, Sasquatch novel , about a boy who searches for Bigfoot Peak, the story of a teenage boy obsessed with climbing mountains, Elephant Run and Tentacles novel In 2008, Smith published the first book in the series I, Q, titled Independence Hall Smith s books have won Book of the Year awards in Colorado, Nevada, South Carolina, and Florida, as well as in his native Oregon Smith lives in Tualatin, Oregon with his wife and stepchildren.


    1. everest is a giant mountain that people climb when they want to die. there is no other reason to climb it. is there a mac-and-cheese restaurant at the top?? no. is tamerlane up there?? nope. do you get free rent for life if you succeed? no way. so what's the allure??the thrill of danger?? throw a rock at a bear. it will take less time and you are less likely to freeze to death. a sense of achievement? run a marathon - you will probably not lose any toes. wanting to be among an elite group of smu [...]

    2. Peak Marcello is fourteen years old and like most fourteen year old boys (that I have encountered) he is kinda dumb. He has been climbing skyscrapers in New York City because I guess he is bored. He gets busted after climbing one of them and is given a choicego to Juvenile Detention or go live with his dad. Peak doesn't really have the typical type of parents in the day his mom and dad were known as rock rats.ey would climb any mountain. Mom calmed down after she broke her back climbing and went [...]

    3. Roland Smith has captured the ever elusive thoughts and feelings of a teenaged boy who journals his thoughts, life and experiences on his climb up Mt. Everest and most importantly, his new found maturity and values as he braves frigid temperatures, a death-defying climb and the gritty side of human nature, as well as the best humanity has to offer. Welcome to the world of Peak, bundle up, grab some oxygen, and settle in for a breathtaking read for all ages!Born to climb, born to parents who live [...]

    4. "I have climbed my mountain, but I still must go back and live my life."----Tenzing Norgay on the summit of Mount EverestPeak Marcello is a fourteen year old boy living in New York City who illegally climbs skyscrapers to satisfy his passion for climbing, handed down to him from both of his parents. Unfortunately, his last illegal climb of a skyscraper hands him a harsh sentence from a Judge who is trying to make an example of him. Peak's father steps in and offers to finish raising the boy half [...]

    5. Copy provided by NetGalley:Peak Marcello is fourteen, and at the start of the novel he's clambering at the side of a New York skyscrapers, which he has climbed using his mountaineering training in order to tag. He's arrested and the authorities want to throw the book at him for maximum sentence as a warning.So his absent mountain climber dad swoops in for the first time in Peak's life. Helps out, promising to whisk Peak off to Tibet and private school, until the notoriety dies down. But what his [...]

    6. In the beginning, fourteen year old Peak Marcello winds up getting arrested for illegally climbing skyscrapers in New York City. This leads him to his long-lost father and to a climb that changed everything- a climb on Mount Everest. I learned three main things from this book 1) "what makes a story unique is not necessarily the information in the story but what the writer chooses to put in or leave out. (pg. 146-147)"2)"You don't have to be alone to feel alone. (pg. 154)"3) Sacrifice. Think of o [...]

    7. I have several students who jokingly tell each other, "Climb high, sleep low," when they have a problem, great advice from Peak! This is definitely a book that adds to your schema for all things Everest. I learned so much from this book--the types of people drawn to mountain climbing, technical terms for gear and mountains, and the dangers of attempting to reach the summit. A great coming of age story which parallels the mountain climb.

    8. Asked why he wanted to climb Everest in 1023, George Mallory quipped "Because it's there." The mountain killed him soon thereafter. He was last spotted 800 feet from the summit, and disappeared after that. Seventy five years later they found his body, and from the examinations that were done on it, it sounds like it was mostly intact, basically frozen for eternity or until discovered. There's still some debate over whether Mallory got to the summit, and if he did, whether that counts as the firs [...]

    9. Named Peak by his obsessed by mountain climbing father, Peak finds himself in court about to be sent to juvenile detention cell, for climbing a skyscrapper. Peak is snapped away to China for an attempt on Mt Everest with his father. Peak can not decide if his father is there to use him or because he thinks Peak can make it. A gripping story with great characters, be sure to read this somewhere warm, because PEAK radiates an icy chill that settles into your bones.

    10. There are good books and then there are books you cannot put down. Peak was one of those books for me. I took it with me everywhere. I read it during every spare moment I had - even during boring parts of a movie I "watched" with my sister. I was, quite literally, on the edge of my seat through the whole thing. In first person, written as a story for a school assignment, Peak tells the story of, well, Peak. A fourteen, almost fifteen, year old boy who loves climbing. Because he lives in New York [...]

    11. "Peak" is about fourteen-year-old Peak Marcello who has just been arrested for climbing a skyscraper in the center of New York City. He has the choice of rotting away in juvy, or escaping with his father to climb Everest (although he doesn't know it at the time). It's no wonder he decides to go with his neglectful father, who wants Peak to call him Josh. The rest of the book is about Peak's adventure climbing the legendary mountain, including Josh's incentive and motivation to get his son up the [...]

    12. i have nothing to say except this was a great book and i have no complaints (view spoiler)[except i lowkey wish peak had actually gone on to the top ughhhh (hide spoiler)] maybe the ending was a little rushed but i think it worked. but i love reading books like this because it's probably as close as i'll get to ever actually climbing mt. everest. or any mountain of significance for that matter.

    13. Have you ever wondered how climbing is really like? What kind of things happen while people are climbing and how long it takes to climb to get to your destination? Peak gives you all of the information about it. And including a story line to go with it, not just facts on climbing. Being the kind of reader I am (reading mysteries and crimes and such), this book is actually fascinating. It actually caught me onto some spots in the book where there was a twist and it got me more into it and wonderi [...]

    14. Peak Marcello is a fourteen year old boy living in New York City who illegally climbs skyscrapers to satisfy his passion for climbing, handed down to him from both of his parents. Unfortunately, his last illegal climb of a skyscraper hands him a harsh sentence from a judge who is trying to make an example of him. Peak's father steps in and offers to finish raising the boy halfway around the world. His father gives Peak the opportunity to climb Mount Everest in order to be the youngest climber to [...]

    15. Rebecca WeimertAdventurePeak Marcello was caught climbing the Woolworth Building in New York and is sentenced to live with his is biological father in China. Peak believes he will be attending a private school, but to his surprise his father has other plans. His father Josh owns a mountain climbing company and has decided to take Peak to the top of Everest so he will become the youngest person to climb up the entire mountain. At first Peak is upset with the idea, but just as he was getting excit [...]

    16. This book was a bout a boy Peak and his life, it took place mostly at Mount Everest. found this book very interesting because it was cool to see what peak did in his life because he is the same age as us. This is about Peaks life it first took place in the city living with his Mom,but peak got in deep trouble and and his dad took him to mount Everest. Peaks Dad is a famous mountain climber and Peak is trying to be the youngest kid to climb to the summit of Mount Everest. Read this book to find o [...]

    17. One of the most fascinating and informative books I have ever read. The retelling of the journey to the summit of Mount Everest had me completely immersed in research for weeks. I never thought I would become interested in the action type of literature, but this book proved me wrong in all aspects.

    18. Peak is the kind of book that you will never read because the title looks boring, But i actually pick up the book and read it. It is a very inspirational where it teaches to never give up even when things go bad. You would never think anything about the ending. Another great book by Roland Smith

    19. IntroductionThe novel Peak is written by Roland Smith expressing the physical and emotional tolls on a fourteen year old boy Peak Marcello as he climbs to reach for Mount Everest. In the opening scene, Peak writes about his outrageous stunt in scaling the Woolworth building in New York City to tag his blue mountain on them. Nevertheless, his plans rapidly come to a complete end, as he is caught and arrested for vandalism, and climbing. His stunt goes public and Peak is in deep trouble and has to [...]

    20. IntroductionThe book that I had just finish reading is called "Peak" written by Roland Smith.This book is about a 14 year old boy named Peak who had illegally tried to climb up the skyscrapers and gets in trouble with the police. He goes on trip to tibet with his father and climbs Mount Everest.If he gets to the top, he would be the youngest person to stand above 29,000 feet.But in order for this to this to happen, he can't get cought by the chinese.If he does get cought, he gets arrested.In rea [...]

    21. I did like this book "Peak" by Roland Smith, because of how it was written and the plot caught my attention very well. Although I didn't like that the events where happening very slowly, and it wasn't action packed. I enjoyed reading this book a lot and would definitely read it again. "Peak" was about a boy named Peak who loves to climb just like his parents did at his age. He lived in New York with his mom and stepdad, his real father is located on Mt.Everest climbing and running a business. Pe [...]

    22. I really enjoyed the book Peak by Roland Smith. I found the characters to be interesting and very thought out as well as realistic, Especially the protagonist, Peak, a 14-year-old climber and his father, Joshua Wood. The story tells the tale of a boy, Peak, who makes an attempt to reach the summit of the tallest mountain in the world, Everest. The plot was that if peak reached the summit, he would be the youngest climber ever to conquer Everest. This book really kept Josh’s and Peaks relation [...]

    23. I'm not big into survivalist YA - I know I'm a literacy major, but Hatchet made me wish I had one & The Lord of the Flies just made me want to cry - so it's probably good that I opened this book without knowing what to expect. (This comes from getting 99.99% of my books through PaperbackSwap & BookMooch - by the time they come, I have no recollection why they were added to the wishlist in the first place, and then, by the time I get around to reading them, I have usually no notion - besi [...]

    24. Fourteen-year-old Peak Marcello is nearly two-thirds of the way through his secret goal when he gets nabbed, hauled by police onto the top of his latest skyscraper, even before he'd had a chance to tag it. Before Peak knows it he's been arrested, appeared in court before a judge, and he's headed out of the country in his father's custody, the father he hasn't even heard from in the past seven years. The worst part of it is, Peak's dad has an agenda—an agenda that Peak's both excited about and [...]

    25. Reviewed by Sally Kruger, aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadTooHave you ever wondered what inspires people to climb mountains? What drives some to the highest peaks? Fourteen-year-old Peak Marcello was born to climb. Born to a couple of dedicated "rock rats," Peak has climbing in his blood. Peak's parents are divorced. He hasn't heard from his father for years. Suddenly, after being arrested for illegally climbing a skyscraper, Peak finds himself on his way to Kathmandu to join his dad, famous cli [...]

    26. I really enjoyed Smith's Cryptid Hunters, a page-turning, funny adventure story of two siblings and their globe-trotting uncle (father). Featuring nefarious villains and their henchmen, resourceful young people who confront their fears, and guest appearances by mokele-mbembe and Sasquatch, Cryptid Hunters pretty much hit all my buttons.Reading the jacket copy for Peak, I expected much of the same. Peak is a teenager in New York City who is a born mountain climber. The city is not his natural hab [...]

    27. Lauren MitchellMr. ReickertEnglish 11 Honors9/2/15Peak, by Roland Smith, is a wonderful book based on the perspective of a fourteen year old named Peak whose parents lived and breathed climbing. The book demonstrates how a young trouble-maker can go from court to Mount Everest in a matter of a week or two with his father whom he has not seen in over half a decade. Overall, I enjoyed the book because of how Peak went through very tough circumstances, and made so much out of what he went through i [...]

    28. PEAK by Roland Smith is a realistic fiction story set in New York. It is a great book because 14-year-old boy his dreams to be a climber and he climbing up in a side of skyscraper. Youngest person who want to reached his goal to make to the top of the Everest Mountain for summit before his birthday. Peak is the main character he live with his family. One day he climbing up the side of the skyscraper and police caught him instead of climbing back down and he fall down. Peak has to go to hospital, [...]

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